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TOPIC: Car Tax Discount for Standar Rate Mobility

Car Tax Discount for Standar Rate Mobility 6 months 1 week ago #169020

Thanks Amanda - that sounds encouraging! My original Award Letter (May 2015) is called 'PIP and the end of your DLA' and has 8 pages. I'd just like to check if this is the document you're referring to? The front page confirms that I'm on Standard Daily Living & Standard Mobility, the total weekly amount and the start & end dates. (The other 7 pages go into detail about how the points were scored for both components, so don't want to send them). Am I right in thinking it was this front page that you sent, would be very grateful if you could confirm.

I was also sent a Statement of Entitlement at the same time (this is the document I don't want to send as it contains all the personal stuff about Daily Living).

In March this year I got 'PIP Annual Advice' (2 pages) which again confirms the two Component rates, amounts, and dates - but no other personal info - so assuming might be OK to send that too?.

Well done on getting enhanced rate!!! Many thanks

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Car Tax Discount for Standar Rate Mobility 6 months 1 week ago #169022

Hi Dexy,
Yes that's exactly the page I sent, and it was fine. That was August last year, so don't know if things have changed since then, but I'd still send in that front sheet, and as you say, it can't hurt to send off those other things you got later.
Good luck, I'm sure they make things purposely hard so we give up.
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Car Tax Discount for Standar Rate Mobility 6 months 1 week ago #169037

Hi again - I have just noticed that the 8-page original award letter (PIP and the end of your DLA) is printed on both sides, so the front sheet is in effect both pages 1 & 2. Side 2 goes into great detail about the Decision Maker's Reasoning for both Daily Living and Mobility components. This is exactly the personal sensitive information I don't want to share with the DVLA. I have been asked to send original documents, so it's not as if I can just photocopy page 1 and send that. So I'm going to risk sending the more recent 2-page PIP Annual Advice, which although double-sided, contains no sensitive information on either page (perhaps this is the letter you sent? I wasn't quite sure from your reply). It does say at the top in bold letters "Please keep this letter safe as it's proof of your entitlement to benefit" so I don't see how they can dispute it. I'm going to send a covering letter, make copies to keep for myself and also send by registered post & hope for the best. Yes I agree Amanda, they put us through so many obstacles. All of us who have been through the PIP process have experienced that firsthand. www.disabledmotoring.org were of the opinion that the DWP decided to offer the 50% car tax discount as a kind of sop (to make up for people losing their Higher Rate Mobility when they went onto PIP) & sprung it on the DVLA with little notice or time to prepare, hence the two computer systems aren't set up to speak to each other yet. Waiting with baited breath...... Dexy
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The following user(s) said Thank You: Amanda

Car Tax Discount for Standar Rate Mobility 6 months 6 days ago #169133

Hi Dexy,
Yes, send that one, the newer two page one. As you say, they can't query such a plain and simple letter! Although they ask for original documents, to be honest I've always sent copies and kept my originals safe. It's not like they have any gold foiling or wax seals on them that can't be copied.
Please keep me posted as to how you get on.
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The following user(s) said Thank You: Dexy

Car Tax Discount for Standar Rate Mobility 6 months 4 days ago #169270

Will do - thanks for your help, Dexy
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Car Tax Discount for Standar Rate Mobility 5 months 1 week ago #171107

Hi Amanda (& Gordon)

Here's the update on trying to get my 50% discount back from the DVLA. It gets more & more crazy.

Basically they have rejected my request & require further info.

What I did was to send the DVLA my Proof of Entitlement Annual Advice from DWP (copy), a copy of the VC5 (as I'd handed in the original at the PO when I registered as the new keeper & paid in full & was waiting for the new log book to be sent to me), the VC5/2 New Keeper's details(copy), the V10 Application for Vehicle Tax (copy) which I'd presented at the PO, MOT Certificate (copy), Certificate of Insurance (copy), and PO receipt (I sent everything via signed for next day delivery) plus covering letter.

I've now received a standard letter from the 'Taxation Team' of the DVLA confirming receipt of my application for reduction of road tax, and to state that I must send them "the complete original PIP Statement/Certificate of Entitlement or DLA Certificate. Please note, we can only accept the Statement/Certificate of Entitlement of your PIP/DLA award. We cannot accept the Annual Advice, Payment Decision or the Letter regarding your Personal Independence Payment/Disability Living Allowance, or photocopies of an documentation. Please send originals only, as photocopies cannot be accepted. If the statement is not available, please contact DWP to obtain.

I am also asked to send back to them my original covering note, MOT and V10 as well.

So there you have it. Common sense does not prevail.

I do have a Statement of Entitlement, but as mentioned the front page gives private and personal info relating to my Daily Living Component score.

I consider this to be discriminatory against disabled people, as able-bodied people do not have to provide such sensitive details, so I'm going to take it to my MP. I don't know what he'll be able to do, but I really think this is unacceptable as a matter of principle. Also, the information I provided clearly states my name, address, NI number, PIP number, entitlement, the start & end dates, and the amounts paid to me by the DWP, which is actually more information than on my Statement. It's red tape gone mad!

If anyone else got any advice or thoughts on this I would appreciate any feedback. If 40% of Motability customers have lost their card due to the new PIP criteria, there must be others here facing the same issue.

Thanks for all your feedback so far. I'll keep you posted.

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