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TOPIC: Compliance Officer requests an appointment

Compliance Officer requests an appointment 1 year 3 weeks ago #194236

I have done now, ive been having a few confused episodes lately and struggle to figure the most basic of things out but i finally did it.

Thank you.
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Compliance Officer requests an appointment 11 months 3 days ago #197342

A delayed update.

Apparently i had been reported for fraudulently claiming PIP. The Compliance Officer was lovely and upon reading the so called allegation she isntantly dismissed it. I know who has reported me by what was said in the allegation. Afetr hearing the accusation i explained the history of this perosn and her vendetta of abuse against me and the compliance officer said that if it happens again she can help me to lodge a complaint of victimisation and they may be able to prosecute the person involved.

I thought people culd anonymously reprt somebody but apparently that has changed and to make an allegation you need to give contat information. Hopefully this is true so it will be easier to give my abuser a legal slap as she has wasted the time, resources and money of a couple of government based organisations in her ridiculous vendetta.

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Compliance Officer requests an appointment 11 months 3 days ago #197355


Very glad to hear that this has been resolved relatively easily, unfortunately the DWP are obliged to follow up on every report even though some 95% are in error or malicious.

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Nothing on this board constitutes legal advice - always consult a professional about specific problems

Compliance Officer requests an appointment 10 months 3 weeks ago #197898

Last December my partner was invited to the Jobcentre to talk about his claim and any current changes. He is on ESA income related (limited work group) benefit. What a farce - it turned out to be, it was a Compliance Officer and he accused him or myself (I care for my Mum who is 84 and has mental health problems) of having in excess of £30,000 in savings. My partner suffers from anxiety and depression and has had 5 operations on his back one being a fusion. I was given the details of the so called bank accounts - 6 in total to investigate between Xmas and New Year with another appointment on the 6th January. I visited each individual bank to be told the 3 accounts were not in my name, one was a fictitious account which included my date of birth in the account number and the other two were ISA accounts at a company based in Bournemouth again not in my name. The Officer was adamant they all linked to my name, address and NI number! Needless to say this totally spoilt our Xmas not to mention the worry wondering how the accounts were linked to me. In the New Year I went in with all guns blazing and the only response i got was oh well Admin could have made a mistake! I requested access to all my information (SAR) which was never supplied and said I was going to go to the Police which I never did as I didn't want it to backfire on my partner. I was actually told by a friend I may have a claim for misrepresentation and fraud on their behalf! The consequences of this charade was my partner went downhill mentally and started to drink then to cap it all he got an ESA50 form to fill in and now have been invited to a health assessment. A witch hunt comes to mind and if I thought there wouldn't be any reprisals I would go to a Solicitor to pursue a claim. I had read about the "spinning plates" cases in a newspaper targeting the vulnerable long term sick and guess what when the Officer gave me an envelope to post my SARs form he put a big green circle on the bottom - in other words a failed investigation and by the way we have no savings!!

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