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TOPIC: esa and pip form within 2 weeks of each other

esa and pip form within 2 weeks of each other 2 weeks 2 days ago #170297

i received pip form first

i have been in receipt of pip since last September due to knee replacement and depression, due to the loss of my 2 grand children,

depression, id often shut myself in my house , not wanting to see anyone keep the curtains shut etc etc ,so much more i can put but those that has it will truly understand what i am talking about i take 30mg cirtalopain for this

i really do not have a re pore with my Dr ( 1 year ive been at this drs) only reason why i changed to new Dr is that ours got shut down by CQC so had to find one quick , but after these assessments are done im finding a new one asap , i have written down to contact my Dr directly if they need further info

i have recovered from my knee replacement although i am still unable to climb stairs unless handrails , i have a high raise toilet seat still also a disable key for disabled public toilets due to public toilets being so low i can not go to places that are not familiar to me on my own also my bath is too high to step in and out of without any help from my husband, to have a shower, as i am not able to have a bath any more due to the fact of getting in and out of bath being so low,

i have expressed this in my pip form (i had one of those new forms) as i couldn't find my initial assessment form i had last September i just filled i in to the best of my ability i am not able to get in and out of cars properly due to the bend in my knee i have to sit in car turn then lift my leg !! also have bed raisers as well , all aids are from an occupation therapists when i had my knee op . walking is variable now as my knee still swells as im unable to walk on slopes hills and high steps often i do stop. yet some days i can walk

where i have been waiting 4 years for a knee replacement my back and hips have been in pain for such a long time ive just put up with the pain but now its at a stage i cant cope anymore , i now take diarzipan for this due to the amount of tablets prior to op nothing was effective enough , and been referred to physio out of alignment ...

I do not go to the drs on my own husband always comes with me as i feel like im wasting her time , i have to preplan to go and see her as i panic and this is a person thats suppose to help me !!!!!

i am currently receiving standard care and standard mobility last assessment was in my home as it was 7 weeks after operation, it was due for renewal 9 months after receiving it

i phoned a couple of weeks after 12 September i sent my pip form back and they informed me that there is an 11 week wait, its with the case worker ,if they say im not entitled to this money would i have to pay this all back to them, if they stop it will they give me notice !

i am under going cbt counselling due to serve depression ,panic attacks and anxiety, due to the loss of my mother among other things as well , i have enclosed a copy of my phone assessment from them about my GAD7 and phq9 as proof of what they thought, until i was able to get appointment to see a councilor

i have asked the councilor that i go to see if she can write me a letter in support of this but she said she has to wait till they contact her (which they most probably wont contact her ) i have given them all her details on the form

ESA contribution based support group

so this envelopes drops through my door 2 weeks after receiving pip so i filled it out as above information , now this was due back by the 13th October sent recorded delivery

this is rather strange to receive these in a space or weeks dont you think? do you think i will have to go to 2 assessments,
i also think they will put me in the ESA WRAG which i am actually petrified of /].
after speaking to the Councillor i said i look for a job i dont want to be pushed i do it under my own steam she said i should not be working 12.5 hrs aweek which i found , she said i should try and do 2.5 hrs a week due to my depression etc and that only if they insist she says
my last counseling session is this Monday was only allowed 6 sessions
i am just so confused with it all, will i have notice if they change me over, will i owe them money while waiting for there out come ?

going to the job center petrifies me!

wondering if i can ask councilor for a copy of the report that she sends to my Dr at least then i have something to take with me when i know i have to have a f2f with pip and esa

so do you think they are waiting to see if both forms tally up with each other before they make a decision on what to do next ? even though they are 2 different benefits they really reading from the same page really

i would really appreciated any help and advice thank you
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esa and pip form within 2 weeks of each other 2 weeks 12 hours ago #170374

  • Gordon
  • Forum Moderator

Welcome to the forum

You won't be asked to pay anything back on your PIP if the Decision reduces or even removes your current award. You will receive a new Decision Letter which will tell you when it takes effect from, PIP is paid four weekly in arrears.

Even if you are moved to the WRAG, you cannot be asked to work or to seek work although you can be asked to attend WFIs and to carry our Work Related Activity.

Your PIP and ESA are being assessed by different DWP departments and difference Assessment Providers, it's possible that he Decision Maker for which ever benefit is assessed second will look at the Decision for the other benefit but we have not seen an adverse Decision for one effect the other.

If you have further questions then please reply to this post and we will do our best to help.

Nothing on this board constitutes legal advice - always consult a professional about specific problems
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