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Not everybody who applies for ESA has to complete an ESA50 limited capability for work questionnaire.

Some people with the most serious conditions should be identified just on the basis of a medical certificate and placed straight into the higher paying support group.

But most people will have to complete the ESA50 questionnaire. This asks you lots of questions about how any physical and/or mental health condition affects various everyday activities.

The questionnaire is primarily aimed at helping to decide whether you are eligible for the work-related activity group. Since April 3rd 2017 if you are placed in the work related activity group you are not paid any extra benefit. A points system stands behind this questionnaire and if you don’t assess yourself as scoring enough points to pass the test it’s very unlikely that the examining doctor or nurse will do so.

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Confusing and misleading

Some of the questions are confusing, some misleading and all require more information than simply ticking boxes if you are to give yourself the best possible chance of getting an award.

Even if you think you should be in the higher paying support group, which uses a different test, you also need to show that you pass this first test, so it’s vital that the form is completed in as much detail as possible.

Our highly detailed guides can make an enormous difference to how well you complete this task.


Fully comprehensive claims guide

ESA UC claims guide

Our guide to ESA and UC Claims for Physical, Mental Health and Learning Difficulties is a fully comprehensive guide to the assessment procedure on physical, mental health and learning difficulties grounds for employment & support allowance and universal credit.

The guide takes you box-by-box through every page of ESA50 limited capability for work questionnaire. It also explains how to reduce the chances of being called for a medical and what happens at a medical if you do have to attend one.

You can download sample pages from the Guide to Employment and Support Allowance and Universal Credit claims (Full guide 134, pages A4).


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