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TOPIC: Telephone interview details

Telephone interview details 4 months 3 weeks ago #172360

Hello again, sorry my last post was so poorly written with so many errors, was in shock, still am.

Have now been through assessment in more detail and from reading many posts on here should not have expected more, I was just placing some hope on truth and honesty. if I didn't know better I would think the report was about someone else as the bulk of it doesn't reflect what took place or what was discussed.

The final insult is that it states he recommends a further review in two years at which time he "expects a significant improvement in functional ability. I've had MS for 29 years and have slowly deteriorated to a position where I can do little for myself including toilet requirements which he insisted I explained in detail - talk about bare your soul.

I apparently need no assistance managing therapy and medications, none for dressing and hubby had to put a cardigan and socks on for me during the assessment as I was cold and he states that he saw me grimace with pain, yet gave me no points on that descriptor.

Two points for cooking meals as I should be able to do it OK with an aid - my left hand and arm don't function so can't list saucepans and pans and hubby or daughter next door do all the cooking. Again we discussed this in great detail.

Again I apparently don't also need with showing and washing body and hair as again I can use an aid, fully explained on both the PIP 2 form and to him that hubby washes me after lifting me into the shower seat.

It seems I will have scored 10 points for daily living and 0 on everything else, so yes I am feeling devastated by the lies. Not least that it say's I refused to walk (wish I could) and refused lower body assessment (which he said he wasn't going to do). So how the Devil he thinks I can walk 50m is beyond me, again I am wondering if it's someone else he' thinking about.

So am I wise to start preparing my letter for a MR now so am part way ready when the actual decision arrives ?

B x
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Telephone interview details 4 months 3 weeks ago #172383

Hi B,

It won't hurt to start preparing for an MR. Don't forget that you will only be awarded PIP by showing how and why you score points against the descriptors, not just repudiating the report.
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Telephone interview details 4 months 3 weeks ago #172440

Thank you for your reply Mrs H and yes, I will aim to stay objective.

After a rather sleepless night tossing the assessment around my head, I have a few questions with regard to where to go next and a possible MR.

Can I ask for a new F2F as there are so many anomalies in the one just received ? One could almost believe it was about someone else and a different claimant and I am struggling to understand exactly how the assessment in any way reflects my PIP2, F2F and all that was discusses, not to mention how many years I have had MS and the medical evidence that supports my deterioration.

This seems absurd but do they consider my full time carer is an aid, as in the five descriptors where I have gained 2 points (preparing food, nutrition, managing therapy and medication and toilet needs ) it states I can do each task with aids. Which is of course totally contrary to what we discussed and on my PIP 2.

How should I challenge the comment that they consider a review on two years as they "expects a significant improvement in functional ability". The assessor was apparently a nurse and one would hope even the most inexperienced would know MS was a progressive disease.

Reading through your members guides is indicated that both a limb and eye test should be carried out during the F2F. An eye test was not mentioned which is strange given that I have optic issues. I was told he would not carry out the limb tests due to my pain and vertigo, but it states that I refused. However it mentions about grip in my hands, yet he never came near me.

How do I best challenge this ?

On a more general note, can you advise what happens once I receive the Decision. I think I have read that DLA/Motability stop's one month later ? And I assume if I should get an award but at a lower rate than my present award the change would kick in then ?

Does this change if a MR and/or appeal is requested ?

And at what point to Motability re-claim cars ?

Sorry for so may questions, I am just trying to get all clear in my head before I embark on the nest step. Have to say I am so tempted to just let it all go as the thought of having to go through all this again so quickly, a year from what I remember reading, scares me no end.

B x
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Telephone interview details 4 months 3 weeks ago #172457

Hi B,

I haven't heard of a claimant requesting a second f2f, so I don't know this would be received. Neither could I guarantee that you would not experience the same issues next time!

It is difficult to challenge the assessor's opinion, rather easier to challenge incorrect factual information.

As regards to a limb examination, I think I would point out that the assessor has agreed that it did not take place. Therefore it should be possible to challenge the comments about your grip strength. However, it is possible that the assessor has drawn this conclusion by extrapolating from other information.

The duration of the award is often more difficult to argue. However, it is possible that the argument will be that your condition could have deteriorated and thus warrant reassessment after 2 years.

Your DLA claim will end 1 month after the PIP decision, the PIP decision will then come into effect. You will be paid the amount commensurate with that award.

Motability will notify you of the date by which you must return your vehicle. The fact that you are requesting MR (and appeal, if it gets that far) will not have any bearing on this. If losing the car would cause you exceptional hardship, you have nothing to lose by contacting Motability to see if there is any way they can help.
Nothing on this board constitutes legal advice - always consult a professional about specific problems
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Telephone interview details 4 months 3 weeks ago #172479

Many thanks Mrs H, the help of you guys at B&W is always much appreciated and it's comforting to know you are there.

This afternoon hubby rang DWP as he was so incensed by the assessors report and inaccuracies, they asked to check my agreement and he then spoke with a Case Manger for almost half an hour. He said she was very helpful, understanding and went through the report with him.

She recommended that we make a formal complaint to Capita and went through the MR process with him as well.

Much to our surprise as it's only just over three weeks since the assessment that a decision letter went out this morning and should be with us later this week at which point we should know exactly what we are dealing with.

I will of course keep you updated.

B x
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Telephone interview details 4 months 3 weeks ago #172557

Decisions received, standard care only for a year, from previous lifetime higher rate DLA and Mobility. And all thanks to a Capita nurse who created a lie sheet.

Absolutely stunned that the system can be so bent and unfair. I really don't think I have the strength to challenge it, yet financially I know I have to.

B x
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