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TOPIC: Pip assessments

Pip assessments 11 months 2 weeks ago #200251

I had been dla top rate for care and mobility 12 years and on lower rate prior to that since 1993.
My conditions are complex, ranging from severe physical disability to mental health including acute anxiety disorder and ptsd.
I filled in the forms very aware how basic the questions are. Having joined the site long before and read so much info I was prepared. I added all evidence I had and wrote extra pages of detail about my health and care. I posted my form signed for and also copied everything I sent and kept in a file.
I soon received a letter asking me to attend a face to face assessment over an hours drive from home. I was in a panic, I rarely go out because of anxiety/depression/ptsd
My partner phoned asking for a home visit, I cannot deal with phone calls. They point blank refused but he managed to get my face to face half an hour from home, apparently only terminally ill or bed ridden are seen at home
My anxiety leading up to the day was chronic. I felt physically sick for the journey. I attended in my wheelchair having had a fall two days previous and was in chronic pain
I took notes with me as I struggle to remember things .
The assessor was about 25 and female. She questioned who my partner was, his name, profession and asked how long he had been living with me. However we were not even entitled to know this woman's name let alone her qualifications
The assessment was two hours long, she had no facial expression what so ever and spoke so softly I couldn't hear her well. Most questions she cut me off half way through my reply moving on to the next. My anxiety was unbearable and I cried throughout the questioning but she never even paused or showed any concern for my state of mind. I expected her to do a thorough examination so I was worried as I had fallen two days before. She didn't ask me to stand up even, she checked my grip and asked where my pain was. Then it was over she opened the door for us to leave. My partner pushed me out and I was sobbing but she showed no emotion
I had concerns about the brown envelope arriving as I felt the assessment had been a farce but due to the length of time on dla and having help for the last 12 years from a Carer i didn't think they could possibly dispute my disability.
My heart sank when I was awarded standard care for both. I sobbed and my partner said it was rediculous.
I began writing a letter to them saying I was requesting a mandatory reconsideration of my award, my partner phoned them to tell them about my intention.
I spent a week doing my paperwork referring to the info onsite. I explained I would not discuss this over the phone as I didn't need the award explained, the written report explained the decision and what descriptors were used and why
The decision stated I was able to go out unassisted and unaided. Truth is I walk with crutches/ use a wheelchair when needed and have mental health issues. I told them the face to face was disgusting and people deserved better treatment and to be able to explain things fully. I went into detail about my physical and mental problems and my Carer and partner once again added supporting letters. I explained I had copies of all paperwork in case I needed it for an appeal.
I returned my request for a reconsideration within the four weeks time given but read they can take as long as they wish to deal with it
Two weeks later the envelope arrived and my partner opened it and read the decision, enhanced rate for both til 2021
I have to say to everyone that feels too humiliated and crushed after their face to face decision to take them on and fight for what you deserve like I did
I'm disgusted by dwp and Capitos for their treatment of disabled and vulnerable people and I worry about those who don't have the backing or assistance to tackle any unfair decision
Do not feel grateful for a standard rate when you know you should get enhanced rate

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Pip assessments 11 months 2 weeks ago #200275


Congratulations on the revised award and well done to you both for fighting your corner.


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