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TOPIC: DWP access to Google, gmail etc re useage

DWP access to Google, gmail etc re useage 2 months 3 weeks ago #209278

Dear All
I have been alarmed as everyone has by the Facebook data breaches and am wondering about Google, Amazon et al re privacy. I have ME (and other conditions) and spend a lot of time indoors and use gmail a lot and amazon for a lot of shopping as I don't go shopping other than for food. I read somewhere that the dwp can request data useage reports from Google and others for almost any reason and that Google complies with about 70% requests from government. Since I am not doing anything illegal on the internet I don't see why the dwp should have access to private searches and emails especially if they could say I am spending a lot of time on it (usually a few hours each day). But it is my main contact with the outside as I have limited energy to go out or socialise. Do you know whether it is correct that dwp can find your internet provider and ask to see useage details even if no evidence of anything illegal going on? (terrorism, fraud etc) I have not given them my email address but they do have my mobile number from a few years ago as I was worried about missing any calls from them. So that may give details of my smartphone use? Thanks for any comments.

DWP access to Google, gmail etc re useage 2 months 3 weeks ago #209301


The DWP or indeed any other agency cannot just access your internet history, there must be a warrant and this has to be reviewed by a Judge before access to your information can be given, there are also restrictions on who is allowed to review the information within each agency.


DWP access to Google, gmail etc re useage 2 months 3 weeks ago #209334

Thanks - I thought as much. But I got the impression from comments online elsewhere that the DWP can ask a judge for permission to check internet activity to see how often they use it without taking into account why they need to use it (unable to get out every day) etc. As a supposed sign of idleness or something. I don't use social media or gaming or leisure type things, just looking things up especially medical things, plus keeping in contact with family/friends via email and occasionally Whats App. The internet has been a lifeline for me ......I usually use a laptop whilst sitting up in bed....but now I am just feeling paranoid!
Re: who is allowed to review the info within each agency, I am not sure what you mean....just a benefit decision maker and not all admin staff? I would be grateful for a bit more info that may put my mind at rest. Thanks.

DWP access to Google, gmail etc re useage 2 months 3 weeks ago #209355


I think you are over thinking this, a Judge is not going to give the DWP permission to access a claimants internet history just to see how often they are online, that is no the purpose of the Investigatory Powers Bill.

If you want more information, do an internet search for the above Bill but try and stay away from the newspaper articles as they have sensationalised the change in the law. Having the power to access someone's information does not mean that anyone will access it.


DWP access to Google, gmail etc re useage 2 months 3 weeks ago #209400

I think you have the answer to any question that in reality is very unlikely to be asked. Due to your condition, you need to access the Internet for (e.g. A shopping, b, banking, c - communication with agencies, medical information d - communication with family and friends.
You have a justifiable reason and if ever questioned, tell of the consequences on your health. For example - it takes me an hour to order online Tesco shop for Home delivery, then I need to sleep for 2 hours afterwards due to mental/physical fatigue.
Hope this helps.
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DWP access to Google, gmail etc re useage 2 months 3 weeks ago #209406

I know DWP do look at - have access to somethings like facebook and Instagram in order to check claims, but I would have thought general browning history would be much use.
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