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TOPIC: My DLA to PIP transition

My DLA to PIP transition 8 months 4 days ago #168893

For interest my DLA to PIP journey so far.

Invite to claim PIP 20/07/2016
Telephone claim for PIP 15/08/2016
PIP2 arrives 22/08/2016
Ask for GP factual report, no charge 23/08/2016
PIP2 claim form completed with assistance from AgeUK 02/09/2016
AgeUK is a DWP receiving office submitted 05/09/2016
Atos inform of request for further medical evidence 13/09/2016
Submitted further information about me to GP. 16/09/2016
Informed of home visit on 30/09/2016 which was requested 20/09/2016
GP informed that request for FME received and prepared 21/09/2016

I have been told that this is a very fast progression of the process and that it is rare for further medical evidence to be requested. Perhaps the DWP are getting on top of the backlog.

A couple of queries the AgeUK advisor has ticked about three boxes as no when I had prepared further info based upon the B&W guide assuming they would be ticked yes.
If I want this amended should I ring up the PIP helpline or just inform the assessor at the face-to-face meeting? Alternatively, should I not mention it and see if the assessor applies it anyway.

Thanks for any advice

My DLA to PIP transition 8 months 4 days ago #168901


If you think it is important then I would write a short letter explaining what has happened with the corrections, send it to ATOS at the address on the appointment letter and give a copy of the letter to the assessor on the day and ask them to read it and include in your file.


My DLA to PIP transition 8 months 4 days ago #168904

Thanks Gordon,
I do have copies of the full PIP2 and the typed information sheets for each question that I think applies to me. Hence, I could copy the relevant pages and submit them.
The reason everything is typed is due to my essential tremor which makes my hand writing illegible.

My DLA to PIP transition 8 months 4 days ago #168907


My wife's pip claim has a very similar time frame. We thought it was quick too! She has a home assessment on the 6th October. She was offered 30th September but it was between 9am and 11 am which was too early. So now it's between 10.30 and 12.30 on the 6th October. She didn't even ask for a home assessment so not sure what's going on. Good luck with your claim.

Peter w

My DLA to PIP transition 8 months 3 days ago #168909

At the moment we find that the early stages of PIP - up to and including the assessment - tends to be quite fast. It is the time between the assessment (or file being returned to DWP if no face2face) and decision that is taking longer (around 8 weeks in many cases).
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My DLA to PIP transition 8 months 3 days ago #168943


I am in the 0900 to 1100 arrival time with the assessment taking around 60 minutes. I suppose they will arrive at 1100 rather than earlier.
Its lucky for me that time of day does not matter as I am the same all of the time.

Kind regards
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