Tell our readers what happened when you called the PIP Enquiry Line on 0800 121 4433.

Please use the comments section below to keep other readers updated on what kind of service is being provided right now and what they can expect when they call.

We’d like to know:

  • Which day, and what time of day, did you call?
  • How long did you wait for an answer, if you got one at all?
  • If you got an answer, was it from a human or was it an Artificial Intelligence chatbot?
  • Did your issue get resolved properly?

Why we are asking about the PIP Enquiry Line

Call waiting times on the vast majority of DWP phone lines have been terrible for a very long time.

In February 2002, the DWP told claimants that they ‘should not be concerned if they hear a “human like” voice when they contact us’ because the DWP are introducing ‘Conversational Platform’ software to answer some phone queries.

Here at Benefits and Work we’re concerned that the introduction of computer software may lead to a worse service, whilst allowing the DWP to claim that calls are now being answered much more quickly.

One risk is that chatbots will answer your call to the PIP Enquiry Line quickly, but will be able to respond only to the simplest queries.

If your call is in any way complex you may talk to a chatbot and then be put on hold endlessly whilst waiting to speak to a real person.

What readers have told us about calling 0800 121 4433

We asked readers to tell us about their experience of calling DWP helplines.  We wanted to know which one was providing the worst service, so we could look at that one first.

Whilst the Universal Credit Helpline and the Jobcentre Plus for ESA change of circumstances line were both appalling, the PIP Enquiry Line on 0800 121 4433 seemed to attract the most negative comments.

People told us things like:

“I’ve found the PIP enquiry line has to be the worst one for me. Most recent call approximately 58 mins to be answered. Good job I had time on my hands!!”

 “Over the course of about 4 days I spent nearly 10 hours waiting to get through to PIP, eventually after hour and half got answered, then had to ring again 2 weeks later and waited 45 minutes.”

 “I had to make five attempts in one day to give details for pip.  Each time I was cut off before finishing. On one occasion the phone was answered and automatically hung up. I managed to complete it after just over two hours.”

 “PIP - got through eventually, on hold for almost half an hour, then told someone would ring back, 3 weeks later, no one phoned back, and now I'm struggling to get through, and when I do what is said does not make any sense.”

 “55 minutes to the PIP helpline - on every occasion and without exception. And only to seek extensions for my clients for the return of renewal forms.”

How you can help

By telling us, and other claimants, about your call you can help us expose any lies the DWP may try to tell about an improved telephone service. 

You can also make sure that other claimants know the sort of things that can go wrong and give them a better chance to prepare for them.

Remember, we only want to know about calls to the PIP Enquiry Line on 0800 121 4433, though we may start pages for other numbers if this one is used regularly.

Those questions again:

  • Which day, and what time of day, did you call?
  • How long did you wait for an answer, if you got one at all?
  • If you got an answer, was it from a human or was it an Artificial Intelligence chatbot?
  • Did your issue get resolved properly?


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  • Thank you for your comment. Comments are moderated before being published.
    Pcee · 1 days ago
    I rang PIP enquiry line on 20th May and waited almost one full hour for an answer I only wanted to change my address there is no online facility to do this.( Why?).
    Also told no acknowledge ment letter will be sent about the change as they didn't do that 
    Terrible service.
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    Bibb · 1 days ago
    I've tried like many a person trying to get hold of the PIP office. After loosing the Will to Live for 3 days! I finally got hold of an advisor albeit ringing prompt at 9am.  So the golden rule is fingers on the button on your landline phone and/or mobile phone and which ever phone gets to this office this is your first hurdle. The next have you made a list of all the questions you need to ask?  Golden rule - Write everything down before making your call. Ask who you are speaking to, area in which they are based, telephone numbers. Ask them how they are going to evident that you spoke to them today. Make your own notes, time of your call and time you ended your call. Explain how long it has taken to get through, but Dont be rude to these people, its not the advisors fault, its they way the government has set this up to make you the weak one.  Remine polite and polished in your conversations with them. Remember Practise, Practise. That way you should be able to get the support and advice. Oh by the way, when sending in your revised PIP form do a covering and polite letter detailing your calls and what the advisor asked you to do etc.Keep a copy. If I can remember everything else will let you know. I would like help/advise also you know - 2 way street
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    Christina · 3 days ago
    I waited 1 hr and 10 mins after spending 10 mins being sent round and round in a loop from one telephone number to another  This was from a number from the Government website   Very confusing and stressful as my concentration is very poor   Having to wait so long was stressful too 
    once I was through to the PIP Claim dept the employee was very patient as I found it difficult to concentrate on all the legal jargon that had to be gone through!  It took about 20mins and was exhausted both mentally and physically afterwards because of the time in took to simply ask for a hard copy of the PIP application form 
    Overall Not a great experience and quite upsetting 
    Thank You 
  • Thank you for your comment. Comments are moderated before being published.
    Susan · 4 days ago
    I have been trying every day for 2weeks to phone ,they do not answer the phone ,I had to fill in a form to see if im still entitled to it ,4 months ago and still no reply, I need to change my car with mobility as I need a lower one as I'm getting worse, but I need to no for certain if I still get it ,but no joy I'm getting very anxious feeling ill with it all .
  • Thank you for your comment. Comments are moderated before being published.
    Steveyboy · 4 days ago
    It's worth mentioning that as awful as DWP call centres are the reason that so many staff avoid answering calls is that they are under enormous pressure to keep their call times down in order to keep their jobs. 

    The single most important thing in any Government call centre is to ensure its survival and to not be the worst performing site in the country. This then becomes true for each team manager in the site and then the individual call handlers within that team. Keeping call times down is the overriding concern of any DWP call centre employee.

     There is absolutely zero reward for being the centre, manager or call handler who actually takes the time to do the job they are trained for. Quite the opposite in fact as this invariably takes far more time than the ridiculously short few minutes they are allocated each call. They would be under constant pressure to get their call times down and would be regarded as failures, dead weight and not eligible for any promotion, success or financial bonus. Why can't they be like so and so who has amazing call times?  Everyone knows the answer of course but as the conscientious worker is the one not 'playing the game' they are very much in the minority and are treated as bitter troublemakers not fit to do the job.

     In contrast the centres, managers, handlers who demonstrate amazing call times are lauded, promoted and given financial bonuses. The site also gets to stay open and people keep their jobs.

    The call time pressure comes from minister level so that the likes of Theresa Coffey can announce how many calls are handled each month/year to the commons so to brush of any accusations of long waiting times and inefficiency. Calls handled does not of course mean what is implied, rather it is purely calls answered however briefly including those ones where you were hung up on or abruptly cut off.

    Untill this culture changes, ie better that someone has to call three times to resolve a problem as long as the calls are short rather than once and done regardless of time then this problem will continue. Much better to report up that 30000 calls were handled today rather than 10000. Justifies your continued existence. Call resolution, customer satisfaction and actually helping are of no interest at all.

    Sadly I speak from many many years of first hand experience.
  • Thank you for your comment. Comments are moderated before being published.
    Jeff · 5 days ago
    I tried over a 3 day period to contact the PIP helpline. If you selected the notify a change or wish to appeal against a decision I was automatically cut off. There was a recorded message stating there have been problems and to try later. Only when selecting option 6 and waiting 1 and a half hours did I finally get a reply. I was berated for not informing them of my change earlier. I was in hospital 18 days. I gave up on the call after 3 days of trying to ring for which they apologised but that doesn’t help the system is unworkable thanks Joffx
  • Thank you for your comment. Comments are moderated before being published.
    Steve · 5 days ago
    We have had the same and also for a PIP assessment "We tried to call you but you didn't answer the telephone" where they didn't even call. We also had our PIP cancelled because the renewal form arrived just before the deadline but the DWP took so long to put it into the pipeline the deadline had passed.  It was escalated to our MP whom set a formal complaint and it was restored within a month.

    With Boris Johnson stating that 90,000 jobs will be cut from the Civil Service, we know where the bulk of them will come from .......
  • Thank you for your comment. Comments are moderated before being published.
    Amanda Dukes · 5 days ago
    I have been cut off 4 times after being put on hold for about 25 mins each time trying to ask for an extension to my pip review for as I can’t get an appointment with the cab to help me fill it in until after the deadline
  • Thank you for your comment. Comments are moderated before being published.
    Janey · 5 days ago
    Visited a claimant for the 3rd time this morning at 10am because the line states they won't be as busy then. Previous 2 visits we waited 45 minutes with no reply from the PIP chase up number. She has been waiting for a decision on her claim since September 2021 with the last letter from DWP on 13/01/2022 saying she would hear within the next 8 weeks. Made my appointment 90 mins long today as we were determined to speak to someone. We were disconnected after 20 minutes but called back straight away and after a further 50 minutes someone answered. The chatbot is very slow though, repeating things when you have the information there ready to input via your phone. The contact adviser did look at the case to advise it was finally with a decision maker & the claimant would hear within the next 3 weeks. It wouldn't be too bad if they had an email address you could contact them on, but this is the ONLY way of chasing up a claim so you have no option but to wait for them to answer the phone. 
  • Thank you for your comment. Comments are moderated before being published.
    Mark C · 5 days ago
    Waited near on 45 minutes to get through to the number and also had my pip assessment 3 weeks ago. Still not made a decision and had them phone me 3 times this week to ask me about the assessment etc and very conflicting evidence from my assessment to what was on the form.I showed the guy the last heart consultant form at the assessment and all I got was it is already in the file which it was not as they phoned to and did not know about it and I read the whole letter out over the phone.They did say that is a change to the outcome.They are just trying to stop people getting what they are entitled to and never trust the assessor even though they are being nice as the report Is always different.
  • Thank you for your comment. Comments are moderated before being published.
    Belle · 5 days ago
    Received a letter on 16th may 22, letting me know my review forms haven’t arrived, the letter was dated 1st May 22, saying they need to be back by 12th May 22, they were posted back by me on 28th April 22, have tried for 3 days to get through, waiting on line for ages then I get cut off, absolutely shocking, how are you meant to let them know with postal evidence that everything was sent? There should definitely be an email address to contact them, can you imagine any vunerable person trying to deal with their benefits being stopped as stated in the letter, there should be another avenue to contact them by .
  • Thank you for your comment. Comments are moderated before being published.
    John · 5 days ago
    Trying to get through at any time of the day is nigh on impossible, when it does connect it then immediately disconnects so you have to start all over again and i still only managed to speak to a bot before i got cut off yet again. This system is not fit for purpose.
  • Thank you for your comment. Comments are moderated before being published.
    Fran whitham · 7 days ago
    I rang Friday at 4.45 after doing all the security things it carried on in hold then at 5.50 they said something I can't remember snd they terminated the call,I guess it was  losing at 6 pm
    I've rang today Monday at 11am they answered but it's all robotic ,
     did all the security things they needed and I was on hold 35 minutes then a real person who was lovely answered, about delaying my pip form and I asked her about a letter I got 4 years ago she looked it up and gave me the answer so I was pleased today 
  • Thank you for your comment. Comments are moderated before being published.
    Maxie8 · 18 days ago
    I’ve been trying to get through to Pip helpline for over three days now, each time I ring it’s the same old response. I answer all the relevant questions and each time I’ve been left on hold for nearly one hour and still get no response from them. So frustrating 🥺
  • Thank you for your comment. Comments are moderated before being published.
    Debrich8 · 18 days ago
    I had to call the PIP helpline to check they had received my renewal claim form. They had received it. I then had to call them again as on my next benefit payment date no payment went into my account. They said they hadn’t received the claim form then realised that was a mistake and they had no idea why the payment was stopped. They reinstated the payment saying it would take up to 10 working days to show in my account. I called them again 11 days later as I hadn’t received the payment and they had no explanation for why and agreed to pay it again which would take another 5 days. I ended up with 2 payments in the same week as it took that long the next one was due. Each call was a minimum 40 minute wait.
  • Thank you for your comment. Comments are moderated before being published.
    suzjsed · 19 days ago
    I had to phone PIP as they stopped my benefit because they had not looked at my review form that they asked me to complete last June i spent 45 minutes waiting to speak to someone who then put me on hold while they spoke to case manager who then said that it would be extended but that they couldnt give me a date so told me to phone back the week after which i did then had to spend another 50 minutes to get to speak to someone who then told me thay they had stopped my pip and that i needed to speak to a case manager again who told me he had to go and speak to his colleagues and he would phone me back which he did and he said that my benefit had been restarted but that i didnt have an end date as it would be paid until my review is looked at. My husnands carers allowance that he receives for me has also been stopped because of my PIP being stopped so i have spent the last 2 weeks trying to sort carers out as they keep saying they will sort it but they havent and it has been two weeks without payment i also had to spend 40 minutes on hold to speak to someone at carers allowance.
  • Thank you for your comment. Comments are moderated before being published.
    Veronica · 19 days ago
    Several years ago I was awarded lifetime higher rate DLA and mobility allowance, I have a deteriorating illness which there is no cure for. In 2018 after a review was awarded PIP not lifetime and at a lower rate plus lost mobility element. Fought for many years to get it reviewed to be awarded higher rate again but to no avail.

    In 2019 I had to give up work due to my illness and also suffering a stroke and being diagnosed with CHD. Was also awarded I think it was contribution ESA as I had paid my dues for the last 48 years. In January 2020 my husband and I took a decision to move abroad to France and as PIP and ESA were exportable benefits I didn't loose either benefit.

    I asked for a PIP review in February 2021, it took them 8 months to respond with a letter which took a month to reach me, decision no change to the award, In November 2021 I appealed by letter, no response, January 2022 wrote again and sent equivalent of recorded post in France to Wolverhampton, no response was received. In March 2022 wrote again included all other letters but this time got my son who came to stay with us to post it recorded delivery when he got back to the UK, I got a response in April 2022 to say I was awarded higher rate PIP (no mobility element as not exportable, but as I had lost this part in 2018 I wasn't overly bothered).

    My problem was that you cannot use UK 0800 numbers overseas and despite numerous landline calls to other departments including DLA in Blackpool, they all gave me duff numbers and I could not speak with somebody to ask for updates or find out what was happening. The last letter sent also requested a UK landline number so I could call if necessary. I am still waiting for a number to materialise.  Is it so hard for them to offer people the free 0800 number and an international dialling number 
    • Thank you for your comment. Comments are moderated before being published.
      Jules · 5 days ago
      @Veronica Agreed!! In March 2020 I had to fly to Canada suddenly as my Mum was dying. Got stuck there due to Covid. Desperately tried to get through to PIP to tell them what was going on, but same thing - 0800 numbers don't accept international calls! I spent many hours during my Mum's last 2 weeks alive desperately trying everything I could think of, to no effect.

      I emailed every DWP address I could find, which resulted in a very kind ESA worker calling my Mum's house in Canada to assure me that, under the circumstances, my ESA would not be stopped. I asked her if she could contact PIP for me,and she said she'd try. 

      I kept my ESA. I lost my PIP, and thus my EDP & SDP. My council, who were also impossible to contact, closed my HB and council tax redux, too. 

      I was stuck on Canada for 8 months, with only SG ESA to pay my rent and bills in the UK, as well as all my costs in Canada. 

      I still don't have PIP, HB, or CTR back, 2 years later. I owe my partner and multiple friends almost £25k.

  • Thank you for your comment. Comments are moderated before being published.
    Zadie · 19 days ago
    Called PIP helpline 29/4 at 1.30
    Waited 48 Minutes to be answered. 
    Call Answered by a person
    Issue not resolved. A Request to know when the answer to a PIP review, which they have had for just over 10 weeks. Answer -was unknown amount of time. 
  • Thank you for your comment. Comments are moderated before being published.
    Patrick 6 · 19 days ago
    Having missed my PIP review phonecall because my support network switched my phone to refuse calls from unknown numbers after a barrage of scam calls, I immediately rang the number for appointment changes. I got through straightaway. I was told to wait 4working days for my review to be sent back to PIP for a new date and that's when the fun started. DO NOT call after 4pm ANY DAY OF THE WEEK. You are unlikely to get an answer. I spent a total of 9hrs on hold over 5 days and only got answered after 75mins on hold on Friday after ringing at 2pm. The panic, stress and sleepless nights worrying about it until getting through on Friday was a nightmare. I'm not looking forward to calling in 2wks time to make sure everything's ok.

  • Thank you for your comment. Comments are moderated before being published.
    Jean · 19 days ago
    I was lucky as I called in February this year and was answered within an hour. But had a few questions to answer before hand plus security.

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