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TOPIC: Buried Alive - The PIP Sequel!

Buried Alive - The PIP Sequel! 6 months 1 week ago #170900

hi pete,
dont give up ,look at it this way ,uve got this far even though it been mentaly draining with the stress of having esa and pip to contend with you still battled on through it well done to you !! giving up is what they hope wele do .starting a new pip claim maybe a better option if you think you have abetter chance second time around ,,but if you feel you put 100% in the last claim and theres nothing more you could possibly add to it ,then ide go for the MR, then failing that a appeal,. ime still waiting for a date for my appeal and have been told the waiting time from them recieving your appeal letter is 18 weeks approx ,,it a long process but something i feel is important i have to do as the report i recieved was nothing but lies and condradictions ,they shouldnt be allowed to get away with it they are making ill and vulnerable people go through hell in order to recieve benefit they should be entitled to ,, hope you find the strength to go for appeal , ive managed to do it all by myself without any support .from doing submissions bla bla bla , ,my mental health state is the lowest it been the past 12mth i wont lie ,but ime not throwing in the white flag no chance ime gonna see it through as scared as i am having to go there ime detemined,.

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Buried Alive - The PIP Sequel! 6 months 5 days ago #171114

Hello Alison. Thanx for post. Yes I think fresh claim for my pip may be best option. My support worker is visiting today and I will ask if she will look at copy of my pip2 etc to check where I went wrong. MH team av benefits adviser apparently so hopefully she will run it by him as to which is my best option. I just don't av any confidence in myself at the mo to make the right decision on my own. Very recently have gone thru a lot of bereavements of family and friends all in short space of time of each other and then got DWP dumping on me so now crushed to enth degree. Had no time to cope with losses. Wasn't coping brilliantly with the bereavements but would av got there in the end given time. It was definitely DWP that tipped the balance. Although I have to say the assessor for ESA was very good and seemed to have an understanding of mental health issues. It was that silly ##### that did the pip assessor that done it!!

I agree that they shouldn't be allowed to get away with picking on sick and vulnerable people. Under normal circumstances I wouldn't hesitate to fight the buggars even with the mental health problems I've suffered from all my life, it's just with the bereavements on top I need a break from it. At least wi pip I can put fresh claim in at some stage if not now.

Anyway will let you know. I wish you all the luck Alison with your appeal and good for you for fighting your corner, it aint easy on ur own. I will watch out for ur posts to see how you getting on. All the best :)

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Buried Alive - The PIP Sequel! 5 months 4 weeks ago #171895

hi pete,.
oh you realy have been through alot poor thing ,, no wonder your exshausted with it all , your health is more important and if not taking it to appeal is better for you then thats the right decision uve made,, hope your next claim is succesfull for you as i dont know how these D,M and H,A are being allowed to get away with there desisions i realy dont ,,anyway just a update for you ,my appeal date has arrived and it on the 11th nov ,, ime absoulutely terrified of having to go and dreading it :( .will let you know how i get on ,, ime not crossing any fingers though as luck as never been on my side ,.lol., ,,
alison, :)
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Buried Alive - The PIP Sequel! 5 months 3 weeks ago #172028

Thanx for ur post Alison. It's still not decided yet wot I am doing about an appeal. My support worker took away copies of my pip2 etc to read through. She is due to visit me again soon to discuss my next steps. I wont lie, it has been great not to be in a state of extreme anxiety over the worry of it all. Will see how it all goes. Last time she visited we did agree that MR would not hurt, even if I did not want to take it any further than that. So its baby steps at this stage!!

I do hope that it goes your way at appeal on 11th, I can understand how you are not looking forward to it. Really keeping my fingers crossed for you! Kind regards PP :)

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Buried Alive - The PIP Sequel! 5 months 3 weeks ago #172124

We're all behind you Porthole Pete & it's great that you're feeling better & less stressed. I am too after my PIP battle. Hopefully your recharged batteries will pave the way for you to continue your fight for PIP & what you feel u are entitled to.

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Buried Alive - The PIP Sequel! 5 months 3 weeks ago #172151

Thank you CS for your comments. Glad to hear you're still enjoying the relief of winning your 'battle'. :)

Well the MR has been requested this morn. I was lucky enough that my support worker rang and asked for it whilst she was here. She was told that I have till 25th Nov to get it all sent in. I have read on some posts that they do the MR before you get time to send everything in. Obviously I can only wait and see what happens next!
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