19 June 2009

More happy feedback from Benefits and Work members.  As always, names have been changed to protect their confidentiality.  Do get in touch if you have good news to share.

Smiling womanI just received £294 lump sum
After being rejected twice I discovered you. I just received £294 lump sum and will receive £149.50 monthly in respect of lower level care DLA. This is a fantastic result and thank you very much. This will help me with Yoga classes each month. The key factor was the health professional sheet which I went though carefully with my GP and Psychiatric Consultant.

He will be reviewed in June 2014!!!

Just to say that my husband received a letter this very morning from the DWP.  He filled in a IB50 some weeks ago and was called for a medical last week.  I downloaded all the information you had on IB and we commenced battle!

To cut a long story short he has been judged as unfit for work and, wait for it, he will be reviewed in June 2014!!! As you can imagine we are well pleased.  Thanks so much for all the information. 

A tremendous difference to my life
I was recently sent a review claim form for my DLA as the date for my award reached the 3 years. I was initially awarded the Low rate for mobility and the middle rate care component. After the review I was awarded the Low Rate Mobility and the Low Rate Care component. After reading the information on your site I was encouraged to ask for a review of their decision. I have just received confirmation that they are awarding me the Low Rate Mobility and the Middle Rate Care which is what was originally awarded. This will allow me to continue with a private therapist and to run my car which makes a tremendous difference to my life as without these I'm concerned my condition would deteriorate.

So thanks to all at Benefits and Work. Well Done!

My niece has been granted entitlement to the FULL AMOUNT
I thought that I should let you know what a great help you have been to me in relation to claiming Attendance Allowance, first for my wife, and secondly, for my niece.
I first had help from you in relation to my wife. That was in late 2007 and after following the advice in your "downloads" my wife applied in Sept 2007 and was granted the full allowance in October 2007.  We were highly delighted.

I then had to tackle the problems of my niece. I again used the services of your website, and my niece, with my help, completed the forms in Dec 2007.  To our surprise her application was refused in its entirety.  I duly appealed and the appeal was heard in April 2008. The appeal was refused and the Tribunal stated that my niece was "not entitled at either rate".  This was a considerable "knock back" as I believed that my niece had a very good case. However the Chairman did say that I had presented a good case on behalf on my niece. He then said words to the effect that we should try again in a few months time.

Having refused the appeal I did think that this was a rather strange remark. However we took him at his word and my niece, with my help, duly again completed the application form.  The form had changed slightly but the information my niece supplied was very little changed from the original application in December 2007, (apart from evidence of 3 further "falls"). We posted the form to the DWP on 11th February 2009 and received a reply on 22nd February 2009 saying that my niece has been granted entitlement to the FULL AMOUNT. It just shows that it pays to persist. Many, many, thanks for the help and advice supplied by your website.

I have been awarded higher rate mobility and lower rate care
Hi, just wanted to say thank you for all the work you put in to writing these guides.  I spent a year and a half fighting for DLA, all the way through to the commissioners, on my first application.  I only got lower rate care despite having major mobility issues.  This time I used your guide which was invaluable and I have just found out I have been awarded higher rate mobility and lower rate care without any fuss this time round, no refusal, no medical, no tribunal... for the next three years!  It is such a relief to be able to concentrate on getting well rather than fighting all over again.  Thank you.

The allowance will really help to make life easier

I just wanted to say thank you, I have just been awarded DLA at the middle rate, care component for a two year period. I have rheumatoid arthritis. I followed your advice very closely and did a very detailed application with lots of supporting information and had a decision within 6 weeks. It has made a big difference to know that my difficulties with daily living have been acknowledged and the allowance will really help to make life easier.
Many, many thanks.



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