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TOPIC: Buried Alive - The PIP Sequel!

Buried Alive - The PIP Sequel! 1 year 3 months ago #183173

aww bless , thnks pete ,,
yer it a big relief to know ime ok for 2 yrs at least as awar was for 3yrs ,, dreading that coming around again as it seems there making it even harder again for people with mental health issues,, it makes me angry that these people make decisions ike this when there not fully aware of how sufferng severe mental health can be ,,it not something ide wish to give to anyone as you may look ok from the outside to others looking in ,but too us sufferers we are unable to function daily in most aspects of( normality ),,, theres far too much ignorance towards mental health and people arnt aware it also cause other illness which affects us physicaly too ,it realy shouldnt be disregarded as not being severe enough to be able to claim mobility benefit ,, as you said ,i fought till the end to prove i was entitled to it and wasnt having no dwp saying any different ,ime still housbound with agrophobia ,still waitng for thereapy been 2yrs now since having assesment and heard nothing ,!! the extra money does help so ime able to pay for help and support but ide much rather be able to live a normal life than any amount of money in the world ,,,anyway sorry for going on but ime so happy you had a good result and wish you al the best in future ,ile be renewing my subscription soon as i think supporting others going through what we have is important to give them encouragment like we were lucky to receve from others and the mods ,they do a fantastic job worth there weight in gold they are,. , :) :kiss: :woohoo:
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Buried Alive - The PIP Sequel! 9 months 1 week ago #197164

Hello. I wanted to ask the following question on my ESA thread (Buried Alive) but can't find it through my profile. So having to ask it through my PIP one. For a long time I have been entitled to SDP and EDP due to the benefits I am on. Eventually a couple o months ago I put an application in with the help of my support worker. I also asked for the back pay. My support worker spoke to them last week and was told it has been dealt with but has now gone to a decision maker. We are confused as to why this should be. Support worker suggested it could poss be because of the back pay request. Can you please throw any light on this for me as I thought back pay was paid automatically. As usual any dealings with them have set the anxiety to extremes, although today for some reason i am on ground level, just, and able to post my question. Thanx a lot PP :)

Ps could you please tell me how to find my 'Buried Alive'. Ta!

Buried Alive - The PIP Sequel! 9 months 1 week ago #197182


No new or increased payments are made without a Decision being made, my guess is that the amount owed is large enough that it has had to be passed to a DM to confirm that it is correct.


Buried Alive - The PIP Sequel! 9 months 1 week ago #197198

Ok thank you Gordon, that's put my mind at rest. Always helps to know that it's just normal procedure and nothing more.

Thanx agen PP
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