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DLA to PIP 1 year 5 months ago #178384

Hello Moderators,

Today I have received the PIP form which is dated 29 December 2016 when I initially completed the PIP1 over the phone. It took 27 minutes where the lady asked me basic questions about myself and asked me who will be helping me complete the forms I did say my husband but having looked at the forms we may need help from someone professional CAB where I live don't have appointment system its first come first serve and if one doesn't get seen my 12.00pm then come back another days and so on. Anyway I will see what happens. Any further advise will be helpful.

DLA to PIP 1 year 5 months ago #178386

Hi Angel,

I'm sorry that the axe has fallen :(

You can try doing an internet search for 'welfare advice' plus your town/postcode. However, I must warn you that voluntary agencies are difficult to find these days as they have all had funding cut.

You can also try any organisations that exist to support people with your condition - MIND is one for people with mental health problems.

Even if you do find help, please make sure that you are happy with the information that is given on your behalf and keep a copy for your records.

Failing that, we will do our best to explain the process and the guides as you go along.

Claimants are usually given a 2 week extension of the submission date on request, you just need to phone DWP and ask.

I'm sure you remember that we ask members to keep everything relating to the same claim in one topic, you will find this easily in future if you bookmark/favorutie it on your web browser now :)

DLA to PIP 1 year 5 months ago #178394

Mrs H,

Yes indeed I do remember what you mentioned above but as this was DLA to PIP and the previous one was ESA I wasn't sure whether I should've kept it under same subject or start a new one.

Yes I will try to download the links on how to complete the forms descriptors aids etc no doubt I will be in touch for additional help. I have polio on my leg since age of two I have been on DLA since age of 10 so for 39 years just 2 year ago I was awarded high care component as mt circumstances had changed I was already on high mobility rate since day one but lets see what happens

DLA to PIP 1 year 5 months ago #178409

Hi Angel,

Yes, you have done the correct thing in starting a new topic to deal with your PIP claim
The following user(s) said Thank You: Angel110

DLA to PIP 1 year 5 months ago #178763

Hello Moderators, Gordon Mrs H & Bro58 (sorry if I have got the name wrong)

I just want to click back losing focus I've got my PIP2 to complete and I just don't know where to start from. just the thought of it is making me ill and giving me headache but I have to deal with it. I am not sure if a link has been sent or not previously but if somebody can I would be very obliged. I suffer from Polio on my leg and there comes the mobility issues along with few others any examples etc if you can direct me please. I do have an appointment with a department that offer help to people with Polio see how I get on Wednesday.

In addition I have received the big thick envelope on Saturday from DWP regarding my appeal for ESA from WRAG to Support. basically it has copies of all the doctors letters e50 and the HP reports also copy of my award to SG 2 years ago the DWP are asking the Tribunal not allow my request as I meet the WRAG per the assessor and the I don't meet reg35 now how do I convince the this it is obvious nothing hidden and what is under special circumstances they have allowed me on WRAG. And as I suspected the fact that I was away for 3 week abroad has been used against me to the Tribunal that If I am able to travel abroad sit on a flight for x amount of hours I am capable to look for a job in other words WRAG they have allowed me on WRAG under special circumstances that fact that I have polio but along with polio I have other health issues too which they have completely ignored in the defence they have written down I have polio on my arms which is incorrect. I am on HR DLA and low rate CA where in fact I am on high CA obviously they must be typing it quickly and may be a genuine error but would think that professional dealing with the appeal would re read before submitting. I want to focus on convincing at the Tribunal of my problem which is genuine rather than digging at anyone HELP plzzzzzz. any other links will be very much appreciated. Do I have deadline now that I received this bundle from DWP I also read on the forum where a member mentioned that contribution ESA will be finishing soon and will have to apply for IR ESA ? I'm sorry If have posted in the wrong place but I have used my own profile to post this. I am bit dyslexic and request please bear with me. I am sure I have forgotten something and will be posting it as soon as remember :( should I have split the two topics or are they both ok here ? Thanks

DLA to PIP 1 year 5 months ago #178776


Start with the PIP Claim guide on the following link.


As to the ESA, you need to show that you meet one or more of the Support Group Descriptors, I believe that you are currently in the WRAG. See the ESA Claim guides for details.


If you are hoping to meet Regulation 35 then you need to understand how you have previously qualified. Unlike the other Descriptors, there is no presumption that you continue to meet Regulation 35 from one assessment to another, each time you are assessed you must provide new evidence that you still meet the requirements.

I think you are saying that you are on Higher Rate DLA Mobility, whilst the distances used for DLA and ESA are similar, however, ESA is not a walking test, it is a Mobility test! In addition to your walking it considers your ability to self-propel a manual wheelchair over the same distances, you do not need to be using a wheelchair or even to own one for it to be considered. SO even if you can show your walking is restricted, unless you can also show that you cannot self-propel the wheelchair you will still not score points.

If you are opting for a Paper appeal that you do not attend then you have one month from the date of the letter accompanying the DWP bundle to submit your own papers for the appeal, if you can do it sooner then better, as you will not be told when the actual hearing will occur.

If you have requested an Oral hearing then you should be given 14 days notice of your hearing and all of your papers must be with the DWP no later than 7 days before the hearing.

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