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TOPIC: DLA to PIP - evidence letters from medics

DLA to PIP - evidence letters from medics 9 months 2 days ago #173942

Thanks Gordon,

From that list, there's a centre in Deptford, which is an area I know well so that would be fine.

It's such an annoying system. If I knew which centre I was going to go to I'd be able to plan whether I'd need a taxi / who to take with me etc. Or whether to push for a home medical (as going to new places freaks me out.)

Ho hum.

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DLA to PIP - evidence letters from medics 9 months 1 day ago #173953

cynical_optimist wrote:
The letter from Wheelchair Services is simply confirmation that I've been issued a chair, and the type of chair that I've been issued (which in itself makes me feel better as I feel like being issued a lightweight active user NHS chair shows I have a need for one, as opposed to when I originally bought my crutches and was made to feel like I had bought them to make me look more disabled!)

I would say it's well worth including a copy of the Wheelchair Services letter of confirmation you've been issued a chair.


Here's what my link says about wheelchair:
3. 20 - 25 metre descriptor chosen - HP acknowledges that although the claimant attended in a wheelchair this is not prescribed to her by a Health Professional as stated in observations. Claimant reported ability in the PA4 to be able to stand and walk despite attending assessment in a wheelchair. Claimant advised she was able to walk from her home to the end of her garden path which has been acknowledged by HP in consideration wilh all other factors, including HP clinical knowledge regarding claimant's condition, accounting for fluctuation and claimant's use of energy conservation, the movements undertaken by claimant during musculoskeletal testing (undertaken seated in wheelchair), input from other Health professionals, claimants daily routine and tasks conducted and what is medically reasonable for claimants condition. HP is confident in her choice of descriptor.

I only found that out as I complained to Atos about the assessor. The wheelchair stuff wasn't mentioned by the decision maker, or in the Atos report to DWP. So to have proof that your wheelchair was prescribed by a Healthcare Practitioner just might be useful. But I wouldn't rely on that alone - as Gordon says, you have to show how you can score the points.

Very best of luck to you from Liverpool, Maggie

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DLA to PIP - evidence letters from medics 9 months 1 day ago #174048

Thanks Maggie!

I sent the wheelchair service letter in as, like you say, if you buy your own equipment it seems it doesn't count (I had that before as I bought my crutches, rather than get them from the NHS physio).

The evidence I sent in was:

- Cover page & summary pages of South London & Maudsley Autism assessment dated 26/03/2015 – confirms diagnoses of Autism Spectrum Disorder (Aspergers Syndrome). (4 single sided pages)
- Oxford Brookes motor skill assessment report – identifies significantly impaired motor skills (1 single sided page)
- Portion of Educational Psychologist (T Francis) report – confirms Dyspraxia diagnosis. (3 single sided pages)
- DWP medical assessment form dated 01/06/2014 (17 double-sided pages)
- UCLH orthopaedic dept letter dated 18/01/2016 and UCLH orthopaedic dept letter dated - 13/04/2016 – confirms acetabular retroversion and resulting cartilage damage. (2 single sided pages)
- MRI report date 18/07/2011 – summary of spine damage (1 single sided page)
- UCLH podiatry letter dated 27/10/2014 – Summarises foot issues (1 single sided page)
- Guy’s & St Thomas’ wheelchair service letter – lists current wheelchair & cushion issued by wheelchair service. (1 single sided page)
- Bowley Close rehab centre (wheelchair service) loan agreement for first wheelchair issued in September 2014. (1 single sided page)
- Guy’s and St Thomas’ ENT clinic letter dated 10/05/2012 (1 single sided page)
- Screen shot of repeat medication list & dates each was last issue
- Photocopy of medications not on repeat prescription

What's worth noting is, I asked back on the 20th of October to be sent any evidence from my previous DLA claim in case it's useful (they asked if they could use my DLA evidence, initially I just said yes, but the next day I called back and asked if it could be sent to me first.) That evidence still hasn't been sent to me! Luckily I found the Atos assessment I wanted to include, but I'm still unimpressed by their slowness.

Best wishes
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DLA to PIP - evidence letters from medics 8 months 3 weeks ago #174853

Hi all,

I'd like to make a complaint to the DWP regarding the time they've taken to send me evidence from my DLA claim, as I asked to see it to decide whether it could be used for my PIP application.

I asked for this evidence on the 20th of October, called to chase it on the 18th of November, and still haven't had this evidence.

As my PIP application is still being processed I obviously don't want to piss the DWP off. But I would like this evidence to see if any of it is useful for my PIP application - my deadline is the first week of December. I've sent the form in already as I didn't want to wait for the DLA stuff in case it took too long to get to me!

So. Any advice? Should I send a complaint now? Or Poke them again by phone?

THanks all!

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DLA to PIP - evidence letters from medics 8 months 3 weeks ago #174870

  • Gordon
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A complaint would be a separate matter from your claim. I would think that another call to them would make sense before you pursue the matter.

Complaining to the DWP

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Nothing on this board constitutes legal advice - always consult a professional about specific problems

DLA to PIP - evidence letters from medics 8 months 2 weeks ago #175112


Phoned DWP this morning. A case manager has seen the request, but my DLA evidence hasn't been posted out.

My deadline to return my PIP form (and, presumably, any supporting evidence) is the 6th of December.

So unless they post out the evidence by Thursday I'm not going be able to use any of it for my PIP claim.

The two week extension to allow for evidence to be posted out has been inadequate in this case!

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