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MY PIP Journey 5 months 3 weeks ago #175419


Thanks for the update and good luck for the 15th.


MY PIP Journey 5 months 4 days ago #177092

The journey began on 23rd April and ended on 13th December.

Claim. Face to Face Assessment. Award. Mandatory Reconsideration. Appeal. Appeal Upheld.


A big thank you to this website and all involved with it. The information contained within your guides coupled with my own research has, at last, seen a victory for common sense.

A flawed ATOS assessment which resulted in me being awarded standard rate mobility instead of enhanced meant I had to appeal.

Despite winning I do not feel particularly joyful as I should never have had to take it this far in the first place. I lost my mobility car and had to finance a new car purchase of my own or face losing my job. Latest statistics published by the DWP indicate that 65% of PIP appeals are upheld yet 80% of MR decisions remain unchanged. These are damning statistics that demonstrate there is something seriously wrong with this whole process and the management thereof.

I have made a complaint to ATOS and now intend to give my MP some feedback!

To anyone going through the same process I wish you well but most of all read, research and have the courage of your convictions. I came close to giving up once or twice but persevered.

Got the award for four years so at least I can stop eating and drinking PIP for a few years. I can't believe how much it has taken over my life this past year.
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MY PIP Journey 5 months 4 days ago #177099


Congratulations on the award. Well done.

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MY PIP Journey 5 months 4 days ago #177144

well done and thank you for sharing your journey with us all..............it really helps. I am going for mine this thursday, Can I ask which centre did you attend?

Thank you again

MY PIP Journey 5 months 2 days ago #177306

My assessment was at Rochford and the appeal was at Colchester.

Good Luck!

MY PIP Journey 3 months 1 week ago #181736

A postscript to my PIP journey:

I made an official complaint to ATOS concerning the conduct of their Assessor and the failings in her report. ATOS acknowledged my complaint and apologised adding that had it been brought to their attention earlier they would have made arrangements for another assessment!

I also made my MP aware of how my 'journey' had impacted on my life, trying to give him, and his colleagues, an idea of what it was like to deal with ATOS and the DWP. It would be easy to be cynical and say that this was a pointless exercise but it was something I felt very strongly about. He listened and promised to bring it to the attention of Penny Mordaunt who would reply to me personally. That was five weeks ago and I haven't heard anything yet but I know that things move slowly at Westminster.

Good luck to everyone.
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