Members regularly post their good news in the forum.  This is a selection of those posts.

PIP Review Result

“Many many thanks to all who post and moderate on here once again. Your guides and all the forum posts have really helped and saved my sanity! My son’s dreaded pip review was made less stressful with all the information you provide on here. His award hasn’t changed so we are very relieved. My son has had some serious new health issues in the last two years and not having to worry about fighting to get him help yet again is just fantastic. I have recommended this site several times to friends and work colleagues and will continue to do so in the future. We’re very grateful. Please keep up the great work.”

PIP Tribunal won

“So after the DWP scored me 2 points for daily living the tribunal has awarded me 10 points on both daily living and mobility…, I am truly grateful for the tribunals decision after being turned down by the DWP for years but I can't even go to the local shops, doctors or anywhere I am familiar with without having someone with me… I would just like to say a huge thank you to everyone at benefits and work, without you and the forum I wouldn't have got this far as I have never appealed before so thank you”

PIP Review result at last

“Thankyou B&W, I was sent a review form at the beginning of this year. Using your guide it took me 3 days to carefully fill it in. I am pleased to say I got my decision today plop through the letterbox after nearly 11 months. I am to receive the same benefits as before and this time for a longer period of time before review. So relieved and thankful for your help”

PIP Review success

“Hi… I just wanted to say how helpful I found the benefits and work guides. I got the dreaded brown envelope with pip review ( 9 months early! ) in March this year I completed and returned following the advice and guidance. I was so stressed with it all. Made my chronic conditions worse. During this time I have had two further cancer scares. So adding to my stress and anxiety. But after 8 months of waiting and worrying I received a white envelope with the good news that I have been awarded the enhanced rate for both elements. This is the first time ever without going to appeal. And I’m putting it down to following your guidance. It was hard work completing the review but well worth it. Thankyou so much”

PIP success - ongoing & no review for 10 years

I just got a letter saying my double Enhanced PIP is now on-going with no review for 10 years! I firmly believe that this happened because I forced myself to do a really thorough PIP form using the Site’s Guides instead of caving in to my exhaustion and depression, and squeezing the bare minimum into the rubbish Review Form. So, please, please don’t be fooled by that rubbish Review Form. Hit them with everything you’ve got even if it ends up a tome. If you can do just one descriptor a day and get a friend or relative to read it through, you’ll get an airtight form done and have the very best chance of success. Nowhere else has the level and detail of information and I’ll subscribe to Benefits and Work till I die. I’m over the moon with relief at the Award and want to say a huge thank you to the Forum, Mods, Members and Guides Writers. Without you all, I’d be lost. Thanks again, everyone, and Merry Christmas!

UC50 Result

“I wanted to offer thanks to the moderators that responded to my previous messages and in general for the outstanding guides on your website. I had an assessment about a week ago, received a decision within 2 days and have been placed in the LCWRA group, I can only attribute this to the information in your guides as the assessor commented on how detailed my UCD50 form was. It is a tad early, however; "Merry Christmas" to you all... Thank you once again for your help.

PIP Appeal won

“Judges panel Gave me additional 18 points, after DWP had awarded me only 2. Membership of your site was key. I would recommend to anyone going through the DWP grinder. Their rationale was flawed in parts when they refused to grant my claim. My wife went through your guides and things and was able to dismantle their response and then some. We only were able to apply to tribunal because of confidence this site gave us. My wife thought we'd win but because of my depressed state, I thought we'd lose, right up until I opened tribunal result. It helped that my wife was able to help me with forms and input. Thanks again.”

PIP Review success

“Hi all, especially, to the moderators for their advice that is, as always extremely appreciated. I received a letter from PIP for my annual review. I had, had a letter saying my 'award' had been extended until 2023, however, the inevitable happened and I had to complete the review by April 2022! I filled in the form. as daunting as it is and waited for the letter. 'About' four weeks ago, I received four calls, all same day from PIP! I missed them all as I had, had a really bad night and was sleeping... I rang them back as soon as I could to explain my situation. I then received a call the next morning, I was asked a couple of questions but nothing out of the ordinary. I have now received my 'renewal', both at enhanced rate until 2025. They will contact me during, or, after October 2024 though. However, I could not have completed the form, let alone, 'coped' with a telephone call had it not been for this site and the excellent moderators who, not only answer questions, but 'give us all that little bit more confidence'. So, THANK YOU!”

Successful PIP Review

“Just want to share my story with regards to my PIP review, I sent forms back beginning of April, heard nothing at all until end of August when I got a txt msg saying we have your review form , you may need an assessment, Thursday just gone opened a white envelope and I have been awarded exactly same as before for another 3 years so was done paper based.”

PIP enhanced rate awarded

“…a big thank you to this forum. With the help of this website, the guide and advice from members and moderators, my wife has been awarded PIP at the enhanced rate for both daily living and mobility (on first attempt!). My wife has only recently been diagnosed with young onset dementia. On the advice of this forum I requested a paper assessment, I asked to act as her appointee and I wrote a letter explaining how her dementia affected her and what help I had to provide. All of this ensured that she got the correct award without the distress of an interview. Thank you again to all who helped…”

DLA to PIP success

“Just wanted to say a big thank you for all your hard work. I first subscribed when I was doing a mandatory reconsideration, then appeal for my wife's PIP about 6 years ago. I have used the guides since then to do a successful PIP mandatory reconsideration for my neighbour and my wife's PIP renewal. This year I decided to take the plunge and ask for the move from low rate DLA to PIP due to my worsening conditions. I was awarded enhanced Daily Living and Standard mobility. I decided to ask for a mandatory reconsideration and have now been awarded the enhanced rate for both. I also used the new online form to claim and provide further evidence (a lot of it). I found this far better than the paper form as you can give a lot more detail without having to fill in extra sheets. I also liked that when you submitted the claim and additional evidence the sent a text message to say they had received it (no more saying it didn't arrive). I will of course carry on subscribing even though I have got an ongoing award, as I want to continue to support you and I just love getting the emails with the latest news. Thank you again”

PIP Mandatory Reconsideration success

“I just want to say a big thank you for this site. I submitted a MR for daily living PIP. I was on a 10 year PIP with standard for both parts of PIP. My circumstances have changed so I applied for a new award. I had a telephone assessment and was given enhanced for mobility. As the amount of daily tasks I can do has reduced I put in an MR, I used all the information from this site on how to do this and sent it off. Well I got the decision about 10 weeks later and I was awarded the enhanced on the daily living. I now have enhanced for both components for an indefinite period all thanks to this site. So if you are thinking about submitting an MR read all the information on this site and do it.”

Success: Paper-based Review – thank you!

“I have just received the decision, 6 months after the deadline to return the review form with evidence. The letter is marked PIP.7003 and comprises 7 sheets of paper (the thickness scared me, thought it was a 2nd set for MR). Standard DL to continue; New Enhanced mobility, backdated to March 2022 (thought they'd reject - didn't dare tell them before I HAD to reapply); Both awarded until September 2025 (three years from date of letter). Brilliant! Better than I'd hoped… Please accept a huge thank you - everyone at B&W, the volunteer forum mods, those who contribute their experiences - you've all helped me to continue fighting for my entitlement.”

Thank you

“I want to say thank you to Benefits and work for your invaluable help to people like myself. After 10 months of fighting with DWP and appealing, they offered standard mobility and living, which is now in payment. I was assisted by a council housing advisor and CAB but insisted they use my templates from Benefits and work! I want to urge everyone to keep up their subscriptions as we are in an ever evolving struggle to get help with our disabilities.”

PIP Review success

“I finally received my pip review decision today. I had been waiting for six months. I previously had an award for four years. It was for enhanced for both daily living and mobility. I was told today after review it was an ongoing award staying at enhanced for both. I used your site to help me and it paid off. I treated the form as a new claim. I added extra pages to describe in detail every problem I had .I also pointed out the points I received from the first form and told them to look at the previous form and what the assessor and decision maker had said. I also sent a support letter from my GP. I again thank you for all your advice.”


PIP award before appeal

“Hi, I thought I would provide an update on my PIP claim. I was originally awarded standard rates for both elements. I submitted a mandatory reconsideration because the medical assessment was flawed and I was under awarded. I should have been given enhanced rates for both. My MR came back with a few more points awarded but still not enhanced rates so I started the appeal process.
The DWP rang me last week to say after a “revision” I have been awarded enhanced rates for both daily care and mobility. I’m relieved I don’t have to attend a tribunal now but I do wish they had done their job properly in the first place.”

PIP appeal success

“I have just received PIP appeal outcome following a tribunal hearing last week. I have been successful in my claim for PIP for difficulties with planning and following journeys due to a severe vestibular disorder called semicircular canal dehiscence. It has been a long road, but I cannot thank this site enough. The information has guided me through a difficult and stressful time. I had felt like giving up on many occasions. The DWP seem to have a narrow view of what 'disability' is and if you do not easily fit their box then zero points awarded. I challenged the DWP decision and thankfully the tribunal agreed. Thank you Benefits and Work for all your help.”

Thank you

“Just want to thank everyone with helping me get my PIP assessment. If it had not have been for the help and advice from the moderators and guides I wouldn't now have a 10 year award. After being turned down last year, when I scored nil on all the points, I have gone on to get 8 points. I was feeling very deflated last year on being turned down when I knew I should have got an award, I hadn't got the heart to go for an MR but this year I tried again and the above tells the story. Thank you again.”

A heartfelt Thank You to Benefits and Work

“I just wanted to get a very big thankyou to the founders of Benefits & Work and everybody who contributes. I recieved my PIP decision this morning and I am happy to say that I have been awarded PIP ( I don't know which rate yet). This is *absolutely* due to help from Benefits & Work & mainly the excellent PIP course I did before claiming Plus I'm pretty sure that requesting Capita record my assessment helped. We are living in a sad time where benefits claimants not only have to battle with health issues but dealing with institutionalised hostility and discrimination from the DWP which can be soul destroying and have very serious consequences on one's mental health not to mention leading to the non claiming of benefits and the terrible hardship this results in. I myself put off claiming for PIP for almost two years as I was so ill and just couldn't face the stress and negativity . However with the help of the resources here and to just be in contact with people who understand the impact longterm health problems have on one's life is so life affirming. It's a life raft. It's not an overstament to say its a life saver. So thankyou so so much to Holiday Whitehead and Steve Donnison , what you have here is a very bright light shining in a huge pool of darkness. I can't thankyou enough. Thanks also to everyone else who helps to run this site and especially work on the online courses. Blessings to you all.”

PIP outcome

“Well, today the PIP letter in the white envelope finally arrived, along with a chunk of backpay into my bank account! I only got the courage to apply after subscribing to BaW and spending hours reading the guides and forum messages, and I’m SOOO glad I did! I have been awarded enhanced daily living (15 pts) and enhanced mobility (12 pts) up to May 2026 which will be reviewed after May 2025 (assuming nothing changes before then). All the people at BaW are my heroes!! Thank you so much, I didn’t even know about PIP before I found the BaW website and all the help and support from everyone. The relief is huge - my income has gone up by a third so I can pay my bills without worrying now… I hope sharing helps others who are waiting to hear or considering applying for the first time. A HUGE thank you to all the mods, forum posts, tech bods etc. This site is amazing and I will keep up my subscription each year as it is worth its weight in gold. Thanks again,”

Would like to say a very BIG thank you

“I can thank you enough for your PIP guide, I went through the dreaded PIP review recently which as usual stressed me out no end just the thought of picking up the form! I've suffered mental health issues all my adult life, perhaps longer.  . . . It wasn't until recently when I got another assessment through that I did some research for guidance and came across your PIP guidance guide. Looking through the guide I realised that I had made a number of mistakes over the years and over the weekend I received the PIP letter through to confirm they've moved me onto enhanced rates for both daily and mobility components until 2026, which is a big relief ! For me, it's never been about the money from PIP it's the fact that my disability is recognised and I'm very thankful I came across your guide which helped me a lot and my wife who also helped completing the form this time.”

PIP Review – awarded

“I just wanted to thank the Mods for their help in my PIP renewal, and provide an update on what happened. . . I received my decision within a week of DWP receiving my PA4. I was awarded higher rate care and standard mobility. I had previously been awarded standard rate for care and mobility by Tribunal 3 years ago, having originally received zero points at both assessment and MR. The increase in the care rate was due to a new condition since my Tribunal. Otherwise, I very much felt that, reading their reports, the assessor and the DM were not going to veer from the previous Tribunal conclusion. Again, thank you to the Mods and to this excellent website.”

PIP Review Award

“Hello… Yesterday, I received news regarding my PIP Review Award, which was good, and I would like to thank the forum for your wonderful help. This was my first review since first applying for PIP in 2019....I have been awarded PIP standard daily living and enhanced mobility (the same as back in 2019)… for an "ongoing period".

PIP Renewal

“I was awarded PIP high rate in August 2017. This was after following all the advice on B&W. I submitted all Doctors,Surgeons,Medical Advisers notes etc, and had a face to face medical twice with Atos. It was awarded for five years ending this August. During the covid pandemic in Jan 2021 I received a letter saying that it would be extended to May 2023. I expected a review to begin shortly,12 months before expiry so I again began rechecking all updates on the B&W web page to ensure I knew what the review procedure was. Today I got a letter from DWP that my award is now for an “ongoing period and has no end date”  . . . My thanks go out to all at B&W who helped me get and retain PIP and I will continue to subscribe and be a member as the fight still goes on. Well done B&W, keep up the good work.”

Big thanks to the Benefits and Work team

“Over a year ago my wife applied for PIP and was rejected. After reading the guides on here after subscribing she submitted a new claim which was again rejected, I told her to appeal which was accepted, she was awarded the standard rate living allowance and had 6 months back payments paid. In November last year I applied for and was awarded a Blue Badge from the local council for my disability but hadn't thought I was severe enough to get PIP. In January this year I applied for PIP and didn't think that I would qualify, on Saturday 21st May I received a letter informing me that I had been awarded the standard rate living allowance and the standard rate mobility allowance and back payment to January this year. I couldn't have done it without the advice on here and would urge anyone to subscribe and download the guides to help you. So to the admin and members here I thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the support you give to everyone!”

Thanks for all your help

“Submitted my renewal for PIP which was received by DWP on the 11th May. I followed the guides as I am due to receive my state pension soon and was made aware by the advice on this forum that I would not be able to get any increase to PIP after this. My circumstances had changed and mobility was getting worse so included everything in my renewal. I rang DWP today as I had received an additional unexpected payment in my bank account. Lovely lady stated it was owed to me because of a rise in benefit rates. She also informed that a decision on my renewal had been made on the 19th May and a letter sent out, not yet received. However she told me that my daily living had been increased to the higher rate, I already had higher rate mobility. So I am assuming that it has now been granted for a further period. Thank you very much for all the help in the guides and the advice from the forum. I can’t believe it was dealt with so quickly.”

PIP Review success, finally!

“Finally, after 55 weeks I have received my PIP review award!.. I have email correspondence as a reasonable adjustment and was informed that there had been an admin error and my review was now passed to the assessment provider (whom I will refer to as ATOS) and if my award increases it will be back paid otherwise I will keep getting payments until a decision is made… 3 weeks after the assessment backpay was in my account and finally awarded enhanced care and mobility. Previously standard care and enhanced mobility. Also, my claim will be reviewed after 2032! Taken a couple of weeks to absorb it all. It’s such a gruelling process. Now on a 12 week waiting list for a blue badge as I haven’t been able to renew for a while as no official award end date previously. The backpay has allowed me to buy an electric wheelchair - something that I have been hoping for for such a long time. Thank you b&w. Once again your guides have helped not only myself but also my husband who has never been involved previously with any claims and was able to understand the process. And knowing there’s someone somewhere who can help and/or support in these dark and lonely times is literally a life saver.”

PIP claim encouragement

“I just want to say don't give up. I applied for PIP a few years ago, on mental and physical health grounds. It was an awful process, my mental health deteriorated due to the stress of it all. It was far worse than I had even imagined and I had to go to tribunal. I starting using this website half way through and it really helped. I also got help from the Citizens Advice. Now someone I know who has Arthiritis is applying and it has brought the trauma of it all back to me. Anyone applying needs guidance and support. Don't give up, fight for your rights and know that you are not alone.”

PIP result

“thank you so very much "Benefits and work" my husband has this week been awarded both parts low rate PIP. He has Prostate Cancer, Prostatitis, Osteoarthritis and FND. I know that he wouldn't have had the award if I hadn't had access to the marvellous information that Benefits and Work provide. I used all the PIP guides and followed the help pages to the letter. I've told so many of our friends about this site. I have stayed a member for many years, always renewing my subscription, although I have been granted my award, I'm so glad I did. I felt that staying a subscriber would help other people. I do hope they have as much success as we have. Please keep up the great work you do for us all.”

PIP Review results

“Just want to say thank you to the guides , I sent in my review with as much detail as if it was my first claim as suggested by Gary, had a letter yesterday enhanced for both again extended for 6 years this time. No phone assessment or face to face and incredibly I sent the form registered on 20th April got the decision on 27th April. I can breathe for a few more years now, thank you Gary and mods.”


“I supported a friend to apply for PIP. She’s not had a decision letter yet, but a large sum landed in her account overnight saying it’s from DWP PIP. We’d done the form before I joined this site, so I followed up the form with detailed additional evidence and supporting letters using the format suggested in the guide. I was fully expecting to need to do an appeal/tribunal but thankfully that hasn’t been the case. So I just wanted to say a huge thank you.”

MM judgement for LEAP

“Well I just got a call from pip and I’m over the moon to say they are giving me back the 2 years worth of money that I should of received.
Just goes to show if you keep pestering them and point it out in black and white the rules they do actually listen. So I would say to anyone who thinks they meet the criteria don’t give up. I didn’t realise how much money I had lost out over that period just over 3k and to not have to go through mr and all that it’s amazing.”

PIP Tribunal success

“Hi Everyone, Just wanted to give an update to assure people who are exhausted; things can go your way at tribunal, keep going after what you deserve. 
DWP assessment scored me 0 points. 
DWP MR scored 2 points. 
PIP tribunal first tier scored 20 points. 
Would like to thank LL26 [moderator] particularly for responding to my last post- regarding section 12 8(b) and Autism/ADHD. The tribunal took this information very well. So thank you!”

PIP renewal award

“..thanks to your wonderful guides my wife was awarded enhanced Daily Living and Mobility at renewal..”

MR decision

“Hello, After last week’s discovery that my husband’s MR request had not been looked at due to being incorrectly logged on the system. We received a telephone call from DWP on Friday, my husband was not available for the call so they spoke with me as I’m down as his representative, 10 minute call to go over the same info we had previously submitted! They are changing their decision and awarding Enhanced for Daily Living. The reason we asked for this is my husband’s conditions have changed and he now needs assistance/support rather than being able to use an aid. I’m not sure if they have agreed with all the challenges but he previously scored 10 points. We are just relieved that after 11 months this is now sorted. Thank you all for the support and guidance papers I used the MR suggested template which helped so much to keep to the facts. Just waiting on the letter now confirming everything then we can eventually stop thinking about it. Please pass on our thanks to the team”

MR success!

“wow, this has been a saga... so in March 2021 I applied for PIP, in October 2021 I got awarded 0 points, so I put in am MR and today I got the decision! 13 points for daily living and 10 points for mobility. I didn't score the exact points I think I should have… I socred enough points so I am not going to complain.. also if I am understanding the letter right it's been awarded until september 2024! I was so scared that I was only going to get like a 1 year award or soemthing and have to start this entire process again in like a month so I am really happy that I now have at least 2 years of not having to think about this stuff. Thanks for all the advice…”

Thank you B&W! I passed my WCA!

“Dear Benefits and Work and everyone who answered my previous posts about my weird WCA interview which was very recent – thank you so much! I passed it! I found out today through my UC Journal and it will be backdated three months (which is correct for my situation). Thank you for this wonderful website and all the volunteer moderators and people who answer posts. My anxiety and all associated symptoms have lessened considerably at this news which is good because I live with life threatening conditions exacerbated by stress. I wish good luck to everyone else in their benefits challenges/journeys etc.”

PIP from standard award to enhanced

“Hi, I am back with my update from my post last week. After my standard award from PIP, they have awarded me enhanced daily living and enhanced mobility. I now have what I should have had from the start. If it wasn’t for my recording the assessment and fighting back, I would never have received it… I hope my recent posts will help others.”

Wonderful PIP news

“DWP called to say they have awarded enhanced rate for both. Such great news . . . Can’t believe this at all and want to thank benefit and works for their fantastic advice and materials. Thanks to everyone on this forum”

I won my MR

“Hi everyone, I just wanted to pop on and firstly say hello and thank everyone for all their support over the last few months with PIP and then when I did my MR just before Xmas I received a letter to say that my MR had been successful I decided to only put in for living not mobility at this time (even though I was awarded points for mobility I just didn’t have the fight in me for both) I was just relieved it was over (for now!!) I need some more medical help now that the extra support will help me with as I will be able to seek private help as I feel I am unfortunately not getting the support I need via the NHS. I cannot thank you all enough for the encouragement to even apply as I have put this off for years struggling due to fear of the DWP and to be honest the still scare me and always will. They contacted my GP after my assessment because of what I said in the assessment. However the NHS is so stretched I have had one call and that was that. I wish my life had turned out differently alas here I am just so very grateful I took your advice and applied and stopped hiding in the shadows pretending I wasn’t ‘that’ sick or ‘that’ disabled. So thank you each and every one of you.”

ESA Support Group – backdated benefit

“I was in the work related activity group, and my condition has worsened more recently I reported this to the DWP in July last year I was sent an ESA claim form which I returned with all my evidence I heard nothing , I never received a letter to say it had been received, I rang them in September they confirmed it had been received, I then had to ring in November as I had still not heard nothing they said I would receive a call which I did only to get an apology and they would try to get it sorted, shortly after I received a letter for a telephone medical, which I did and was glad to hear this week that I have been moved into the support group and have received my first payment… Many thanks to all.”

PIP claim success

“… I applied for PIP last year and filled the form in using the fantastic guides here. Got my award letter today and I’ve been given standard rate for both mobility and daily living. All of the points and explanation for those decisions look correct besides preparing food… In all honesty I’m just really happy I got awarded it at all and there’s an element of not wanting to rock the boat. Thanks”

PIP Award

“Thank you so, so very much. I studied and followed your guides and am happy to say, I went from low care component and no mobility, to enhanced for both. I can't quite believe it. 2 days before Christmas. What a fantastic Christmas present. I most definitely, couldn't have done it without you. Thank you, thank you, thank you”

Backdated LCWRA

“just like to thank all the hard working mods on b@w site i have finally recieved my backdated lcwra after 1st fit note was on my journal in august 2020 plus just to let everyone know on here payment starts after 3 months of your 1st fit note is declared, its been a long and stress waiting but got the result im deserved thank you everyone for giving me advice”

Child DLA to PIP success

“My son turned 16 in April, he had been awarded middle rate care and low rate mobility DLA 5 years ago due to being autistic and having severe anxiety. We had a renewal about 2 years ago, same award. We got the forms earlier this year, and after applying to be his representative I completed the form using the guides on this site. 6 weeks ago I got a call from someone to do a telephone assessment, as they said they classed my son as a vulnerable young person so wouldn't call him for a face to face assessment and would just like to clarify a few things with myself. I was told it would be about 6 weeks to hear back with current timings, and 6 weeks to the day I got the award letter yesterday. I opened it prepping myself for disappointment, but his award has actually been increased to high rate care and high rate mobility. I am still slightly in disbelief at how smoothly the claim went after hearing some of the horror stories, and that they increased the award rather than decreased it, and am so grateful to the excellent guides on this site, as without them I don't think it would have been this result. I also found the video about claiming the mobility component on mental health grounds extremely useful for helping me to word the claim, and again I don't think my son would have been awarded the high rate mobility component without the information gained from that video. The price of the subscription is worth itself a million times over for how easy and stress free it has made the process, and I want to thank all those who are involved in writing the guides, making the videos, and running the site for all the excellent, easy to understand but concise information provided. I really cannot express how much I appreciate all that B&W does to help purple like my family navigate the minefield that is the benefits system.”

PIP renewal success

“Just wanted to say that we have received our daughters decision letter this morning. ongoing award to be reviewed 2031 and higher rate care and mobility, no face to face or assessment over the phone. Got the renewal in September, sent back recorded delivery early October and got the decision letter this morning. Her GP was as much use as a chocolate fireguard and we used the guides on here as we have done in the past. She was currently on higher rate for both but her last award was only for 4 years even though her condition is lifelong. So thanks again to the wonderful people who put these guides, webinars and forums together and I will be continuing my membership as ESA will be looming any time in the near future”

PIP awarded

“My grandson who lives with me has autism. With the help of the guides I was able to get him the mobility payment of PIP ( regarding planning a journey to an unknown place), which he hadn’t had before. His care payment was increased also .”

PIP reassessment success

“Hello, everyone, i just wanted to say a massive thank you to all your staff and the members on here. I received the new pip form in August, even though my pip was extended until May 2022. It was a complete shock and it really affected me mentally and physicaly, With other things that was going on in my personal life, really bad things, which ripped my family apart. Anyway i phoned the DWP and they told me to have it returned by 15/09/21, so after trying to push that fear of dread that im sure many members have felt i started to fill it in, and sent it off recorded delivery ( Please all do that ), I have been with Benefits and Work for about 10 years, and i know for a fact that without their help with their guides, advice, webinars it would have been impossible to do. I received my letter this morning Enhanced Rate in both Daily Living and Mobility element, without a face to face or phone assessment, it was awarded until October 2031. So, please everyone use all their advice. Many, many thanks again to everyone who has been through this.”

PIP Review decision

“I recently asked for advice on this wonderful forum as my 4 year review was due. I had been confused as I had like others had an extension to next July. After spending 6 weeks filling it in again with the guidance of the member's 'helps' plus the helpful answers from the Mods; I sent the form in Special Delivery to make sure I could track it had got there. Imagine my shock when receiving a white envelope (not the usual brown one) 2 weeks later regarding my PIP… stunned to find out I have retained what I was getting (standard care and higher rate mobility). Not only have I retained my PIP, but it has been extended from 4 years to 10 years... You can't imagine the relief I felt. I had been trying to mentally prepare myself for several months of stress waiting for a decison, with a probable MR and appeal after all the bad stories I have read/heard about… I sincerely hope others will receive a postive decision in a similar time frame.”

Won my MR

“I had to reapply for PIP this year, which I wasn't expecting as I thought I only would have to renew. But I won enhanced on mobility and daily living at Tribunal 3 years ago. So I subscribed to B&W, against the advice of some FB groups, and reapplied. I used your resources and tried to keep everything to point (something I find difficult) and I had a telephone assessment and it sounded like the assessor understood completely. However, despite the assessor admitting in numerous places throughout the assessment that my condition had deteriorated, she used my original assessment as a starting point, which was flawed. She didn't take into account of my award from the Tribunal. I was awarded standard daily living and enhanced mobility, which was slightly higher than my original assessment. I had my original award stripped back from the date of the assessment to the date of the new award. I was devastated. However, I used the guidance here and wrote in "their language" and pointed out that they had admitted at various points throughout that my condition had got worse yet they awarded me a lower award. I briefly pointed out mistakes made by the assessor and responded to their "assumptions" with evidence. I was fully prepared to go to Tribunal when I finally got my MR and they awarded me even more points than I had asked for. Award for 3 years, enhanced on both. I will stay with B&W now to prepare for my renewal because I know that they will try and find a way to prove that my condition has improved! Thank you B&W!”

PIP news

“Hi all, I was so uptight and fed up of waiting for my PIP decision letter, today I finally plucked up the courage, as I wasn't on my own, to ring the helpline. The call operative was very nice and after getting the data protection out of the way he confirmed a decision letter had been sent out on Friday. Daily Living 11 points. Mobility 22 points. Recommended date for reassement the 8th of August 2031! So it seems I have got there. I won't be fully satisfied until I've seen the letter, smelt it a few times, thrown it in the air once or twice to see if lands like a normal letter, and then read it about another 50 times. I should have the letter by the end of the week… Thank you in advance to all the wonderful mods and members who picked me up and urged me on when all I could see was doom and gloom. Also thank you for the superb guides that I always swat up on when they are needed. Rest assured, I will remain an active member on the forum and if I can ever be of any help to give courage and confidence to anyone (even if my benefit knowledge is a bit limited) I will be here all being well. The kindest and most genuine regards to you all.”

PIP Success

“Hi all, just wanted to say a huge THANK YOU to everyone involved in creating this website, the guides and the forum. I have been using the guides for a number of years now for my own personal PiP and ESA (Support Group) claims with success and this year used them again for my 18 year old daughter in her PiP claim. Whilst we initially had some problems surrounding the Capita medical assessment (due to the DWP not recording that my daughter had a designated appointee) and having to wait a further 12 weeks for another assessment. However, 2 weeks after the new assessment my daughter was awarded enhanced rate for both Daily Living and Mobility back dated for 31 weeks (the length of time taken to process the claim) and lasting until 2027. So huge relief and gratitude to everyone here for all the help, support and advice. I will now tackle her UC claim”

UC & LCWRA without assessment

“So here’s some good news been sending in sick notes since March filled out the form may I think finally got the courage to write in my journal asking what is going on as hadn’t heard anything and would you believe it been put in the lcwra group without and assessment!!”

PIP news

“I was so uptight and fed up of waiting for my PIP decision letter, today I finally plucked up the courage, as I wasn't on my own, to ring the helpline. The call operative was very nice and after getting the data protection out of the way he confirmed a decision letter had been sent out on Friday. Daily Living 11 points. Mobility 22 points. Recommended date for reassement the 8th of August 2031!  . . . Thank you in advance to all the wonderful mods and members who picked me up and urged me on when all I could see was doom and gloom. Also thank you for the superb guides that I always swat up on when they are needed. Rest assured, I will remain an active member on the forum and if I can ever be of any help to give courage and confidence to anyone (even if my benefit knowledge is a bit limited) I will be here all being well. The kindest and most genuine regards to you all.”

PIP Renewal success

“I just wanted to thank you for your guides which have helped me with my PIP renewal. I had a previous award to March 2021. 13 points Daily Living, 0 points Mobility . . . Received my decision letter this week. 13 points Daily Living. 10 points Mobility. I am very relieved, and can hopefully worry less about DWP letters for a few years. Thankyou.”

Subscribing to B&W

“I have been a member of BAW for many years now. I have just received my subscription reminder and even though at my age and health status I am unlikely to have to make another claim (but who knows with the state of things?) I am renewing immediately. BAW have been such a help over the years with invaluable advice and support. If I could reassure anyone who may be considering whether to subscribe or not I would just like to reassure them that the advice given is not only vital to a claim but it is also unbiased and impartial. It does not matter which party is in Government, you will always be given the advice which support the individual. If it wasn't for BAW I can honestly say I may not be alive today, Thank you to all.”

Success at Mandatory Reconsideration

“Thanks to all the moderators and all the good advice, we had good news after submitting an MR. From standard rate care only which was stopped in December to enhanced care and low rate mobility until 2031. Caused unnecessary stress to all for over 6 months, but I followed all the advice on this great site to help my relative. I think letters from the GP and hospital letters helped as well as labouring the points that should have been given. Thank you to all.”

PIP Enhanced Mobility award

“Dear fellow forum members and moderators, Just a quick message to hopefully help someone by listing what I believe helped me get Enhanced Mobility Rate from standard rate at my Personal Independence Payment Mandatory Reconsideration. First of all apart from the B&W’s members guides, which I followed to the letter, I had very valuable advice from fellow forum members and moderators and for me anyway, the BW guideS are excellent, but I strongly feel that if I had not joined this forum I might not have been as successful...”PIP Tribunal – Enhanced award
“Nearly two years since I was “invited “ to move from DLA (mrc hrm) to PIP I’ve had
my Tribunal decision. Enhanced for both. I feel numb. And exhausted of course. I’ve used your guides every step of the way.”
PIP Tribunal success
“I am pleased to announce that after waiting just over a year & a half from telling the DWP of a change in circumstance to receiving my letter from the Tribunal today 30/06/2021, that the Tribunal has ruled in my favour to increase both Daily Living & Mobility to Enhanced Rate. Thank you Benefits & Work for all your information & guidance.”

Mysterious large payment of PIP into my account

“I was awarded PIP a few months ago but was unsatisfied with the low rates, and so I immediately put in an MR, but have heard nothing since. I was discussing it with my welfare rights officer only on Monday and he said he'd give them another week before he chases it up for me.
And now today, I suddenly appear to be £2000 better off. I've not been contacted by DWP in any way shape or form about it apart from the mysterious phone call the other day, but that was supposedly about ESA, not PIP.
UPDATE: I finally heard from them by post this morning and it turns out that my MR was successful, purely on the strength of the statement I sent in. I'm now in receipt of Enhanced rate of both PIP components until 2024.So, for anyone who is undecided about sending in an MR, sometimes it's worth it!”


“I just wanted to thank you all for your help … With your advice I appealed my MR and went from standard for both to enhanced until 2023!! I’ve renewed my payment for this year as your advice is second to none!! Thank you all from the bottom of my heart You are all heroes to me”

PIP Award – thank you BW

“…I’m a carer for my partner who has recently been awarded both daily living and mobility components at the enhanced rate. The decision letter … states that the award is for ‘an ongoing period’ … I just want to say a massive thank you to benefits and work who’s information and the helpful members guides have been extremely helpful in assisting us with PIP claim. As I mentioned the benefit system is a minefield to us and the site and the information included helped immensely”

PIP result

“Hi there. A big thank you to the moderators in particular Cathrine for the help I received during my recent pip review. Got the letter today, white envelope would you know. Awarded same as last review enhanced mobility and standard rate care with ongoing award for both. As I retire next October I guess I will just get a soft touch review. This is a great site for anyone who claims benefits, I will be keeping my membership going each year even if I don't need it. Once again thanks for all the help from a grateful Rick, I can sleep again thank you.”

PIP Review Result

“Hi thought this might help any one waiting to hear about their PIP review . My son was sent papers that had to be returned by the 18/2/21 he had is telephone appointment on 2/6/21 . His partner recorded on her phone , just in case .he was on standard daily living and standard mobility . Friday 18/6/21.he had his report .he was given standard daily scored 8 . And enhanced mobility .and longer time before another assessment . His changes were a heart problem extra medication and more difficulty in walking .And letters from his heart specialist . Good luck everyone . And thank BAW . They backed dated the extra payment from January that’s when he was due a review .”

Awarded highest PIP & ESA (without Assessment)!

“So I recently awarded enhanced PIP on both mobility and daily living 1 week before the court date! I was originally giving 0 points for both. I applied for ESA (work capability) last month and I received a letter saying i was awarded the highest group without an assessment even! I couldn't believe it, i'm over the moon right no! I'd just like to praise God, thank all the mods here for their hard work and the wonderful guides, honestly couldn't have done it without all of you…”

PIP Award

“Hi, I have received a letter today informing me that I have been awarded Standard Rate for both daily living and mobility. It's until May 2024, they say in the letter that they will contact me whilst getting PIP so see if your needs have changed and to look at the amount you get. This will be after May 2023, I will be 60 then and my disability will never get better only worse so hopefully I will not have many problems then. I want to thank everyone who posts and the mods who really do make a difference to how people approach these things. I used the guides when approaching the questions and I must also say I think I had a really good assessor who knew about my condition and she never tried to trip me up or put me down in any questions…” 

PIP Assessment Report

“Hello Everyone, I finally got my assessment report through the door today..... And I am made up!!!! Looks like 13 points for Daily Living (enhanced) and 10 points for Mobility (standard), what the assessor has written looks to me to be a fairly accurate summary of everything I said and submitted which is great!.. Many many thanks because this is a truly happy day for me - I can finally breathe!”

PIP Mandatory Reconsideration

“Hello , had to go through Mandatory reconsideration as my PIP at renewal was lowered to standard in both ,care and mobility . The DWP phoned last week to tell me that they had now decided to upgrade to Enhanced in both daily living needs and mobility . A Letter from my carer and my Dentist helped them to realise how ill I am .I am glad of the result but still disappointed at the years of the award just just another 3 years , I am 65 and my health gets worse not better ,my Husband that has to fill the forms and make the phone calls is 73 , he has asked the DWP TO CONSIDER giving me more years but they said I can go to the Tribunal , I am too ill and cannot cope with all the stress involved . I thank you very much for all the information ,I could not have done it without the help here , YOU ARE THE BEST , much love . To those fighting for your Disability Benefit ,don't give up ,keep fighting for your rights and learn how to use the information here , BEST WISHES .”

PIP Renewal success

“I just would like to say to every member to try and join and follow the instructions into filling the long process of the application form. My renewal pack arrived in Oct 2019 so I was not well and this took me twice to have to phone the DWP for an extension. I was informed that I just completed and sent it back before the deadline which was December 28, 2019. Then January 2020 came with the first real talk about Covid 19. Then March 2020 lockdown happens. I then received a DWP letter with an extension until May 2021... After receiving the first letter for an extension from DWP for May 2021 I received another one again and an extension until AUG 2021. yes. Indeed. But I was called for a telephone interview in May 2021… after 10 days I received the letter but those days the letter sis not brown anymore but white. I open the letter and started by reading the last piece of paper and saw the mobility component which was my main worry I got 12 points. Hurray. I start to cry with relief than I read the beginning of the award letter and so that I was also awarded 12 points 2 points less than last time but still maintained my full PIP award for another 4 years but mostly 3 years which is a relief for 3 years. Thank you to Benefit and work for all your help. not be well is a strain on anybody mentally. the Corona has change, every one, one way or another. So I am now I can continue to concentrate on my health.”

PIP Success

“Just wanted to thank Benefits and Work and everyone on the forum. I carefully followed the guides and advice that I have seen here and after filling in the AR1 form I received enhanced for both sections, going up from standard on both in 2018. I couldn't have done it without the guides. I can't imagine what it is like or how I would have answered the questions if I didn't have this help. So it is very much appreciated. I wish everyone success with their claims x keep up the good fight.”

PIP award

“Just want to say thank you to this forum for all your advice i had my telephone assessment last thursday and today I phoned for the PA4 only to be told my decision has been made in my favour enhanced care and standard mobility i was only standard care before so I'm over the moon. Everything I've read on here helped me prepare for my assesment so thank you”

PIP rejected – to Enhanced on both

“I was on standard daily living and no mobility. Reassessment came, and I got a very lovely assessor who couldn't have been nicer and more understanding of my health situation. But when I got the report back it was like it was a completely different assessment. Extremely horrible, dismissive, and used out of context information from reports against me, which made no sense. I got 2 points and all my financial support taken away. Mandatory recon came to the same decision. 2 points, no benefit.
I applied to go to tribunal and used Benefits and Work guide to point out all the issues, which took a lot of emotional energy but got there in the end. DWP called me to say that they are going to give me enhanced rate of both - 26 points overall. I don't know how it can go from 2 points to 26 points but I know I couldn't have done it without the guides. Thank you for all that you do. Benefits and Work shouldn't have to exist, but I'm so glad that it does.

PIP awarded

“I just wanted to thank everyone so much for all your invaluable help on this site. I have just been awarded PIP backdated to January for endometriosis, which is notoriously difficult to get, and I am amazed and delighted. I fully expected and was prepared to have to appeal, although I did spend a huge amount of time on the form. I can honestly say that the guides on this site were brilliant and so helpful in the advice they provided.”

PIP – in shock!

“White envelope arrived this morning… got myself a coffee… made myself comfortable..
expected the worst…. Enhanced both for 6 years!!!!! OMG!!! Still in shock.. awarded extra points for MH stuff which I hadn’t expected.. but even if they take them away again I still have 12/12 so am covered. Asked for a ‘longer term award’ but six years is fine thanks.. not going to argue.. From DWP receiving my application to me receiving a response it was 3 weeks!!! Last time it took 2.5 years… will probably have to go back to bed…!! Had worked out my bills for the remainder of the year already in preparation for a long haul. Can’t actually believe it…. (E/E for 5 years last time but won at Tribunal and took 2.5 years). Never give up… never surrender”

Universal Credit success

“Hi guys hopefully a success here. I've received new style esa. I applied for UC and sent in lots of my documentation and within a week I've been awarded 25 months from April… Thanks for your help and advice.

PIP renewal success

“When a white envelope dropped through my letterbox I presumed wrongly that I was being called for a phone or face to face assessment. Instead I read with joy and rejoicing that I had been given standard award for both daily living and mobility to April 2024. I’m just sending a big thank you to you all because your help and member guides are invaluable to us and you do a fantastic job.

PIP success before Appeal

“Hi all, I received a phone call today at 4:45 from a man offering me Enhanced Care and Standard Mobility, great news so I happily accepted! I only submitted my appeal too 2 weeks ago 5 days after receiving my MR decline. All this from loosing my DLA back in January with 0 points. The man even offered me a sincere apology saying ‘We know you are disabled it should not have got this far’. I’m so grateful for this site and the volunteers.” 

PIP letter arrived

“Well although I had telephone confirmation that my PIP was being renewed I still couldn't really believe it until I see it in black and what. Thankfully after such a stressful high anxiety wait, both prior and after the assessment the letter arrived today and I have enhanced on both again yet this time it says for an ongoing period on each, on the second page it says, we will also contact you while you are getting PIP to see if your needs have changed and to look at the amount you get. This will be after 31March 2031. The relief is amazing but I also know that many here are still going through the dreadful waiting period and that feeling is horrible. Please hang on in there, don't give up. Use all the help and guides on this site as they are invaluable. I hope you all get the result you hope for.”

Thank you – success

“I have been a member for years and will continue to be a member for years but I wanted to thank you for your excellent guides that helped me to support and navigate my daughter through her UC / work capability assessment and after the telephone assessment on Tuesday she was told Friday she was put on the Limited capability for work-related activity. There is no doubt I wouldn't have been able to do it without your guides. and the wonderful support of this forum............ Many thanks”

Thank you so much for all your help and advice

“Today I called the DWP as I had my telephone assessment on 1st April and on your advice I requested a copy of the report which was actually a encouraging result . Despite that the anxiety of waiting for the decision was increasing so with my Daughters support I made the call. The young man on the phone was helpful and checked on the screen. He said a decision had been made on 23rd April and I've retained the enhanced rate on both daily living and mobility. He said a confirmation letter will arrive. The last award I had was for three years but my conditions have worsened and are now chronic. I asked him when would I need to have a review and he said both awards are ongoing. I'm not 100% sure how that works but I am so relieved and cried happy tears for a change. This process is so very stressful especially when people are so poorly already, I wish there was a better way for claimants. I'd like to thank all at Benefits and Work for all your help and advice and for everything you do for others in my situation.”

Big Thanks to BandW

“Hi Just to say a big thanks i got my pip renewed to Feb 2024 and also got standard mobility also a bit of back money into my bank so happy, added because of benefits and work guidelines would not have done it without yous”

PIP Tribunal Result

“Hi everyone. I have had my court hearing conference call this morning fpr my PIP appeal and before I even started they informed me that I had been awarded the wrong amount of points for my daily living and gave me 8 from 6 so I am now entitled to the STANDARD DAILY LIVING COMPONENT but over the course of the tribunal they decided that I didn't have warrant enough points for the mobility component. I am chuffed with the outcome regardless of them denying the mobility award, and, it was a relief to get something as I had been on it for life before an error on their part cancelled my previous award. Thanks to this site I was able to give better worded responses and able to claw something back. My award is being back dated to 1st July 2020 so looking forward to a decent payout as well.”

PIP Review success – on paper

“Like lots of people we received a PIP review pack after receiving a letter to say it had been extended due to Covid-19. I returned the pack at the beginning of April and was in waiting mode for a letter of invitation for some sort of assessment (either telephone or face to face). Came in from work tonight to a harmless looking white envelope which amazingly contained my son’s PIP award. The letter was dated only 10 days after I’d sent the review form so a fairly quick turn around which included Easter!! I’m stunned but so happy not to have to put my son through another gruelling assessment.
Thank you to BandW for the excellent guidance on completing the forms”

Enhance PIP awarded

“Hi Guys… long story short version.. Requested change of circumstances as health had deteriorated.. DWP kept award the same.. MR done but extra info sent prior.. DWP kept it the same.. Submitted appeal online added transcript of my covert recording which I done as I have memory issues.. DWP stated that THEY decided that I have no memory problems, unfortunately for them they used that argument in most of my descriptors for justification. In my appeal on line there was a box for me to add any information for the panel and the judge I wrote “ dear judge and panel, for me this is not about the money it’s about what right and wrong. Who do the DWP think they are to decide whether I have memory problems or not when the evidence is clear. If I do not meet the criteria to get the points then the DWP should say “ we agree you have issues with your memory however you don’t meet our criteria and they need to have a criteria “ I was not having them tell me I had nothing wrong with me. Anyway this morning I got a text from appeals department saying DWP had changed their decision in my favour case closed. It didn’t even get to the judge that was DWP first response.
I called DWP and I am now enhanced on both until 2026 which I’m thrilled with.. Please anyone who feels they deserve a higher award you have to go to appeal. The DWP need to start treating us with the respect that we all deserve. Thanks guys on this site couldn’t have done it without you all”
PIP 10 year award
“Good afternoon… thank you so much for your website help and support. I am still in shock as my wife has just received a 10 year award for pip on review with the highest rate of both, (paper based)..”

PIP success

“My Wifes PIP decision has just arrived she has been awarded enhanced rate in both. we are over the moon”

PIP result

“Hi everyone, Completed and returned the dreaded PIP review form and had a super speedy result. Posted the form first class recorded on the 6th of March and it arrived on the 8th. A letter was sent out on the 9th of the decision to award me the same standard rate I have been on for mobility and I've been awarded the enhanced rate for daily living. I was previously on the lower rate for daily living. I haven't recieved my letter yet. An amount of 30 odd pounds was in my bank account from PIP this morning so I telephoned DWP/PIP and was told over the phone. This has taken away so much anxiety of the dreaded brown envelope. I will have a closer look at scores etc when the letter does arrive, last time I was just one point away from higher rate mobility but decided not to pursue a MR as the anxiety of it would have been too much. Lastly, a big thank you as always to this site, the moderators and contributors who all do an amazing job with the resources. Thank you. Best of luck to everyone awaiting their decisions x”

PIP reassessment

“Hi I’ve just received my dreaded brown envelope for my reassessment claim and I’ve gone from standard to enhanced pip and still have enhanced mobility rate. As it states ongoing I assume it’s for 10 years is that correct. I’m happy with the results but why do I feel guilty in claiming this money (which is needed) I have worked all my life and forced into retirement 3yrs early with severe arthritis in my arms,hands ,legs &knees . I like to thank benefits and work for helping my claim with downloading information. I will continue to support you with my membership.”

Thank you!

“Hi Guys.. I just wanted to say thank you to all for all the information and help that you give on this site. It’s invaluable. Having used the guides and help from you all you guided me through the ESA process / minefield as I’ve never claimed before. I was able to claim contributions ESA and after assessment put in the support group. You guys made it a lot less stressful so a HUUGGGGEEEEE THANK YoU. Your own time that you give on here is so much appreciated”

PIP Review within 8 days

 “Well done DWP - words I've never expressed before! I returned my award review form on 9th March & yesterday got my new award, dated 17th March. If someone had told me I'd not only get my award within days but that the award now has no expiry date on it, I'd have asked which planet they were on. I'm stunned and delighted & can only reiterate the B&W advice to put as much information as possible on the form. Thanks for all the great advice on this site. It's invaluable & worth the subscription many times over.”

Thank you

“Hi, I can’t find my old thread, but I just want to say thank you to you all! This morning I woke up to a fairly decent payment from PIP and although I have no letter as of yet I can only assume that it means I won my MR and that is backdated from part year when I first applied.... hope I’m right! All thanks to your help so thank you thank you so much!”

Thanks and tips

“Hi guys, I just wanted to say a huge thanks for all the support and help I’ve been given on this site. Like a lot of others DWP extended my payments from June 2021(end of my 3 year fixed award) to January 2022. It seemed like a reprieve and Motability extended my car lease too, I also applied for my Blue Badge to be extended at a cost of £10. Meanwhile an Award review form arrived within days! I used all the information on here to fill it in. I didn’t just write no change but added “no change I still need.......” etc for every question. Giving new examples where appropriate. It wasn’t easy as there isn’t much space but I added an additional sheet. I also included new medical evidence. The result is back it took them just 4 weeks, my points have gone up slightly but I’m left with the same standard care and enhanced mobility which is a great result. More importantly (and probably because I’m just 2 weeks of state pension age now), it’s an on going award and they won’t check on me until at least March 2031! I’m so very relieved. It’s such a wonderful feeling getting them off my back. This whole process is demeaning and demoralising. Mine was done purely on the paper based evidence and stated in the letter is the fact that that’s what they are trying to do. Keep going guys the help on here is second to none thank you so much to everyone.”

PIP Review and MR – success!

“I have been helping a friend for a number of years using the excellent guides and help here. Recent PIP Review decision was standard rate for both Daily Care and Mobility. I asked for copy of Assessor's Report which contained a number of incorrect comments and conclusions. Also asked for MR. I went through line by line and queried a number of points writing a detailed letter on behalf of my friend. We also obtained letters/reports from an orthopaedic consultant. urology consultant and his mental health team. Within 2 weeks DWP sent new decision - enhanced rate for both Daily Care and Mobility!!!! It took a lot of effort but well worth it for the result. Many thanks to all here at Benefits and Work”

PIP Review – success!

“I received a lumpsum in my bank today from PIP. I sent off my review mid January with accompanying documental evidence - I hadn’t heard anything. Called PIP and after 2 failed attempts, got through. I’ve been awarded enhanced daily living & mobility from standard daily living until 2025! I wish to thank B&W, their extensive guides and information provided on forum - Best £20’s I ever spent. Keep up the good work!”

Thank you PIP success

“I want to say a huge thank you for your help & advice! I’ve recently appealed and been awarded PIP enhanced for Mobility and Personal care, after using your guides to help me. I suffer from Chronic Hemiplegic Migraine and had to leave my teaching job and this is a huge relief to us! Thank you”

Thank you

“Just wanted to say a massive thank you to everyone for this fantastic site. I was receiving the standard rate for care but my condition has worsened so I put a change of circumstances claim in back in September. I heard nothing at all until 5th February when a hcp called me out of the blue and asked could she ask me a couple of questions. I was a bit wary at first as I had had no notice but she was very nice so I answered the questions. She was on the phone no longer than 5 minutes.
3 weeks later I got the brown envelope... I have been awarded enhanced for both elements ongoing!! They will review after February 2031. I used your guides to help me fill the form and along with the supporting letter from my gp it was enough. I am so thankful for all the hard work that you all put in and all I can say is that the £19.95 I paid to join is the best money I have ever spent.”

Thank you

“I would like to thank everyone who contribute to this site. I have successfully won my daughters application to PIP she was awarded enhanced on both elements after MR and having just being awarded enhanced daily living we put in for a tribunal for Mobility. The DWP overturned their decision within a month of the unfavourable decision. Our evidence was over whelming with witness statements and diaries. The tricks they tried using was that my daughter used to be able to do this action or that action. We pointed out we weren't making a claim for then but now!”

PIP Renewal success!

“PIP review was due March 2021. Received the 'year's extension' letter a few months ago. DWP then sent me a PIP paper review form end of December, 2020. Returned review form on 22nd January and got the decision letter today, so was quite a quick process. Awarded enhanced rate of both care and mobility for 5 years. (Was previously standard rate care and enhanced mobility). I can't tell you the relief when I opened the letter. I had been concerned that the lack of a face to face review might negatively impact my award. Huge thanks to all at Benefits and Work, as the PIP guides really helped me in completing the review form. There is information contained in the guides that you just wouldn't think of including otherwise, yet which can make the difference between success and failure. THANK YOU!!!”

PIP review success

“Firstly, I am happy to announce that I received my brown envelope and I have been awarded enhanced daily living and enhanced mobility until 2024. Previously on standard for both. This was done as a paper based review and decision made in 5 weeks. As always, I am grateful for all the info and guides here I couldn't have done it without it.”

Successful PIP renewal

“I just wanted to update to help other people and also thank benefits and work team for all their help. I received a letter extending my pip to Nov 2022 in late September but like many other people I received the pip renewal form end of Dec. I asked for an extension of 2 weeks as it took 10 days to get to me which they gave. On all questions except 1 I said no change because there was a big change and I put in proof from outpatients letters I received but I followed the advice from benefits and work and wrote brief explanations on each one with even no change. I asked my doctor for a letter confirming my diagnosis and medical history and offered to pay they didn’t want payment but did the letter which was a relief and I am grateful for this as I read on the forum all the problems people have getting letters. I posted the form 1st class signed for on the 28th January and today I received my decision letter, they have extended my high rate care, low mobility for another 3 years and it states that they did not need to do an assessment based on medical evidence. They kept all the points the same for all the descriptors… My advice is keep all those letters and outpatients reports because they do help and if you can offer to pay for the doctors letter as it might help you. This is based on mental health which is my biggest problem and one health condition… Good luck to everyone going through this place your trust in benefits and work because they really do care about us.”

Great news today

“hi mods, after sending in my review form back in october 2020 i then had a telephone assessment in january 2021, i telephoned and wrote to request my assessment report but after 10 days i phoned again and after missing a call of the dwp 2 days ago i have today received the report and it recommends high rate daily living and standard rate mobility. i was previously on standard daily living only. so i am over the moon as long as the decision maker agrees with the assessor... it was hard work but your advice and help was invaluable many thanks”

PIP success

“Hi just want to say a super massive thanks to this great site don’t know what I would do without this amazing support got my brown envelope today and no phone assessment just used review form I can chill now for 2 years and to everyone else on here hang in there don’t give up”

PIP Mandatory Reconsideration success

“I had a phone assessment and was awarded 11 points for daily living, after reading the HP report I wasn't happy, I sent in a Mandatory Reconsideration for the daily living part as I already qualify for the mobility through my War pension, I followed the advice and guides laid out on this great site, concentrating on 4 components were I stood the strongest chance of gaining 1 point. even though I could have covered more I felt if I were to over do it, it would have gone against me, checking my bank the other day I found a lump sum from PIP for the enhanced rate award back dated, just waiting for my letter, so I would like to thank this Forum for all the advice and help it provides, thank you”

PIP Review success

“Just wanted to let you know that I had my Pip review result yesterday and I have been awarded the same as previously without a telephone assessment. I read your online guides and filled out my form with no change and explained the problems that I still have. I was expecting a telephone assessment, so just wanted to let anyone going through it know that it is possible not to have to have one. Thankyou for your excellent guides and advice on this site.”

PIP appeal result

“After having a mandatory reconsideration they declined my Mobility component to 0. I then appealed there decision to the appeals court. I didn't give any evidence I was waiting to see what the DWP declined my appeal. But today I had a shock they reviewed my case and gave me Enhanced rate of Mobility which I was a surprise not even sending in new evidence. So please if anyone gets a knock back please fight there decision. It was thanks to this site with there information what to do. That's all I can say is a big thank you.”

PIP success at Tribunal

“Having gone from 8 points to 6 at telephone review and failed MR, I had my Tribunal telephone hearing on Monday. Judge's Directions arrived today. Now in receipt of Standard Daily Living again plus Enhanced Mobility. Such a relief and all down to getting the right advice and benefits disability advocate. So relieved.”

PIP renewal award

“With this sites support I was able to complete my PIP and UC50 form. They were both renewals. I was awarded the higher rate of PIP for 3 years, my brown envelope arrived 3/4 weeks ago…Thanks”

Won PIP Tribunal for my brother

“gordon was so helpful a few months ago when i asked for some direction about my brothers tribunal for pip. he was on dla for life after a traumatic brain injury at 16, early onset alzheimers at age 45(hes 52 now)plus several brain infarcts. he had 0 points and no payments since sept 2019 (shortly after he lost his 42 yr old wife to breast cancer)but my husband and i gathered evidence and helped with case.t oday we got the letter to say a paper tribunal had taken place(90 pages) and they ruled in his favour, standard care and mobility given.he is £30 a month better off plus about £5800 back pay.i realise that dwp have 28 days but this is such a relief. iv finally posted my own pip review after taking weeks to sort it so fingers crossed. iv used this site plus kind advice from the forum admin thank you so much for your help and thank you from my brother i hope this gives people hope”

PIP award increased

“I just want to say thanks for the help and advice from this site, and all those involved assisting us with our claims. I had another review of my PIP claim ( I had been standard rate for both Daily living and Mobility) just before Christmas, and received my award this morning. Happy to say the mobility rate has been increased to the enhanced rate, and daily living remains at the standard rate, which is a fair and accurate assessment. I had always felt i should have been in the enhanced rate for mobility for years, but was far too concerned about getting nothing if i complained. All in all. it's taken four weeks from sending in my completed forms, to todays announcement, without the requirement for a telephone interview. Considering were in the middle of a pandemic, i was expecting a far longer wait. Thanks all, and don't give up.”

PIP success

“After being on the enhanced rate of PIP for 3 years I received a 36 page form to complete as my PIP was to end on January 4th 2021. With the help of an NHS worker the forms were filled in and returned on 23rd November, well before the deadline of 8th December 2020. Last Friday I received the dreaded brown letter. I was extremely anxious to open it, however, to my utter astonishment I have again been awarded PIP for the next TEN years. I could not have achieved this without all your help, advice, guides, etc. AN ABSOLUTE MASSIVE THANK YOU. Please, if anyone reads this, do NOT give up hope.”

PIP Review decision

“Today i got my decision letter from my PIP review. I am shocked how fast they did this, as I only had the phone assessment on the 11th Jan. The letter is even dated the 15th Jan! Anyway I would of been happy to keep my current rate which I was on which was stand daily living, but I have been awarded Enhanced Daily Living and Standard Mobility. Which is good…Thank you again for all your help, much appreciated.”

Award of PIP

“First application for PIP was turned down, Mandatory Recconsideration turned down. Appeal applied for to be heard with a tribunal, opted to have paper hearing. Within 10 days of this application a PIP representative rang, asked some questions, these were already on paperwork. She awarded Enhanced on personal care, standard on mobility, all over the telephone. No need then for Tribunal Appeal. So don't take the first answer from PIP. Thanks to information on benefit and works, couldn't have done it without you.”

PIP Tribunal success

“Hello to you all. I just wanted to give an update on my claim. I Applied for pip back in February last year, no face to face due to COVID, I thought my telephone assessment went well, but it didn’t, I only scored 2 points. After asking for a mandatory reconsideration I was awarded 4 points but my original 2 points were taken away. So with nothing to loose, i opted for a tribunal, which took place on the 22nd of December via a phone call with the judge, a doctor and a disability rights person. I was extremely nervous and couldn’t explain myself properly, I came away after nearly an hour on the phone feeling like a failure and convinced I had lost any hope of being awarded anything.
To my astonishment I received a phone call after Christmas saying I had been awarded standard rate for care and mobility scoring 8 points on each. I’m over the moon with this result. So to anyone in my position please don’t give up, I had one letter with a diagnosis on and no other paperwork or input, but I knew what the HP and decision maker had written was not correct and this is what made me stick with it. Thank you to everyone on this amazing site.”

PIP Review success

“I received 2 extensions to my original pip award during last year. Then I received a review form 1043 which was due to be completed and returned by the end Nov. I rang the DWP and asked if I had to complete the form ? Yes, I completed the form with a week to spare. In Dec I received my new award for just over 3 years which was longer than my previous award. I completed the form in depth and with plenty of my medical history evidence. This award result was a paper assessment with no phone assessment. It cheered me up so much after this disaster out year and made me smile over Christmas.”

Tribunal success

“…I wanted to let you all know that I followed all the guides on here to appeal my brothers award (he got nothing initially). His case went all the way to tribunal. The tribunal ruled in his favour even though I didn't attend. It took me days and days to prepare a response to the mandatory re consideration and to the tribunal using these guides. I went through all the areas of the report and used the guides to give evidence and examples of where their conclusions were not accurate. We couldn't attend because we were on holiday and that didn't go against us I'm relieved to say. However, out of all the stuff we submitted, apparently it was the personal written statement from me describing in ordinary words what I have to do to care for him which made the most impact. So don't shy away from you or your carer writing how your day really is. Once again thank you to the moderators who responded to my many queries as I needed help from them..The annual subscription is so worth it. I've been a member a long time. He was awarded full care and full mobility... Thank you.”

Thank goodness!

“..this time a fight was not needed. When my husband had major surgery recently, we had a call out of the blue from our county's benefits unit, auto referral from the hospital. They supported us to apply for a change of circ's for his DLA lower rate care and we have just received the welcome news that he has secured Higher rate. Just to encourage all those older folk on DLA but not the max to keep an eye on sadly deteriorating health and give it a try. I had known it might be possible but been too frightened to 'rock the boat', as well as too exhausted from daughter's PIP fights. Happy Christmas to all B&W team and forum readers whatever your struggles.”

PIP Renewal

“I can't thank you enough for all the support that you give. My original application came back with 2 points for hearing aids.This caused such distress as I have Diabetes, Epilepsy, Rheumatoid Arthritis ard Osteoarthritis and 2 discs replaced in my neck … therefore after being made to feel that I was was just putting it on I was then referred for a scan and told results would be sent to my GP. Two weeks later received a call from GP surgery stating Gp wanted to see me,I asked when and was told to come down straight away. Attended and was shown the scan showing a herniated disc compressing the nerve and wasn't told to rest at home …After operation I was left with no feeling in left arm with shooting pains.The operation had occured and permanent damage had occurred.This left me in pain … Although stressfull the appeal awarded me 10 points for daily living and 8 points for moving around. Please everyone dont give up my appeal proves how different the outcome can be.”

PIP – great news

“Just wanted to share this to give others some hope. I have ME and mental health problems and sent my renewal form back in November with a request for a paper based assessment as I can not manage long telephone calls. GP very supportive and wrote a letter as did my support worker. Just had the fantastic news – enhanced care & mobility and an on-going award (previous award was for 18 months) with no phone calls from DWP. For once good news in a brown envelope !! I am over the moon, such a weight removed. Thanks to B&W fantastic guides – even though this was a renewal I gave a lot of detail on the form and it was definitely worth the time (& spoons !) it took. Good luck to all those waiting to hear at the moment.”

PIP Review success

“Review forms received by pip and award upped from daily living top award for 2 years to to top award in mobility as well for 3 years RESULT from 2nd December!!! All thanks to your advice I treated my review award like a new claim so thank you so so much”

PIP Tribunal halfway successful

“After having received DLA (Higher Rate Mobility and Standard Rate Care) for 11 years, I was advised last year that my DLA would be ending and was invited to apply for PIP. This I duly did (using the Benefits and Work guides) and had my face to face assessment in September 2019. A few weeks later the dreaded brown envelope arrived and it contained the news that I had been awarded ZERO points ! I was astonished to say the least. Although I had expected a change (with everything I had read) I did not expect to be assessed with no points at all. I then went to Appeal (with the help of your useful guides) and eventually had my Tribunal by telephone on 24 November 2020. I received their decision in the post the following day. I was awarded 8 points for care (Standard Rate) and 10 points for Mobility (Standard Rate). Although I was disappointed to lose my Motability car, I was grateful that they had at least recognised my disabilities and validated my Appeal.”

PIP Review success THANK YOU

“After 3 weeks following your guides to the letter and sending my step daughter's PIP review form off with 30 pages of continuation sheets and medical evidence - a result! Deadline was 14 November received a phone call yesterday to say she has been moved from standard care/mobility to higher rate care/mobility. She has a very rare bone disease and when first awarded in 2017 she was able to walk and work in a supermarket at the checkout 15 hours a week, but now is confined to a wheelchair which she is unable to propel herself. The man who phoned actually praised us for so clearly explaining her difficulties. That I can only put down to your fantastic site and all you wonderful people. I told my husband when completing the form we must plan for the worst of decision makers but hope for the best. Without your guides we would never have got the decision we did. The man on the phone also said they would put her on a long term award. I know I still have to wait for the confirmation letter. This doesn't cure my stepdaughter but it improves her life immeasurably. Thank you all SO much. It's one less thing to worry about”

PIP Enhanced rate until 2023!

“I'm over the moon!! I've got both enhanced until 2023 on a telephone assessment! On my migration from DLA to PIP in 2016 I had an f2f at home and was given standard daily living and enhanced mobility. I could never have done this without the invaluable information that benefits and work provide. My heartfelt thanks to you.”

PIP review success

“..we have a decision. 21 points for daily living part and 22 points for mobility. Three more years until next review removes the immediate worry too. This is truly amazing and is a tribute to the quality of the advice given to us by this website. Thanks Shows that people can get the award they deserve !”

PIP success

“I applied on 01/06/20. Telephone Assessment 27/10/20. Requested copy of Assessor's Report on 29/10/20 (by phone and in writing) - still haven't received it! However, I see in my bank account tonight a payment pending for tomorrow - Standard Daily Living Rate x 23 weeks. YAY!! Will now wait for report to see if there are any obvious discrepancies and the letter that advises for how long the award lasts. I could not have completed the form without B&W resources - formal and informal. So thank you all very much!!”

MR decision

“Just wish to inform you my friend who i assisted with MR for Daily Living has been awarded standard rate 11 points from the 0 points that were originally awarded after telephone assessment. Shame she did not get the extra point for enhanced but she is just pleased she did not have to go to appeal. Still totally amazed how some assessors get things totally wrong but are still employed to carry on further assessments. Thanks to BW for all the assistance getting through this as it has been extremely stressful for my friend the last 9 months.”

PIP appeal success

“Thanks to everyone who helped when I posted months back about my daughter’s PIP. We appealed the mobility part and she went from getting no mobility, to getting 20 points and higher rate!”

Successful DLA to PIP

“..successful DLA to PIP transfer (using guides on the site and achieving enhanced on both from Low care/High mobility)..”

DLA to PIP telephone success!

“After staring at the dreaded brown envelope all morning I opened it and I the assessors report has recommended I go from high care, low mobility DLA to standard care high mobility PIP. This is very fair and I am so relieved. I only had 2 days notice for the telephone assessment but thanks to your wonderful guides and support from my GP they had the information in language they understood. Much of my claim was mental health and it would have been so easy to give up so I really urge others in my position to continue and get the help they deserve. I'm awaiting notification from the DWP so I don't know how long the award is for but the next few months look so much brighter.”

PIP success

“Finally after over 18 months of waiting, assessments, an adjourned tribunal and LOTS of stress I got my PIP result overturned. From standard daily living to enhanced in both areas!! Such a relief; it made all the tiring hard work worth it. Thank you to this site for helping me get what I deserve. I found it very helpful reading and learning what specific things qualify you for certain descriptors and realising that I qualified for them especially planning and following a journey. Thank you so much. So glad it's over now; well until I get reviewed!!”

ESA outcome

“I've been placed in the support group for 3 years and have been back paid. I followed the booklet guidance from this website to complete form. I was placed via a paper based review as my evidence was strong. Thanks for putting it together Gordon, BIS and Gary - much appreciated.”

PIP award

“With your help I have successfully been awarded PIP.”

Success at last – paper based assessment

“Just had the news that daughter has received Enhanced on both DL & Mob PIP for several years. Back pay in bank. Shows it can be worth the process of multiple phone calls to get phone ass'm't cancelled. Then persuading GP to write re Overwhelming Psychological Distress caused by Assessments. Then calling for assessment report, slogging through it checking for untruths and relevant inaccuracies at top speed, getting a calm-but-thorough rebuttal letter composed and posted 'tracked.' Print and keep the signature report, and wait...wait...wait. So many, so grateful thanks to all Mods and fellow posters on here from whom I have gained so much knowledge and confidence and encouragement. Best wishes for success to all claimants and their supporters”

PIP review success

“My wife received her pip review letter today, chuffed to see she gets 3 years full mobility and standard care. She was on a lifetime award for dla, but her first pip dropped that to a two year review, appalling decision but we didn’t want to take a chance in appeal. This was paper based no phone call and no assessment it’s taken 4 weeks from sending all our evidence away, thanks as always to this site and all who help run it and the very informative forum we have”

PIP outcome

“I just wanted to express my sincerest gratitude to Benefits and Work because without your comprehensive guides, I don’t think I would have achieved a successful outcome to my PIP application. My application was turned down following assessment and Mandatory Reconsideration; I was awarded zero point at both stages and I almost wasn’t going to appeal. I have recently had my telephone appeal hearing and I didn’t even get the opportunity to present my case because the panel had already decided I was eligible for both components at standard rate, awarded for four years. I’m still getting over the shock”

Award letter

“I just wanted to post to give encouragement to people who are awaiting renewal of their reward.
My last award due to run out on January 9th. I didn't notice that I hadn't received the renewal form until around September 10th. At this point, I call the DWP for the form. I sent it back recorded delivery on Monday 21st September. On the 30th of September, I received a letter informing me that I had been given an extension of 9 months. However this morning I received an award letter extending my award for another 3 years. To be honest. I was surprised as I have two new health conditions on my form so I fully expected to have to undergo at least a telephone assessment. Anyhow, the date of the award goes back to 8th October which means that they processed my form in 12 working days. So if you were like me waiting and worrying; please take heart in the fact that a quick turnaround is possible. I wish everyone else the same success. Also thank again to the people here (both members and admin) for your advice and information. You are invaluable and a great source of comfort and support through what is a stressful process.”

PIP Review

“I received pip review form on 2nd september, returned it same day. DWP telephone call 9th september. Award letter today, ongoing award, both at enhanced rates. The information on this site is excellent, as is advice given. The age old adage of keep it simple applies. Only send new information with review form, they have the older paperwork. This award now takes me up to the age of 73. Well done Gordon and team”

PIP success – DWP overturns decision

“I am sharing some good news. I had a PIP assessment in Feb 2020, after being on DLA for 20 plus years. I was awarded only standard rate mobility, so asked for a MR. This took 12 weeks to arrive. It upheld the original decision, taking no notice of any of the points I raised or the evidence. I then applied to appeal, expecting to wait a year, as others have reported. A month later, I received a brown envelope from the DWP. They have overturned the original decision and MR ruling, and awarded me Enhanced rate for both mobility and daily living until 2030. They even awarded points for descriptors that I had not disputed. My illnesses are invisible and fluctuating, and I am grateful for the Benefits and Work guides, also one from the ME Association.I am glad I did not give up hope.”

PIP Review result

“Hi all. sent my PIP review form off 28 08 20 had a letter this morning saying I been awarded the same award Mobility Enhanced Daily Living Standard for 3 yrs thanks for the help from yourselves and the guides no face to face required based it on the form and medical supporting evidence
Thanks and good luck everyone”

Brown envelope arrived!

“I know some of you are waiting for reassessment results. My timescales. Phone call end of July..
Assessment report requested and received a week later (the report indicated the same award)
Result today -award continued for 4 years. Thank you to all those on this forum and the information on here. My top tip would be use the diary pages available on this site - they really helped me evidence my struggles”

PIP Award

“Always a great site, been a member for a few years. Good to see Gordon is still doing alot, deserves a knighthood. I've been awarded Pip, claimed in February, but still a huge relief.... Just a huge relief but still stressed something will go wrong, not complaining. Many thanks once again, always use the site for updates. You do a great job in such severe circumstances.”

PIP good news finally

“I just wanted to come on and say thank you for the guides (again for the 3rd PIP renewal). She has Asperger's, PTSD and an Eating Disorder and has been getting Higher Care/Lower Mobility since DLA in the early 00s, not always without a fight. The renewal for my wife's PIP came through for us to complete over Christmas and New Year (thank you DWP for that Christmas present!). They got it back in early January and we were heading for a face to face in April, COVID happened and that got cancelled. A telephone interview was arranged for June and it appeared to go OK but the interviewer kept correcting both my wife and I went we said that something was due to her conditions and replacing all of them with "anxiety" - made no sense at the time but when i saw the medical report i was concerned. It read like the only problem my wife had was anxiety and we had never even mentioned it! The result came through in July for Higher Care and No mobility, now this has happened previously and at the time my wife did not feel able to challenge it so we didn't. However the court cases not long afterwards meant that the DWP looked at it again and we got a big back pay award. This time she was furious with the telephone medical and wanted to challenge it. So we wrote a MR letter based on the incorrect diagnosis from the telephone interview and also pointed out that the DWP had already decided she was entitled to some mobility based on those court cases.
Well, on Friday of last week an extra payment was made and then this week we received the paperwork. Lower mobility re-instated”

PIP success shock

“I received a thick brown envelope, with the dreaded Belfast address on the back, and sat for an hour before I was able to open it and start the review process all over again!
It was a decision letter! They have done a paper assessment using all the information they have from previous assessments and a letter from my doctor. No need for me to have a physical assessment and given enhanced for living and mobility! (That is what I was currently on.) Ten (10) years before my next reassessment!... I’ve just renewed my membership as it is worth every penny for the help this site has given me to win every ESA and PIP tribunal. Thank you to everyone who keeps this great site ticking!”

PIP Pensioner good news

“Hi folks, just thought you’d like to hear a bit of good news.
In 2016 I moved from dla to pip enhanced rate for both components. A 7 year award taking me to 2023. Last year I started to receive my state pension, so had been expecting to have my award extended to 10 years from when I would have been due to be reviewed in 2022, just adding a few years to the original award. However a brown envelope dropped though my letter box yesterday, and to my surprise it stated that the DWP have just reviewed my claim and made a fresh award of 10 years, which takes me up to 2030. I never expected that, but I’m delighted with this good news. I hope that other pip pensioners will get similar good news as well.”

DLA to PIP and hearing loss

“Fantastic news today!. My pip tribunal was to be held in April 2020, but was cancelled due to the pandemic. I asked for a paper hearing as I have been shielding due to my lung condition and I also have a hearing impairment which meant that I would struggle with a telephone hearing. I wrote a very detailed submission about my difficulties and it has been a long very stressful wait which has not been good for my health. Today over 10 months later I finally received my award. I became very tearful with excitement and relief when I saw that I was awarded Enhanced for daily living and Enhanced for mobility, exactly what I thought I should have got. The Judge was so thorough, he picked up on all the medical evidence that the DWP chose to ignore and was totally sympathetic.
I was previously awarded standard for daily living and nothing for mobility. The physiotherapist assessor was not understanding about my hearing loss and the difficulties I encounter on a daily basis. I am so happy and relieved that it is finally over with a great outcome. I am a regular user of your site and am grateful for all the useful information that has really helped me. And I want people to know that they should never give up with this very flawed system. Thank You”

Mandatory Reconsideration Success!

“ …I am elated! Quick backstory: I had a phone assessment that went really bad. I asked the forum for help and was given some amazing advice to contact the appropriate people to raise a complaint. After looking at my options, I decided to raise it with my MP. The MP sent over the letter and Capita responded essentially saying "Thanks for sending in an MR, we will take your comments into account" (and so on, it was very long). He (MP) was appalled at my situation and wanted to help as much as possible. Fast forward 2 weeks, I woke up this morning to see nearly £3k in my bank account from the DWP. I am absolutely elated by this. It's been nearly 10 months since the first claim! I've not actually received a letter yet, but doing some maths this would mean that I've been awarded the standard daily living component of PIP. That money is going straight back on my health and has made my life so much easier. For the first time in nearly a year I can relax and start planning ahead… So, from the bottom of my heart. THANK YOU. THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH!!! …To those reading this, don't lose hope. The resources here are invaluable and helped me at every stage. The system is broken and needs reforming and we shouldn't have to go through this, but by far this has been the best money I've ever spent. Again, thank you. I'm in bits right now xx”

Backdated ESA

“Hi Guys had a payment paid into the bank today for ESA. Worked it out that its 5 weeks backdated ESA. I have obviously been awarded the support group amount …Thanks for the help guides also on this page regarding filling in forms and answering questions”

Success – DWP changed decision before appeal

“I sent my renewal form off in Oct 2019, had an assessment in Jan 2020. The assessor was very cold and dismissive, felt like she had no understanding at all. Their decision came in Feb 2020. I went from standard/standard to 4pts for both even though I had deteriorated alot. As a result my housing benefit had been reduced and was unable to pay the shortfall so I was sent an eviction notice. I was devastated to say the least. The thought of appealing sent me in a spin... To say things were difficult is an understatement. One of my biggest problems is that I play everthing down and struggle to allow anyone to see how much pain I'm in, which you can not do with dwp! So to appeal was my only choice... In April I got their decision, they were sticking with their original decision of 4pts for both! At this point I joined for help and followed their guidelines on how to appeal. This made me realise I hadn't gone into enough detail about how my disabilities effect me... I submitted my very long appeal detailing every little thing, stating what I disagreed with... My health was seriously being made worse by all the stress that most of the time… Everyday I felt like giving up… I got a txt message from the appeals saying dwp has changed their decision…Finally I got ENHANCED for both till 2026, they agreed with everything I said, my rent was sorted out and the eviction was cancelled. I'm so relieved it's over for at least 5 years, it's been 9 months of hell. I hope this helps anyone thinking of or going through an appeal. Stick with it, it's worth it in the end even if you don't get what you think you deserve because we cannot let the dwp keep dismissing us as if we are nothing!! Thank You for this site otherwise I would never have been able to do the appeal.”

DWP changed decision before Appeal

I sent my renewal form off in Oct 2019, had an assessment in Jan 2020. The assessor was very cold and dismissive, felt like she had no understanding at all. Their decision came in Feb 2020. I went from standard/standard to 4pts for both even though I had deteriorated a lot. As a result my housing benefit had been reduced and was unable to pay the shortfall so I was sent an eviction notice... At this point I joined for help and followed their guidelines on how to appeal. This made me realise I hadn't gone into enough detail about how my disabilities effect me... Everyday I felt like giving up but I kept thinking of my kids and grandchildren so i kept going... I got a txt message from the appeals saying dwp has changed their decision so they have close my case. I was in shock i thought "closed my case, what if i dont agree with their decision" never in a million years did I expect them to award me what I thought I should get without going to appeal tribunal... Finally I got ENHANCED for both till 2026, they agreed with everything I said, my rent was sorted out and the eviction was cancelled. I'm so relieved it's over for at least 5 years, it's been 9 months of hell.... I hope this helps anyone thinking of or going through an appeal. Stick with it, it's worth it in the end even if you don't get what you think you deserve because we cannot let the dwp keep dismissing us as if we are nothing!!... Thank You for this site otherwise I would never have been able to do the appeal.

DLA to PIP result

“I was on low rate care,low rate mobilty DLA. I have now been awarded standard rate daily living,not enough points for mobilty. Even though they knocked me back on mobility i am now better off than i was on DLA. Award was for 2 years. Getting the extra premium on my esa as well has helped. There was some questions that they said the opposite to what they were told by my GP and friends that help with care. Am not asking for an MR as better off,also dont want to risk losing what i have now. Thank you for providing the guides,these helped a great deal.”

MR PIP claim success

“Got extra 2 points, from 6 to 8 which now qualifies for low rate care. I’m thrilled and could take it to the next stage (tribunal) but I’m not going to push my luck. And stick with what I have now been awarded high rate 12 points mobility, and 8 points lower rate personal help. Thank you all for your inspiration and solid information”

PIP Appeal success

“Just to say that the advice given on here helped me a lot in gaining pip. I was given no points in my assesment in 2019 so I appealed. My first tribunal appeal by phone was cancelled. 5 minutes after the appeal was meant to start. But on the next date it took place and I was awarded low rate daily care and high rate mobility. What I'm trying to say is never give up because on many occasions I nearly did. I suffer from mental health problems and from the original assessment to the final tribunal I nearly gave up as the stress anxiety making my symptoms and problems much worse. But I didn't and nor should anyone else. Thank you benefits and work.”

PIP Review success

“…big thanks to Gordon, Bis, all the mods, wonderful sensible people you can trust. my Pip was renewed after a 1043 review March 2020 and short out the blue telephone call, Monday morning 2 weeks ago…The lady from DWP was very polite, patience and professional…I looked at the B&W guides again, and in every section said NO CHANGE, but gave a lengthy description how it effects and help need. as if applying for the first time. I did have difference Psychiatrist reports and a letter from my support worker… IMO its important to give as much info reports etc think about submitting anything detrimental… Again thanks to all for clear logical helpful advice/guides which focus one on salient important points”

MR decision

“I gained the 1 extra point needed to qualify for Enhanced Care which is great news, mobility standard but was happy with that anyway. Both awards are for an ongoing period and will not be looked at again until after June 2030…Once again, thank you to all who have given advice and supplied the guides as they have been a great help.”

UC phone assessment and LCWRA – thank you!

“After months of waiting, I had my phone assessment at 1pm yesterday and got my decision at 11am today! Thank you so much for your guides (and especially the tip of writing notes beforehand)
I don't think I've been this happy in years!”

PIP Result

“Thank you so much for everyone's help & the guidance forms on this website
I got my PIP award, standard rate for both. Had my telephone assessment on the 15 May & had money paid into my bank account on the 8 June. Certainly was unexpected, very quick result. Had a confirmation letter on Saturday.”

My successful PIP story

“Hi All. This is what happened to me when I applied for PIP. It was my first application having been turned for DLA several years ago. 2019:
14 August I phoned to start the application… 12 November Assessment… 2 December Decision made and award letter received. Standard Daily Living. No Mobility. For an ongoing period. 16 December I posted my MR letter together with all the original evidence… 3 February A Case Manager phoned me to discuss the points made in my MR letter… 12 February I received the decision. Enhanced Daily Living and Standard Mobility. 5 March I posted an on-line Appeal for Mobility. 29 May A letter from the Tribunal Service. The appeal had been lapsed as a new decision had been made…
8 June After a phone call to the DWP I received a decision letter. Enhanced Daily Living and Enhanced Mobility for an ongoing period. I had hoped for Standard Daily Living and Enhanced Mobility at most so I am over the moon with the result.
All of this took place after my 65th birthday and my conditions are mainly Musculo-skeletal. Most of my evidence was old but I had an up-to-date GP report. From this experience I learned that:
You use the guides (they are invaluable and so so good)
... Use lots of examples of how your conditions make life difficult... Don’t limit yourself to the space on the PIP2 form... I couldn’t have done any of this without this site, the guides, Gordon, Gary and BIS, and all the other contributors and would like to thank you all.”

Paper based appeal success

“After having my dla stopped last year on the changeover to pip, I was given 2 points I suffer badly from anxiety and agraphobia so put in a pip paper appeal, and I'm delighted to say after 10 months I won my appeal and got enhanced care and standard mobility which is more than I had before, and for an indefinite time too, so relieved the nightmare is over.”

MR decision – success 4 months later

“I posted on the Forum on behalf of my wife over 4 months ago. She had been through a Face to Face PIP Assessment at home in 2019, and had lost her Care / Daily Living component …We agonised as to whether to request a Mandatory Reconsideration, as the assessor had awarded the top tier of Mobility on the PIP award, which we did not want to lose. However my wife's ongoing conditions …prompted us to try for the MR.
We read all the wonderful advice here at Benefits and Work and submitted a letter in January 2020, including many case examples of how my wife is affected in her everyday life, and we also sent again all the evidence that we had provided for the initial PIP application. We both had felt that it had not been taken into account…
Over 4 months had passed since the Mandatory Reconsideration request was sent to DWP. Then, as coronavirus began dominating every aspect of life, we decided that we probably would not ever hear anything about our request. But last Thursday, a letter arrived in the mail from DWP which my wife was too scared to open. We opened it together and were stunned at the wonderful news:
The DWP had overturned the decision not to award the daily living component, and the points awarded had increased from 6 to 30, placing my wife in the upper tier for Daily Living!
The Mobility award had thankfully remained the same - with 20 points. Both awards were for an ongoing period. My wife cried for hours with utter relief, and it still has not sunk in for either of us that for the foreseeable future, this long stressful battle is hopefully over.
We would like to personally thank Benefits and Work for the help and support your members only guides provide to claimants. There were so many things that we had not thought about, which were described in your guidance. Reading the guides and applying them to my wife's situation made all the difference for certain.
Thank you so much and we hope that many other people can share the same outcome at mandatory reconsideration stage..”

MR success

“Hi all. Had a letter in post today for DWP which I imagined would be a letter saying no to MR for partner, by page 2 it was talking arrears... We checked the bank & money had been paid in yesterday. Although we've had no letter yet but it looks like it's the backpay for SDP, & according to my calculations they've given him Standard Daily Living on MR. He did however get enhanced before, but we're still ecstatic with this result…Thanks to all at B&W, & Good Luck to everyone!”

Paper based appeal success

“After having my dla stopped last year on the changeover to pip, I was given 2 points I suffer badly from anxiety and agraphobia so put in a pip paper appeal, and I'm delighted to say after 10 months I won my appeal and got enhanced care and standard mobility which is more than I had before, and for an indefinite time too, so relieved the nightmare is over.”

MR decision – success 4 months later

“I posted on the Forum on behalf of my wife over 4 months ago. She had been through a Face to Face PIP Assessment at home in 2019, and had lost her Care / Daily Living component …We agonised as to whether to request a Mandatory Reconsideration, as the assessor had awarded the top tier of Mobility on the PIP award, which we did not want to lose. However my wife's ongoing conditions …prompted us to try for the MR.
We read all the wonderful advice here at Benefits and Work and submitted a letter in January 2020, including many case examples of how my wife is affected in her everyday life, and we also sent again all the evidence that we had provided for the initial PIP application. We both had felt that it had not been taken into account…
Over 4 months had passed since the Mandatory Reconsideration request was sent to DWP. Then, as coronavirus began dominating every aspect of life, we decided that we probably would not ever hear anything about our request. But last Thursday, a letter arrived in the mail from DWP which my wife was too scared to open. We opened it together and were stunned at the wonderful news:
The DWP had overturned the decision not to award the daily living component, and the points awarded had increased from 6 to 30, placing my wife in the upper tier for Daily Living!
The Mobility award had thankfully remained the same - with 20 points. Both awards were for an ongoing period. My wife cried for hours with utter relief, and it still has not sunk in for either of us that for the foreseeable future, this long stressful battle is hopefully over.
We would like to personally thank Benefits and Work for the help and support your members only guides provide to claimants. There were so many things that we had not thought about, which were described in your guidance. Reading the guides and applying them to my wife's situation made all the difference for certain.
Thank you so much and we hope that many other people can share the same outcome at mandatory reconsideration stage..”

MR success

“Hi all. Had a letter in post today for DWP which I imagined would be a letter saying no to MR for partner, by page 2 it was talking arrears... We checked the bank & money had been paid in yesterday. Although we've had no letter yet but it looks like it's the backpay for SDP, & according to my calculations they've given him Standard Daily Living on MR. He did however get enhanced before, but we're still ecstatic with this result…Thanks to all at B&W, & Good Luck to everyone!”

PIP at MR!

“Just wanted to say thanks to all…ive been in receipt of pip for few years now and now my partner has got his standard rate..he was originally given 0 points but got it on MR few days ago
neither of us could believe it...… Think we both still in shock!!! its all thanks to your fantastic advice and notes..So message to all dont give up the fight and miracles do happen!!!”

Finally! PIP result!

“Almost a year to the day, I received my decision letter on Saturday, and was awarded enhanced for both elements daily living and getting around. I'm one of the lucky ones I think, my telephone assessment was mainly carried out between the assessor and my husband who after an hour of answering the same questions over and over was getting confused. I managed to respond to a couple of the questions (the call was carried out on speaker phone at our end). For me communicating with strangers is incredibly difficult so the fact that the assessor was happy to talk with my husband was just as well. Anyway, all's well that ends well, but I mustnt go without thanking everyone for their patience, kindness and straight forward advice and information. Thank you x”

PIP appeal success

“Hi i would just like to say a massive thankyou to you all. I put my appeal for pip in january and apart from an acknowledgement that they had my appeal i had not heard a thing, i had asked welfare rights to help me when i appealed. I have been on middle rate living and enhanced rate mobility and missed out by 3 points on the living part on initial decision changed to 2 points short after it was looked at again, Out of the blue today welfare rights contacted me to say the DWP had contacted them and will now be giving me advanced rate of living backdated to december. Thank you so much for all your help and advice it has been invaluable, and gave me the fight to carry on with all this, i will be renewing my subscription because you do great things for so many people,
Good luck to all those who are still battling, keep going it can come good sometimes, just the news i needed after 12 weeks so far shielding from this awful virus with no sign of being allowed out soon.”

Thanks B and W – PIP award

“Just wanted to say a massive thanks for all the help and support, as just received notice that I've been awarded PIP. Couldn't have done it without you. Process was complex without your guidance. Just wanted you to know how much I appreciated your help.”

DLA to PIP result..

“Well, we did it! Enhanced Daily Living (13 points), & Enhanced Mobility (12)! It's taken close on a year and has been a mix of your help, my husband, and in fairness the DWP, Oh and me. So thank you for your support”

Thank you – DLA to PIP

“I would just like to say thank you after receiving news today that my DLA - PIP transfer has awarded me enhanced for both living and mobility. My friend who helped me fill in the forms used the guides from my subscription that I had downloaded to my laptop…. A big weight off my shoulders.”


“Yesterday I received my assessors report, full of inaccuracies and contradictions but scoring me 13 points for daily living, and 12 for mobility, brilliant news assuming that the DWP will act on the report and make an award in line with the points proposed by the assessor, and in no small part due to the advice, information and support offered here. Thank you!”

Thank you – successful DLA to PIP

“I had the dreaded brown envelope today. The one day when the postman was extremely late arriving at 5pm. Sitting her scared to open it I finally plucked up the courage to do it. I was award enhanced for both care and mobility till October 2022, such a huge relief and can finally rest after starting the transfer from DLA high on both over to PIP. I had 2 face to face consultations cancelled 1 a few hours before the appointment and the 2nd time as I was being wheeled into the assessment centre. Then the covid-19 hit and it was the waiting a phone assessment. The lady who called me was really nice and very friendly but I know that doesn’t always count for much. But I want to say a huge thank you to Gordon and all the team for the great guides that they publish to help us all with out these guides I wouldn’t be sitting her this evening know that I can relax for the first time in many many many months.Thank you again”

Telephone Appeal - Decision Received

Well today Dib's Brown Letter arrived today regarding the PIP Tribunal via telephone she had on Monday with the Decision from the Tribunal. She had a 18 month wait for the Tribunal Hearing and I am pleased to inform you that she won her appeal. She was Awarded PIP Enhanced Rates for both Care & Mobility. Her award was increased from 2 years to 5 years and backdated to January 2019. I would like to thank all those, that give people like Dib's somewhere to turn for advice. I will continue to visit this excellent website. Overall the whole experience has been a nightmare this last 18 months for both Dib and myself. The saying Head & Brick Wall come to mind.
So once again a Big Thank You

DLA to PIP success

“Received the brown envelope today after 10 months Enhanced Enhanced for an ongoing period, so happy it's over at last. Thank you for all the support from this group its really helped having the guides to look at and the experiences of others to look at. I also had help from a local disability association. For others going through this process the timeline was- invitation to change to PIP July2019, returned form September 2019, received text saying had all the information needed January 23rd 2020, DID NOT REQUIRE A FACE TO FACE ASSESSMENT, received decision letter today 14th April 2020, will get first payment end of May. Don't lose hope everyone they are obviously still making decisions on benefit but patience is a virtue. Again thank you to this site and the moderators who run it, INVALUABLE HELP”

Thank you B&W

“Hello all. I had a home assessment in December last year and I did ask for the report after Christmas. The assessor gave me 6 points for daily living and 4 for mobility. I heard on this site you can write to the decision maker if you are quick. My Son wrote a letter saying where the assessor was wrong and why. I have just received my award letter giving enhanced for both for an ongoing period. Thankyou so much and also Thankyou to 'Thistlelass' for encouraging me to ask for the report.”

PIP success

“After a long process of my wife transferring from lifetime DLA to PIP which commenced last September... My wife could barely find the courage to open the envelope however we were so delighted to see she had been awarded the standard rate care (9pts) and 12 points for enhanced mobility...Also it seems she will not be reviewed again until December 2029... Without subscribing to this site for the last few years there is no way I could have completed all the sections of the PIP forms for her without the help and excellent advice I obtained from your guides... It is a very long road but if you follow the advice from this wonderful site and the forum staff you will have a much better chance of a successful outcome. Thanks so much Gordon and your colleagues and at least we will have some respite from the DWP for a while at least!!!”

Successful PIP claim

“I started my pip claim back in January, 1st ever claim, provided lots of paperwork and had a home assessment. Today I have woken up to £ 603.77 with ref pip and my ni number. Thank you for the amazing help on these forums, I really was expecting to have to fight… stay safe everyone.”

Huge clap for all the Mods

“Gordon and all the mods, past and present. I would just like to say thank you for clarity, and accurate logical advice, you give everyone. I have been here for years zooming in and out, a lot flies by me..But cant help feeling how wonderful it is we have such great people like you and the team batting for us.

DLA to PIP success

“Thank you so much to this site after a long 8 mths I have today been awarded enhanced for both for 10 yrs so happy it’s all over thank you.”

PIP success with no medical

“Many thanks again my pip renewal went through on the paperwork. There is no doubt that by keeping everything from last time and using the guides this result was able to happen without the dreaded medical.”

PIP success

“Hi All, just an update on my transition from DLA to PIP. I have been given enhanced rate for both care & mobility, with a light touch review in 2029. It has been a long laborious road 7 months from start to finish. I may have been lucky but with all my dealings with DWP & assessor from Atos they have all been incredibly helpful & empathetic. I really want to give many thanks to Gordon, Gary & Bis for all their sage advice. The guides were invaluable in helping towards my award. May I wish all those going through this stressful process all the best, follow advice on here it is extremely beneficial.”

PIP renewal – good news story

“I know there's an awful lot goes wrong with 'The System' and Gawd knows we've been involved with the farce of a 0 points award in the past. However, having assisted someone with a 1043 renewal form recently, and taking heed of Gordon's wise words on here, we approached it as if we were making a new claim.... Heaps of medical evidence,(old consultant letters marked 'Still Relevant' ) diaries, carer's letters etc. We decided to present everything as if presenting to a Tribunal.... Guess what?. Decision made to continue 'as is' for three years, without anything more than a follow up phone call. (We were ready to fight em on the Beaches this time). Common sense has prevailed in at least one decision this year. Don't get too disheartened that they're ALL a bunch of Heartless, uncaring, so and so's, apparently the decision maker "sounded like she cared" We were ready/experienced this time, it's showed. (Still stressful though) Good luck, everyone, Sometimes 'The System' actually works as it''s meant to do.”

PIP Appeal success

“I must thank Benefits and Work for all the marvellous information you have it has helped me with my son's Appeal to be awarded the Enhanced Rate of both Daily Living and Mobility. Thank you, you are amazing.”

Success with UC – thanks to all at B&W

“Success with the UC this is for a friend of mine so we thank all at benefits & work for all there help”

ESA Award

“Hi there, I received my letter advising I have been put into the support group. Many thanks for all the helpful info on this site.”

Thank you for helping me with my benefits journey

“It has been a long arduous journey from IB, DLA, ESA, PIP and ultimately to Attendance Allowance at the age of 65. None of which would have been possible without your invaluable guides.I was " invited " to transfer from DLA to PIP in my 65th year and called for a face to face at a remote location. Due to my disabilities I decedid to opt out of the PIP process and my DLA payment was stopped. After my 65th birthday i applied for Attendance Allowance and was immediately given the higher rate needing care day and night... Your guidance has offered me the only security in a long journey.”

ESA & PIP success

“I just wanted to thank Gordon and his colleagues for the massive help and support I have received via this organisation. I’m a carer for my son who suffers from schizophrenia and you have been so helpful in claiming ESA (he’s in the Support group thanks to your advice, and PIP (enhanced Daily living). PIP review remains the same. All granted without face to face assessments. We will always be grateful.”

Miracles happen: Pre Appeal, DWP Changed its mind

Cannot believe it, just 10 days before the Appeal, the DWP has changed its mind and previous award– enhanced for both – reinstated. In the last month or so I’ve come very close to giving up so can only say to others PLEASE DON’T as miracles can happen... Thank you so very, very much, I’ve used B & W’s pro formas at every stage and cannot imagine what I would have done otherwise. THANK YOU!!!!!

Thank you – your guides were invaluable!

“Just a quick post to say the biggest thank you I could possibly give to everyone at Benefits and Work. I received my PIP review form in late December and subscribed here so I could use the guide. I also used your diary template and included a ton of evidence - a lot of stuff I probably wouldn't have thought to include if it wasn't for your guide. I've had never had a DLA or PIP review go ahead without needing a mandatory reconsideration and lots of involvement from health care providers, MPs etc, and my migration from DLA to PIP was truly hellish, so I was expecting a rough time ahead to keep my award. Just over three weeks since DWP received my form back, I got a brown envelope through and I felt sick opening it... but it was a good letter for a change! My award is staying the same and for a slightly longer award time than my last. No face to face required. I am elated, this takes so much stress of my mind (which was affecting my health big time), and allows me to focus on keeping moving forward with my health issues and treatment. Thank you so much, the guide is worth every penny of the subscription”

ESA Award

“Hi, I received my decision letter and have been put into the support group with the help of these guides, so many thanks for that.”

PIP Renewal success

“Hello! With this sites support I was able to complete my PIP and UC50 form. They were both renewals. I was awarded the higher rate of PIP for 3 years, my brown envelope arrived 3/4 weeks ago.”

ESA fast decision

“After waiting almost a year for a WCA, I have received a decision within 2 days of the assessment taking place. I now will have contributions based employment and support allowance reinstated. It's been very tough especially with no payments for more than 3 months and being solely reliant on the good will of family and friends. I'm also very grateful for the advice, support and guides found here. Just wanted to say a massive thank you to all for this forum”

Daughter’s successful DLA to PIP

“Hi All, been a member on here for years, since my cancer in 2012 and found this site to be most helpful. My daughter who has learning difficulties has just had a successful DLA to PIP transfer and has enhanced rate for both daily living and mobility. She was only on lower rate for each before, so a very welcome boost for her finances... Many thanks to this site for all the information and making things relatively easy for filling out forms.”

PIP Review

“I thought I would post this just to say that good things can happen with PIP. I sent my review form off just under 4 weeks ago and I have got a letter today saying that my PIP is going to carry on at an enhanced rate for both daily and mobility for an ongoing period without the need for a face to face assessment. The only evidence I had was a letter from my doctor confirming my ailments. I did put a lot of information on the form though and did not just put no change like the mods advise, so thank you to them. I find it painful to write so I typed most of the information on separate sheets of paper.
I hope this helps people to know that it is not all bad news with PIP.”

PIP Appeal success!

“Delighted to say after scoring just 2 points at my PIP assessment in March 2019 I have just won my appeal and have been awarded both Daily Care and Mobility both at the higher rate, both awards state it is unappropriate to fix a term.”

Phone call from PIP before Appeal

“So I’m waiting for a pack for an appeal for PIP when this morning I received a phone call from a lovely lady from DWP who was looking at my case prior to sending out a pack, She said that she has decided to award me enhanced rate for care and at the moment standard for mobility! She was so lovely and said she wanted to ask a few questions around my journey planning etc because she wanted to make sure she had all the facts and was hoping to give me more points, I cried so much because I felt so overwhelmed and wasn’t expecting any of this ! She said she will call me back later with the final decision, I thought I was dreaming ha ha. But what I wanted to say was a massive thank you to this group especially Gordon as he has always been the one to answer my questions
I could not have done my appeal with out you all and the forum has been my inspiration and has kept me going when I’ve felt so helpless”

Thank you. My transfer from DLA to PIP

“I want to thank you for the excellent t PIP guides, I printed it off and read through the guide. When answering each question, I referred carefully to your notes. I previously had DLA Middle rate care and high Mobility. It took me a full month of writing with many attached sheets and papers of medical evidence. I decided to be truthful and viewed my worst day throughout my writing up. I sent pages of medical letters attached. I was examined by ATOS. I kept the interview on a professional but pleasant footing. If people follow the super guides you have provided they should not go far wrong. I have achieved standard Care and Enhanced Mobility. but I know this is fair and the assessor was fair to me. My case will not be reviewed for ten years. Thank you so much to all at Benefit and Work, you helped me more than you will ever know”

Thank you!!! DLA to PIP on paper – higher award!

“I've been using your wonderful website and Members guides since you began. In August 2019 my ESA was re-assessed. No interview required and the decision was made on the papers alone; I was kept in the Support Group! In October 2019 my DLA to PIP transition began. Once again, no interview and I was actually awarded a higher rate on care and I kept my enhanced mobility! As you know the stress of the whole inhumane process is awful; moreso as you're trying to cope when in poor health. But following your guides to the letter, I managed to fill the forms in -a little every day - over a period of weeks. And it paid off in spades as I know they saved me from the further stress of interviews, mandatory considerations and appeals/Tribunals. Thank you so very much.”

DLA to PIP award

“Thanks to the detailed information in the B&W guide, I included information in my PIP application that I wouldn’t have thought was relevant. Although my assessment was conducted over 2 sessions, weeks apart, I went from DLA High Rate Mobility / Low Rate Care to Enhanced Rate Mobility/ Standard Rate Care... Result ! Thank you B&W”

Good news after Mandatory Reconsideration

“I just wanted to encourage all members not to give up and fight for what they believe they should be entitled to. I came on the forum a few months ago seeking support regarding my PIP’s outcome l was going through the DLA to PIP’s transfer. Like others l felt very upset about the assessment report and was also scared to a mandatory reconsideration as l had be awarded the care part but only 4 points mobility l took on board the great advice and focused on what I believe was overlooked. I wrote several example of incidents that happen after the PIP assessment and got confirmation from professionals who had been supporting me l submitted the evidences and referred to it in my written statement. It took almost 10 weeks to hear back but l got awarded enhanced rate l was actually seeking standard so l was very surprised l now have enhanced care and mobility until 2022 thanks again for the valuable advice”

Tribunal win after 0 points at assessment

“My daughter had lifetime award DLA. I went with her to Assessment 10/18. Rejected with 0 points for any topic. Report bore no resemblance to meeting I attended. Mandatory reconsideration result - no change 0 points. Waited till 01/20 for Tribunal, not with any real hope at justice. Result - she was awarded enhanced PIP for Daily Living for 3 years. What a weight off our minds..”

DLA to PIP success

“I was transferred over from DLA to PIP in September i filled in the form using your guides which explained everything simply and clearly, I was lucky enough to get a paper based review and got the letter yesterday saying I was awarded care and mobility for an ongoing period.firstly thanks for all the help and secondly it shows that sometimes the system works well.”

Success at MR stage

“Well, I never thought it would write this -but I have got my enhanced PIP and scored 12/12 on mobility following a MR. This is simply thanks to your advice and guidance on this site.”

MR Decision success

“I just wanted to let you all know, the dreaded brown envelope arrived today with my MR decision, but it was far from the expected bad news I was dreading! After a very stressful few months, and a lot of work using your great guides, and help from people here on the forum. I was still fully expecting to be gearing up to go to appeal given the low chances of the decision being overturned at the MR stage. So as you can imagine I was utterly elated today to get my letter telling me I have gone from no award for either component to enhanced in both for 3yrs!!!! I just wanted to say a huge thank you to everyone on the forum that has given me support and advice whilst going through this, it has been invaluable in this horrible process. I hope that posting my success will show others that it is possible to fight the system and get the award you are entitled too. Thanks again”

Tribunal success

“My friend’s appeal to the First-Tier Tribunal was allowed just before Christmas. Many thanks are due to B&W for the many documents you make available that helped this outcome.”

DLA to PIP award

“First and foremost a huge thank you for the guides. I have just moved from DLA to PIP with the same enhanced mobility and care… This is my 3rd success with using the guides and I know I could not do it without them, so thank you! ”

PIP upgraded on MR

“Just wish to thank you for all the assistance. Sent in Mandatory Reconsideration and was awarded enhanced for both PIP activities having originally been awarded standard rate for both.”

DLA to PIP result

“Hi Benefitsandwork. After 5years of fretting I Just wanted to say I got my result today of Enhanced care and mobility components of PIP, with light touch review at 10 years, and it’s all thanks to your fantastic members guides and this amazing site. I can highly recommend this site to everyone needing help. Thankyou so much”

PIP success

“Enhanced daily care awarded ongoing to 2029. Whilst I should qualify for lower mobility I feel this has to be considered a success given the state of the benefits system today. My wishes go out to all those battling the system. I'm eternally grateful to the moderators of this forum for their tireless support, of all people with disabilities and health issues.”

ESA success!

“Hi, after 5 weeks of waiting for a decision I finally got my envelope today and they’ve kept me in the support group! So thank you to benefits and work, your help is invaluable.”

PIP award

“I'm over the moon, first time I have applied for pip and wasn't expecting a good result. I suffer from profound deafness and tinnitus 24/7, waiting for a date to have a Cochlear implant fitted, plus arthritis in hips, knees and hands. The assessed ame to my home to do the assessment and 3weeks later I have been awarded enhanced rate on both components. I just want to say to anyone suffering from deafness/tinnitus please apply for pip, I didn't think I would have a chance and am still so grateful for receiving the awards I have been given. Thank you for all the help in your guides, I didn't have any help with filling the forms in, I just carefully read your guides and followed the advice in them. Huge thank you.”

PIP success

“Thank you for the information and support on this site. After a long assessment process (having to prove my identity twice and the DWP losing my original phone application) I received a decision of enhanced for both care and mobility on an ongoing basis for both. Although this is justified I feel extraordinarily fortunate and so relieved as I had prepared myself for a long drawn out appeal process... Once again, thank you and I have been passing on information about this site to professionals and those working with likely PIP applicants.”

PIP Decision

“Hello I would just like to thank you for all your help and fantastic guides on here. My daughter has who is 16 was on DLA from the age of 7 she always had HRC and LM. Last year on renewal her claim was awarded as nil even though there had been not improvement whatsoever in her. On a MR I managed to change that to MRC and LM....if only I had known about this website then! She has just been awarded High rate mobility and Enhanced care PIP…Thank you”

DLA to PIP success

“Thank you to everyone to do with this site. Due to the information and guides I had a smooth transition from DLA to PIP. I didn’t need a medical just an over the phone chat which was nerve wracking enough as I hate the phone due to anxiety. I was dreading the whole process and thought I would lose my benefit which was stressful. So thank you.

PIP success

“Not sure if this is the correct place to post. However, I wanted to say thankyou. Received Pip standard care and mobility, both for ten years. I initially received only care after my assessment, and asked for a mandatory reconsideration on the mobility. I am so relieved, And it was largely due to the support, encouragement, and knowledge willingly shared by you all at benefits and work. You are fantastic and deserve gold stars and praise.”

ESA assessment

“A huge thank you to every one at Benefitsandwork. Although I thought I knew the system inside out, I used your excellent guides and passed my recent esa assessment. I have been retained in the support group and my relief is indescribable. Last time I was assessed, I was given zero points and had an 8 month fight to tribunal, to get my esa reinstated in the support group... I was given zero points by a retired asthma nurse who knew nothing about my condition and that was inspite of overwhelming medical evidence from my highly respected specialist. Thankfully I had a specialist on the panel for my tribunal. This time I was assessed by a very efficient young doctor. He asked none of the insulting questions that so many of us get asked, stuck solely to my condition and how it affected me daily and was extremely fair. Maybe I just got lucky but I know the guides were also totally invaluable. Thank you all so much once again. It's encouraged me to apply for Pips, which I've continually been told I should apply for but have been too scared to. My confidence has increased so much with your help. Thank you”

DLA to PIP success at MR

“Thrilled today to receive MR decision letter detailing Enhanced awards on both Daily Living and Mobility for Ongoing Period. Has been a hard slog. Took x2 face to face assessments the first in late July resulting in 2 points only for daily living, Zero for mobility. I complained formally to Capita directly after the assessment for the exceedingly poor report and inexperienced, incompetent Assessor. my GP supporting letter made it clear the first Assessment was incomplete and the HCP at Capita who viewed my additional evidence confirmed this. Communication was poor and I was stuck in the middle of it. So I requested my choice of venue for the second assessment, my local Capita clinic 4 miles away and made it clear I wanted an experienced Assessor preferably a Registered Nurse, Both requests were granted…I went with trepidation along with husband, we knew what to expect this time. The difference was staggering, this Assessor was kind, empathetic, experienced, knowledgable and professional. She had to pick apart the first report. Much had been omitted the first time. We were there for 90 minutes. It was intimated I was not to worry and she wished me well. This has restored my faith in the system somewhat and proves it is worth making a formal complaint if you have good grounds to do so. Thanks for your advice to complain and for the excellent guides which makes horrible form filling in a tad more doable.”

ESA great news

“sent my esa50 renewal back about 14 weeks ago and just got decision letter still in support group without a medical. used the guides and sent supporting letters and brilliant outcome”

DLA to PIP success at MR

“Thrilled today to receive MR decision letter detailing Enhanced awards on both Daily Living and Mobility for Ongoing Period. Has been a hard slog. Took x2 face to face assessments the first in late July resulting in 2 points only for daily living, Zero for mobility. I complained formally to Capita directly after the assessment for the exceedingly poor report and inexperienced, incompetent Assessor... Thanks for your advice to complain and for the excellent guides which makes horrible form filling in a tad more doable.”

Great news

“sent my esa50 renewal back about 14 weeks ago and just got decision letter still in support group without a medical. used the guides and sent supporting letters and brilliant outcome.”

Support Group without WCA

“After a lot of hassle. Thank you for all the help on here. After 7 years I was sent a new ESA to fill in. Used the guide on here again, sent it back with all my medical evidence and an up to date consultant report. Was told I had to go for a WCA. Needed to postpone the date due to a death in the family…So I didn't go. And then worried as I'd had nothing in writing. 3 weeks later I had a decision and am still in support group.”

PIP Review success

“Hello Gordon and colleagues and a big thank you for all your help, After a successful PIP review for my husband [moved up to both enhanced care and mobility on the mental side of things]”

PIP award

“I have received my PIP decision, paper based decision from submission to receiving decision three weeks, awarded for 6 years. Excellent site! Thank you.”

PIP and Support Group

“Thank you for all the advice in your documents so far. I've used it to good effect and my friend, who has a brain injury, is in receipt of PIP (both enhanced) and ESA in the support group.”

DLA to PIP success

“Thank you so much for the guides, they were great, i spent a week filling in the forms along with my wife for her pip assessment.we managed to obtain written statements from some of the the people who are treating her on an ongoing basis. the step by step guidance was amazing in helping to change the way we filled in the forms as it helped us to understand how not to overlook important details which some may find very private and not want to include. On the day of the assessment the nurse who assessed my wife was very understanding and although she was very thorough and professional with some really probing questions she made the process less stressful for my wife by making sure she was coping, offered a short break and fetched her some water. maybe we were lucky but i got the impression that she truly cared about her job in a fair manner. After a tense six weeks the dreaded brown envelope dropped through our letterbox,it was opened with a bit of trepidation but my wife was awarded the same as she had on DLA. Thank you from the both of us.”

PIP award

“Gary I would just like to say thank you for you advice, I received my award letter enhanced rate on both counts for three years.”

ESA success

“Had to complete an ESA50 booklet to be returned by early July 2019. I carefully answered each question with help of your excellent guides in the hope I would not need A WCA. I'm now 62 and suffering from Anxiety/Depression, chronic Fibromyalgia and Osteoarthritis. Heard nothing until September when I was informed I had to attend f2f interview. I was terrified at the thought as 2 years ago the HCP 'lied by omission' which led to downgrade to WRAG and subsequent this time I asked for the interview to be recorded. After only 3 weeks wait (I was told 6-8) the dreaded brown envelope arrived. Must be bad news I thought. Its too quick. Sat and stared at it for 20 minutes before I dared to open it. Couldn't believe result. I remain in Support Group for next 2 years! Many many thanks to B&W for your help and advice. I also believe that a recorded interview leaves no room for information to be distorted or misconstrued as happened previously. Once again thank you. Couldn't have done it without you!”

DLA to PIP success

“Hi,just a message to say I have transferred from DLA to PIP after a home visit assessment. I didn't request this but never mind.The face to face went reasonably well but as a lot of members probably feel I thought I would loose my award. In fact I went from middle rate care to standard rate care and I was even awarded standard mobility. The letter stated the award was for an on going period to be looked at again in 2029 when I will be 77. I am over the moon about this and it will take a lot of stress away which makes my health problems worse. I would like to thank the site for all the information that has helped me over the years with ESA when I had to give up work because of serious heart problems. I have just renewed my subscription and intend to do so every year for the benefit of other people who may need the site.Once again thanks to everyone at the site.”

PIP decision

“Just rang PIP …I have been awarded Standard rate Daily Living but no Mobility until 2023. I am very pleased with the outcome as I was only on low rate DLA for Daily Living and Mobility so I am a bit better off… Thank you to Gordon, BIS and Gary for your invaluable support during the period of my PIP claim.”

Mandatory Reconsideration worked

“I wanted to say a huge thank you to all at this site. Using the PIP guide I completed my form. Sent it off and result was zero points in every category. I was on DLA before. The reasoning given was totally unrelated to my form’s content. There were lies within it - no other word for it. Blatant untruths that my repeat prescription showed otherwise. The reasoning was flawed and the data used not related to my detail given. It was devastating. I cried. I’ve had no sleep. I asked for a Mandatory reconsideration. On Thursday evening my bank was credited with £549 labelled DWP PIP. I was stunned. It must be a mistake. But on Saturday wad of paperwork arrived. I scored enough points for daily living and also mobility. Both at lower level but that’s fair. If you find yourself in my shoes please don’t give up. If you scored zero point but was on DLA before like me don’t give up. It is possible to get thing sorted. Thanks to all for help and advice. You made a hard and tough job easier and I can now pay my bills.”

Days before Appeal date a call from DWP

“My transfer from DLA (middle rate care) to PIP all began in July 2018. At the time I felt lucky not to have been reviewed before. The benefit was stopped in November 2018 with NIL points following a home assessment. I appealed Jan 2019 and at last had the date for Appeal for end of November. Further evidence went in with my appeal early this year and I sent more this week as I felt relevant to the context on which the award had been stopped. Today out of the blue an 'Appeal Writer' rang and said she was reviewing the evidence I sent in earlier this year (months ago) and had looked at my ESA claim (from 2018!!!) and had referred the matter back to the HP's who were now awarding me 16 points 8 care + 8 mobility!!! She was very keen for me to make a decision before the appeal date which she stated she did not know (?!) I asked her to send confirmation to me for consideration. It's unbelievable. I'm quite frankly dazed and still in a state of shock. I feel I should be jumping up and down with joy but of course I cannot jump and the stress of it all hasn't helped one little bit… I was actually coming close to thinking can I put myself through the appeal - the first and last one I had scarred me for life...and I won!. If you don't think you can put yourself through it..... and for sure it is detrimental to your health than dig deep as I have and in the end common sense may prevail. Thanks for all the help on this site I found it difficult to go and get outside welfare rights and even when I did they suggested I won't go anywhere from NIL points! so it’s good to have the online help Thank You”

ESA success!

“Good news for my brother because he has now been placed in the support group from Wrag. Just wanted to say thanks! He was very fortunate to be assessed by a considerate Doctor who made
it much less stressful than I imagined it would be!”

DLA to PIP success

“Finally recieved the Brown Envelope this morning. With trembling hands I opened it. Yay, I got Standard Care and Enhanced Mobility, ongoing. (Not really sure what that bit means). At first I assumed I was just getting the same as I did on DLA. But after looking at it carefully, I realised that Standard rate Care is higher than the Low rate Care I had on DLA. It has also opened up other Benefits that I can now claim. Thank you very much to Gordon and all the Moderators on this forum who answered my questions, and guided me through the minefield. I don't think I would have got through without your help. This was the best £19.99 I have ever spent to join this forum. Thank you again.”

PIP success

“Hi guys just wanted to let you all know I had my PIP review and I went straight through into enhanced for both, without a medical, which was the same as last time. I must admit I was very surprised when I opened the later this morning. Thanks very much for all your help. Don’t give up guys. Remember who dares wins.”

DLA to PIP Tribunal success

“Many thanks to Benefits and Work for your excellent Guides re appealing against a decision. Last year I had to claim PIP, having been on DLA for 9 years. The decision, following my face-to-face assessment, was (predictably) No Points. My DLA stopped on 4 September 2018; I had already appealed after I had gone through the mandatory reconsideration process. It was not until October this year that I was given a tribunal date - a sign that, as you report today, the tribunal system is simply unable to deal with the number of appeals coming through. I'm pleased to say that I won my appeal, and in addition to the daily living component, they also awarded me 10 points for mobility, which I had not expected! They also said that a review was inappropriate, which the DWP have accepted. So as I said, many thanks to all concerned with Benefits and Work. You rock!!!”

PIP success, thank you

“I completed my application with the help of the guides on this site, I would not have had a clue where to begin, I used the words suggested such as supervision, safely prompting etc. I also asked my GP if he could include the words on his supporting letter. I was amazed when a decision was made without me even having to attend a face to face interview. I suffer with Rheumatoid Arthritis and had a lifetime DLA award. I am relieved to say that thanks to the support and guides provided on this site that I have been awarded enhanced for both care and mobility for an ongoing period. The stress of it all has been overwhelming but thanks to you all I have received a Good Outcome. Keep up the Fantastic Work you are doing in assisting people through this Cruel Heartless Draconian Assessment.”

PIP – some hope for you

“I just wanted to give you all some hope. After having had DLA/PIP for over 20 years, in January this year after re-assessment, I got 0 points and lost ALL PIP. The Healthcare Professional lied and got her commission. I took it to tribunal (on paper) and am delighted to say that tribunal says I qualify for enhanced rate daily living and enhanced rate mobility! The only negative is that they wouldn't change the length of the award, so in 16 months I will be going through this all again, which is ridiculous because I am 65 and won't get better. I have severe OCD. SO, don't give up. Do take it to tribunal and good luck.”

Decision changed at mandatory reconsideration

“I cannot thank this site enough for the advice and support from the moderators and site users. Back in September I received my pip decision after transferring from dla to pip. I was awarded standard dla [daily living award] and 4 points for mobility, with the dla award till July 21. I used this site template and completed details requesting a mandatory reconsideration. I initially called the phone number requesting the reconsideration and was asked if I wanted all of it reconsidered - I requested the mobility to be reconsidered. I followed this up with a letter as per the template on this site. The brown envelope landed today and I’ve been awarded enhanced mobility- from 4 points to enhanced. The dla remained the same and both will be reviewed in 2023 - extending it from the previous. I cannot express how relieved I am, I could not have done it without the advice from this website. In the mandatory reconsideration I stressed the repeatedly without pain (the absolute truth) yes I can walk but not without pain and not continuously. I understood it was a risk to ask for a reconsideration, but I felt so strongly about the fact I struggle to get about that I decided it was worth fighting for. Thank you to everyone, because of the hard work of the moderators and site creators I’m one of the people that have been helped.”

PIP award

“Hi Gordon, thanks for all your valuable help in completing assessment forms. I have just had my assessment returned and i have been awarded 12pts for daily care that is enhanced rate”

Mandatory reconsideration success

“Firstly thank you for this website, the best £20 I’ve ever spent. I recently had a PIP assessment and was down graded one level on mobility to standard rate and the care level kept the same at standard rate. I followed your website and asked for a mandatory reconsideration. After send lots of evidence I got a phone call from DWP upgrading both elements to enhanced rate. Approx a few weeks later I got my certificate of entitlement and was shocked to see the enhanced care had been backdated to December 2016.”

PIP award

“Just recieved my pip letter and have been awarded enhanced rate care and high rate mobility. Thanks to the advice on the forum I managed to get a home visit. Although I waited since June the journey has been much easier following the posts. Thank you”

Been re-awarded mobility component

“To Gordon &team, after beginning the transfer from DLA to PIP in May, going into M.R. Sept I finally received the wonderful news today that’d had my points for mobility increased, been awarded
the mobility component - I get to keep my car phew! I’m so elated, in shock, the sheer heartache this process has caused me & my family is indescribable - I know I’m very lucky to have had them to support me through this. Lastly I would like to thank you G for your kind and invaluable advice, the benefit guides and also the forum. Your stories spurred us on to continue & challenge my 1st decision.......I hope this helps anyone now in the positive I was to find the strength and courage to keep going.”

DLA to PIP decision by phone

“Good Evening to you all: Around 6:35 this evening i got a call from DWP asking to talk to my husbands re: DLA to PIPS, she wanted to talk about our ESA claim when we asked why she told us that a decision has been made about the MR she said that they have awarded enhanced rate daily living and standard mobility, also with no end date. We were totally taken back to find out from ESA and not pips first lol. So thank you to you all for your help and putting up with me during me doing the MR. I really didn't think he would be awarded it coming from DLA to PIPS but must say happy its all over again for a few years I hope 7months in total not to bad I thought. Please don`t give up if your waiting for your decision, I spent so much time reading this site before i sent anything off for this change. Thank you”

DLA to PIP success

“I have received the decision of my move from DLA to PIP, I was awarded enhanced for both with no review for 10 years. Thank you so much for your guides, without which I would not have coped.
I wasn’t awarded points for things I should have been but I am too scared to challenge them in case I lose what I have been awarded but I have the result I needed so thank you, the guides helped me stay calm and say what I needed to say. I’m so grateful! Worth every penny of subscription which I will keep up although I’m hoping to not need it for a long time to come, it feels like a safety net to me and very well worth the money.”

PIP success

“I just got the awful brown envelope this morning. Laying there on the doormat, my fate wrapped in brown paper… I have been transferred to PIP, both enhanced rates for ongoing period.
I can’t thank you enough. It’s because of you being here that I was able to fill out my form accurately, because you are here I trusted that I had given myself a reasonable chance.”

ESA Support Group success

“Big Thank you for the information that I used and got Contribution ESA support group”

PIP ongoing period

“Hi at last the brown envelope arrived, and with trembling fingers I opened it, and to our delight my husband received enhanced both the mobility and care, (DLA he received middle rate care and higher rate mobility) and this was down to all the excellant literature and the help on this forum which help me fill the form in for my husband who is registered as blind.”

PIP changed to ongoing award

“I was awarded Enhanced rates for both care and mobility in January 2018 for 3 years thanks to your great guides giving me the courage to ask for a Mandatory reconsideration as i was originally awarded standard for both (i could never have done it without your help). This morning the dreaded brown envelope arrived and i thought wow they have sent my review form early as i was expecting it in January 2020 but to my delight the letter says they have looked at my PIP and have awarded me Enhanced for both care and mobility again for an ongoing period. The letter states it will contact me to see if my needs have changed after October 2029, I am in total shock …So once again i would like to thank you all on this site for all the help and hard work you put into helping people like myself.”

PIP guide is a big help!

“I have just finished completing my pip2 on behalf of my daughter. After so much stress and anxiety about filling it out I managed to complete it this morning. I signed up to be a member so I would have access to the guides and I have to say it really helped me step by step on how to complete the form without rambling on and just getting to the point regarding my daughters needs and issues. I just want to say thanks for writing the guide and all the over resources that are available. And breaking down all the terminology in a more simplified way so I was able to know what they were asking for. Now the waiting games begin. I know she will probably be sent for a f2f assessment but I’m not really worried about that. Thanks again for all of the support”

DLA to PIP – thank you

“I have been on DLA for several years and have been using your PIP Members Guides to prepare to apply and change over to PIP. Been informed that I have been awarded Enhanced on both parts of PIP ongoing award for both parts. Thanks for all the work you have put into these benefit guides.”

DLA to PIP successful outcome

“Thank You, thank you, thank you, Benefits and work for helping me to complete successfully the complex DLA to PIP form, after months of stress and worry I have been awarded enhanced rate care and mobility until at least 2029 without a medical assessment. Thanks once again.”

Thank you! PIP award

“I have just arrived back from holiday to the dreaded brown letter from DWP about PIP application. I am in total shock. I received enhanced for both components with no f2f for 10 years. Thank you for the excellent guides and the answers to questions and queries. Think I need a stiff drink now!!!”

Reinstated into Support Group

“Just thought i'd tell you of my success in being reinstated in ESA support group. With the help of your wonderful guides submitted Mandatory Reconsideration. Unfortunately my paperwork was held in DWP postal black hole and was never forwarded despite my chasing. When finally looked at was told out of time but would do it as gesture of goodwill... My file at DWP was noted that my forms had been received in time but their error... Took it to Tribunal on a paper basis as didn't want to attend. Felt i'd suffered enough both physically and mentally…they heard the case on a paper basis within 2 weeks and found in my favour based on my original submissions and GP/consultants letters. So I am now back in support group, benefits reinstated and backpay received. I just wish to advise people NOT TO GIVE UP AND ENSURE MEDICALS ARE RECORDED. Many thanks for the advise given on your site.”

ESA award

“Big Thank you for the information that I used and got Contribution ESA support group”

DLA to PIP success

“This morning I received the result of my DLA to PIP claim, which I've been waiting 8 weeks for with dread. The last I'd heard from the DWP was a few weeks ago when they texted me to say they'd received the assessment report and had all the information they needed (yay! No face-to-face!)
After all that worrying, on opening the envelope though I found I've been awarded enhanced rate mobility and daily living! I was expecting (hoping for) enhanced rate mobility, but didn't expect to get enhanced daily living as well. It's an 'ongoing' award, barring any changes, with a reassessment date of 2029 (which I gather is the longest time they'll leave you between assessments). I haven't always scored points/the number of points where I'd expected to score them (I suppose if I re-look at my claim and the scoring system it'll make more sense), but to be honest I'm not arguing with enhanced! Thank you to the other B&W members who've offered advice, to the moderators here on the forum, and most of all to the wonderful people who produce the Guides. I really couldn't have done it without you!”

PIP awarded while waiting for Tribunal date!

“Hi everyone! I was at the stage of waiting for a tribunal to fight for my mobility component to go from standard to enhanced based on only being able to walk in pain and with breathlessness, racing heart etc. I got an email today to say the tribunal case has been closed as the DWP have changed their decision in my favour! I called to confirm as I couldn't believe it! They say it's "based on the new information I provided" however I had only sent what they already had from my mandatory reconsideration. It was a lot of information, including citing case law about walking through pain/symptoms as well as letters from others in my life. I also used the guide on this website to show that the woman assessing me was not qualified to understand chronic illness or my rare and complex illness. I also stated that she had not asked me about my walking or observed me as she walked ahead to the room. I pretty much went through absolutely everything I could to discredit her assessment and prove my case. I didn't even know there was a chance to have the decision overturned before appearing personally at the tribunal so I'm sharing this in hope that it helps others. I'm not sure what I did right, if anything, but I'm autistic so tend to provide waaaay more detail than anyone ever needs... I think maybe it helped in this situation. I wish everyone else the best in this horrible journey and thank you to those who helped me work out what the DWP may need so I could cover all my bases. I wouldn't have got this far without this site!”

PIP success

“Thank you for you help and brilliant forum yesterday the dreaded brown envelope dropped, enhanced rate for daily living needs(13points) and enhanced rate for mobility for 3 years (24points) with a review from August 2021, so its a start and thank you ever so much for you help”

MP & MR good outcome

“Hi guys, I reported this a few weeks ago that I had been downgraded from the support group into the WRAG. I phoned them and told them I would be submitting an MR. The same week I contacted my MP and asked her to help. She has intervened. I submitted my MR on Monday this week. Today I received a phone call from the DWP from the complaints department. And guess what they have moved me back into the support group for 3 years! The man I spoke to for 25 minutes could not have been nicer or anymore understanding. He told me he’s inundated with complaints to deal with. And how upsetting some cases are. He also told me there are some shocking decisions that he’s seen on peoples claims. I know the DWP are supposed to be evil and our enemy. But I can honestly say he was none of those things. So don’t give up guys. There are actually people who care working at the DWP.”

DLA to PIP success

“Had letter Thursday to inform that the DWP has all info required to make a Descision. Had Descision today. Enhanced rate mobility to continue. Enhanced rate daily living added as well.
10 year duration. So pleased & must thank this website for guidance tips & resources. Thanx so much & good luck to all”

PIP claim success

“Enhanced for daily living and mobility till 2029. Thanks for your guidance, very much appreciated.I doubt if I could have done it without your detailed guide. Benefits and Work worth every penny.”

DLA to PIP success

“I have recently received my decision after being made to transfer to PIP. I got enhanced rates for both parts, for 5 years. I didn’t even have a face to face assessment.
I know I am so lucky and thank B&W for the excellent guides. I had help to complete the form and we referenced my supporting evidence throughout the form to back up my statements. It was a ridiculous amount of work and I couldn’t have done it alone or without the excellent information provided here. Five years will go by too quickly, but it’s a relief for now! I wish everyone could avoid the face to face and get a fair award. Good luck to everyone.”

ESA Support Group

“… A family member received a long-awaited brown envelope today and they have been kept in the support group with no end date. We used the guides on the site and undoubtedly this helped us put their case across in a way that we wouldn't have been able to without this aid.”

PIP award – direct transfer from DLA!

“Back in June, the dreaded letter arrived asking to claim PiP, with a lot of help from the Website and Guides, I managed to fill in the form, not helped by the fact that trying to kick the addiction to DHC gave me horrendous withdrawal symptoms. Had an appointment for a face to face with ATOS- the nurse recognised me from my former employment and wouldn't see me. Second appointment came a few weeks later. After another 3 weeks I had a direct call from the Decision Maker to ask further questions about my lack of mobility. I had the brown envelope last week and have been granted both help & enhanced mobility. A miracle! Many thanks B&W.”

A big big thank you

“After 12 weeks and 4 days after the Face to Face Interview, I finally got the Brown Envelope today !
They've awarded me Standard rate for Daily Living and Enhanced for Mobility. I can't tell you the profound relief I feel from this award. I almost certainly got this by following the guides you provide on this site !!! :o) For me, I had to read the guides over and over and used the examples given to answer the questions appropriately and wrote down on A4 papers my answers roughly at 1st. Then, left them and came back to them to review and refined them as needed. I had them spread out all over the floor and made it my absolute priority to put my attention on the PIP and switched the TV off. As I am an insomniac I spent a few all nighters on them. Thankfully it was all worth it :o) Before the face to face I also re-read my answers so I could say the same as I put on the form. So thank God and Gordon & other helpers that this site is here and well worth the 16 quid or whatever it was to have the full access. I'll now have the money for needed taxi's and other things.”

ESA success

“I just wanted to say a massive thank you to those involved in writing the guides; I am new to claiming benefits and was absolutely dreading the whole process, but thankfully I have had a positive result first time applying for ESA - I've been put in the Support Group without even needing a face to face! The forms were horrendous but would have been impossible were it not for the assistance in the guides, which are truly excellent and worth every penny of membership. So a big fat THANK YOU!”

ESA and PIP success

“Hello everyone, I’m overjoyed to report that my husband has been awarded ESA Support and PIP Standard for both Care and Mobility. The ESA Letter arrived three weeks to the day I posted the esa50 form back, which by any reckoning is lightening speed. PIP has taken four months. We were one pesky point off enhanced for care and two points off enhanced for mobility and while I could argue the toss, I’m not going to. We’re both relieved and delighted that this awful process is behind us. The award is for three years. It goes without saying that we wouldn’t be celebrating today were it not for the Member’s Guides and the wonderful moderators. Gordon and BIS, thank you both for your support and excellent advice these past months. May god bless you and yours. And thanks too to the countless people who post here, for those many queries helped me build a solid, winning case.”

PIP success

“Thanks to this forum and the guides,i've been awarded Enhanced rates for both components. Its well worth subscribing for access to the guides. Thank you”

Great PIP result – thank you!

“Just wanted to let you know that my PIP result has come through and been better than I dared hope for - a five-year award at the enhanced rate! I'm even getting something for the mobility rate, which I'd lost when I was on DLA. This is all a massive relief as my health has become much more complex to manage in the past couple of years, and the money will allow me to pay for support not available on the NHS. Benefits & Work's guidance has been absolutely invaluable and I want to thank everyone involved with the site for your support.”

DLA to PIP success

“I had a face to face assessment at home a couple of months ago (I didn't ask for it to be at home but was pleased not to have to travel). I felt it didn't go well as I became agitated and upset. I asked for, and received, a copy of the assessors report which appeared fair and accurate. However, I didn't hold out much hope of retaining my 'lifetime' DLA after reading of so many people being turned down. After all I 'only' have osteoarthritis and a cognitive disorder! The dreaded brown envelope arrived a few weeks later and imagine my surprise when I opened it..... not only have I retained High Rate Mobility but I have been awarded High Rate Care too. The letter states I will be reviewed again in 10 years by which time I'll be in my 70's. Thanks to all at Benefits and Work who's newsletters were an encouragement to me as well as the user guides.”

Enhanced PIP award at first attempt

“Can't thank you enough for the guide for completing PIP forms, without it we would have been missing lots of information and points that were relevant. The process of completing the form actually took longer than the rest of it put together. It took us 8 weeks to fill in the forms because of how exhausting it was for my partner, but it took only 5 weeks from them recieving the paperwork to us getting the award, including an assessment where he recommended std care and enhanced mobility for 2 yrs, despite our calculations on your pip form giving her enhanced for both easily.
In the end enhanced was award for both for 10yrs, which I understand is the effective 'ongoing' award. The shadow that has been hanging over her for the past few years has finallly lifted”

DLA to PIP success

“Had letter Thursday to inform that the DWP has all info required to make a Descision. Had Descision today. Enhanced rate mobility to continue. Enhanced rate daily living added as well.
10 year duration. So pleased & must thank this website for guidance tips & resources. Thanx so much & good luck to all”

My PIP Journey

“Applied in Nov 2018. Assessment Jan 2019. Decision of 7 points so no award in March 2019. MR sent in June 2019. Letter awarding 8 points for Standard Care till Jan 2022 in July 2019. Online Appeal Submitted August 2019. DWP letter cancelling the appeal and awarding High Care and Standard Mobility till Jan 2023 in September 2019. Used the fantastic guides through the whole process. It's been a fight but worth it. Keep fighting everyone!”

Result of WCA

“hi.just want to say a big thank you to all moderators and your excellent guides and info. got my wca result today and staying in support group dont post much but come here everyday to read posts once again thank you.”

Thank you so much – PIP & ESA success

“After a horrendous three and a half months of stress I have finally been passed High Rate mobility and care until 2029. Thank You so much to this Forum. Without your help I would never have had the strength to get through PIP and ESA which both came at the same time. ATOS refused me after face to face PIP,and I was turned down at Mandatory review for PIP until they realised I had an ESA face to Face who knew all about my illness and understood how it affects me. The DWP looked at both reviews and could quite clearly see that the ATOS face to face for PIP was lies about my muscular skeletal and misled the DWP into making the wrong decisions. I do not have to go to appeal as a case manager has overturned it and I even got an apology as they said the forms should never have been sent in the first place as I had only just passed it in 2017 for ten years.... RESULT....KEEP FIGHTING GUYS.”

No F2F for PIP

“I recieved my decision today for my pip reassessment. I got my pip renewed for 3 years continued at m Enhanced for both parts. I didn't have to have a face 2 face assessment so I am really relieved.
I just wanted to let the good readers of this forum to know about positive results too. Please don't give up and keep fighting the fight. Best of luck to everyone.”

PIP MR success

“I received my AR1 about 3 months ago. From reading the forums it became apparent that anyone called in to a F2F after an AR1 was essentially making a new claim. And so it was. After 10 days a very limp letter from the DWP arrived. If you have been successful then the letter has some heft to it; amounts and times of payment etc. Not this time. I had scored nothing for care (previously 15) or mobility (previously10). Even though I thought the assessment was made to fit an internal decision that had been made, (just because you are paranoid doesn't mean people aren't out to get you) it was still one hell of a shock. I had no great hopes for the Mandatory Reconsideration. I provided new evidence from my GP, Hospital Consultant and Support Worker, but I thought my case had tribunal written all over it. Perhaps even more of a shock was to have prevailed at the MR, my award is not a long one (May 2022) so I know the DWP will soon enough be snapping at my heels. The report language is almost verbatim what was on my original, successful claim, it is odd. But now is the time to enjoy this brief shining moment, and hope that others are as fortunate as I have been. Thanks to the Gordon and the good people on these forums.”

DLA to PIP success

“Hi there, I'm writing to [say I’ve been] awarded the enhanced rates for both care and mobility… thanks to all the help and advice you give (BEST £20 I'VE EVER SPENT)…I was receiving DLA - I was getting the middle rate for care and now the enhanced rate in PIP, an increase of £28.95 a week..”

MR success

“I would like to thank Gordon,Bis and everyone who have helped with hubbys MR and we have recieved today the brown envelope but this time with better news. I dont want to sound over dramatic here but we would be lost without the Moderators and members. He needed 1 more point for daily living enhanced bringing him up to 12 points,there are still inconsistencies that i could argue but we are delighted with the result,not going to push for more points because i cant handle the stress and doubt we would successful anyway. What really hurt was the lies the assessor wrote and especially because she is a mental health nurse that she omitted to say. Please please do not stop trying if you need an MR or appeal,its so very important to research and research as much as you can and get your information across as best you can,i know every case is different but we are all looking for the best possible outcome and with the help from Gordon and the moderators you will find all you need to at least educate yourself on what you need to do and say and write. You are not scroungers you are people with disabilities who should be treated with respect,you are not liars and for alot of people on here have worked before becoming too ill and have paid into the system. Sorry im still angry and a bit sad how we all ended up nearly having to beg for what is rightfully ours. Anyway thanks again and i truly hope each and everyone of you get everything you obviously deserve.”

DLA to PIP success

“I have just got PIP Enhanced Living and Enhanced Mobility with the help of this site and the guides. This is exactly what I had when I had DLA Indefinite”

Thank you B&W – PIP success

“My Dad called me to go for a spur of the moment lunch today and when he dropped me home there on the sofa was a brown DWP letter waiting for me. I took some deep breaths and opened it not knowing what to expect. Well it's good news. I've been in receipt of DLA for around 15 years I think it's been roughly, high mobility and low care rates.
I've now been awarded enhanced daily living and standard mobility. Awards were what I was hoping for and thought I should get so I'm very relieved and happy. My award runs till 2023, was hoping it'd be longer given I have had a chronic illness for the last 27 years but I'm happy and can now relax and fully enjoy our family holiday coming up without worrying. I'd like to thank everyone here, especially Gordon as I'd have been lost without all the guides and support and the help from this wonderful forum of people. Good luck to everyone still going through this nightmare and don't give up.”

PIP appeal success

“Hi I won my appeal for both parts of pip now get enhanced thanks mainly to this site and all the great info in guides and on forum.”

Successful PIP Review

“Thanks to all the advice here I obtained a ten year extension for my daughters PIP, (previously only awarded three years. What I think helped according to the letter I received was, re- submitting new or previous medical evidence, where I had to put no change I backed it up by saying why there was no change. I would say put as much as you can into the review. Hope this might be helpful. good luck to all who may be re-applying via a review”

Thank you

“I am writing to say Thank You for your guides. By using your PIP guide, as my adult disabled daughter was moved from DLA (lifetime award) over to PIP. My adult daughter was awarded Enhanced rate for both parts of PIP.Thank You. I also previously used the ESA guide and she get this also. Thank You for this also.”

Thank you!

“I can’t thank you enough, got the dreaded brown envelope in March, DLA indefinite award member being invited to claim PIP. Followed your guides and have spent all these months waiting, have lost around 4 stone in weight and the fear of f2f made me suicidal. I got a brown envelope today..........enhanced rate on both care and mobility and an ‘on going’ period. Still can’t believe it and feel numb, as it has deteriorated my health with worry. Just can’t believe it’s real ! I want to thank you with all my heart, I most certainly couldn’t have got this without your help. I hope this gives hope to others in my situation, your advice is invaluable.....THANK YOU X”

PIP Review success

“I had to fill in a PIP review form to be returned by 25th August. I took Gordon's advice about still including a lot of information rather than just state "no change". I was very stressed about it as I have just lost my Mum and it couldn't have come at a worse time. I sent it back recorded delivery on 12th August and got a text from DWP on 14th August saying they had received it. Today I received a letter saying they hadn't yet had my form so in a panic I rang them. I am now in a state of shock. Not only had they received it, they had made their decision by 15th August (so 2 days!) and a letter is on it's way saying I have again been awarded Enhanced Rate for both Mobility and Care until 2025!. I won't actually believe it until the letter arrives but the lady at DWP checked and rechecked and was astonished herself at the quick decision. The relief is huge and I'm so glad I took Gordon's advice and spent a lot of time on the form even though it was the last thing I felt like doing. Thank you!!!!”

ESA Support Group success

“I have not posted in 6 years but wanted to give Benefits & Work and everyone an update… As a background thank you to Benefits and Work for their guidance on Mandatory Reconsideration, which I used 6 years ago. I was able to sucessfully be moved from WRAG to Support Group after getting a copy of the report showing the assessor completely lied and did not refer to evidence given… In June 2019 I had my first reassessment since 6 years ago (being in the Support Group - Contribution Based). I filled in the form and sent copious medical evidence. I requested my f2f be recordeded based on last fiasco I went through. I was seen by qualified nurse who had my claim form and documents (big difference from last time). Astonshiingly at the end of the interview, she advised "you will get a letter and we will review you in about a year or two! Just do what you did this time and submit all your medical documents"! Sure enough received my letter dated 29/07/19 and I have remained in the Support Group!. So thank you once again Benefits and Work for your INVALUABLE advice and Guidance on how to fill in these forms and what my rights are for face to face assessments!”

DLA to PIP success

“I would like to thank everyone on this website and forum for the advice I have been given. I did not know where to start in completing my daughters PIP form, I followed the advice given, using the suggested wording and downloaded the guides. My daughter has a severe learning disability and was on middle rate care and low mobility. Thanks to you all she has been awarded enhanced daily living and standard mobility for an ungoing period. Also she did not have to have a face to face and the decision was a paper based one.”

PIP awarded!

“Thankfully my sister has been awarded enhanced rate at 13 points.I am so grateful for the advice notes guidance Notes they are so helpful.!”

So delighted with PIP result

“Would just like to say a big thank you to everyone on here who have answered my questions on PIP.... I just had a letter from my local council, council tax support telling me there has been a change in my benefits... and it clearly states Daily living standard and Mobility enhanced rate... My local council obviously work quicker than the DWP at getting the letters out... the copy of my pip form recommended no assessments for four years... im absolutely delighted”

ESA Success!

“Just wanted to say a big thank you! I've just been reassessed for ESA (I have Aspergers Syndrome and anxiety/depression) and with the help of your wonderful guides I've been placed straight into the Support Group with no need for a 'medical'. This is the third time I've had to go through this appalling process, and your guides have helped me to success each time. Thank you again!!!”

DLA to PIP success

“I got the dreaded brown envelope this morning, but thanks to all the help and advise on your fantastic site, I have been awarded standard care and enhanced mobility until 2023. I can’t tell you what pressure this has put myself and my family through, having a Lifetime award of DLA and still being put through the stress of a face to face medical, but I was determined to see it through, and would like to thank you all again for the help and advice that this great site provides. I may even be able to sleep tonight!!!”

PIP award after appeal lodged

“Through using this forum I lodged an appeal last week and have been compiling paperwork in readiness. I received a call this morning from DWP and the gent apologised for all I had been put through and if I was in agreement my award would be standard rate living and standard rate mobility… so have agreed. I was too shocked to even get the breakdown on points.”

PIP outcome

“Thank you to Benefits and Work guides to completing the lengthy PIP form, when I was asked to claim from DLA to PIP. I have now been awarded enhanced on both Care And Mobility until 2021. I sat and looked at the envelope for about 2 hours before plucking up the courage to open it up. I have made myself ill with the worry of what the outcome would be. I have to say the Assessor who came to do my face to face was excellent, which in all honesty I wasn't expecting in the least. It's not as long an award as my DLA was but at least I've got the award I needed. I am so relieved. So once again thank you to Benefits and Work. I would advise anyone to become a member as the guides are spot on.”

PIP reassessment results

“Hi many thanks so much for all your help and the guides on here. The dreaded brown envelope arrived yesterday for my PIP reassessment decision and I've been awarded the same as before - enhanced for both for 5 years…”

Granted PIP after Mandatory Reconsideration

“Hello it’s good news so the message is don’t despair, I had my pip assessment in may and was awarded zero points, I asked for a reconsideration, and I provided details of my esa medical done 2 months before and spent a lot of time reading your advice on this site and provided a solid case, I’ve been granted both areas of pip again ( great news)”

PIP ongoing award

“Thanks for your comprehensive advice and help available for the transition from DLA to PIP I did purchase the discounted book that was available on this excellent site which covered all the case laws well I had my atos interview which I have to say was carried out by a hp who was ok my daughter accompanied me I previously had dla high rate care and high rate mobility for an indefinite award well the dreaded brown envelope arrived Thursday morning informing me that I had enhanced pip both care and mobility for an ongoing period I am 62 yrs of age a big thank you for the guidance and help I had in completing the forms.”

PIP ongoing award!

“Very happy to report that I have been awarded standard daily living and enhanced mobility on an ongoing basis. My award letter actually states that a re-assessment won’t take place until after June 2029!! I will be 73 by then, so hopefully I will only have to have a light touch award at that time.
So very relieved. Thank you so so much for your wonderful information on this site. I feel I can learn to relax again.”

A bit of good news..

“Have been waiting on results of my DLA to PIP transfer results., especially as my assessment was pretty harrowing as I got distressed. Finally got them this afternoon - I got enhanced on daily living and standard for mobility. I'm in total shock especially as it was for BPD and Bipolar. After reading the horror stories I really expected to go through a MR. And everyone kept telling me the assessor was being too nice when she kept offering me a cup of tea and if I wanted a break. Plus she went through with me how to word things. But I genuinely think she was a nice assessor. So pleased”

ESA success

“I received a letter this morning, they reversed their decision without having to go to appeal. "You remain entitled to Employment and Support Allowance with the support component for 24 months".
So thank you to Gordon and everybody else for the helpful advice during this stressful time.”

PIP success

“Thanks to the information on this site I was encouraged to apply for PIP. I was on low rate care DLA for many years (had to go to appeal for that, so was avoiding PIP because of the stress and humiliation) but after my health worsened with a degenerative neurological condition and approaching retirement age, I finally decided to apply. ATOS assessment was professional and courteous on the surface but the report was full of inaccuracies and misunderstandings. I was awarded middle rate care but only 4 points for mobility. So after help from CAB and the advice on this site, I went for MR and was given 22 points for mobility as well. It wouldn’t have been possible without all your help - thank you!”

Thank you! In ESA Support Group with no interview

“A big 'Thank You' to everyone at Benefits And Work as I have been placed in the ESA support group without a face to face interview. Using the guides on this site I completed a review ESA 50 in March 2019. I knew that if I had been placed straight in the Support Group I would be notified directly by the DWP; thus, a brown envelope would drop through my letterbox. If not, I would be invited to a face-to-face assessment and it would be a white envelope from the asessment company dropping through the letterbox! Every day I have looked with trepidation at that letter box and today the brown envelope came! I am so happy and relieved but I do know that it was the guidance that I received from this site that has givien me that happiness and relief. The demonisation and prejudice towards the vulnerable and sick in our society by the government is heinous. So many people have committed suicide driven to it by the stress, fear and loss of financial support imposed upon them by the DWP. Your website redresses this cruelty and arms people like me with not only knowledge but hope. I found the forums immensely supportive too which is why I'm posting today”

Thank you for PIP advice

“Thanks to the great advice from your site have been awarded PIP enhanced care and mobility for 10 years Hooray!! your PIP guide was invaluable and well worth the subscription fee”

PIP award

“I’ve just received the dreaded PIP Award letter. After 8 weeks of turmoil waiting I’ve been awarded the same as I was on previously on the old system!!!! I can’t thank the team enough,and I’m sure that without your fantastic guidance forms I think the outcome may well have been different. Having turned 65 years of age I do hope that the DWAP sticks to its promise of only doing a courteous inspection every 10 years or so,but I’m not holding my breadth. Thank you once again and I can now look forward to picking my mobility vehicle in the next few weeks.”

ESA and PIP results

“I just wanted to say a massive thank you to everyone here for their helpful comments and advice. I was awarded my esa and pip i eventually got the acknowledgement of my daily struggles and was standard mobility in my assessments both were considered on paper based due to the health problems I have and I couldn't of done it without the help of this great team of people on b&w. Thank you so much”

Another Thank You

“Another Thank You to B&W and another triumph for common sense and decency. Yesterday, my Appeal was successful and I was awarded 12 Mobility points, indefinitely, raised from the 4 (useless, of course) points which the DWP had awarded. My “invitation” from the DWP to apply for PIP with the impending closure of my DLA higher rate of mobility arrived 1 November 2017. With the 64 week wait for the Tribunal hearing it has taken until now for the nightmare to end. Well after I lodged my Appeal, I became aware that GP patient records are now being made available to patients. I extracted the relevant sections from my record and sent them to the Tribunal as Further Evidence. I would urge anyone who is going through, or about to go through this nightmare, to get hold of your patient records just as soon as you can and then use them. The DWP think we are all liars and do not believe what we write on our application forms or say at the assessment so they may not take any evidence you provide into account, anyway. But the Tribunal did believe my evidence. And it goes without saying – APPEAL APPEAL APPEAL”

PIP and ESA success

“I was awarded ESA from September 2017…I also put in a claim for PIP and was refused but went through the appeals process using the guides you provide on Website and attended for an appeal where as I was extremely unwell. The judge advised me to resubmit my Witness statement with more detail. I was Given a second date for the appeal hearing on the 23rd of September 2018 16 months after I put my original claim in. On the 22nd of September 2018 I received a phone call from DWP stating they had re-examined my original evidence and decided to award me standard rate care and enhanced mobility backdated to June 2017. With the backdated award I was able to pay off my mortgage arrears and at least now have the stability of being able to keep my home. This was an incredibly difficult two years but thanks to benefits and work Advice I was successful in my PIP appeal Which also awarded me severe disability premium onto my ESA. So I’d Just like Thank everyone concerned for the advice on this website as it has enabled me to keep my home and have some stability for the next couple of years anyway.”

PIP award

“A big thank you to benefit and works spoke to DWP today awarded enhanced mobility and enhanced daily living on going award so relieved once again thanks to everybody for their help”

I won my PIP Tribunal thanks to your guides

“I went to my assessment in December 2018 and did not get the award I was hoping for. I was awarded standard rate living component only in January 2019. I attended my interview with my sister and we taped the whole thing. I found it stressful as I did not like the interviewer or some of the questions asked - some of which I found irrelevant i.e, my schooling and qualifications. I knew I wanted to appeal when the decision came through and did the mandatory appeal and was turned down. I decided to go to tribunal and was dreading it and procrastinated in getting my form in online. I did not even read the health report until the last minute deadline for online appeal. I was scared to read what they would have said about me. When I finally did, I was in tears because it was full of untruths, for example, removing a headscarf, and signing a form and using my walking stick in my left hand - all of which did not happen. I was able to compare their report with the recording, and used your tribunal guide to do an online appeal at HMRC - which was two hours late, but accepted. Imagine my surprise when I received a text from HMRC to say my case was closed because DWP had accepted my appeal. Thank you so much for your guides, I would not have known to first check for all the mistakes and point them out - which I think was one of the main things to swing the decision in my favour.”

PIP for ongoing period

“What can I say? I was dreading getting the result of my PIP claim in the brown envelope through the door like many of you do. I had been on DLA for years at high rate for mobility and middle rate for care all due to the help of the Benfits and Work team. I knew from reading the forum that a lot of people were loosing their claims on the changeover… When the envelope dropped through the door I actually felt quite sick when seeing it. I had become quite reliant on the DLA over the years for transport with a motability car and also being on a special diet I found it helped with the food bill too. Also it made me feel a bit more independent as I could afford to be. Anyway, I opened the the envelope and it said I had been given the enhanced rate for both mobility and care for an ongoing period. I could have cried from the relief of all the stress I had been through... Without your help I don't know where I would be today (certainly more depressed). I would highly recommend joining B&W as its worth every single penny and more. This way, you are helped to fill each section of the form in and hopefully it helps with a better outcome for the claim you make. I don't think I would have got PIP at all without all this help or certainly not at the enhanced rate for both. Big, big thankyou B&W team.”

Thank you B&W

“After over 3 years of constant worry, waiting for the invitation to apply for PIP to drop through the letterbox, I finally attended my DLA to PIP assessment in May 2019. The female nurse who carried out the assessment was lovely. After the assessment I requested a copy of the HP's report. The assessor had recommended 11 points for care and 12 for moving around. The assessor wrote that she expects my condition to worsen and recommended a review in 3 years. I received the decision makers letter this week and I was awarded standard care and higher mobility for 4 years from July 2019 until June 2023. It states on the letter that I will be called for review after May 2022. I will be 66 in October 2022 and eligible for my state pension. I am so thankful for my award and could not have done it without the information from B&W and Gordon on the forum. Thank you”

ESA success without an interview

“A huge massive thank you to all of you wonderful people at Benefits and Work! Having been claiming Universal Credit since last August following my termination of contract from the NHS for health related issues (which they caused), and told I would have the New Style ESA, I waited until March of this year to be sent my ESA50 form…I sent my form in, after reading everything you had to offer on ESA. I put in as much detail as I could, gave examples of how I manage/don't manage, put in continuation sheets and everything else you suggested and on 12 June I had an email saying that I would be placed in the Support Group without the need for a face to face meeting! I cried with joy as DWP had been taking an overpayment of Housing Benefit from me (£46 a month which they didn't give me prior notice of) and with paying back the advance I had to take last August I was living in deficit and unable to pay my fuel bills. In the email that UC sent me they said that I would receive a letter to let me know if I would be entitled to any back pay…. It would be nice to MOT my car and restock my larder. Many thanks for all you've done. And sorry this was so long, I couldn't stop once I'd started!”

PIP award

“I would like to say big thank you to the people on the wonderful supportive website. I have just received my pip award until 2029, I received a letter to say my DLA was ending and i applied for pip in March I could not have done alone with out the guides and help that you have on this website. Thank you and bless you all.”

After PIP MR I’ve gone from 2 points to 27

“Despite being on DLA for 20+ years, after ATOS f2f assessment I scored just 2 point out of the possible 108 for PIP benefit. After a wait of almost 13 weeks I got the results of my Mandatory Reconsideration on Monday and I've now scored 27 points and been awarded both mobility and care at the enhanced rate!!! I'm still in a state of shock and can't quite believe what has happened. I knew the chances of being successful at this stage was just 19%, and as I had no additional evidence to give them I didn't hold out much hope of being successful. All I did was say why I disagreed with the original decision. I say "All I did" like it was no big deal but it took me weeks and I ended up with 7 A4 typed pages. And because of the stress of it all I'm now on diazepam and antidepressants. Looking at the points I've now scored in each section I have to say I agree with them all. But although I've now got what I believe I'm entitled to, I have to say I feel extremely lucky to do so. I've read so many shocking and heart-breaking post on this forum I know so many haven't been as lucky as I've been. And it shouldn't feel like luck, but it does. It should feel like justice. Thank you Benefits and Work for producing some brilliant Guides, I couldn't have got here without your guidance and support of knowing I wasn't the only one going through this ghastly process. I just wish everyone could get what they deserve and are entitled to.”

ESA50 success

“Hi, I am posting to say a huge THANK YOU!! I was asked to complete an ESA50 form back in January of this year. I could not have completed it without the help and advice from the B&W guidelines… After 5 weeks of worry and anxiety, today I received the dreaded 'brown envelope' through the letter box and shaking as I opened it, I didn't know whether to laugh or cry. I will remain in the support group!! If I could write a thousand Thank You's to the B&W website it would not be enough to express how grateful I am for the amazing and informative advice, related to completing the ESA50 form…many thanks once again”

Good news!

“Thanks so much for all the advice I've got from this forum. Got a phone call on Monday to say they are not making me go to another tribunal but reinstating my pip at same rate as before. Couldn't believe it until I saw my bank account this morning. After 2 years of being initially found "fit to work" and losing ESA and pip, trying to work, going through the Universal Credit process and almost having a breakdown, I can concentrate once again on trying to feel well. Don't give up anyone, just follow all the brilliant advice on this website. Thanks again Gordon for your advice and help.”

Revised ESA decision after MR

“I received letter today re a revised decision to treat me as having Ltd capability for work. Thank you for all the help I received from the member guides, which helped me to calm down and keep going..”

PIP success

“…awarded standard on both components… mandatory reconsideration did not change award, set appeal on motion Jan 19…got a call from DWP 21st June advising they changed the decision on moving around to enhanced, today I got the full decision and have gone from a 3 year review to an ongoing period…a big thank you again to all the team.”

DLA to PIP mandatory reconsideration success

“Just to share that after being assessed my son got 0 points for daily care and mobility we asked for a mandatory reconsideration and just received the letter. He was awarded enhanced daily care with 15 points and standard mobility with 10 points. Better than expected result. Thanks to the forum for advice and information”

DLA to PIP success

“A massive thankyou to this wonderful group. I could not have done it without your guides and support. From start to finish took 8 weeks. Decision without assessment. I was well prepared with evidence from 6 Consultants, and other health professionals which I gathered together over the last year whilst waiting my turn to migrate. Completing the forms took my husband and I more than a week. I repeatedly checked and checked again using your excellent members guides. Enhanced for both. I had been on DLA mobility high and middle care ‘Indefinite’. Do keep up the good work and to everyone - don’t give up.”

PIP tribunal success

“Thank-you so much for your help. Finally received oral hearing tribunal results for 30th May 2019. Enhanced Mobility and daily living. (letter from courts)..”

Awarded higher rates of PIP

“Great news. I have been awarded both higher rates of PIP ongoing without an assessment thanks mainly to the guides and Forums on this website and a smaller part, the Citizens Advice Bureau.”

ESA success!

“Thanks to the fantastic guides and and advice from moderators on this group, I have just received a confirmation letter from the DWP saying that I have been awarded ESA and in the support group. This is the first time I have applied for ESA and am so relieved”

PIP mobility success

“Just received my enhanced mobility for pip. Three time applied. First time I did nothing was not a member of benefit and work. So I applied again refused so sent of RM. Turned down. Felt I could not put myself through appeal. So applied again refused so I was going to see it through this time so sent of RM.waited 12 week and just got word I was awarded enhanced mobility. Till Feb 2021.thanks for all your advice.I have ppms.thanks again for all your advice.”

Thank you

“Got my decision letter today and have been successful. It is for an ‘an ongoing period’, with a review in 2029. My thanks to you Gordon and to B and W for the guides.”

From DLA to PIP

“I just want to say thank you, I’ve been awarded PIP for ten years, I was on DLA, thanks to benefits and works and all the help and information available. This site is well worth every penny of the subscription. I have been awarded a higher rate, it’s fantastic.”

Successful PIP appeal

“I've been in receipt of enhanced rate care and mobility pip for around 5 years and before that I got high rate DLA. I got a renewal form in August 2018 and had a face to face interview in November 2018. I got my decision letter in January and I had only been awarded low rate care, no mobility award, sent mandatory reconsideration and got the same result. It made absolutely no sense to me as my conditions haven't improved, nor are they expected to and I had supplied extensive medical reports and supporting information. I sent in the appeal form around 5 weeks ago and requested a paper hearing as I know I wouldn't manage an oral hearing. On Thursday last week I received a letter from the appeals service saying that the dwp had changed my award in my favour and the appeal would not continue. I'm not good on the phone so wasn't able to call dwp but I got a letter from them on Saturday to say I'd been awarded enhanced rate for both components, I can't tell you how relieved I am! Thank you for the excellent guides which I've used for years now.”

PIP ongoing award

“Well after nearly a year I have received a letter out of the blue that my pip has changed to the ongoing award, I was starting to prep to re appeal as I was only awarded 2years prior after fighting an appeal and getting the enhanced I now have been given the 10years award I Deserve, thanks again”

Thank you

“…thank you. Your guides have been invaluable to me and my quality of life so I’m well on my way through the benefits minefield... I’ve just been told earlier today via the UC journal system that I’ve got the LCWRA, not sure of all the details yet but that makes both enhanced sections of PIP for an indefinite period and the LCWRA for however long that’s going to be.
It’s such a relief and the website has helped tremendously so thank you all. You provide a very valuable service. ”

Fantastic guides

“I got enhanced care and mobility early in the year for PIP as an Ongoing Award after my face to face and now in April 2019 again into the SG for ESA with no face to face assessment. I spent plenty of time probably 2 months going over 1 descriptor every couple of days reading the relevant part of the guides and comparing them to the PIP assessment guides and the Maximus WCA assessment guide.Word by word, then sentence and paragraph I highlighted the B&W guides and pulled out the important facts that applied to me and my health, and which descriptor and point I felt my health was affected. I didn't find the ESA easy at all so it took me longer to understand but I did it the same way I'd done the PIP form prior. I could not have done this without those guides and it's invaluable to people claiming these life saving benefits but time must be taken to study and get to know the descriptors which I'd say I spent 2 to 3 months doing.
It's disgusting at time of ill health and disability I had to sit for hours but I knew if there was any chance I had to do this and it's thankfully paid off.
Thank you again Gordon and all the team so very much.”


Thank you so much

“I want to thank you so much for all the most helpful information and advice you provided me as a member of your website.As appointee I applied in May 2018 for transfer from DLA to PIP for my daughter. (On DLA she was awarded middle rate for Daily Living and Lower Rate for Mobility. She suffers from daily extreme social anxiety, daily migraines and extreme sensitivities and fatigue.) In June the PIP consultation with ATOS resulted in her losing all of her support, and being awarded zero points. This was upheld at Mandatory Reconsideration. Both reports were riddled with lies, omissions and wrong conclusions and this made me determined to appeal. Just 2 days ago our appeal was heard (we had no representative) and the panel was obviously appalled at the way the system had treated my daughter and she won her appeal. She moved from zero points to 22 points and was awarded enhanced rate for Daily Living and standard rate for Mobility. I would encourage all who are misjudged at the PIP during the PIP application to subscribe to your website, and to appeal.
Thank you so much.”


Your guides were invaluable

“I am pleased to let you know that my brother-in-law has received a letter from the DWP confirming that he has been placed in the support group and his weekly amount also includes extra money because he is severely disabled and the disability income guarantee.
He had been on income support for many years and the prospect of having to attend a Work Capability Assessment weighed heavily on him. Your guides were invaluable when completing the ESA50 form and preparing for the assessment. They helped me in supporting him by providing the relevant focus in explaining and writing about his situation.”


PIP Result

“…At age 65 I received a letter advising my DLA was ending and if I wanted to, I should apply for PIP. I duly phoned and started the PIP application process. The forms arrived and after examination I decided I needed expert help in compiling/responding to the questions. I found the benefits and work web site excellent in advising on how to present accurately my case to the DWP. After joining and studying the guides, I completed said documents, attaching appropriate medical evidence and as a backstop approached age concern, who reviewed Everything. My medical assessment was arranged and advised for a home visit, the assessor was courteous, professional, thorough, friendly, open as to the process. 5 weeks of anxious waiting I received a PIP award. Without this sites guidelines plus age concern who also use the excellent guides from here, I am in no doubt my DLA TO PIP would of been horrendous. It’s all about presentation of evidence. Thanks Benefit and Work for your excellent guides and advise”

Thank you Gordon

“I don't not if you remember but a couple of weeks ago I asked for some advice regarding my assessment report that I had received. On the report I scored 8 for mobility and 10 for daily living. I have been on DLA high in both for 13 years. I was not happy with the report and I asked you whether I could write in regarding my concerns about the report before a decision was made and the fact they had recommended a review in a year because of recent shoulder surgery. You advised me yes and how to word the opening of the letter.I knew from the pip criteria that I would never get the enhanced in mobility as it's different criteria from the DLA but I felt I was entitled to enhanced in daily living.
Anyway the dreaded brown letter arrived and the assessor changed her report and scored me 13 points for daily living so I got enhanced in daily living and standard for mobility. I have also been given the award until 2023. So they definitely did take note of my letter.
Thank you once again.”

Thanks all and Gordon

“Well after nearly a year I have received a letter out of the blue that my pip has changed to the ongoing award, I was starting to prep to re appall as I was only awarded 2years prior after fighting an appeal and getting the enhanced I now have been given the 10years award I Deserve, thanks again”

Ongoing PIP award with no review

“My PIP award was due for renewal in June 2020 so was expecting the renewal forms shortly (one year early). The brown envelope arrived this morning and I was expecting to be told the review forms would be arriving soon. Couldn't believe what I was reading, had to keep reading over and over. The DWP say that they have looked at my PIP award again and decided that I am entitled to enhanced care and enhanced mobility for an ONGOING period. No forms to fill in, no stress of a face to face assessment. I turned 65 years of age earlier this year so maybe the promise of not making pensioners go through assessents has finally started. I can't quite believe it, I had been so stressed thinking about it. After a dreadful year health wise at least now I don't have the worry of a review hopefully for a long time.”

PIP appeal success

“I went with my friend to her pip appeal as her rep I was armed with all the advice from from your site & ready to go, As soon we walked in the judge said you have won the mobility award, then afer a few questions from the DWP rep the jugde decided to award my friend the daily living award as well, both were at the enhanced rate, Just wanted to thank you for the tools & they gave me the confidence that if needed I would have achieved the same result”

ESA success

“I'd like to send huge thanks to Gordon and B&W for the excellent guides and advice on the site. I'm delighted to say that family member has been placed in support group with no F2F. It has taken 8 weeks from sending back ESA50 to receiving the decision letter (ESA72SC). The decision letter states “we won’t ask you to go for another assessment unless there is a change in your health condition”... Once again, many thanks and best wishes to everyone.”

Blue Badge success

“Hi Everybody, Just a note about my experience. I got my current blue badge because I was on DLA higher rate. It expired on 22nd April 2019. I did not get enough PIP points last November, but apparently I could carry on using my BB until it ran out..I thought it would be a waste of effort applying. But my PIP tribunal was unlikely to happen before December 2019. So I had to give it a go as my BB gets used every time I go out. My local council (Harrow) needs 3 months to process a BB application if you are not automatically eligible…I filled in the council form using my PIP information and evidence. On the morning I was meant to be assessed, the Assessor phoned me up to say that I did not need to come in as I obviously qualified and that she was awarding me my BB immediately. I cried with relief… Apparently the council can choose to desk check an application rather than send it for assessment. They have their own points system and if you "pass" you get a BB…Anyhow, I learned the following.
Many thanks to this website for being so encouraging.”

Just want to express our thanks for so much useful information

“Just want to thank the team for all their advice for claiming PIP and ESA for my daughter. She has been in receipt of DLA/PIP for 20 years now and was awarded the enhanced rate for daily living and the standard rate for mobility at her last assessment in 2015. Having had to reapply in 2018, DWP decided not to award her anything at all! We went through with the Mandatory Reconsideration, but was refused again, so we started the tribunal appeal with a council member to represent us. All this has taken many hours and great stress and anxiety and my daughter has been very distressed at the thought of the appeal process. During all this, my daughter has had to go through the face-to-face assessment with the ESA but fortunately they saw how distressed she was and have moved her from the WRAG to the Support group. Consequently, PIP has since been on the phone to us and have offered to change their previous result of 'nothing' to the 2015 payment and have cancelled the appeal application. So, we are both delighted and just want to express our thanks for so much useful information which has helped enormously in completing all the forms.”


A sincere thank you for the help

“I’ve been meaning to contact you for some time. Just to say a sincere thank you for the help your site provided, when I made a successful claim for my PIP. In addition, due to his disability, I also helped a friend submit his successful claim for PIP. Again, your site was essential.
Many thanks for your help.”


A massive thank you

“Just thought I'd let you know as your guides played an invaluable part in my PIP claim that I was awarded Enhanced Rate for both components for an ongoing period.
Without the B&W site I doubt that I'd have received what I got so a massive thank you for all you do and have done and continue to do for disabled people.”


PIP award

“Hi just had the dreaded brown envelope drop through my letter box. When i did get the courage to open it, I was surprised that on my first attempt they have awarded me standard rate care and enhanced rate mobility for 2 years. Thanks for your help via this website”

Thank you

“dear mods and forum members. Over the years I've had excellent advice and support from you all. for me it started in 2007 with transfer from sickness to ICB. after all the years of stress and assessments I am now getting my state pension, so no longer at mercy of the job centre plus.
More recently, I used your guide to get oh PIP at higher rate. I saw that there was some doubt about the advice forums being able to continue. I just want to reiterate how thankfull I have been for your existence,Unless you are, having to claim benefits, people don't realsie how punitve the system is,.when your are already struggling. with ill-health. The advice from you has been exceptional. and knowing we were not alone in our feelings about battling the system, has been worth so much too..”

ESA success

“hello Gordon and colleagues, my husband has been placed in the support group, I would like to thank you all for the tremendous help and advice received…thanking you all once again”

ESA Success

“Thanks to the excellent guides and advise from B&W I received word from the DWP today that I'd been put in to the Support Group second time running under paper scrutiny with no stated 'award length', unlike the previous award of two years. Many, many thanks and profound gratitude to Steve, Holly and Gordon!!!”

PIP Mobility success

“to say i am thrilled is an understatement, i have just had a "white" envelope delivered from the courts of appeal, after lots of phone calls to both the benefits ppl and the courts which most of them contained lies from the staff at the benefits office, I have won my appeal and been awarded the enhanced rate payment for both components of PIP which at last means im no longer sat in the house unable to get out as i can now get a new car, keep trying everyone you can do it !”

PIP Renewal result with no medical

“My Partner has just had the results from his Pip renewal WITHOUT having to go through another medical. As per the benefits and work guides, I treated the review form just as you would a new claim form, detailing all the difficulties that affects him and his ability to carry out that activity. Even if there were no changes from the original claim, I still explained for each descriptor hows it effects him now. (Thank you B&W for the advice). He kept the same award as last time Standard Rate Care and Enhanced Rate mobility but with a longer award this time 4 years instead of 2..”

ESA Tribunal success!

“My wife's Tribunal hearing was held today. She was removed from Support Group after a surreal assessment and ESA benefits stopped. Hearing lasted about 15 minutes and she was told there and then she was back in the Support Group with backdated ESA to June 2017. This the second time we have won at Tribunal. We could not have done any of it without the skills, experience and knowledge of this site's team and their production of superb guides. Many, many thanks are due to them,.She has a Face to Face for her PIP application next week and I have again faithfully followed the guidance provided here. Fingers crossed but once more thank you”

PIP Mandatory Reconsideration and success!

“Hi Everyone. I wanted to share my good news with everyone. I have been on DLA for 11 years and had high rates for both and had an indefinite award, last July 2018 I was invited to apply for PIP and promptly filled in my forms in great detail [and] added all my various consultants diagnosis is etc and …I went for my face to face assessment this Feb 2019. I promptly asked for my assessment report and was horrified to read the report and was convinced was the report actually done on myself or someone else, I was awarded only standards rates on both components and only for 3 years... I was absolutely broken at the thought of giving up my freedom been my mobility car as I live very remotely. I phoned the PIP help line and took advice of doing a Mandatory Reconsideration and promptly registered my option to do just that. I then got out all my medical evidence laid it all out and put in various date orders and sections depending on which illness they related too. I then got to the nitty gritty of my assessors report on myself and slowly picked apart the discrepancies of the assessors report on myself … there was a lot !. I picked what I thought was the most provable first and backed up with my consultants notes that verified that the assessor was factually incorrect etc. well it took my around 17 hours and a 10 page M R letter as well as the original consultants note that were claimed to have been read by the assessor also added some new medical information and sent back to the PIP people in plenty of time of my 28 day period, also sent special delivery. I waited just over 6 weeks … then on Thursday morning I had a call from a Decision maker responsible for doing my M R I was asked a couple of questions about my claim and told I had nothing to worry about regarding my M R, but I could not be told the new decision until the computers updated overnight, so next morning after a very sleepless night I called the PIP people at 8 am sharp and well I was absolutely made up… length of award was increased from 3 years to on going 0r 10 years... my mobility was increased from standard to enhanced and my care was increased from standard to enhanced. I am still awaiting my official letter confirming this.... I called motobility and they checked and my car lease was put back in place after they checked with the dwp and so just wanted to say a big thanks to the people of this site and every ones support throughout my epic ordeal in getting PIP. Thanks everyone..”

Good news – PIP award

“I just wanted to thank-you and all people at this website. Although I started my PIP claim on my own I joined the site at a later date for some help. Today I have received a letter from DWP telling me they have re-looked at my decision for PIP again and they will be changing my original decision of award and my appeal will not continue. I am so relieved hearing this and keep reading the letter to make sure it is real and I am not having to keep up this fight trying to get what should have been decided in the beginning. It has been eleven months since getting a letter to transfer from DLA to PIP and now I have got the decision I am thank-full for. From being awarded 0 points for mobility (moving around) the decision changed to 12 points and now I can keep the car. Also they said this is for an ongoing period and then it says they will not contact me until December 2028, what a result. I am on the state pension now so by 2028 who knows what I will be doing but for today and the future I can resume my life as I have lived in a state of limbo for months. To anyone still trying to get what you feel you should be entitled to keep pressing on the stress is a major issue but it can all be worthwhile. Thank-you once again and I will still continue to come onto the sight just to see how many other people get good results.”

PIP Renewal success

“I was awarded enhanced rate both care and mobility for 5 years in 2015 had to do mandatory and without the fantastic members guides that would have been so much harder. So waiting on the dreaded renewal after 12 April this year and yesterday received notice renewed until 2029 when I'll be in my early 70s and had assumed they would find a way to stop my PIP before state pension and with no more forms to fill in and they based it on information supplied 2015. I have terrible fibromyalgia, costochondritis and arthritis so please anyone with these conditions persevere it is worth it and buy the guides best money spent ever.”

Successful DLA to PIP

“Firstly, I will like to thank Gordon and everyone involved with this wonderful website. I can 100% categorically say that without this site and your extensive and accurate Guide, my PIP application would not have been successful because I would have completely missed many of the comments that got me points…In over 25 years of being awarded lifetime higher rate mobility and middle rate personal care, my physical disability had drastically worsened. I had also developed mental difficulties. I carefully followed the Guide to compete the form, enclosing countless medical evidence. I was disappointed when I got a letter indicating I would get a home assessment because I was hoping they would make a decision based on the weight of the numerous medical evidence. Gordon from this site reassured me that being offered home visit, which I hadn't even requested, was a positive.... I am thrilled to report that I have gone from higher rate mobility and middle rate personal care on DLA to enhanced awards for both mobility and personal care on PIP. I have also been awarded the maximum 10 years with a note that changes in my disabilities are unlikely. I will like to once again thank Gordon and every single person who is involved with this wonderful website. If you are reading this and daunted by the your PIP application, I would like to reassure you that better outcome than DLA can happen and did in my case. I will also like to reassure you that there are honest assessors, even though the bad apples give them a bad name. I will also like to say that the investment of the Guide is definitely one worth making.”

Successful reassessment

“just to say without this fantastic site and gordon we might not have got through this, thank you
my wife was transfered from dla( hrm and hrl) to pip 11/2016 went to face to face, the lady was not really sympathetic, she was awarded standard rate on both untill 11/2019, i pleaded with her to have a mr and appeal but she was to ill and stressed to do it. 12/2018 got the reassessment form we sent off 15/12/18. she had her ftf 04/04/19. at last got a sympathetic nurse. got the brown envelope 20/04/19. she was awarded enhanched on both until 04/22 and a reassessment 04/21”

PIP Awarded

“I've been using your site for years as I'm in receipt of both ESA ( support group) and PIP (daily living enhanced rate ). I couldn't do it without this sites invaluable help. In October 2019 I was sent my questionnaire form for PIP, which I'd been in receipt of for the last 6 yrs, which I duly sent in after a lot of stress. Eventually I received my reply informing me I was eligible for a home medical assessment. Although I found it extremely stressful it was less so than having to go to a centre for it. I was surprised I wasn't asked to do anything physical though I was asked questions about my condition and how it affected me. I was surprised, unpleasantly so, when the letter came saying I was not eligible any longer for a PIP payment even though my condition is an ongoing worsening one for which there's no cure. I asked them to review it again but wasn't successful so decided to go to appeal which I absolutely dreaded. A few days ago I had a phone call from them to say the panel had reviewed it and the appeal wouldn't be necessary as they were going to award me my points as before along with the back pay from October. I couldn't have done it without you or had the courage to follow it through. Thank you so much.”

PIP result

“So April 15th was the deadline for PIP to reply to my points pending the tribunal, the day came and went - nothing. The next day I got an email from the courts and tribunal service saying they were going to chase them, I made sure the court had been changed to my local one and not the one they'd given me which was miles away. Last week I was checking my account balance and there it was!!! A massive deposit from the DWP!!! I worked out that not only had they reinstated my enhanced mobility but they'd also awarded me enhanced care!!! My letter finally arrived yesterday and I've got enhanced rate on both for the next 2 years. I couldn't have done it without this site, thank you, thank you and thank you again. Having failed the MR I put my case for the tribunal by going through the guide step by step and following the advice from Gordon - crucially, I hadn't focused on how my disabilities affect me, I had relied on diagnoses and medical fact when what they were actually looking for was what happened when I tried to walk or carry out an activity on the descriptors. That's why I love this site, it's for disabled people by disabled people, it's not a how to beat the system, it's how to be honest in the correct way. I can't thank you enough”

PIP Review success

“I would like to say thanks I got my standard rate for living and mobility and am over the moon”

I won my PIP Appeal!

“Having received DLA for over 20 years, I was rejected for PIP and so I applied for a mandatory review and included a self-assessment using the information on your website. I was again rejected quoting the same reasons as before and completely ignoring the self-assessment and the further information I had supplied. Based on my self-assessment, I made the case for an award of the daily living component at the enhanced rate and the mobility component at the standard rate. So, following the advice on the website, I filed an appeal. I had the hearing earlier this week and afterwards was handed the written decision. I have been awarded both the daily living and mobility components at the enhance rate without any limitation on the period of award – a great result. Thank you, B&W, for the great information and excellent advice given on your website”

Placed in Support Group without F2F

“HI i am relieved to have received a letter today informing me that i meet the eligibility for the E.S.A support group. And no mention of a F.F. What is the name of the report where they come to this decision i need to ask for to find the information they used and how long the reward will last? This would have been unlikely to have happened without your guides i used to explain how my condition affects me. Thank you so much for your guides they do work. And will use again for my pip”

Thank you – ESA Review

“Thank you used your guides for ESA review. My son has been put in the support group with no finish date. Keeping the letter in a safe place just in case. I have been dreading him having to have a face to face interview as he has complex needs. With your help it went through just on the paper work. Thank you for all your help.”

ESA Renewal – thank you

“Just let you know happened this morning. Checked by bank account on line I am ESA IR and sent my renewal form 27 Feb. To my dismay seen I paid JSA quick payment on Fri my heart sank no they decided that I am not entitled to ESA I R anymore. So I phoned the DWP. Well seems that if they pay you quick payment it ALWAYS goes under JSA as ref not ESA. They said that this happens as it did 3 months ago so they don't worry still I ESA IR. Then he said you have been placed in the ESA I R last Wednesday for 2 years I nearly fell off my chair.
I thought it was a April fool's joke. A letter will be sent out in the next 7 days. So so thankful to Gordon and the guides without them would be lost thank you again…Thanks Gordon again and the guides”

Thank you B&W

“I have been a lurking member since October last year and have found this site and the contributions of others so helpful for my DLA to PIP assessment, so thank you to all.”


“I'd like to share my recent success with being awarded PIP straight after the assessment without needing to appeal. This week i was also awarded esa LCWRA support group without being asked to go for an assessment. My care co ordinator put in extenuating circumstances and that seemingly was accepted. Im aware that this is not everyone's story and i really didn't expect it to be mine. What has been such a huge factor is not going it alone. I used a charity support agency, my union, CAB and of course this forum. The document for applying for esa with mental health problems was a key player in being awarded so i would like to give huge thanks to the team here at B&W. its links to PIP and being aware that ESA may share info with them was a real eye opener. Ill.continue to use this forum and keep an eye out if i can be helpful to others.”

PIP Review success

“Thank you Gordon and B&W for your help…I was previously assessed for PIP in 2012 scoring 12 points for care and 12 points for Moving around for a 3 year period. In September 2018 I received the review papers to be received by DWP by 5 October 2018, I stated no changes and did not have any new medical evidence... Today I received the decision…no change stated from 12 points for each in 2012 to be reviewed by 2019 to 16 points for care and 24 points mobility and the best news is that it's now an on going award. Just shows that opinions and advice from assessors is as varied as each human being. Hope I get some piece now for the next 10 years when I'll be 70. Thanks again to you all.”

PIP award

“After a major battle and tribunal with very helpful advice from yourselves, I managed to get my Enhanced Rate Mobility. I had originally had high rate mobility on DLA, but the PIP assessment deemed I was to receive Nil points. Thanks again.”

PIP Award

“Thank you so much for your wonderful site, I could not have completed the PIP form as well as I had without it. I claimed on behalf of a family member with mental health problems, I asked for a paperbased asessment and recieved the dreaded brown envelope 3 weeks after submission, first thought was...oh no what do they want now? We could not believe it was the award of enhanced and enhanced for both..”

Won ESA Tribunal

“Firstly I want to thank the people and guides behind this website without whom I could not have appealed my ESA decision effectively… Thank you”

Thank you B&W

“Hi, it’s been a long time since I’ve been on the site here but remember well the amazing help and advice with both ESA and PIP applications, assessment and tribunal. I had to learn a lot through that time in a very short period. It has inspired me to learn more... I have particular interest in the tribunal process but understand I would need extensive knowledge in all areas to be able to advise on this. Thank you for all your amazing continued help you provide to all of us in need. Your service is truly priceless.”

B&W – help of the highest quality

“Just renewed, at a reduced premium, for another year. Ive been so grateful for the support, and successful claim, since 2017 when i first found this site that ive renewed each year since.
I’m now a pensioner and hope i dont have cause to use your services anytime soon, since the latest news regarding pensioner reviews, I’m ever hopeful. This is an amazing place for all those people struggling with the decision makers in our government departments. Good luck and thanks to all the staff.”

PIP Tribunal Success!

“A huge thank you to all running this fantastic site! This morning I received a txt message from the NEW? online PIP Tribunal appeal service informing me my appeal has been closed as the DWP have changed my award in MY FAVOUR! So I duly phoned the helpline and was informed that my award has gone from Standard care & Enhanced mobility for 2 years to Enhanced care & Enhanced mobility for 5 years! This after about 3 weeks of applying to the Tribunal service!”

ESA Results

“To Gordon and everyone. I would like to say thank you for this site. I used it AFTER A FAIL ESA ASSESSMENT THAN FOR a Mandatory Consideration ESA 2 years ago. I FILLED THE FORM, BEEN TO COURT AND WON FOR 24 MONTHS. This was ending in December 2018. I received the new form for ESA I used the information for B&w. After 6 weeks I received a brown envelope. When I OPENED IT was just a letter from DWP about my payment and showing amount I WAS ENTITLED TO PLUS THE EXTRA PREMIUM BECAUSE I WAS PUT IN THE WRAG GROUP... THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR HELP. I WILL CONTINUE TO PAID FOR MY MEMBERSHIP TO HAVE ACCESS TO VALUABLES INFORMATION”

DLA to PIP Mandatory Reconsideration success

“I would like to thank all those connected with this website for their diligent work in producing such a helpful repository of knowledge, advice and guidance, which has proved so helpful over the years to so many subscribers, including now myself. I have used the Benefits & Work user guides to achieve success with both my ESA and PIP claims. The Benefits & Work guides were especially helpful to me in my recent transition from DLA to PIP, since the procedure downgraded the rate for my care needs from ‘enhanced’ to ‘standard’ – despite me providing a 24 page ‘How your Disability Affects You’ ‘extra information’ submission, plus additional supporting evidence… the DWP ‘decision maker’s’ summary contained some blatant errors of fact in connection with my disability, I requested a Mandatory Reconsideration. I pointed-out the errors and elaborated further on my care needs, using the Appeals guidance on this website. Within 5 days I had received a letter from the DWP, informing me that my claim had been reassessed and that I had now been awarded the enhanced rate of PIP for my care needs. My message to anyone… is that it is necessary to provide as much information as you can in support of your claim… If you are a subscriber to this website, make sure that you read through the latest guides... Although I no longer need to subscribe to this website, I have chosen to do so, by way of saying ‘thank you’ and in order to support the valuable work that it does in campaigning on behalf of people in need and drawing attention to the sometimes questionable tactics employed by the DWP. Well done to Steve and all the ‘Benefits and Work’ team. I wish you and all those you help, continued success.”

ESA re-assessment result

“After 3 months of stress, tears and sleepless nights, I have had a letter telling me that I have been kept in the Support Group. The relief is huge and I just wanted to thank Gordon for his support and help. I think I was very lucky with the assessor, who was kind and seemed to be very supportive. From what I have read on here and other places, it's a matter of luck when it comes to assessors. I'm not a very lucky person so am extra grateful! Good luck to all and again, thanks to B & W particularly Gordon.”

DLA to PIP at 16 successful – thank you B&W

“We have just moved from DLA to PIP as my son is 16. The dreaded brown envelope arrived and to my surprise we got the award - I was dancing round the kitchen! And it was a slightly enhanced rate. My son didn't have an assessment at all (he has ASD diagnosis), we just had a phone call from a lady asking me questions about him ( I am his appointee). I can only put it down to having access to your wonderful guides and other people's advice on the Forum. Thank you thank you..”

ESA Success

“Having used the guide for migration from Lifetime DLA to PIP and awarded the same as I had Standard care and Enhanced Mobility. I found myself needing to complete the ESA50 form. I used the ESA guide, it is large but then again so is the form. I sent in the additional medical information as recommended in the guide. Along with a letter from my husband (my carer) I waited 13 weeks and received a note on my UC online account saying I had passed the limited capability for work related activity. Then 2 days later received a letter from ESA advising that the decision was to place me in the support group. This was all without a medical and a decision made on the paperwork alone.
I would wholeheartedly stress to anyone going through any of these processes. BUY the Guides. It is without a shadow of a doubt the very best £20 I have spent in a long time. Thank you for all your hard work in developing these guides. It gave me the confidence and ability to complete these abhorrent forms.”

PIP Review Result

“Hi, thanks to Benefits and Work for all the useful information and advice the site and its members provide. At the end of February I had my Assessment and today I phoned to ask for a copy of the report (I had received a text from them saying they had it and were considering). I was hoping for more on mobility, but got standard on both so it was still a relief... Once again, obliged for all the help during such a stressful and tiring experience”

Thank you B&W

“Thankyou everybody working at B&W received [lower] rate mobility and care. Still lost the higher rate mobility that I had and they haven't given me 'light touch' even though I am a pensioner because 'my needs may change' so have to go through the whole process again. BUT for the moment I'm so relieved not to have to go to court.”

WCA success – support group no medical!

“A while back I wrote an entry to you about the long wait I was having following a WCA form. You kindly gave me a link to the assessment centre, followed this up and I was finally given the news today that after many years on the WRAG I am being transferred to the Support Group with no need for face to face medical. Once again I would like to thank you for the priceless advice given on here regarding filling the form to give me the best and most fair outcome. I would encourage anyone who is waiting a long time as I did, some two and a half months to chase them up. Waiting for so long is intolerable when your health is deteriorating because of it. Thank you again, I am so relieved at the outcome, Keep up the good work.”

DLA to PIP success

“[I] have been a quiet member for many years and used the guides every time but I wanted to share my good news today, I had been on the enhanced rate mobility and standard care PIP due to end September 2019, received the letter saying I was having a home visit from capita…anyhow gets a letter today moved to enhanced care for 10 yrs. I really couldn’t believe it this was my best case scenario and it actually happened. But without you advice on how to complete the papers I don’t think it would be so… Thank you is not really enough but it’s all I and others have. keep it up”

ESA success!

“Thanks to the great guides and advice on this site my wife has succeeded in getting awarded her Esa on renewal without a F2F. Form was sent in Dec 19th 2018…I spent a couple of days researching and suspected it was an award letter. I then had to call DWP to confirm it was an award letter…After putting in her NI number he confirmed it was an award letter(yes!!). I then asked how long till the next review he then confirmed it would be18mths… Thanks for all your help once again”

Massive thank you

“Would just like to say thankyou very much for all the information available on this site
. Just received a letter to say I have been put in the support group for another 3 years without the need for an assessment. All the information available on this site is fantastic, and if it had not been here, my outcome may have been a different story.... Thankyou again”

ESA success

“I had my assessment on 28 December 2018 and had not received a decision yet. I bit the bullet and phoned them today to request the ESA85 to start preparations for an MR and appeal. Lo and behold, a decision was made on 12 January. I had not received a letter informing me BUT I got the Support Group again for 18 months!...Thank you to Gordon and this site. Without the guides and reading all the posts on here I would have struggled so much over the past few years.”

DLA to PIP success after appeal

“Hi all - I've been a member here for a while, but have only posted here once or twice. Excellent advice and information - which is always bang up-to-date thanks to Steve D. and the team ! I hope by sharing this, it might encourage others in similar circumstances to ours. We have a daughter with learning disabilities, and she was getting the lower level of DLA - then she had to apply for PIP when she turned 16... she was given insufficient points to qualify for any PIP at all - so we applied for a MR, which resulted in no change to the original decision. So we decided to take it to appeal - and as her father, I acted as our daughter's Representative… I seem to have managed to convince HMCTS (or the DWP) to ask for further medical reports from our daughter's GP instead of relying purely on the Atos assessment. The day of the hearing arrived… the Judge explained that they had already decided that our daughter did indeed qualify for PIP at the lower level for both Daily Living and Mobility components. Although I had sent a 'submission' which argued for maximum points, I was only expecting to be awarded the lower Daily Living PIP - but the Tribunal had already decided that she also qualified for lower Mobility as well… So, with the massive help of the info and advice from the B&W guys here - and I believe the extra report from our daughter's GP …It took over a year to get this result - and I count my blessings that we were able to see it through …Our daughter got her PIP backdated to the date of her claim - and was awarded the current level for just one more year”

PIP success

“Pleased to say my husband got awarded his pip again on renewal and has been given 10 years until his next review. Thank you for the guidance.”

PIP Tribunal won

“Thank you for all of the info you provided me in my fight for PIP with my Chronic cluster headaches. I won at Tribunal, with lots of info from yourselves and great backup from a welfare rights officer.”

PIP Tribunal success

“Had my tribunal yesterday for PIP and was awarded enhanced rate for daily living! Just want to thank - your guides are the reason this happened especially the fighting the medical evidence report. Thank You.”

PIP Tribunal Hearing

“Even though I'm a former CAB advisor, having a good knowledge of the benefits system. I still used this cracking site and its guides and recommend it to those who have been treated unfairly by the DWP's jobsworths. Therefore I wish to thank Benefits and Work for there guides to a successful PIP tribunal appeal after two DWP decision makers award my wife 9 points for the care component of PIP…After 40 odd years of getting high care, high mobility DLA to then undergo a medical at a clinic/ plus a home visit from a DWP officer checking to see if she's getting the correct benefit going back those 40 odd years...resulting in her still being awarded high care, high mobility still. Only to be transferred over to PIP in 2018 to then having a medical assessor come out, as a result of that visit to be awarded standard rate care 9 points... Went through the proper procedure i.e Mandatory Reconsideration that decision maker agreed with the first one…Tribunal took less than 5 minutes the Chairperson stating we have made our decision and disagree with the decision makers findings…Thank Steve and all benefits and work staff”

ESA Support Group

“Dear B & W team, many many thanks for your being here, your support and information are as always so valuable in fact it is life-saving, believe me. Its been a very long and stressful last few months, but I have finally been informed that I am to stay in the support group”

PIP Review success

“My son who is 35 and has severe mental health problems received his PIP review letter yesterday. Thanks to the detailed information given by this site his replies to the PIP review questionnaire were accepted. Not only was his award confirmed but thanks to the guidance given here he was awarded a mobility component as well for the first time. This was without having to go for a face to face interview ! It was the best result he could have wished for and the help available here once more proved it's immense value. Thank you.”


“Since my last post this afternoon, I rang DWP as a bit desperate and have an award for 10 years of enhanced for both so thank you B & W. It has been a worrying 4 months but it is possible!”

PIP success

“I’ve been on ESA or similar since 2003 and had a letter to change to PIP on January 4th asking me to phone them which I did. They…said they will send me the PIP application form, which I received on January 9th. I’ve been a member of B&W for many years and had downloaded all “The Best Possible” form guides from the site to enable me to fill out the form. I sent the completed form together with all my medical evidence (consultants letters etc from all my hospital notes which I’d requested previously) and sent the completed form off on January 21st with a request for a home visit if possible…a home visit was arraigned for February 4th. The medical assessment went reasonably well and lasted about an hour and the lady (a nurse) was extremely helpful. She said the DWP will take at least 7 weeks to make their decision. Had a text message from DWP on Monday 11th to say they had received the assessors report and they would be in touch. I thought I had at least 6 weeks to wait for a decision, but got home on Friday 15th to find the dreaded brown envelope on the mat. I had been on ESA support group + DLA of High Rate mobility and Middle Rate Care and felt certain I was going to lose both, bearing in mind all the horrendous stories I had heard. So, imagine my surprise when I read that I had been awarded the Enhanced Rate for daily living and also the Enhanced Rate for mobility! I don’t think I would have gotten this award decision had I not studied and used the advice on this forum. Thanks everyone.”

Pension Credit award

“Just to give people a small "ray of hope". I applied for Pension Credit and was refused. After posting my plight on this site and getting some great advice from Gordon (Admin) I downoaded the DWP's own Desision Makers Guide from "Asset Publishing" (It is free to download and use) Armed with this documentation, I made a Mandatory Reconsideration and quoted the relevant sections of the DWP paperwork. Straight away they have reconsidered and I have been awarded full Pension Credit. As I have now become a Pensioner and am on State Pension, this is so important as it is a "Benefit" and opens the door to Council Tax reduction, Mortgage Interest Support etc etc. I urge all members to check out these guides and a BIG "THANK YOUI GORDON!!”

PIP Appeal won

“Thank you Gordon. your advice has helped keep me calm and come up with a measured response. I went to the tribunal today the dwp didn't attend. on entering the room I was advised that my son should have been awarded PIP on both care and mobility and that the only question now was for which rate. after 10 minutes of questions I received the verdict there and then and was told he would receive enhanced for both. I didn't need to say anything about the report being wrong and not a true reflection of the assessment as they had worked it out for themselves. the only thing I don't know is how long the award is for yet but she said it shouldn't be a short award thank you one again”

PIP reassessment – no face to face 6 year award

“Thank you again for all the advice here, Membership a must! Today received news my PIP has been renewed at Enhanced rates until 2015, no F2F…Thankyou again Moderators”

ESA Support Group success

“Hi it’s great news been put back in support group... can I just give a super mega thanks to this site for all the support I receive”

ESA reassessment no face to face

“ Having recvd my PIP award the other day I also recvd another brown envelope this morning. I returned my ESA form the beginning & January & found out today I’m being kept in the support group without having to attend a f2f! Such a relief & the second time this has happened thanks to the info & guides on this brilliant site. So thank you so much everyone!”

ESA success! Thank you

“Thanks to your site and guides I remain in the support group after submitting my recent ESA claim. I wasn't called for a face to face either. The ESA50 deadline was 21st December (ruined my Christmas) and I got the result last week. If it wasn't for your guides explaining what the form sections actually meant and what they were looking for I would not have completed each question correctly and I would not be sitting here now feeling such relief. I used continuation sheets and enclosed 11 pages of medical evidence which I obtained from my local hospitals by requesting copies of my records under the freedom of information act (in advance). Thank you so much. Elated.”

Thank you! Enhanced PIP awarded

“I want to thank B&W for the excellent guides to completing the PIP claim form. I completed the form on behalf of my husband. There were a lot of suggestions in the guides to include things that we wouldn't have normally considered including, and I think this helped to "flesh out" the situation, so to speak…We were hopeful that we would be successful with the claim, as we had totaled up the points we thought would be awarded, but we were expecting to be called in for an interview. Today we received the dreaded brown envelope to find that the claim has been successful, with 36 points awarded for daily living, and 24 points for mobility. My husband has been awarded the enhanced PIP until December 2028… We were surprised at how the points had been awarded…Nevertheless, however the points were worked out, we are delighted that we no longer have to worry about PIP until 2028, by which time they will have probably changed the system again. I would strongly recommend that other applicants use the Guides on here to help with their forms, and also take time to type out their answers so that they can be revised as they go through them. Later questions may prompt additional information on the earlier questions, which you hadn't considered when you completed them. Thank you again for all you do to help applicants with these time consuming and very difficult benefits. It made everything so much easier for us this time around, and we haven't had to appeal as we did when starting DLA.”

PIP success

“I just wanted to say a huge thanks to all the mods here (but especially Gordon), been a member for years and never used the service much but this i have needed it an aweful lot, firstly Gordon pointed me to a publication called "Guide to PIP claims and reviews" this was some 93 pages long and given i work better with paper copies i printed the whole thing out and worked my way though it and i have to say it is the most boring bit of paperwork i have ever read but if it was not for that single document i would not have been awarded the decesion i was, so if you’re going for PIP read it and re read it as many times as you need to it's worth it's weight in gold. Thanks has to also be given Steve Donnison & Holiday Whitehead as they wrote it but Thanks Gordon for answering some of my stupid questions on the run up to my interviews”

PIP appeal success!

“Thank you to everyone at Benefits and Work, your guides and information helped with my PIP appeal on the grounds of MH vs DWP and their continued assumptions and denials for the request to move from standard to enhanced rate. Whist waiting for a Tribunal date we received a phone call from the DWP who asked a couple of questions before announcing that they would change their decision and allow descriptor, mobility 1.f backdated to 28th November 2016. Whilst the journey has been very difficult, especially for someone with long-term mental health issues. I urge anyone following the same journey to keep going. The relief of finally been believed is overwhelming, I don't mind admitting that I burst into tears on hearing the news. Thank you again to this wonderful site and its guidance through the mine field that is the DWP benefits system.”

It’s over – PIP award

“Its over from 03/17 till 02/19 I just heard its all over I have now got enhanced rate on both and back payment is going in at the end of this week, I would love to thank you all on here, you have been a great support its a great place to come and vent when its needed. I can now just get on with life again. Thank you very much”

We won PIP award

“Just to say Thank you this site helped me get the full award for both mobility and care that was about five years ago. I had to go to two tribunal s before I won. Now this site has helped my son who suffers from physical and mental health problems. He was on the care element on the lowest but it got stopped at the beginning of last year's after an assessment by the dwp. He was advised to go to tribunal which he is waiting for. In the mean time he was advised to start a new claim for pip for this one the assessor came to our house. He heard to day that he had got awarded the mobility and care both at the higher rate. We are still going to the tribunal for the one that was stopped in the mean time this is going to make his life easier. Thanks again”

PIP Mandatory Reconsideration successful!

“Firstly I must give a massive thank you to the creators of this website especially for the members legal guide packs which in my opinion are the absolute Rolls Royce of guides for dealing with benefit claims with the DWP. Subscribing for several years now, they have been a life saver against the dwindling welfare rights advisory services. Earlier this year my transfer from DLA to PIP came about. Completed the questionnaire using the B&W legal guide and duly returned it complete with additional information and supporting medical evidence. This was an application for both Physical & Mental Health issues. The request for a home visit [assessment] (backed up with a supporting letter from my GP was agreed to.)..I was then dumbfounded to find that the decision for my PIP, whilst giving me the standard rate for 'Daily Living'; had declined the Mobility scoring me zero points for this which was in relation to mental health issues alone. The assessors report was full of anomalies, some downright lies, and in parts it would seem that appropriate additional information that had been expanded on both in the questionnaire and at the assessment, had been mysteriously omitted from inclusion. The most glaringly obvious contradiction was the statement that my medical history showed no record for a specific mental health issue which was the basis for the mobility component being denied. THIS WAS DESPITE THE SUPPORTING MEDICAL EVIDENCE ALREADY PROVIDED TO THE CONTRARY! So, I find myself embroiled in yet another 3 weeks of my time preparing my Mandatory Reconsideration Request. Again it helped tremendously having access to the B&W guide for this, but I must also thank my landlord's welfare rights adviser for the valuable support and encouragement they gave too…After 6 weeks of stewing and worrying about the outcome I was both astounded and very relieved to find that I have won my case for the MR. Money owed had already been credited to my bank a/c and the standard rate of the mobility had been reinstated. This means that I am now receiving the equivalent payment previously awarded for my DLA...”

PIP tribunal

“Just thought I would update you on my experience on moving from dla to pip, especially the tribunal stage. After 6 years on MRC and LRM I was asked to apply for PIP…I received no points. I applied for a MR using the guides on the site and still no points so I applied for an appeal. I found this process extremely stressful but I knew I had to appeal just to put my point across… It took 6 months for my appeal to be heard and it had to be cancelled due to one of the panel being an old work colleague. Roll on another 6 months I finally had my appeal on Tuesday… I had already sent in my reasons for each descriptor in writing (using the guides on this site) along with a letter from GP. Following advice from Gordon I didn’t rip the HP’s report apart… I put my points down saying how I thought she had misinterpreted me and how I actually met each descriptor. The tribunal was a horrible experience not because of the panel, I found most of them friendly and fair…I didn’t get my decision then I had to wait for the post. So after 4 sleepless nights the letter finally arrived today…. 10 points for care and 8 for mobility for 3 years so standard on both…. I’m in shock. It’s all thanks to the guides on this site and advice from Gordon and other users THANK YOU ALL x”

Won PIP Tribunal

“Hi all, I have just got back from my PIP tribunal hearing and I am very pleased to be able to say the Judge ruled in my favour and I have been reinstated to the enhanced rate. Many thanks B&W”

PIP Tribunal successful

“Firstly, thank you for the information on this site it is very beneficial for someone with autism who has difficulty accessing face to face support. Your site enabled me to prepare for and proceed to a tribunal for PIP which was successful. It was a horrible ordeal, but I had given the tribunal so much to go on in advance, including my written statement to them, medical reports, current letters from professionals etc that they knew a great deal already before I stumbled through the questions in a state of extreme distress. They were also very kind to me and I took your advice in terms of making sure I had an Autism advocate present, that was equally good advice as I needed supporting both during and afterwards.”

PIP success!

“Just wanted to let you know the outcome of my recent DLA to PIP application. Success!!! MRC on DLA to Standard Care on PIP. HRM on DLA to Enhanced Mobility on PIP both awards run from 6th February to 11th November 2021, and it mentions being contacted after 11th November 2020. Firstly thank you so much B&W and of course Gordon for all your help in my success with this claim. It's very, very much appreciated.”

SSCS1 finished

“At last we can say we have finished filling out the sscs1 for our appeal. Been a rocky and stressful road getting to this point but without the help and assistance from the moderators and information available here I don't think we would have got to this point!. SO just to say a big THANKYOU!!!! Without you all I don't think we would ever have got this far!”

Positive outcome for PIP

“My wife's first claim for PIP has come back with the best outcome we could hope for - standard rate living and enhanced mobility, with a three year review. I feel this is largely down to the advice and support of this website and form - so thanks.”

Thank you B&W – PIP mobility awarded

“I want to thank you all for providing amazing guides and draft letters. I'm pleased to say after reassessment I was successful in being awarded enhanced mobility so I am now able to keep my car. It's been a difficult time after being misled by my assessor and feeling all was lost. Thank you so much for all the advice in these guides with the latest legal cases. I couldn't have done it without you.”

Thank you – from the bottom of my heart

“Thank you, thank you, thank you – to all the advisors & others who give really good, useful, advice on this forum. I am so glad I paid for a year’s membership; this has given me the advice needed and courage to enable me to ‘take on’ the DWP (and Atos) with a successful outcome without having to go to Tribunal. Firstly I obtained a copy of my PIP Assessment; then I filed a complaint about my (Atos) medical assessment, enclosing a copy of it to DWP with my Mandatory Reconsideration application. There were 7 (yes, seven) breaches of the PIP Assessment Guide Part 1 which I outlined to Atos… I concentrated on 5 sections where the advice from the Paramedic from Atos conflicted with the evidence given in the older DLA reports… With my husband’s help, we went through the Atos report paragraph by paragraph, pointing out what was wrongly stated, together with any breaches of the guidelines… I have now received the result of the Mandatory Reconsideration – my PIP has changed from daily living 9 points to 16 points; and mobility from 10 points to 12 points. This has reinstated my money to what I was receiving under DLA: high care/high mobility. I have today received a 7-page letter full of apologies regarding my PIP Assessment. Some of it is obviously standard text but it is interesting to note ‘Unfortunately the HP is no longer employed by us and therefore unavailable to speak to’ and ‘On discussion with the DWP amendments have been made to the recommended scoring of some activities’. Once again, my heartfelt thanks to everyone on the Forums and the excellent guidance leaflets you produce.”

DLA to PIP success for son

“I have finally got around to posting for the first time here to give a good news story to others. I used the great guidance from this site as well as some other descriptors from specific Autism guides. I was successful in getting awarded enhanced for daily living and mobility for my son. He previously got high care and low mobility for DLA for years. I did spend a long time and stress filling out these horrible forms and sent his school review papers and other information with form. He didn’t need to go for a face to face they made the decision from the paperwork but I don’t know if this is relevant he already gets ESA. I just wanted to say thanks to this great site and give hope to others, that sometimes the system works and that PIP has been better than DLA for him. Good luck to others going through this stressful time, it is not through choice we do this but necessity”

A Big Massive Thank You

“A BIG MASSIVE THANK YOU TO Gordon and the Team for all your hard work and the help Guides to do for the members. After having my first ever Face to Face assessment for my ESA and using the info and Guides available to members on this FANTASTIC Website. I got my letter today saying i am still in the support group for ESA. I cannot thank Gordon and all on this site for your invaluable help you give. Once again a BIG THANK YOU ALL.”

ESA & PIP success

“Despite getting myself into a terrible state, just before Christmas I got the brown envelope from ESA and I am sill in the support group. I had the assessment for PIP before Christmas I rang for a copy of the assessors report, and the young girl read it out to me over the phone so I wouldn't worry over Christmas, (although I did a bit). Yesterday I plucked up the courage to ring and ask for a decision and was told a letter was on its way and I have been awarded Enhanced for both which is more than was getting… Thank you all for your support.”

Huge provisional thank you

“Just wanted to add my voice to those thanking Gordon and co. for this absolutely fantastic website. I put off applying for PIP for a long while because I was terrified to go through the process due to my mental health conditions. My assessment was cancelled and rescheduled which caused yet more immense stress. I read and reread every single resource on this website and many forum answers too. Today I got my PIP report back. It's strange because my assessor called me 0 points, but the score was queried and reviewed, and I was reassessed as scoring 13 points for daily living i.e. the higher rate! Obviously I won't count my chickens until I have the decision letter (and frankly the money in my account!) …In any case thank you so much for creating this wonderful resource. It was the best investment I could have made!”

Big thank you B&W

“Hi all, just signed up for my eight consecutive year, so a big thank you, for all the help over the years, to all at B+W for such a great site and a happy new year to all…”

PIP result

“i just wanted to let you know that it is worth fighting, ,i have been going through this now with all the waiting and worry for yrs now,since they first started all this pip thing,iv been making myself sicker with the worry and stress this has given me, to have an end to it is just bliss.i recieved my awnser from my f2f last week,and i can happily say that i was given enhanced for both for an ongoing period,,so it says after end of 2028.i just couldent believe it,the letter said that they have used the best eveidance they have to ditermine how much care i need,and wow,i got enhanced for both,many times i was going to give up,and on every occasion i turned to bennafit and work,i read everyones cases and followed a few too and when i needed a question awnsering then gordon or one of the other monitors or members would help me..i made a member of this group in 2012 i think and although i hadent needed them untill just lately it was money well spent,this site is amazing and just becouse i (for now),have finished my claim,(i just carnt believe it is over and with this outcome)i certainly will still stay a member becouse you never know when you will need the help of everyone here,,thankyou very much bennafits and work you are a light in a very dark night,,,,keep up the great work,id like to give gordon a big thank you for talking me through and listening,,this site is priceless”

From zero points to Standard PIP

“For the past year I have been helping a family member through the minefield that is the transfer from DLA to PIP. I’d like to say a massive thank you to this site for the helpful guides and information taking you through the appeal process step by step. I also want to encourage other people fighting to get the benefits you are entitled to. It’s worth it to keep trying even if at every stage doors appear to be shut in your face. The DWP turned us down at every stage, we had to go through the stress of a tribunal. I never thought we would get points for mobility as well. And to be awarded PIP indefinitely so we never have to go through this again, a welcome bonus. My advice is to get as much help, advice and information as you can to work through the process step by step. And don’t give up.”

PIP success at first shot


Enhanced PIP Mobility achieved

“Great news – enhanced mobility PIP achieved with 12 points ‘scored’. Also an unexpected additional standard daily living component was granted. The DWP letter was received on the 24th of December, 2 months after my Capita face-to-face. A great big thanks for all the advice and opinions shared on the B&W forum.”

ESA won at appeal!

“I just want to thank all of you at Benefits and Work for the support I've had from your website. At the appeal yesterday I was put back into the ESA support group, with a recommendation that I shouldn't be reassessed! I wouldn't have got that without you - your advice and guides have been as good as having my own solicitor!”

PIP Enhanced rate awarded

“We were appealing middle rate on both components decision. As mandatory reconsideration didn't change the verdict, we appealed to the tribunal. All of a sudden we got a letter from DWP, saying that they reconsidered their decision and awarded me with enhanced rate for both components "based on new evidence"… My thanks to all the information and detailed advice that Benefits and Work have provided. You have been a great help.”

PIP Tribunal success

“With the help of B & W I was successful with my tribunal appeal. I really appreciate the information and help I found here and want to thank all those involved”

I have been awarded PIP!

“Firstly, BIG thank you to this site md everyone on here for helping me. I have found it a huge help to me and the resources on here have been invaluable. Thanks so much. I checked my online banking this morning and seen a back payment from PIP. I haven't had a letter yet so rang the contact number earlier and it has been confirmed. I have been awarded the lower rate for both components. To say it is a massive relief to me is an understatement. Months of worry and added anxiety and that feeling that I was not being listened to about my MH issues. I'm still waiting to hear if my ESA mandatory reconsideration (had a text message to say i will hear by the 27th of dec) has been successful or not, but for now, I feel a huge weight lifted. I couldn't have got through all that form filling without the guides on here. Thanks.”

Tribunal success

“Thank you for your very useful guides on the Tribunal. My friend and I used the guides at the Tribunal stage and found them very helpful. Just a tip - do send information in advance if you can. The Tribunal were also helpful and the Tribunal Judge & Panel were very kind (Sutton) even though the evidence was only provided on the day. My friend was not in a good state but got through it and their kindness & empathy ( and advice) gave him a much needed boost. He was awarded additional points for daily living and mobility. The DWP representative did not appear and the case was heard in their absence. Thank you”

PIP Review – award for ten years

“I've posted about this on a much earlier thread that I started some months ago. Just to let you know my PIP award went through and I had the enhanced rate again for care and mobility for ten years. Wasn't expecting that - and yes, I know they'll be reviewing me again before that date - but it's wonderful to have it out of the way now. Thank you so much. I have a combination of complex health issues, so following the guides was vital in order to present a full picture. Plus Gordon's advice on another thread was really helpful. Many thanks”

PIP Tribunal success!

“A great result today, my "other half" has had a successful tribunal result. Thank you for all advice on the W&B site, this was all taken on board. We did sent a brief resume' of the points on which the HP failed him and the omissions and discrepancies which occurred in this PIP assessment to the tribunal beforehand and this made things easier I am sure. Such a wonderful anyone out there facing a tribunal, I can say that he was treated with the greatest respect throughout. So never give up!!!”

Deaf Appeal Won!

“You may remeber I posted over a year ago now that I was helping my dad with his PIP appeal. He is profoundly deaf with a CI. He perviously had DLA and lost it changing to PIP. I did my reserach and got relevent case law. The one about safety was huge in getting him points in areas. I wrote a detailed submission laying out his case. For each descriptor I wrote what I belie he should have scored and why. Today was the tribunal and they had made their decision before we enetered the court room. They were very nice and said that they made their decision already because of my detailed submission and gave points in every area I had asked for. He walked out having won enhanced daily living. Standard mobility and the judge has recommended it indefinitely.”

PIP success!

“My husband has been getting lower rate PIP for some 4 yeras, but no mobility component. He has detereorated msssively this past 18 months and I was concerned about him approaching 65 and wanting to at least get a review of his needs. We got your latest advice. He asked for a review in July. We completed the forms over a good few weeks, (we had to ask for an extension). This was very stressful for both of us as he always plays down his difficulties and as his carer, I see things differently. We wre hoping at least to get something for mobility. He had a home visit in October., from quite a sympathetic assessor.
He has just his decision letter. Enhanced care and enhance mobility,backdated to July and awarded for 10 years.!..Thanks so much to everybody who contributes to this site and guides, I know we would not have been so sucessful without your support..”

ESA Support Group

“I just thought I would post here as thanks to this website and knowledge I had going into my assessment - I was found to be continuing in the support group of ESA at least for another 18 months…I was very worried before hand even going into at best WRAG with proviso to prepare paid work once more.
On advice here I got a letter from my consultant psychiatrist which said I was not able to do full time paid work - I have had over 40 jobs over the years and in almost all had to give up due to my health becoming worse in each. I had been stable for year or so - doing lots volunteering and keeping myself well in the best way for me.
AS ADVISED BY THIS FORUM _ I got my psychiatrist to write a letter for me saying I was doing well but if I was deemed able to do full time paid work - my health condition had the potential to become quickly unstable as I live on my own and in these circumstances I have often forgot meds which is dangerous for myself.
AS ADVISED BY THIS FORUM - Also I asked before hand for the assessment to be recorded and this was in the notes - and when I turned up on the day - they said the cassette machine was not working so I would be unable to have my assessment taped. I then said is it ok to record it on my phone and they then said they needed discuss it with the assessor - anyhow ten minutes later and in time for my assessment the cassette machine was miraculously cured and I did indeed get my assessment recorded. I did think this did actually benefit me in the way the assessment was done and I was able to get across how my condition affected myself at its worst. Anyhow three weeks after assessment I got news being in Support Group. I believe the two keys that stopped me from either being in WRAG group or on JSA were recording the assessment and getting medical backup also. I actually scored zero points but my condition over ruled these figures which I for one was mightily relieved to receive this news. Thank you Benefits and Work”

Tribunal result

“Many thanks to Benefits and Work and all the information available to get us through this. Lots of hours of work and very stressful but worth the effort. Had Appeal Hearing recently. Appealing the Mobility component which hadn't been awarded after years on DLA. We were in and out in five minutes - didn't even get our papers on the table. 3 minutes of the time there was getting our chins off the floor. Decision was made ahead of our walking in, based on initial evidence combined with additional evidence submitted before the hearing date. Tribunal decided not only to award Mobility but it should be at Enhanced rate PLUS the Daily Living should be Enhanced as well. Hope not tempting fate as not had DWP confirmation yet. To any of you out there trying - keep at it; read all Benefits and Work resources and prepare. The Panel we had were charming but guess would say that given the result!”

PIP renewed at Enhanced rate

“After a ten week wait, I got the letter today to say that I have been re-awarded pip at enhanced rate (19 points...same as last time) with no medical. I am pleased to have the continuing financial support, I am pleased they have recognised the difficulties I experience as a result of mental health problems and I am pleased that they are not forcing me through a traumatic assessment…Thank you for support from here and the invaluable advice on filling in forms.”

ESA success!

“I just wanted to say a big thanks for the guides on here. They are worth their weight in gold. I would never recommend anyone filling out any medical forms without them regardless of how ill they are. We moved home to a full UC area and had to make an online claim for that. My husband was previously in the ESA support group. An ESA50 form then arrived in the post which I filled out for him using the Benefits and Work guides. (Apparently the UC people were waiting to hear from the ESA people about hubby's ability to work, or lack of it). I took the advice about adding extra medical evidence, and ended up including an extra 31 pages! (Unfortunately hubby has lots of long term conditions.)We know from experience that first class recorded post can be slow so with a week to go until the form was due back we paid the extra for Special Delivery, and today we were informed via our online UC journal that my husband has been awarded the limited capability for work and work related activity component. A big relief!”

PIP Review success

“I received the new pip review form which was started being issued in August I returned this form in early September. I have been waiting for the dreaded assessment and to my delight I received my brown envelope today no assessment and my award extended from sept 2019;to November 2022. Thank you benefits and work I followed your advise to the letter.”

PIP win!

“In June this year, my brother underwent reassessment to move him from DLA to PIP. He is a full leg amputee (with very short fleshy stump) and was getting the 'middle care allowance' and 'higher mobility allowance' on DLA as he has great difficulty balancing and walking on his prosthetic due to such a short stump. After his assessment, they took away completely any 'care allowance' and dropped him down to the lower rate 'mobility' allowance. We asked for a Mandatory Review, and with this supplied a letter from his doctor in support of his case. The review was carried out very quickly, and within 2 weeks we received a letter to say they had not changed their decision. We duly completed the form to appeal at tribunal. We did not at that point provide further 'evidence' and effectively rewrote on the form, what we had put down for the MR. Within 6 weeks he received a letter from the DWP to say they had reviewed all the information on their copy of the appeal form, and decided to award him both PIP components at the Higher Rate after all! Therefore no need to go to the tribunal. Whilst he is of course very happy with the final result, and we wanted to share this with you all, to show that there is always hope, it is nevertheless shocking that the DWP can put people through the wringer for absoutely nothing! We had not supplied any further evidence, that they did not have for the MR…Finally to say we could not have done it without the guidelines and advice from this site. Thankyou all. We wish you all well with your continued fight.”

Appeal success

“Just to let you know I had my appeal on Tuesday, got my decision in the post today. I was shaking when I opened the letter, because I really wasn’t sure which way it would go for me. Awarded enhanced rate for daily living from standard, and standard rate mobility, which has been backdated from April 2017. I am glad it is all over now until 2021, and given my mental health problems, I am quite glad I managed to see the whole process to the end. I believed all along that the assessor had really stitched me up with the descriptors, but now I have validation that I was right to fight the injustice of this chronic system, of which is not fit for purpose. I honestly believe it is corrupt and in contempt of human rights, and causes nothing but misery for so many. Thanks to all that have helped, and the information on this site, which has helped without a doubt.”

PIP Review success

“I recently completed the new PIP review form and submitted it using the PIP guide. I sent additional information from my Consultant, OT and Physio after the submitted the original form. I had asked if I could do this and they gave me an extension to my decision being made. Thankfully I was successful in maintaining my levels of benefit, without having to attend for an assessment. Thank you for the support from this website.”

PIP appeal won

“I just want to say a HUGE thank you. I have just won my appeal for PIP. I originally was awarded the standard rate for daily living and nothing for mobility. when I queried the points awarded on one of the criteria they took the whole lot away. I appealed and have just been awarded higher rate daily living and standard rate mobility. This was thanks to the information available to me on this website. (I just hope the DWP don't appeal it). This has been going on since May last year so even though it was a long time to wait, it was worth it. I have now been told I could maybe claim contribution based ESA so will be looking at your information on that. It has been a great help to me as i have never claimed anything in my life but you made the process easier. THANK YOU X”

ESA Support Group SUCCESS

“Well back in September the dreaded ESA assessment questionnaire landed on my porch floor. After instant anxiety attack, i opened it. Noticed they had moved the goalposts again. Had a quick look through these guides looked pretty much a formality. So i sat, took a full day out to carefully fill the form in. I have no evidence material other than my four page prescription repeat form. Any who, i placed it all in the envelope posted it & stopped sleeping properly from that day on. 7th November face to face appointment arrives for 21st November. Again panic, although i have no reason to. Frets a lot becomes suicidal, not slept or rested since Friday 16th November. Skip to Tuesday the 20th, Posty comes with a dreaded health assessment address on back. Thinks here goes. Opens it to find they have cancelled the appointment & to ring job centre. Does this to be told no need for assessment as i still qualify for ESA Support group. Gosh i feel soooo much better now.”

Success at MR for PIP

“First of all, I would like to thank Gordon and this amazing website with its resources for all the help and support that has been offered to me and so many others. After a gruelling and worrying long time, I now have become a success story after mandatory reconsideration of PIP, and was here previously asking for advice. At first I was awarded 0 points for both care and mobility. After mandatory reconsideration, I have now been awarded standard care (8 points) and standard mobility (10 points). This has also passported me to having the severe disability premium added to my ESA…All money has been backdated to when I lost my DLA and the severe disability premium also to my ESA. Not everyone is successful at mandatory reconsideration, I know, and feel very grateful. Thank you so much Gordon. You make such a difference to people’s lives.”

Enhanced PIP renewed for 3 years – thanks to B&W!

“Just a quick "thank you" to everyone at B&W for their continuous effort and advice. I received a renewal form from DWP, and at first I thought just tick everything as "No Change". However after reading documents and advice on this site, I changed my approach and made sure all questions were answered fully, reasserting my medical conditions. DWP have written to me and confirmed my Enhanced PIP has been renewed until 2021, without a F2F assessment. So once again, thanks to everyone at B&W”

PIP success – thank you

“Thankyou to this page and Gordon. I’ve been given pip enhanced rate for both for 3 years. Thankyou thankyou thankyou”

ESA success

“Having recently done an ESA WCA after a 5-year gap, and having used your very informative Guides to help, I just got the DWP response today (I submitted it for 12th October deadline, so they were quite quick) and I'm pleased to let you know that they're continuing my ESA, and keeping me in the Support Group.”

Thank you

“I just want to say thank you all for help and advice from this site. Gone from High rate DLA mobility to enhanced care and standard mobility on PiP I would not have got either without this sites assistance.”

PIP Result at last!

“Well after almost 6 months I finally got a decision today if only over the phone…I won my my MR!!! I'm still in shock and have been all day so only just stopped shaking, well almost. The girl on the phone said 12 points for mobilty and 9 points for daily living up to the 20th of June 2021. So that's that for over 18 months until I get the call again a year before the end date, all being well…My sincere thanks and gratitude goes to you, Gordon - for your support and advice throughout this ordeal. My eternal thanks also to the support I've had from fellow members. I really could never have got there on my own. I thoroughly read the guides and followed them intently throughout the whole process and in particular through the MR process, which obviously paid off. My advice to anyone who is in a similar situation after a dodgy assessment is make sure you have a recording to refer to and quote from (even though the other tape is highly unlikely to ever get listened to), and do not give up, whatever you do. Anyway, cheers to all and for once I'm looking forward to getting my brown envelope this time.”

PIP success

“… i wrote some time ago as I had to go for an assessment from indefinite DLA to PIP it was horrendous... However to my amazement two weeks later I received the dreaded brown envelope and to our utter amazement I was given high level support on all parts for 4 year then to be reassessed Thank You all for your support and help I will keep reading all your data ready for round 2 in 4 yrs time”

Successful MR

“Just a quick note to let you know I’ve had a successful mandatory reconsideration result! I was awarded standard care and Mobility at review following a f2f. Care the same but mobility reduced..... After a whopping 13 weeks of letting me hold on to it my motability car was returned on Friday, the same day as the decision was made. My mental health has been seriously affected. Risking an award which could be changed to nothing. enduring a cold winter and being made to be a liar has taken its toll. But thanks to this wonderful site and your invaluable resources I feel supported at my loneliest, most stressful time. I am certain that without benefits and work I wouldn’t have made it through successfully…Huge thanks to all at b&w

PIP success before hearing

“I am totally in shock, 9 o'clock this morning I received a phone call from PIP informing me they had reviewed my case following new evidence supplied by myself and had decided they could award Enhanced Care and Standard Mobility. So, from zero points to zero points on Mandatory Reconsideration to Enhanced Rate and Standard Rate-many thanks to Gordon and the wonderful guides which I used for my Tribunal Appeal. This is really great news for me and I urge everyone in similar situations not to give up, use the guides on here as they really do make a difference”


“Good news! After a year of fighting and rejections, at the tribunal today my sister-in-law has gone from zero points to being awarded standard PIP for daily living support AND for mobility. Both indefinitely so we won’t ever need to go through all this again. I didn’t think we’d get mobility as well. I am so glad a friend recommended this website. The informative on here has been invaluable to pushing ahead with her claim. And the success stories encouraged me not to give up. Thank you!”

DLA to PIP – got there in the end

“would just like to thank this sight and to let everyone know it can be done..changed over from dla to pip i was on full care and low mobility had the face to face for pip he told many lies on the report lost mobility altogether and was halved on care, did a mandatory then got standard care but full mobility, i then put in for a tribunial appeal 2 weeks later got a letter saying pip have cancelled the court hearing and awarded enhance on both care and mobility. i still dont agree wth some of the point scoring but to be honest after 8 months of fighting im exhauseted and mentally drained by the whole process im excepting it. £25 WELL SPENT THANKYOU VERY MUCH FOR ALL THE HELP”

PIP award

“Just got full PIP award!! Thank you B&W!! 24 Mobility points but fewer DL points (16) than I'm entitled to. Award for is 5 years even though there is no prospect of anything other than deterioration…Thank you again”

ESA reassessment success

“Finally got dm letter still in sg thanku. once again thanku for all your help”

PIP Appeal success

“Great news today my PIP appeal was successful. Now have standard rate daily living component and mobility component. The DWP awarded me 0 points the panel awarded me 19 points in total.
Thanks for all your useful information that contributed towards my success. The message is, try to appeal if you feel you have been treated unfairly! Thanks once again.”

PIP success

“Wanted to say a massive heartfelt thank you to this amazing site. I had my switch over from DLA to PIP 5wks ago. I was on High rate mobility and middle rate care DLA. I've just received the results of my PIP assessment and I was awarded enhanced mobility and enhanced daily living. The whole experience was incredibly positive. I was given a home assessment upon request unlike with ESA where despite my constant battle for one I was refused. The Atos assessor was fantastic. He was so nice and the report he submitted was completely genuine. Am still in complete and utter shock but I know without any doubt that it was the information I could access on here as a member, that really made the difference. I could never have got this result without you. Thank you so very very much”

PIP success

“Friend has PIP standard daily care enhanced mobility thanks to great advice here!”

ESA review success

“I was sent an ESA50 form to fill in 20th July; returned it 2nd August; had an assessment on 3rd October; and received my result today, two weeks later - staying in the support group…Thank you again for all the support and advice you offer.”

PIP award

“I have just been awarded Enhanced rate pip and enhanced rate mobility… thank you to the group for the guides”

Lower rate DLA to Enhanced PIP thanks to this site

“Just wanted to say thanks a million to everyone involved with the production of the awesome PIP guide. After years of being on the lower rate of both DLA components I had resigned myself to losing out when I was told my DLA was ending and I was to apply for PIP. But after thoroughly reading the guide prior to both filling in the form and again before attending the assessment, I was able to ensure I properly communicated how my conditions impact on me, with reference to the descriptors. I know for sure that understanding the importance of concepts such as "reliably", the importance of bringing someone to the assessment etc, which I learned from the guide, was pivotal in me getting a PIP award of Enhanced Daily Living and Standard Mobility. So thanks again”

ESA Support Group without assessment

“Happy but confused today as received an unexpected payment from ESA as my regular payment was only last week, so I called the ESA helpline to query as didn't want to spend the money if it was an error… I am at the moment in the assessment stage of the my application and sent completed ESA50 forms with the help of the guides on here which was approx 8 weeks ago so was awaiting contact re medical assessment to see if I qualify for ESA. Well I spoke to a very helpful lady who advised me that the payment was indeed mine and it was arrears owed to me from an increase in benefit from mid September, she then confirmed that it was my ESA and the application had been processed, was successful and that I had been placed in the Support group and it was from mid September and for 36 mths. To say that I am over the moon is an understatement but am still shocked and confused as to how this has happened without me having to go to a medical assessment… feel very fortunate to have had a some what stress free ESA application as I know others are not so fortunate …just passing on some positive news that it does appear that if you are genuinely entitled and complete the forms fully and most importantly use the guides on this site you should have a relatively straight forward application process”

PIP claim success

“Once again Benefits and Pension advice by you guys have been successful. Having been reassessed back in March 2018 and losing the mobility part of PIP completely, My mission was to at least to get back what I was awarded prior the reassessment. Having down loaded everything from the site, my work started. In 2 weeks time I was due to appear at a tribunal, today I received a call from the DWP explaining my case had been reviewed and my award had been changed. Basic rate for living and enhanced rate for mobility. All to be back dated to March 2018. Needless to say I'm delighted. Its taken nearly 9 mths. ATOS have a lot to answer for. So make it clear to them your in for the long haul. Go through every sentence of the decision makers explanation and take it apart bit by bit without making personal attacks on the assessors. We know the system is far from perfect, which is why we need to support this Webb site. I'm sure there work is far from over as we all move on to Universal Credit. My thanks once again.”

ESA success

“After applying for ESA (CB) in August 2017 I’ve finally been awarded the support group. I had to wait 11 months for my face to face and didn’t hear anything after that apart from getting a letter asking me to update what my works pension amount is. I sent them the details. I phoned up and seemingly they forgot to send me out the letter in August telling me the DM had put me in the support group!! They also didn’t act on the figures I sent them for my pension. I finally got it sorted out by getting a call back. Although the woman I spoke to was very nice, she said my income was over the amount which would give me any ESA. Because of your advice I knew this wasn’t true and I should be receiving a reduced amount. Three times she repeated this, with me questioning it each time. She then said she would run it through the computer and again it came out as zero. I insisted she work it out and she quickly realised I was correct! If I hadn’t persevered I would have ended up with nothing! I can see many other people not realising or giving up when told the incorrect information. I am now getting some money, as my pension does reduce the ESA as I thought. I also got £2000 in back pay. I’m hugely relieved it has worked out well. Thanks for your guides and also the support you give on the forum.”

DLA to PIP success for 16 year old

“My daughter hit 16 & having been on DLA for 10 years with severe learning difficulty, ASD, sensory proprioception, incontinence & a host of other issues, was being moved to PIP. I used the guides on here... We waited 9 weeks before finally getting an award letter. My daughter got 25 points for personal care and 12 points for mobility, awarded for 3 years. Without a doubt your guides helped me”

Thank you all who run this site

“I have just renewed my subscription. This is not because I need help at the moment, it is to support this site so they can continue to help others. Thanks to everyone who runs this site. You are amazing, compassionate people”

PIP Result

“Thank you Gordon and the team. I have received my pip decision I got 28 points for daily living and 12 points for moving around and a ongoing award to be reviewed AFTER August 2028. I followed some of the best information online and of course by you Gordon. So when they say sometime AFTER August I really don’t know when I will actually reviewed. I was on higher rates for care and mobility under DLA. Thank you one and all.”

DLA to PIP success twice over

“In 2016 I had to complete the first PIP form for my husband and the whole process nearly brought me to my knees. It was only thanks to the guide and Gordon's sound advice that we had a successful result - Enhanced Care and Enhanced Mobility - Ongoing. I knew at some time I would have to go through the process myself. Happened this year when I was also having to do an ESA review for my husband the dreaded brown envelope arrived telling me I had to change from DLA to PIP. I downloaded the guide once more and read through it and tackled the form again. I cannot thank B&W enough because I got Enhanced Care and Enhanced Mobility - Ongoing - a huge relief.”

PIP success

“I was awarded enhanced for PIP earlier this year and so very thankful to the guides which I spent months highlighting and comparing to pip assessment guide. Thank you so much to whoever writes them… you deserve a medal and to all who input it and manage this website and forum, special thanks.”

PIP Tribunal success

“At medical awarded nil points. Mandatory review no change. At tribunal today, awarded enhanced rate of care…My thanks to gordon, and B&W.”

PIP renewal success

“…I was successful in winning my PIP tribunal appeal and I would just like to give my belated great thanks to Benefits and Work, Gordon and the whole team with all the help and support they provide, I really appreciate it and I am grateful.”

PIP success

“Many thanks to B+W and the fabulous guides..This year I had my Esa review and was successful with this on a paper based review and being kept in the support group.Three months later I have been successful with Pip and enhanced rate on both mobility and care and with a paper based review too and for ten years. It's been a testing time but I followed the guides fro B+W and this reassured me. I scored over 50 points on both. Some of the points were lower than expected on some of the care criteria but i'm delighted with the outcome. It's been a hard year thus far and no one should have to go through this,i'm so glad it's over for now.I was on dla indefinite with High rate care and low rate mobility before.Thanks again,Money well spent with you”

ESA Review success!

“I would like to thank everyone involved with this fantastic site ~ I have received the brown letter today (no phone call)..I have been placed in the Support Group with no assessment ~ I am going to call DWP on Monday to ask when my next review is. I could not have got through the form with out your help so i do thank you ALL. I have been so stressed - The waiting !!! It has taken 7 weeks from when they received my completed form until i had a reply from them, So glad that the form must have been read and all the evidence i supplied had been taken into account. At least i can try & relax a little for now. (until PIP Review) Once again THANK YOU ALL for all of your support”

Positive news thanks to this site

“got the my pip result today. high rate mobility standard care,,, basically same as i was i was on with DLA... it was my first face to face interview had been granted indefinite DLA 2 yrs ago... so this was all very stressful... form filled sent assessment all in all took about 5 months. but with research on here and all the comments it helped me 100%.... it is until 2021... so will go through it all again... but it is what it is... i hope you get what you deserve.... much love for the moderators for their time and patience”

Good news at last

“Having sent my completed Work Assessment Questionnaire back to them in June I have today after over 3 months of worrying finally got confirmation that I am staying on ESA and still in the Support Group without having to go for a medical. Such a relief. Many thanks Benefit & Works for much needed information on filling in the form but also got help from Citizens Advice who typed it out for me. Would just like to add if it helps anybody else in the future - I was awarded enhanced mobility for my PIP so I sent the DWP copy of my award so do not no if this helped in their decision not to ask me to go for a medical.”

DLA to PIP – fantastic result!

“I cannot thank Benefits and Work enough, for their guidance in filling in the horrendous pip form. (which took me 2 weeks). Just under 10 weeks ago I filled in the PIP forms, I returned them and had to go through a face to face medical examination, shortly afterwards. In my case the people who examined me, were very professional and did treat me with great respect. Today I have received notification that I have been awarded enhanced care and mobility till 2028. This is a fantastic result-after all of that worry and heartache. I cannot thank you enough..!!!”

Good news – finally put in Support Group

“I am pleased to say that I have been moved from the WRAG to the support group, at least 2 years of not having to make myself more ill by attending job center meetings! The relief is huge. Thank you for the website and forum, and thank you for help and support you provide.”

Awarded Universal Credit

“Firstly thank you so much with help an guidance from the member's guides and this forum my mum has today been awarded Limited Capability for work and work-related activities. It has really taken its toll on her but I am glad we got there in the end…”

Renewal successes

“My ESA & PIP has been successfully renewed! In about four weeks. And I am in support group! Thank you so much for advice…”

ESA result

“Just wanted to say I finally got my ESA IR result (15 weeks after initial application), Support Group without F2F, entirely thanks to all the guides and advice here…”

PIP success

“I received my brown envelope yesterday & pleased to say I was awarded enhanced daily living & standard mobility. I was on dla low rate care and high rate mobility. I think the assessment was fair & I am hugely grateful for all the resources on this site. Without a doubt it helped me to fill my form in with much more detail than I otherwise would have. Thank you for all the wonderful information on this site.”

PIP Good News

“just wanted to share with you that today I have heard that I have been awarded PIP enhanced rate for care and mobility I had a paper based assessment I just wanted to thankyou for all the advice you give on this site also my thoughts are with those who are currently struggling with this process.”

PIP Award

“I can not stress how grateful i am to this site, the guide and in particular to Gordon who answers all your questions promptly. He should be knighted. Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou. I have received enhanced daily living and enhanced mobility for an ongoing period. Not sure what that means? After reading all the horror stories i have been preparing myself for a waste of time mandary consideration and appeal but thankfully i dont need to do that. The only advice i can give for those having to go through this is sign up to the site, read the guidance many times and relate all the desciptor to your daily life. It is going to be an undignifying, physical and emotional challange but we have no other choice to push through it like we do everyday of our lives. Good luck everyone.”

DLA to PIP decision

“Have today received my husbands award which is enhanced daily living and enhanced mobility till 2029 (11years). Am so relieved - has been a very stressful and time consuming process since receiving the original letter in June. I feel like i totally missed out on the summer because i was stuck indoors covered in paper going through each question very very carefully making sure i answered in a clear,precise and detailed way answering the descriptors and giving examples when possible.... But definately couldn't have done it without the help of the guides and advice from this site. Absolutely invaluable. Cant thank you all enough for your detailed guides and for answering questions so promptly... The decision maker used the exact same scoring as the hp report so requesting a copy of the hp report is definately helpful in knowing in advance what you're likely to get. Again THANKYOU SO MUCH GORDON AND EVERYONE AT B&W.”

PIP Appeal – from 2 points to Enhanced rates!

“I just recieved what I thought was another one of the 'dreaded brown envelopes' and was fully expecting yet another letter along the lines of "You're not disabled, try again" but to my delight I found myself reading the words 'enhanced rate' TWICE in the same letter! When I was originally 'invited' to apply for PIP it followed the pattern of making the call, waiting for the forms, hours pouring over them using this site for help and finding 'evidence' I fully expected to be ignored (which it was), more waiting, a quick 'medical' from a woman who looked like she hadn't slept in a month and wrote things that made my carer (who was in the same room as me at the time of the medical) ask the question "We're we even in the same room?!" and then the inevitable "You scored 2 points, lets hope you didn't plump for one of those mobility cars eh?" letters a few weeks later. To be honest I expected to be treated poorly and it didn't come as a shock when after a life time getting extra help for my disablities I found myself house bound... Now I've be given 12 points for Daily living, 24 for Mobility...reading the details they are still arguing the point on many things but with enhanced rate for both parts I'm not going to keep pushing. I'm 'in the clear' until 2021 by which time I'm hoping that this awful system is easier to navigate. Thanks to everyone on this site and the wonderful resources provided, without your help and support this would have been far more stressful and the trips and traps laid down by the DWP almost impossible to avoid. Don't give up! From 2 points to 36 on one appeal!”

DLA to PIP success

“Just to say a heartfelt thank you for the advice, and the guides that you give on this site.
My wife, who was on DLA, has just been awarded PIP at enhanced for daily living, and standard for mobility, until 2022. We didn’t think that she would be successful, but by your help she was! Once again, many thanks.”

DLA to PIP success

“I wanted to just say thank you for the guide's and help from here. I received a letter on the 4th of may telling me I needed to apply for PIP, yesterday I received the letter to tell me I was awarded PIP at the enhanced rate for daily living and standard for mobility until May 2020 (I was originally on high rate care and low mobility.). I have bipolar disorder and anxiety, and this 4 month wait has been awful I was convinced I was going to get nothing, especially the longer it seemed to be going on for. However I promised that if I did get good news I would share it. The information from the guide's were valuable, and helped us fill in the form with enough detail. I can't thank this website enough.”

From WRAG to Support Group

“Just wanted to thank you for all the help and support your guides provided when wading through the DWP paperwork for mandatory reconsiderations and appeal tribunals for ESA and PIP on behalf of my son. My son suffers with severe social anxiety and depression. We had to appeal for PIP as initially rejected, but within 4 weeks they reversed their decision and awarded him lower rate care and mobility without receiving anymore evidence from us. When trying to get my son moved from WRAG to Support Group, having used your guides to submit the mandatory reconsideration, we had to go to appeal so I asked the CAB to help at that point as I felt it was beyond me to write a submission. Although my son was going to attend the hearing the decision in his favour was made earlier on the day to move him into the support group with no further assessments or reviews for two years, without requiring him to attend the court. The evidence in his favour was clear cut, but they wouldn’t budge. I just want to tell everyone please don’t give up, keep going. You have noth8ng to lose, but everything to gain. Thank you once again.”

Success at Tribunal

“Well another huge thank you to the people at Benefits and Work. It has taken a lot of work to get to this point but I was today awarded the higher award level for both daily living and mobility. My previous award given from May 2015 to Apr 2018 was reviewed a full year early and I lost points. Apparently, the judge told me that the Upper Tribunal has ruled this early review was wrong and my higher rate for mobility was re-instated just like that. I admitted my asking for higher level for the daily living was tenuous but they gave me that as well. Very pleased indeed! Thanks again.”

Support Group success after Mandatory Reconsideration

“My son, who has hemiplegia and learning disabilities, has been in ESA support group for last 4 years. At review and f-2-f assessment he was awarded 0 points and ESA stopped. Having subscribed to this site and reading everything I could, I put in a huge Mandatory Reconsideration report with loads of evidence. They changed the decision at MR stage and back in support group!! They only looked at one descriptor and said they didn't need to look at the rest of the disputed areas.
Thanks so much to all the advice and information on this site, and so glad it didn't have to go to tribunal. I think they realised their mistake immediately.”

Thank you B&W and of course Gordon

“I would like to give a big thank you to our Gordon and others here for all your support in keeping my head as I just couldent do this without you. I now have my decision over my ESA and been kept in the Support Group and all done in 3 months without a need for an assessment and was all done Paper Based, thank god because I knew I couldent have coped with having or going to one. I know now I will be able to try and relax now DLA to PIP is out the way also and No more brown envelopes for a while again. I will be phoning soon and asking for how long, and for my ESA85A report as my decision letter dosent state how long for, also no mention of the exemption criteria on my decision letter which I know I fit and should be in. So looks like I might have to go through it again at some point again in the future. But for now I'm just gonna try and be free of all brown envelopes till the next time. Thank you Gordon and all so much, and I wish each and everyone of you good luck”

ESA without medical

“Thanks for all the advise you give everybody and thank god for your help pages. After I got awarded PIP high rate on both back in December 17 the dreaded ESA came through the door dated 25th January 18, I had been lucky and had not been reassessed since 2012... Well today I got a letter from DWP saying I have been put in the support group, no medical needed. I am so happy, after nearly 10 months of waiting and worrying I can relax for 3 years before it all starts again. All I would say is make sure you put in enough evidence as you can”

ESA Support Group success

“…I would like to thank you for all your help and support. I have been a member of this site for a few yrs now and couldn't of got through it without all the help and advise that this site provides.”

PIP success

“PIP..... I got to tribunal submission stage several weeks ago......this morning letter arrived from DWP they’ve looked my claim again my appeal will not continue as they’ve now awarded from 12 points care to 15 & my mobility went from 10 points to 24 points for an ongoing period(10 yrs) thank you,thank you for all the help received”

PIP success

“Following the introduction of PIP 5 years ago I have lived in fear ever since about what would happen to the essential support I relied upon from my DLA when required to undertake the transfer. Finally the inevitable was my turn. Truthfully, I found the whole experience horrendous. It made me ill and caused considerable anxiety but after much valuable assistance from the excellent PIP Guide and the kind folks on this forum not to mention some 119 days of trepidation I have finally received my award notification! The DWP have determined that my entitlement extends to the enhanced rate for both Daily Living and Mobility. This is an amazing relief for which I cannot begin to thank you all enough!!”

Brown envelope arrived

“Sent my Esa50 back in Feb for march deadline.I used the online guides provided by this forum.Heard nothing until yesterday..brown envelope..twitcher..I have been allowed to stay in support group without a f2f.I would like to say a word of thanks..without the guide I'm sure we would not have provided a concise account of my daily struggle.”

PIP increased

“…I finally got the PIP review result. Previously it was daily living enhanced rate and mobility standard. Amazed that (thanks to your wonderful site) not only have I kept the enhanced rate for care component but they decided to award me enhanced rate mobility as well!!!”

ESA result

“I recived LCWRA in my decision letter this week so many thanks to the site and to you for answering all my questions over the last few months.”


“Today I called PIP to ask for an update on my application. They told me my letter had been sent out a week ago, but were able to tell me over the phone anyway. I was awarded Enhanced rate of Mobility and Standard rate of Daily Living! This what I was awarded when on DLA! I'm absolutely delighted! All the worrying we went through is so unfair. I just want to thank Gordon, and all the others on here, and the guides for helping me through the process. I truly felt that I wasn't alone going through the whole process and the info I got from the guides certainly helped me receive what I deserve. Thank you again to everyone!”

Thank you! DLA to PIP success!

“Thank you for the Members Guides, they have been invaluable and played a big part in my transitional claim being successful. Good home visit from Assessor, who was very understanding, was expecting a three headed Dragon, He was very kind and respectful, there are some good ones out there. Gone from middle rate care DLA to high PIP care. Mobility remains at low as expected.
Absolutely delighted. Thank You!”

PIP result – ongoing award

“After an ten week wait both I and my anxious friend received our PIP results on the same day, we'd had our face to face assessments at the same Atos centre. Enhanced Mobility and Enhanced Care, plus an 'ongoing' award with the next assessments in 2028. Many, many thanks to Gordon and everyone on this board for their kindness and support!”

PIP Result – hurrah

“I received my PIP result, with no face to face assessment - I got enhanced for both awards for 2 years, which actually I think is an increase as before I was on higher mobility but middle rate care. That does make sense as I am much more unwell and requiring more therapy and help than I was when I last applied for DLA… thank you very much for providing the guides and the forum. The guides were extremely helpful. I happen to also be applying for ESA at the same time my DLA to PIP thing came through which was a complete nightmare and this website has been my regular go-to for the past few weeks! Still waiting on the ESA result, so fingers crossed.”

ESA Support Group success

“With huge thanks to Benefits and Work, I completed the ESA form for my brother in May, and sent it off with supporting evidence. He had encephalitis as a baby and sustained long-term brain damage. A few weeks back, in mid-July, it was confirmed by letter that he would continue to be in the Support Group”

PIP MR success

“Like so many others, I joined this forum to access the excellent guides to help me prepare for my transfer from DLA to PIP.
I completed my claim forms using your guides and had my assessment about 10 days after my forms were submitted. I had my assessment. and I thought that it had gone well. The assessor seemed to understand the problems that I have with my various physical and mental health issues. I asked for the report a few days after the assessment and was completely shocked and dismayed at the its contents. Although there were no outright lies, the assessor had downplayed or ignored a number of areas which I felt would have scored me more points.
When the decision came. I wasn't surprised to see that I had only been awarded standard rate for care and nothing for mobility (going from lifelong highest for both under DLA). I was incredibly downhearted particularly because the assessor had really seemed to be understanding the effects of my conditions.
Anyway, although, I initially just wanted to give up, I then submitted a MR, again using your superb appeals guides. My MR was submitted just within the deadline... Last week I received a call from the DM seeking clarification on an issue. Then today, I saw that I had an unfamiliar amount from the DWP in my bank account. On calling them I was told that my standard rate for care has remained unchanged but I have been awarded higher rate for mobility as well.
This will make an incredible difference to my day to day living so I am really happy and relieved. I know that I would not have got such a positive result on my own and so I am extremely grateful for the hard work and advice that you all give on this amazing site. Not having to worry about my finances, allows me to concentrate on trying to improve my health where possible.
Many thanks”

Great Result – thank you!

“ESA - I used your detailed advice for reapplying for my ESA and have been kept in the Support Group with no need for face to face interview. Although PTSD has physical effects too, this was based largely on mental health problems caused by Dissociative Disorder which is not well known so thanks, great result and a big relief and reduction in anxiety for me.”

Wonderful site

“Thank you to the wonderful mods and administrator s of this site. I was transferring from DLA to PIP and heard so many horror stories…I went through all the guides and PIP resources meticulously, friend filled in the lengthy form, 2 weeks after that I had assessment which was very nerve wracking, 6 weeks later, today, I get the dreaded brown envelope. 5 mins after getting it I opened it and was so relieved, enhanced mobility and standard care, I’ve fibromyalgia, osteoarthritis, so I’m very relieved, it’s for 3 years, at least for 2 years I can breathe easy... This was first time and only for all the guides we would have struggled with the form, so thank you again”

ESA success

“Just wanted to say a big thank you to Benefits at work. After subscribing to you, i have now been put into the support group. I could not have done this without you. info you give is invaluable. I urged anyone to join this site”

Been awarded my PIP


Ongoing PIP awarded

“Just wanted to say a huge thank you for advice in this website over the years. I’ve been exceptionally lucky in that i had a rare nice assesor! He told me what you see is what you get and ge’s not like the others, he said he can spot a genuine from a fake a mile off (i thought he was just playing good cop roitibe and lulling me into false sense of security). Bang on 4 weeks after home assessment got awarded ongoing PIP, review not before 2028! Speechless! I was on high rate DLA but didnt expect to get PIP first try based on others experiences. Huge, huge relief. Knowing my luck universal credit willput an end to it in a year or two instead. Thank you B&W”

Two thirds success – thank you so much

“Thank you B&W again, daughter's Tribunal this month was much more intimidating than three years ago …However we did, in the post, get back the Enhanced on both”

Success re PIP

“My sister has recently been told that she has been awarded the enhanced rate for both parts of PIP. We wouldn’t have achieved it without this website, so thank you Gordon once again.”

PIP award

“Well It seems I have passed the pip ordeal with enhanced rate for care and enhanced rate for mobility, I did not receive any points for mobility when I was claiming dla so this if great news.
Thank you so so vey much once again for your wonderful advice and help, you are invaluable”

DLA to PIP success

“A huge thank you to the staff on this site who work so hard to keep its members up to date with the latest information on government tactics. Having recently been "asked" to transfer from DLA to PIP I felt an uneasy wariness come over me, having read so many unfortunate cases of failure. However thanks to being a member now for several years, I am much more knowledgeable about the workings of this unfair system. Armed with such detailed and accurate advice I have been awarded the enhanced rate for both mobility and care for 3 years after only sending my application then having a medical assessment at my home. I previously had been awarded the highest rate for both indefinitely under the DLA system but prior to joining this website and only after a First Tier Tribunal appeal where I lost everything then an Upper Tier Tribunal where the full award was given for 3years followed later as indefinite. To arrive at this conclusion I went through months of mental torture, finally calling on Benefit Information which ultimately cost me approx £800 of my back payments. I only wish then I had known of this website. Since joining I have religiously maintained my membership because we never know when the goalposts may be changed once more.I hope my news can give hope to some now in the same stressful transition between DLA and PIP. Even now I keep checking my award letter to make sure I am not mistaken. Again many thanks to all concerned in providing such a wonderful service.”

PIP Result

“Hi, After a torrid time travelling through the assessment process, which is at best an uncomfortable experience, I finally received my decision. I've been awarded the enhanced rate in both Care and Mobility. Thank you for your unwavering and honest help and support. You definitely got me through.”

PIP award

“Firstly a big thanks to this organisation for help on my application and mandatory re consideration. I saw the awful assessor who gave me NIL points despite an up to date full pyschiatric report which said I was at high risk of self neglect. I applied for a MR and was given 11 points for daily living & 8 for mobility. I got standard rate on both elements for 10 years… All in all I am OK with this......I think I would win an appeal but I cant stand the stress....also they may increase the rate and shorten the length so I will be grateful for what I got...many thanks once again”

Tribunal victory

“… a huge thank you to Benefits and Work for the excellent guides! This week I won my appeal in style. The tribunal literally lasted about 3 minutes and I didn’t even have to go out and wait for the decision. The judge was impressed with the quality of my submission, which I wrote with the help of the guides. I represented myself too.”

PIP result

“I've just received my PIP decision and can breathe a (rather grudging) sigh of relief. Although I was awarded only 4 points for the mobility component (apparently the ability to move my lower limbs makes my mental health condition miraculously disappear out of doors) I received 15 points - thus the enhanced rate - for the daily living component until 2021… I'm immensely grateful for the information and advice available on this site which shed some essential light on the assessment and decision-making process and in particular the points system. I'd advise anyone facing this process to subscribe and download the relevant guides before putting pen to paper. Many thanks also to Gordon for his dedication and hard work as forum moderator.”

ESA appeal success

“… I would just like to tell you my brothers epic tale. He has various congenital abnormalities which make him wobbly on his feet cant see very well diabetes and learning difficulties. He has had three f2f assessments in 18months he kept his esa wrag with the first two. They then decided he had a miraculous recovery and only got 6 points. Using your excellent guides we did a mandatory reconsideration which was also turned down. We proceeded to a tribunal which we had to wait 9months for. The tribunal staff were really nice and put us at ease. They spoke to him for bout 10 mins and confirmed things with me. We got the result the next day 24 points and straight into the support group. To be fair to dwp they have processed it and paid up in 2weeks so it is well worth appealing”

DLA to PIP success

“My husband - who has been on a lifetime of DLA for many years - successfully transferred from DLA to PIP and at an enhanced rate for mobility and care. So pleased and wanted to thank you for your help. It has taken six months - we had a lot of problems with getting a home visit initially, but Gordon was wonderful, very helpful. It's been a dreadful couple of months, but today we had the letter in its brown envelope. It's a huge weight off our mind… I just wanted to write and say thank you - your guides make all the difference and helped me understand exactly what the questions were about. It's easy to get confused!”

DLA to PIP success

“With regard to my transfer from DLA to PIPI I have just received my letter awarding me the enhanced rate of both, this is due in part to the help I have received from this site. Thanks very much for this… Many thanks to Gordon and the Team.”

PIP awarded

“Just dropped through my letter box, standard care and standard mobility awarded for two years. Thanks to all at B&W I couldn't have done it without the help this site gives.”

PIP – Result!

“Pip award… And I would like to give a big thank you to all who gave advice especially Gordon for all advice and pointers that helped me along the way, at 68 I needed them. The long story short, I have been awarded enhanced on both elements of pip soon after my f2f, for 10yrs so if I'm still around then will have to do battle again. Another thing I have just found out that my pension credit is going up due to the award, something I didn't know previously. So thanks once more and good luck on your journey.”

PIP award

“I’d like to thank B+W for your guides to filling in the PIP form. Thanks to you, I’ve been awarded standard care and enhanced mobility. The delay in getting the decision through (just over six weeks) made it a stressful time but the relief I had when I opened the letter was immense! Thanks again for your brilliant guides.”

Successful Results - PIP and ESA Tribunals

“I wanted to let you know about our successful results for both PIP and ESA Tribunals.
My wife had been on ESA Support Group for a few years, during this time it was suggested by Citizens advice that she should also consider applying for PIP. So we went through the process, an assessor visited the house and eventually we were turned down for PIP by not having scored enough points. Next the mandatory reconsideration. Same result. So we made the application to go to tribunal. DWP did not attend. The court awarded PIP for daily living.
While all this was going on she had a reassessment for ESA. Appointment with their medical adviser etc. She was moved to the work related activity group. Same process- mandatory reconsideration, then application to tribunal. We submitted additional evidence to the tribunal and the day before the hearing had a call from the DWP presenting officer to say they had decided to move my wife back into the support group, no need to attend tribunal... I wanted to say thank you to the people who run this site. We will remain subscribers as undoubtedly there will be further dealings with DWP. Good luck all those in the process.”

Thank you for your advice
“Since joining this group, which I have found a fantastic resourse of information and advice I have scored a hattrick! ESA sucess Suport group paper based assessment! Pip Enhanced on both personel living and mobility thank you for providing the information. I wish I had found you sooner as I scored zero on my claim the first time round and at MR. Due to circumstances at the time I was out of time for taking it to tribunal. So started a new claim. Thanks once again!”

DLA success

“Just to say, following the wonderful guides on this site, today I got the letter giving high rate care, low mobility for 5 yrs. Thanks again”

PIP Award April 2021

“Pip review done and completed! Sent the review form beginning February along with additional information due to deterioration in health and needs. Had a home assessment in April and got decision letter last week and was awarded higher rates. It took 5 weeks from assessment until the decision letter arrived. I asked for a copy of the assessors report 3 days after the assessment but I was told that I would not get a copy until a decision had been made! I asked for it again and it was here 5-6 days later and this was before my decision had been made. Huge thank you to Benefits and work for their invaluable site! Good luck to all who is still waiting for their decisions!”

PIP success

“Hi I wanted to give my heartfelt thanks for the support and help offered by this website. My PIP forms arrived [in] April and last week on Tuesday I received my results, I got Enhanced for Every Day Living and Enhanced for Mobility needs. The Benefits and Work guides as well as this Forum have been invaluable to me, thank you. The DWP called for additional reports on toileting which was originally marked as 0 points but the CM obviously had a dispute when assessing my submitted form and the initial report from the assessor. I got 12 points for Mobility and 15 points for Everyday Living, so Enhanced on both, with no reassessment required so its ongoing period. Thank you so much for elevating the stress and anguish when I received those mixed messages from DWP, and thank you for all your help and support, I’ve just ordered my new vehicle and hoist we are elated and recommend anyone thinking of using this site to go ahead and subscribe it’s informative and very helpful and supportive. Thanks again all.”

ESA review success

“Hi there, I've recently been successful in the completion of my ESA claim review(thanks to your guides as usual)”

DLA to PIP success

“Had the official notification today to inform us that my wife had been awarded Higher rate of care and mobility on transferring from DLA to PIP.
Had already got a copy of the assessment report which scored 17 points for care and 12 for mobility. Surprised when we got the final decision and it showed 19 points for care. The award is ongoing up to 2028 so well pleased with the result.
Needless to say our success is down to this excellent site and all the information contained here. I was out of my depth before finding this site, but was able to take all the information on board and submit everything needed for our successful application. Thanks to all the team for all the hard work that goes into this site..”

PIP success

“I would just like to thank you all for the great advice and guides as i would have never have got through my first f2f without you. I have been on DLA and for the past 10 years low rate dla due to mental health and not feeling in my right state of mind to be able to contest the award although i knew this was wrong. This time thanks to your great site I asked for a MR and after reading all your guides i have just been awarded enhanced both for mobility and daily living I could not have done this without you thank you all so much.”

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