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TOPIC: Upset and gobsmacked

Upset and gobsmacked 1 year 1 month ago #189269

Years ago, 23 to be precise, I had to attend an appeal tribunal for my daughter. Well I had no idea what to expect, didn't realise the seriousness of it all and went totally unprepared. I did win the appeal though, I was just honest and alot naive.

Also I didn't know that the dwp send representatives and had sent one. So there I was busily chatting away to some random woman, we seemed to get on like a house on fire, when the court clerk called me. She opened the door to call me through and reeled back in horror, I had no idea why. This woman I'd been chatting to followed me in lol. I still didn't know who she was, ignorance really is bliss.

After my turn, they turned to this woman and asked her to respond and she just threw her hands up in the air and declined. Yes I know better now lol.

Anyway I wondered how often do they send these representatives please? (I promise not to be so stupid again).

Upset and gobsmacked 1 year 1 month ago #189281


I don't think that there are any statistics on this.

The DWP are in the process of recruiting more than 100 new Presenting Officers so the likelihood of one being at your hearing is higher.

Also PO's often attend for one particular case and attend all of the other appeals on that day.

PO's have no more rights at the appeal than you do they are attending the hearing as a party to the appeal just like you are.

Where they may be a problem is if they have been primed with Case Law. This is a tricky area and I am not suggesting that it is something that you should swot up on it, they are rarely clear cut. The PIP Claim guide covers most of the most important UTT Decisions.


Upset and gobsmacked 1 year 1 month ago #189312

The dwp failed to send me the bundle for my tribunal - i rang the cts but they told me to ring dwp- who then got it to me the day before my tribunal - no apology for forgetting though ☹️

Upset and gobsmacked 1 year 1 week ago #191078

I don't have an appeal date yet, but thank goodness it didn't come too soon anyway, because it's taken me nearly three months to finish my appeal notes for the tribunal panel. I just have to tweak the last two pages and I'm set to go. I have written 30 single sided pages, I have gone through the B & W forms with a fine toothed comb, got my extra evidence and witness statements and daily diaries.
Now I'm shattered and this whole thing has made me extremely ill and taken me to hell and back. I cannot do any more now. I'm not sending it off until I get the date and venue from them.

Upset and gobsmacked 1 year 2 days ago #191615

At the moment I have been able to cut my food bill down to £10 per week. I eat one meal a day which consists of tinned spaghetti hoops on one slice of thick roasties bread. This fills me up, or to ring he changes I will have a tin of tomatoes on toast or two fried eggs on toast. This also uses less electricity.

I'm not cribbing about it as I like these meals anyway. Just hope this idea may help someone else. In winter if I don't win my appeal I will heat just one room and live and sleep in that room. It could be worse I could be in a cardboard box on the streets or like those poor tower block people :(

Upset and gobsmacked 1 year 2 days ago #191665


Call the Tribunal Service they may be able to tell how long an hearing might be.

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