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TOPIC: ESA claim

ESA claim 1 year 1 week ago #190857

Cruella wrote: It is the conditions of the special scheme, you have to be on ESA in support group and also on PIP

I think you need to consider a backup plan, whilst it is not impossible that you will be assessed, a Decision made and you are placed in the SG within six months, the odds are against you, it could take six month for you to receive an appointment for an assessment.

Maximus operate a first in, first serve system, so they won't look at your ESA50 and the evidence attached until it reaches the top of the pile. There is little that you can do to prioritise your claim, your best bet is to contact your MP and have them contact the DWP to reset the priority.

Contacting your MP

ESA does not consider your conditions, but rather the limitations that result from them, so you need to look at the ESA Descriptors and particularly those that relate to the Support Group and explain how your OCD and other conditions prevent you from completing the ESA activities.

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ESA claim 11 months 4 weeks ago #191812

Well I sent in new bank statements a month ago because my savings had changed to below the £6000. I wrote a letter showing the total of my 5 bank accounts and pointed out the benefit arrears payments which I know should be disregarded. I did all the calculations for them on this letter, made it really obvious and easy because I did not want any mistakes. Well instead of my ESA increasing they have reduced it.
Their calculations mean that my savings would have to be £9000 plus and the bank balances only totalled £7000 plus and then with benefit arrears payments, they should have used the £4000 figure I gave them which would mean no deductions due to savings. Was on the phone nearly an hour trying to get through, gave up in the end. The letter refers to MR if you disagree but surely I do not have to do that just because they are hopeless at their maths?

ESA claim 11 months 4 weeks ago #191832


A change in payments is a benefit Decision so I am afraid the only way to challenge it is for you to request an MR.


ESA claim 11 months 3 weeks ago #191938

Hi, had a really frustrating day with ESA grrr. Phoned early this morning, goodness how I have come to hate their while you wait tune/melody. Eventually got to the front of the queue, full of mixed emotions of relief that the tune had stopped but frustration because I am trying to sort out their mistake in calculating my ESA . Supposed to get a call back from office dealing with claim my within 3 hours, it never came. I phoned back and got another 45 mins of the delightful tune, along with a promise of a call back within an hour.......which never came. I phoned back and got 55 minutes of that wretched tune and a another promise of a call back. I really want to complain, and even if I get the call back on monday I think it terrible to have to deal with all this and a MR over their mistake calculating my ESA. I just hope that the MR is done properly or I assume I' ll have to go to tribunal, all because the staff cannot do some basic calculations correctly........Is this common?

ESA claim 11 months 3 weeks ago #191942


I would wait to see what happens on Monday, but don't be afraid to make a complaint.

Complaining to the DWP

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ESA claim 11 months 3 weeks ago #192013

Call back never came this morning. So I phoned again at lunchtime, was told by benefits enquiries that the office dealing with my claim had realised they had calculated it wrong and had amended it. But their amended figure still wrong! The lady said she is informing her manager and made another call back request to the office dealing with my claim. Anyway the time slot for the call back has been and gone again, that's the fourth time they have not done the call back. It is appalling, Thankfully I am not heavily reliant on the ESA money right now.
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