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TOPIC: New to the forum

New to the forum 8 months 1 week ago #199374


Decision Makers tend to follow the recommendation in the assessment report but they should still look at all of the evidence before them.

There may be a basic physical examination but this is not a medical so it will typically only cover limb movement and grip.

The PIP Claim guide has a section on the assessment process and the questions your husband is likely to be asked.

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New to the forum 8 months 3 days ago #199593

Good Morning All

Can anyone please tell me what sort of timescales to expect to hear from the DWP after the PIP claim form is sent back. It is taking a great deal of time to complete and I am hoping to send it back on Monday at the earliest.
When will he hear and is the next time you hear from them when they send the face to face appointment, Also can I go in with my husband and take a copy of the claim form and additional information in to refer to in the meeting. My husband gets overwhelmed and is already worrying about the meeting. Can I assist him and speak if he forgets something which may be relevant. He is so sleep deprived at the moment and gets tongue tied. Thanks in advance.

New to the forum 8 months 3 days ago #199612


Once the form is returned the next checkpoint is to see whether a face to face is required. There have been considerable delays in this part of the process and we were advising of 12-16 week rates. We've not had any recent feedback so it's possible that the situation is improved, but even if this is the case you may still be looking at an 8 week wait.

You can attend with your husband, including being in the room while the interview is done. If you have additional information then give it to the assessor when you enter the room and ask them to read it and include it his file.

He can have a copy of his form with him but he should only refer to it he really needs to and he needs to explain why he is to the assessor.

You may be allowed to help him answer, but it will be at the discretion of the assessor, be aware that they can terminate the meeting if you insist on answering when told not to.

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New to the forum 8 months 2 days ago #199678

Thank you for your reply. So with Christmas coming up it looks like it could be a minimum of 8 weeks. That's great that I can attend with my husband. He is really struggling with fatigue so I was asking in case I need to prompt him. We have been as thorough as possible so not sure what the face to face is for and understand its to clarify anything they may need more information on. His consultant usually provides a letter with an update so we will include these letters which confirm what meds my husband is taking and plans of action. He is also seeing a poditrist for the issues with his feet and ankles. Any advise is appreciated by anyone who has been through this daunting experience.

New to the forum 8 months 1 day ago #199698

Hi bubblebug,

I don't know if an individual case is much of an indicator but...

The DWP received my wife's form on 29th Sept.

We got a letter from Capita dated 3rd Oct saying that they had been given the case.

Another letter from them dated 16th Oct about home visit for F2F assessment on 31st Oct.

We are in the Notts and dealing with Capita obviously. Don't know about any regional variations. We didn't request a home visit. Capita have 3 centres that would have been reasonable traveling distance for us. I don't know if that is a reflection of how many people they have available but things seem to be moving quite quickly.

Having said that, the waiting is still very stressful and we are both having sleepless nights. It's hard to think about anything else isn't it.

Good luck.

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New to the forum 8 months 15 hours ago #199746

Thank you Rich, this is very helpful in giving an indications of timescales.
Please keep the forum updated and how the F2F goes and this will be highly appreciated.
We are in Birmingham so assume it will be Capita too.
I think a home assessment is easier to manage and less daunting when you're in your own environment. I am hoping to get the form copied and sent off recorded delivery tomorrow at the latest.
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