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TOPIC: ESA Stopped

ESA Stopped 4 months 2 weeks ago #192847

I would be grateful if anyone can offer some advice please. A friend is in receipt of ESA in the support group. It's just over a year since they filled in and returned a WCA form but heard nothing from DWP again until about a month ago when a letter arrived telling my friend that because he hadn't turned up for his medical his ESA would be stopped unless he had a very good reason for not attending.

My friend hadn't received an appointment and wrote at once to inform DWP, he also informed them that since moving house just over a year ago he had experienced a lot of trouble regarding his mail deliveries. Mail was not arriving, being delivered to wrong house etc, this happened at least once a week, it became so bad my friend had registered a complaint with Royal Mail a couple of months previously. A few weeks after he complained he received a bundle of letters (nothing from DWP though) & cover note from Royal Mail to say a Royal Mail employee had been found to be witholding mail. So when he received the DWP letter saying he had missed his assessment he wrote back to tell them that he had hadn't received the appt and he also gave them all the details of his complaint to Royal Mail and a photocopy of the letter from RM regarding the mail being witheld.

He's just received a letter today informing him that his ESA has been stopped, he phoned the number provided and was told that his reasons for not attending the medical were not good enough, they had sent him an appt. He told the person he spoke to that he never received an appointment and she replied well it was sent to you and you can't prove that it didn't arrive. He was told to try the mandatory reconsideration and in the meantime to claim JS.

Does this kind of thing happen a lot? any advice gratefully received.
Thanks for reading

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ESA Stopped 4 months 2 weeks ago #192860

  • Gordon
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I'm afraid this does happen and the DWP rarely revise their Decision even with convincing evidence to support the fact that the invitation did not arrive.

I'm not sure from your post whether he has requested an MR and had a Decision on it or not.

If they haven't then they need to request an MR

If they have then the only way forward is to appeal, but they won't be paid while they wait for a hearing, they can also make a new claim for ESA but again won't receive any benefit. The only thing that will pay at this time is JSA or Universal Credit if they are in a Live area.

In the interim you need to make a Subject Access Request to Maximus for the following;

1. A copy of the missing invitation letter.
2. A copy of your computer record showing the address that they have on file.
3. Proof that the letter was posted by MAximus and when.

You can write a letter to Maximus headed "Subject Access Request", you can find the address from the following.


For the appeal they will need to complete an SSCS1 form.


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ESA Stopped 4 months 2 weeks ago #192877

Gordon, many thanks for your reply & the advice given, it's greatly appreciated.

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