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TOPIC: PIP Question

PIP Question 6 months 3 weeks ago #202238

Ok thanks, I will make sure I don't rely on the blood thinners angle alone but use it where I can as a sub point, but I do have a discharge letter as evidence that I was admitted to hospital after a car I was in tipped on its side and left me with uncontrollable internal bleeding that lead to the removal of my spleen and an 11 day hospital stay, so I have it covered best I can

PIP Question 6 months 3 weeks ago #202245

The problem with living 24/7 with a condition is some things are so obvious to me, I thought they could come to this conclusion from what I put but your right to them they probably need it saying in a way a 7 year old could understand. I missed off the Warfarin stuff here but will use it later as part of the mobility section where the risk is increased. I wont rely on it but it is part of the package, anyway hope my reworked version is better

Q3c Muscle weakness in my arms and legs caused by Muscular Dystrophy mean I fatigue very quickly so preparing a meal would exhaust me. I have tried using a perching stool to sit whilst cooking but contractures in both elbows (which are locked at approx. 90 degrees) considerably reduce my range of movement and reach which puts my head in close proximity with whatever I am dealing with, in this case the hob. The Muscular Dystrophy has also wasted key skeletal muscles in my arms that are essential for lifting so I can’t lift objects on and off the hob from a sitting down position, even lightweight pots once they are full of water and food are too heavy for me. If I didn’t get the help from my family the muscle weakness and elbow contractures along with reduced grip strength would leave me at serious risk of burns and injury when using an oven. I have dropped lightweight pans in the past and as my condition has progressed fatigue in my muscles quickly build up so accidents started occurring more often so now meals are prepared and cooked by family members. I have these problems every day and my condition is constant throughout the day and can only deteriorate further.

PIP Question 6 months 3 weeks ago #202274


I really would have another look at the PIP Claim guide, it has a list of aids that would likely be appropriate to each activity, you are still relying on those assessing you making the leap that you cannot use them.

I would break the activity down into smaller parts and explain why you can't do each one and why an aid would not help.

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