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TOPIC: Help for a friend's DLA to PIP transfer

Help for a friend's DLA to PIP transfer 4 months 3 weeks ago #205441


Have they actually made a claim for PIP? If not then I would wait until invited. If they have then they should contact their GP as early as possible, the idea is that the DP completes the document and they include it as evidence with their PIP2.


Help for a friend's DLA to PIP transfer 4 months 3 weeks ago #205447

Yes, she has been invited, I helped her with the PIP1 telephone call. Still awaiting PIP2. There was a bit of a hold up because being an Italian national DWP sent an interim letter asking her for her confirmation of her nationality to which she has responded, telling them the information that they required. Hoping the PIP2 form comes soon.
Okay shall tell her to take GP notes letter to doctor.
Thanks. Think that I understand it all now.
Regards Lesley
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Help for a friend's DLA to PIP transfer 4 months 3 days ago #206829

PIP 1 done, still awaiting PIP2. It was nearly 3 weeks ago now. She had a letter asking her to confirm her nationality. Still no PIP2 form. Only worry is that, could the PIP2 form have been sent out and got lost in the post. Would not like my friend to miss out on anything. What should she do?
I have suggested that she might telephone them to check, do you think that this is a good idea? Have told her to wait while I post this query on the forum and get a reply. Grateful for any advice.

Help for a friend's DLA to PIP transfer 4 months 3 days ago #206855


The letter needing to be returned will have delayed to process but if it is more than a fortnight since this was returned then they should chase the DWP.

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Help for a friend's DLA to PIP transfer 4 months 3 days ago #206883

Dear Gordon,
Thank you! Shall let her know.

Help for a friend's DLA to PIP transfer 4 months 3 hours ago #207087

Events are getting worse by the minute. Went to my friend's home this morning to help her with telephone call to DWP to chase up PIP2 form. I spoke to an advisor (I recorded the name). Advisor said that the information that my friend send had not been uploaded onto the system. He asked me to wait while he did it. Okay, so advisor said that this was done and that the PIP 2 form would be sent out in 7 to 10 working days.
I got home and my friend telephoned me saying that since this morning she has received another letter from the DWP asking for her passport (original) to be sent to them in "envelope provided". It must have crossed with our telephone call to them. They also want letters from the Home Office about her residency, she has never had any letters from the Home Office having been a resident for the last 27 years. She said that the letter states If she does not send the required documentation within a month her case is closed. Now my friend has been on DLA since 1995, she got her state pension 5 years ago including pension credit guarantee. She received housing benefit etc. This is all well documented by the DWP and they have it all on record. Why did one advisor that I spoke to say that everything was in order and now she receives this letter. The poor woman has not even started with the PIP2 form yet!! I have told her that she really must go to our local C.A.B. office a.s.a.p. before things get totally out of hand. It is bureaucracy gone mad!!! Like a Kafaesque nightmare!! What planet do these people who work for DWP come from?
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