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PIP result hurrah

5 years 11 months ago #216429 by Jackie
PIP result hurrah was created by Jackie

I received my PIP result, with no face to face assessment - I got enhanced for both awards for 2 years, which actually I think is an increase as before I was on higher mobility but middle rate care. That does make sense as I am much more unwell and requiring more therapy and help than I was when I last applied for DLA. Shame about the 2 years (previously was indefinite) but I suppose most people are on a 2 year reassessment these days?

I have a question though - I am very happy obviously with the result and am not looking to rock the boat at all and risk what I've got... but looking at where I was scored points, I don't necessarily agree with it all. Is there any chance it will reflect badly on me at a later date (i.e. at reassessment) if I don't challenge something now that I don't agree with? For example, I scored 4 for Managing Treatments when in actual fact this is the biggest part of my requiring help and I would say without question I fit the descriptor "Needs supervision, prompting or assistance to be able to manage therapy that takes more than 7 but no more than 14 hours a week. 6 points." It's one of the least subjective points as they should be able to see the time all my treatment takes from the 24hr diary I submitted. I don't wish to quibble I just want reassurance that by not contesting it I am not later going to be seen as 'agreeing' with their assessment?

Apart from that small worry, thank you very much for providing the guides and the forum. The guides were extremely helpful. I happen to also be applying for ESA at the same time my DLA to PIP thing came through which was a complete nightmare and this website has been my regular go-to for the past few weeks! Still waiting on the ESA result, so fingers crossed.

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5 years 11 months ago #216443 by Gordon
Replied by Gordon on topic PIP result hurrah

First of all, congratulations on the award, well done.

MRs and Appeals are about the award and not how it is made up, in fact, I very much doubt that an appeal would be accepted as you have the highest award.

Will this have an impact on a future assessment? Yes and no! No, because you have the award that you have, yes, because if you want to score higher you are going to have to re-make the arguments that you did this time.

One thing you might want to do is understand how you have been marked so I would request a copy of the assessment report by contacting the DWP office dealing with your claim.


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5 years 11 months ago #216444 by steven
Replied by steven on topic PIP result hurrah
Well done with your Award !

Im still waiting for my tribunal date after 60 weeks ! Nightmare to have to wait all this time !

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