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ASSESSER#S VIEW 1 year 1 month ago #186921

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Dum44 wrote: In the past seven months, I have sent CHDA full diagnoses of ailments, full details of the huge amount of treatment I have had in the past year, including major surgery in January, full current prescription details and THREE letters from my GP stating exactly why I can't work. The assessors have ignored every single thing I have sent to them.

You need to focus on showing that you meet the ESA Descriptors if you are to score points.


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ASSESSER#S VIEW 1 year 1 month ago #186924

"Non diagnosed ailments
No recent assessment/treatment, within 12 months
No up to date prescription showing medicines
No consultants/Gp letters supporting medical problems"

That's me stuffed then.
All the symptoms of ME/CFS, yet no diagnosis, GP would not investigate or refer.
No recent assessment/treatment of long term probs, or most recent physical and mental additions ( 2012 ) - CMHT dropped me in 2015 as appeared 'stable' and they're underfunded and stretched etc..
New GP told me ( on first meeting with them ) I'm not in any pain, it's all in my head.
This without having examined me at all.
Prescription issue, no pain meds prescribed, despite having asked three times, each time rejected so gave up trying, ( it's humiliating being refused over ad over and GP refused to refer to pain specialist ).
Lastly no Consultants or GP supportive letters.. ( see above as to why, I have none! )
not been to GP surgery since 2015 after being told I wasn't in any pain. Disgusted with the system so I just struggle along on my own.

WCA tomorrow.

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ASSESSER#S VIEW 1 year 1 month ago #187012

He tells me a lot of people claim to have a medical problem, but nothing to back up claim. Without proof they are told to disregard.

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ASSESSER#S VIEW 1 year 1 month ago #187041

Can you ask your friend then what happens say for instance, in the case of my son, a diagnosis of a lifelong disability is received when just a small child? Because it is lifelong and needs no medical intervention reports are old. Intervention in terms of speech therapy, occupational therapy and psychology all stop when child leaves school and paediatric services.
GP doesn't believe (parent agrees) that a mental health referral is needed as difficulties entirely in keeping with disability diagnosed
Parent provides reports detailing all needs from differing health and educational professionals and specialist school most recent of which are three years old. ATOS didn't read any of the reports but made a decent assessment to be fair. DM didn't read reports either but instead used a letter 20 years old from a GP whom I had complained to the LHA (fully supported by ds paediatrician) due to his refusal to refer ds to a paediatrician as he didn't believe ds had any needs..
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