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How work affects benefits training day
"Excellent. Very good content and information clear and concise. Trainer very friendly and in control of session". Dawn Clode. Employment Opportunities.

"An excellent day. Nothing to say about it but it was just right for me. Many thanks". Roger Flower. Somerset Social Services.

"Excellent course, well facilitated and excellent handout". David Greenway, Terrence Higgins Trust.

"Excellent. Very well delivered in a systematic style with plenty of further information made available". Marie Adams. Vale Day services, Acute Mental Health.

"I wish I had the opportunity to do this course 3 years ago. Very interesting and informative. The day just flew past- most enjoyable." Alexander Bell, Reqest.

"Trainer clear, knowledgeable, relaxed, humorous. It's rare for me to find a day's course such a hit and meeting my expectations". Annie Lewis. People in Partnership.

"The course was extremely helpful and informative. I would gladly recommend this training to other organisations" Tina Martin, Cardiff Action Single Homeless.

"I have a much better insight into the benefits system and was pleased with the contents of the whole day. Impressed". Janice Collard. The Big Issue, Cymru.

"Enjoyed the course very much. Very informative, increased my awareness". Andrea Williams, MIND in the Vale.

"The course was informative, clearly-presented and authoritative without being patronising. Thank you". P. Hewin. Cardiff and Vale NHS Trust.

"Very enjoyable and informative course". Pat Sims. Newport CAB.

The trainer "knows his subject and able to explain simply and interestingly." Gail Castle, DRUGAID

"The course fully met my expectations, "-in fact, it exceeded my expectations, although it was a huge amount of info to digest. It kept my attention well with a variety of information and case work." Claire Sheihan, Torfaen Mind

"Very informative. Thought the presentation of the course was really good and it was made interesting with case studies. The trainer was very chirpy and funny which helped!!" Rachel Rice, Missing Link.

"Well presented and easy to digest." Jo Sissons, BDP.

"Good, effective flow of information. A well delivered course. Gave me more confidence and knowledge." Mark Lewis, Merthyr Tydfl CBC.

"Good course. Confirmed and updated my current knowledge." Mary Stevens, East Bristol Advice Centre.

" Very relaxed and humorously delivered. Very informative." Jackie O'Neil, Kelsey Housing Association.

"This will be great for me- Me, my clients, and my organisation- so good value all round. Great material for the office library, for staff and clients." Dawn Gluck, Richmond Fellowship Employment and Training.

"It has given me an insight and spurred me on to further action, to improve the advice I give to clients." The trainer "was extremely knowledgeable." Pauline Harrison, Richmond Fellowship E.T.

"Would recommend this session to everyone delivering services to people with disability issues seeking work. The points learnt will lead to improved delivery to service to participants." Derek Thomas, Rethink.

"A very good transfer of knowledge. Handouts will be very valuable." Sukhvinder Sheetuc, Rehab UK.

"Great handout which cover extensive areas of benefits. Delivery of course content was very good." Alia Hussain, Work-In-Progress.

"Steve was very informative and I found the course very useful. Thanks." Joanna Beasley, Work-In-Progress.

Making the best possible disability living allowance and attendance allowance claims training day
"Excellent. Rare to have a trainer in such good control of material and group". Sue Marshall, Anchor Staying-Put, Herefordshire.

"Excellent, clear, easy to follow. Made a lot of sense. Will be very helpful to both me and my clients. Well done". Lindy Coombs, Bristol Care and Repair.

"An excellent course . . . will highly recommend to Stroke Association for further training of staff." John Boden, Stroke Association, Bristol.

"I found the training excellent and has enabled me to adjust my approach to produce a fuller and more substantial application and provide a more supportive role to my clients. Thank you." Lisa Barnfield, Care and Repair Monmouthshire.

"Excellent day. Many hints and tips on filling in DLA and AA forms. Language was easy to understand. Although a mixed group with differing expertise, the day was useful for all. Very useful- confidence to give correct info and advice." Jackie Smith, Torfaen Opportunity Group.

"Excellent course including links to other useful agencies" A. Andrews, Moorlands Housing.

"I'm much better informed and aware of problems. I'm buzzing with enthusiasm to complete forms" Nicola Nowack, Age Concern Wiltshire.

"I regularly complete DLA and AA forms as part of my work and this course will I feel improve the outcome of my DLA and AA applications". Cath, Bristol Care and Repair.

"Nicely paced, no questions rushed, essential materials covered". Carmen Barnett, Black Carers project.

"Easy to follow, very informative - I'm glad I came!" Helen Patterson, Anglesey Care and Repair Ltd.

"Extremely useful course and very well presented - thank you". Gill Brownings, East Sussex County Council.

"Very clear, easy to follow. I would recommend it to others. This will really improve my approach to DLA forms". Barbara Jones, Elite Supported Employment Agency.

"Picked up some very useful tips". Meinir Roberts, Ogwr Care and Repair.

"A very useful and well presented course I would recommend to others".Rodger Lewin, Elite Supported Employment Agency.

"Extremely useful . . . Very well delivered course that was well explained and easy to follow". Karen Barrett, 4 Winds User Led Association, Cardiff.

"Easy to follow. Very useful overall and lots of useful hints. Excellent trainer, explained things very clearly". L. Morton, Headway Cardiff.

"I already complete AA forms with some success, but now I feel I will do a much better job. Trainer was very relaxed, but explained the content of the course very well. Ideal". Jayne Howells, Care and Repair, Caerphilly.

"Very helpful, knowledgeable and inspiring. Lots more info than I expected". Jacqueline Hemming, Pembrokeshire MIND.

"Very informative. Easy to follow". Roy Fisher, Second Step Housing Association.

"Good advice for those of us with some background and yet those of us with no knowledge did not feel as if we were drowning." Sarah Thomas, North Wales Deaf Association.

"Easy to follow, very informative- I'm glad I came!" Helen Pattenson, Anglesey Care and Repair Ltd.

"Relaxed and informal, very interesting. I have learnt a great deal in one day- my AA/DLA forms will be much more accurate and successful in future." Alison Poscha, Flintshire County Council.

"Lots of tips and ideas to take back to your company." Lorna Knowles, JS Parker and Associates.

"The training was delivered very well by Steve, and overall a job very well done- good standards." Shagufta Wagle, Libra, Birmingham.

"A very interesting and informative day. Thanks. I am far more confident dealing with DLA claim forms now." Sally Lockwood, DHASG.

"Trainer was very knowledgeable, understandable and helpful. Thank you. CD is excellent and really helpful. All the course material is easy to read and will be extremely useful in my work. The course helps to make sense of a very complex and confusing benefit and application process." Angie Darlington, Cymdeithas Tai Hafan.

"Trainer was very approachable, and gave space for question/participation appropriately. Given me the confidence to support my tenants to complete DLA forms." Tina Smith, Family Housing Association.

"Interesting. Questions answered fully. Will find very helpful in my work." Diane Hughes, Care and Repair in Powys.

"We were given some very useful information which will help considerably when filling in DLA forms." Angela Riddington, Carmathen Women's Aid.

"More than met my expectations; the resources given in written form, CD-Rom and website support were invaluable." Liz Brown, Missing Link.

"I feel confident about assisting clients with DLA forms now and vitally I know where to go/who to ask if I need further information or help. Trainer was very well informed, delivery was easy to follow and entertaining. I now feel very well equipped to offer a high level of service to clients who request my assistance with DLA forms." The handouts and other resources will be "Extremely comprehensive and easy to use. I will find them invaluable when helping clients fill in their forms. I would love training and handouts like this for every form of benefit." Katherine Harris, Missing Link.

"Very useful day, covered a lot of issues in DLA that are unclear." The trainer's approach was very good and "would recommend to any colleagues who require training/knowledge of benefits. An encylopedia of benefits (DLA) knowledge!" Harminder Sangha, Sandwell Advocacy.

"I am new to welfare rights work and was looking for practical guide to completing DLA/AA claim forms. CD will be very useful. Handouts very comprehensive. Definitive guide to completing forms and plenty of reference to making claims for clients with mental health problems." Tracy Williams, NPT Welfare Rights Unit.

"Gained a clear insight into completing and providing evidence to support claim packs. Trainer very knowledgeable, well delivered information." Keith Turner, Stonham Floating Support.

"The course was very interesting and informative. This will help me in both office and outreach situations in dealing with clients." Tony Allen, N.W DIAL.

"Great Presentation. I liked the slotted spoon! Great timing too." Helen Taylor, Parkinson's Disease Society.

"Trainer made best use of time available for this complex subject-kept us to the task! Examples from trainer's own experiences, as a practitioner, particularly helpful." David Toze, Age Concern.

"Excellent." Vivian Hitchmough, Age Concern- Development Officer.

"Thanks for our interesting course. Has given me more confidence to approach clients who need help with DLA/AA forms." Sheila Wells, NORDDIS.

"Extremely useful/comprehensive/user friendly info. Excellent, informative and very practical training." Fleur Birks, National Autistic Society.

"The course has been really useful for me, in helping clients with Huntington's disease, to complete their forms and make successful claims. The CD and the handouts will be really useful to share with my colleagues who deal with AA forms. Excellent day." Delia Balan, Huntington's Disease Assoc.

"Did not have any feeling off nodding off! Actual questions answered clearly. Very knowledgeable." Neville Brownlee, North Somerset Crossroads.

"Very good trainer." Nicola Laird, Missing Link.

"Trainer got straight to the point. Complete forms with more knowledge and confidence." Tina Brown, Second Step.

"Excellent handouts." Andy Salter, Rethink.

"Very quick and straight to the point. Informs you of what you need to know without any waffle which sometimes pads out other courses." Gaynor Callaghan-Baker, Rethink Advocacy Project.

"The trainer was very approachable. Explanations clear and understandable. Overall a very enjoyable day, excellent training." Debbie Jones, Charter Housing Association.

"A good session backed by useful information." Sue Campbell, Age Concern.

"Although, I have several years of claiming DLA- But, have learned a lot today that will help me in future claims." Yvonne Preece, Cardiff Patient's Council.

"Very descriptive course-explained in simple terms. Very useful to my role and great handouts to pass onto my colleagues." F. Westcott,F.H.A.

"I now understand more about completing DLA/AA forms and I feel more confident about doing so. I shall share the handouts with colleagues as I will believe they will benefit from them." Julia Burgess, Care and Repair R.C.

Claiming DLA on mental health and dual diagnosis grounds
"Very comprehensive. Very Informative, relaxed style- time keeping excellent. Invaluable. Great to have CD and web site addresses, and of course handouts to refer to." Una Ball, CDAT- Swansea.

" Very informative, more knowledge, gained more confidence in dealing with DLA claims with people suffering dual diagnosis." Julie Topham, C.D.A.T- Swansea.

"Steve's sense of humour makes an often very dry subject enjoyable. He works at a reasonable pace which means he covers a lot of material in the time- which keeps you on your toes- and awake!" Liz Angus, Missing Link.

"Information well presented and accessible. [Trainer] very approachable. Lots of discussion. I very much like the four-step approach. Excellent". Sarah Lawrence, DIAS.

"I never felt the need to look at my watch once." Lindsey Churchill, Perennial.

"The day is just right. Informative and interesting. I feel more confident in doing DLA forms." Kim Wassell, Gloucester Partnership Trust

DLA and AA appeal tribunals
"Excellent course, very useful and informative" Tahira Rafiq, East Bristol Advice Centre.

"Excellent step by step guidance" Evan Gibbons, Second Step Housing Association.

"Excellent. One of the most useful courses I have been on. I feel much more confident about taking clients through appeals." Jane Stanfield, Carers Gloucestershire.

"Excellent handouts. Good practical exercises, informative discussions." Kathryn Stevens, Penwith Housing Association.

"Excellent tutor, knows the subject and keeps it very interesting." Stuart Hales, CAB.

"Excellent. [Trainer] very approachable." Carmel Williams, East Bristol Advice Centre.

"I now feel that I will be able to represent rather than merely support my clients" Sarah Thomas, North Wales Deaf Association.

"A very useful and informative day" Barbara Wilson, Dimensions for Living.

"I feel I understand the process much better now and what to expect" Clare Core, Bath CAB.

"A very good course." Charles Fletcher, Kennet C.A.B.

"I really enjoyed the delivery. The supporting material is excellent." Neville Brownlee, North Somerset Crossroads Ltd.

"Very well researched by trainer." E. Briggs, Penwith Housing Association

Introduction to debt counselling

"Although debt does not have a big role in my job, there are areas that I have covered today that are very helpful." Caroline Smith, Leicestershire.

"Very informative. Easy manner, easy at involving people and getting them engaged." Barbara Blatherwick, Age Concern Boston.

"Very informative. The course has given me loads of confidence to tackle debt problems that come into the office. The trainer had a very friendly approach to a difficult subject." Jo Forbes, Advice and Information, Northampton

"The trainer was very professional and non-judgemental." Angela Parnell, Age Concern, Derby and Derbyshire.

Introduction to housing benefit
"I think the course was very thorough. I had to work and participate, which was good, but nothing was too difficult." Ami Townend, English Churches Housing Group

"All round good course." Eloise Bemley, English Churches Housing Group

"Felt could ask questions if unsure at any time. I have found the training very useful and has enhanced my knowledge. A very good course." Natalie Turner, Terrence Higgins Trust

" A very enjoyable training session. Full of information." Pat Foro, Family Housing Association.

" I found the course very clear and helpful. I will benefit from information gained today and feel more confident in completing HB forms." Anna Havard, Family Housing Association.

"Addressed all questions I had, plus more! Ideal for me. Very comprehensive. Enjoyable, interesting and really useful info." Nigel Bowen, First Choice Housing Association.

"The trainer was very helpful and answered all my questions in such a way as I understood." Avril Williams, Charter Housing Association.

"The course was very useful for my line of work, I have learnt a lot today." Suzanne Morgan, Family Housing Association.

Introduction to pension credit
"Excellent day." Carol Bridgewater, Anchor Staying Put.

"Excellently presented. Easy to understand and follow. A very useful and most enjoyable day." Penny Price, Anchor staying Put

The handouts and other resources will be "very useful for colleagues and clients alike to read." Rachel Sliwka, Second Step.

Introduction to benefits

"Very useful. The trainer was very good and held our attention for the day." Katherine Burke, Dyfrig House.

"The course was very handy, with everyday benefits advice. Really knowledgeable trainer." Lisa Draper, Taff Housing.

"A great overview of all benefits. The trainer was very knowledgeable and open to questions" Sarah Burgess, Taff Housing Association

"Everything was explained very clearly, all queries were answered in full." Kate Ward, Cardiff YMCA HA

"Very, very useful. The trainer was open to discussion and very approachable." Sally McDonald, Cyrenians Cymru.

"Better than anticipated. I think the whole group learnt something that will benefit them in their posts." Julie Swan, Care and Repair Cardiff.

"Excellent level of information, comprehensive handout and well explained." Bronwen, Care and Repair Cardiff.

"The trainer was very approachable." S Lewis, Taff Housing.