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TOPIC: Health Assessment - changing an appointment date

Health Assessment - changing an appointment date 8 months 4 weeks ago #197899

My partner previously had a health assessment booked in July and we had asked for the session to be recorded. The disability offices are located on the 4th floor and we were advised that if the lifts were not operational there would be 75 steps to contemplate! On the morning of the day of the appointment a member of staff called an hour before the appointment to say the lifts were not operational and asked would we like to reschedule and they would send a letter with a new date. We now have another appointment in October which is not convenient so I am hoping they do not class the first appointment as being cancelled by us as I know we can only change an appointment once. I did not inform the DWP that the appointment had been cancelled but have the name of the person we spoke to who said they would send out another letter. My partner was extremely distressed having worked himself up at the prospect of the assessment and I was not pleased to say the least. Do you think it will be classed as cancelled by them and will they be aware of the circumstances surrounding the new appointment? Also do we have any rights on what we can request as far as a convenient date for us and what if the lifts fail again? I think they can offer another location but it will be much further to travel.

Health Assessment - changing an appointment date 8 months 4 weeks ago #197929


Providing the moved appointment was recorded as being moved by the Assessment Provider then their should be no problem with you moving the appointment, however, I can't guarantee that this was done and if it wasn't then you are unlikely to be able to move it again, however much you protest that it was their decision the first time.

As an aside, don't be surprised if the venue is moved, I'm actually surprised that someone with accepted mobility issues was booked into this venue as it is a Health and Safety issue, in the event of an emergency, the claimant has to be able to use the stairs!


Health Assessment - changing an appointment date 8 months 4 weeks ago #197952

Thank you for that Gordon I am going to call them tomorrow I will let you know the outcome. While on the subject if we had a short holiday booked abroad is that a valid reason to request to rearrange a health assessment date ? I am also a carer for mum who receives attendance allowance is 84 and is under the care of the local elderly mental health team. She will only let certain people look after her so I have her to consider too when booking a holiday or agreeing to a suitable date to take my partner to health assessments.

Health Assessment - changing an appointment date 8 months 4 weeks ago #197959


Here's the problem, it's the DWP that decides whether a claimant has Good Cause for missing an appointment not the Assessment Provider, so the AP has no interest in your reasons, If you fail to attend then they will return your file to the DWP.

The DWP may accept your reasons, but if they don't then you will almost certainly have to appeal which could easily take 6 months to be back to where you are today,

So my best advice is not to get into the situation in the first place so when you call them make sure that the appointment is for a date that you can manage. Be aware the booking system usually only looks at the next three weeks, four if you are lucky so if it goes beyond that then you are back to them deciding when and where it is.



Health Assessment - changing an appointment date 8 months 4 weeks ago #198025

Good news- successfully moved our appointment to a convenient date at an assessment centre with no stairs so they must have documented that they had cancelled the initial appointment. Fingers crossed all goes well. Still can't believe they have a disability office on the 4th floor - maybe if you say you can climb the stairs they will say you dont have a disability!
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