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TOPIC: A prompt F2F appointment

A prompt F2F appointment 4 months 4 weeks ago #175372

surprisingly the appointment letter from atos received in days, it is for mid next week at a nearby centre. I have read somewhere that in cases of Trigeminal neuralgia there is a requirement of a GP to be the HP, wonder if they had a GP available so promptly. One of the many medical conditions of my partner is a painful Trigeminal neuralgia . We would have liked to record the assessment proceedings , it helps keep everyone on track but we are slow .It now seems so difficult to meet the requirement of an engineer bit on top of an approved kit in the next 3 days before giving them 2 days notice. My partner would not request any rebooking though yet waiting for a hospital A&E record regarding a fractured toe joint , it will be painful.

If HP is a GP an assessment would be no problem , if it is say a physiotherapy nurse , what to do ?

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A prompt F2F appointment 4 months 4 weeks ago #175392


There are some conditions where a doctor is supposed to carry out the assessment, but we have numerous examples of the Assessment Providers ignoring this, it is not a legal requirement and you cannot assume, if the assessor is not a doctor, that they are unable to provide a satisfactory assessment.

You do not need to provide a professional recording system, it is perfectly acceptable for you to provide your own equipment, two cassette or CD recorders will do the job, the only restriction is that you cannot make a digital recording.

You must have authority to make the recording from the Assessment Provider.


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Nothing on this board constitutes legal advice - always consult a professional about specific problems

A prompt F2F appointment 4 months 3 weeks ago #175465

Thank you Gordon , it is very helpful to know we can use own recorder . However there is a difficult situation I dont know how it may turn out. My partner had a bout of neuralgia after form filling it had just begun to settle but on receipt of F2F letter again got so stressed the nerve pain triggered again I had not imagined they may decide not to participate it all seems so unpredictable they just dont want to talk about it I dont know what to do? I can only explain it is important for them but it is their claim. After going through the guides I have noticed gaps and there is not much evidence about the mental condition , only support is a GP letter ,
"On accout of multiple joint pains is struggling with activities of daily living and noise or stress tends to trigger an attack of trigeminal neuralgia headache patient struggles a lot with anxiety and often gets pain in chest and breathlessness which causes them to fear they might be having a heart attack on account of their cardiac history"
Is it a good idea if they try get another appointment but it would be unpredicatable . I dont know what to do? My partner does not go anywhere alone so if decides to go for appointment what are the limits of any help in communicating ? only if the HP asks me something? What if my patner start feeling during assessment they have a chest pain , I have to take them to A&E ,even if it turns out it was a panic attack . it is very stressing I dont know what to do? Is it possible to withdraw claim for now reapply after say six months , summer is bit better.

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A prompt F2F appointment 4 months 3 weeks ago #175490


Providing your partner is not receiving DLA then they can withdraw their PIP claim with no fault and make a new one at any they feel up to it.

If they do have a current DLA claim, then although they should still be able to cancel their PIP claim they cannot do so without their DLA claim also ending.

Although medical evidence is important it is not a requirement, I know of people who have made successful claims with nothing more than a diagnosis letter from 10 years ago, but it does place a lot of emphasis on the contents of the PIP2 and the assessment they have.


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Nothing on this board constitutes legal advice - always consult a professional about specific problems

A prompt F2F appointment 4 months 3 weeks ago #175527

No DLA , we are totally new to any benefits . At age 62 it is perhaps difficult for the Claimant to understand what is this all . As I had to think hard about it now I realize though my partner has been under teatment for many physical health conditions heart disease , trigeminal neuralgia and others for many years but unfortunately also been suffering silently from psychological conditions stress , anxiety, agrophobia,and learning difficulties without treatment - I would always routinely do everything needed ; we did not worry much if they could never write a cheque more than 3 digits involved , we just laughed good times but it is a matter of fact claimant is so weak in money matters they must score 12(C) as I genuinely make out from B7W Guide - yet afraid HP would not unless a diagnosis of learning difficulties to support, this is how beurocracy works, I know . Now I realize why Claimant could not learn driving or operate a dish washer yet it is hard to discuss these things with GP - not a priority for them for such referrel in a heart patient etc , and Claimant hates psychotherapy / psychoanalytic appointment if I arrange a private one I realize they dont want to discuss their short comings of this sort with any doctor it would make them feel miserable. I realize this may be reason they may be reluctant to talk to an "HP" about embarrasing things if they have to attend F2F. I am in a difficult position while I will always support them fully with everything available for us yet I also feel I have a fiduciary duty to make them understand they may be genuinely entitled to PIP, it is not means tested ( as incidentally advised at age UK , we had visited for something else) - and who knows what the future holds ......I will leave it for a day or two and see if they feel any better going for F2F or leave it if they dont feel comfortable for some reason. Thank you so much Gordon..
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