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11 years 6 months ago - 11 years 6 months ago #97596 by kefkat
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Some more good news to report re ESA: My 2nd son got his ESA support group renewed with no appeal/reconsideration's etc which we are so relieved about because he has bi-polar which is really unstable atm.

We were a bit concerned as last time we had to fight to get him moved from WRAG to Support because he had just taken a massive o.d which nearly killed him. It was literally that close to us losing him and the good thing to come from it was we finally got a proper diagnosis of the bi-polar.

We did wonder if they would kick him out of support as he hasn't had an overdose since thank goodness however he is still not well and they are struggling to get his meds right etc. He is in therapy etc. Just a massive relief.

Following the forms. keeping a check for updates etc and sending in as much proof as possible works and has also stopped being sent for any medicals, even in the 1 with my Hubby where we had to appeal his WRAG, it got overturned to support without going to a medical or appeal

This place has always helped me and I can't thank you enough for this place and for the grace of finding it 5 years ago as it has kept me us going with appeals reconsideration's, letters to write to appeal and so on.

I recommend as many as I can here because the services here are invaluable and keep me sane knowing I have the best access to information
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11 years 6 months ago #97603 by slugsta
Replied by slugsta on topic Good news
It seems to be the day for good news! Thank you for letting us know, it does give hope to our members when we hear of positive outcomes. Thank you also for your kind words about this site :)

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