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TOPIC: Help Needed

Help Needed 1 year 1 week ago #187120

Good day all, If somebody could give me some info id be really grateful. Its quite a long story but il keep it short.

My Pip form to transfer from DLA arrived last March 2016. i was then receiving Higher rate DLA.

I did not receive my Medical assessment letter and in the mean time I had changed my mobile number.

I received a pip decision notice in July sayin I was no longer entitled to Pip as I had not attended the medical which I knew nothing about.

I asked for it to be looked at again by the DWP. This took hours upon hours of being on the phone. It was a genuine mistake that I had not received a text due to me not having the same phone. After the failed mandatory reconsideration I decided to take it to appeal.

When I appealed I expected to go and sit in front of the panel as you do. I waited a few months hoping for my date to come through then out of the blue an appointment for a medical assessment dropped through the door. I phoned the DWP again 4 or 5 times trying to get hold of someone to tell me what was happening. In the end they told me that they had accepted good will over missing the first appointment and have setup the medical with ATOS. Funnily enough I never got a text message this time either but I wasnt going to miss this.

The assesment itself was point less in and out in 14 mins and when the report came back it was 90% fabricated. 1 of the main issues that the young nurse said he watched me walk over 25 meters. We were parked 14 meters away from his office which I might add he didnt leave!

So the next part is confusing. The DWP didnt make a decision they just sent the dreadfull medical back to the court who then gave me a date to attend.

On arrival at court I hadnt managed to leave the car before the clerk and the judge who I must say were really really nice approached my vehicle. They said that because the DWP had not made a decision that my case has to be adjourned. All this before I had even entered court was mind blowing.

I waited and waited again 2 weeks and still no info from them to tell me what was going on.

Today I received a letter from the court saying that we will be going back and that they have sent me further evidence that need to be attatched to my appeal forms.
The stuff they have sent relates nothing to my personal case. It relates to someone claiming income support when they shouldnt have been a man his wife and 3 kids. It bares nothing on my case unless the DWP are using it against the court as an example? im completly lost.
I phones the court to see if they had sent me the wrong evidance. I was told bluntly that it wasnt a data breach and that I should seek representation.

My heart started pounding with that. I really dont know what to do.

How can a case from early 2000 about overpayment of benefits have anything to do with me??? The guy in the case is a local Councillor.

Im sorry if it sounds a bit mixed up but that is how my head is right now.

Thankk you for any help/advise

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Help Needed 1 year 1 week ago #187158


There are a number of problems with how your claim has been handled and I'm afraid several things don't make sense, so I am going to recommend that you get face to face advice, not least in regard to the Income Support issue, as we would struggle to provide you with the support that you need on the forum.

Do an internet search for "welfare advice" with your postcode, town or county.


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Nothing on this board constitutes legal advice - always consult a professional about specific problems
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