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TOPIC: Pip refusal 0 points

Pip refusal 0 points 7 months 2 days ago #201832

Well some good news came today I got my mental health team referral through for 10
Days as they are seriously concerned about me sonthey have advised me NOT to attend the medical on the 1st for ESA and have told me ATOS will send it back to dwp saying I didn’t attend and dwp will then write to me asking why I didn’t attend and by then I will have a letter from mental health team saying I am agoraphobic and attended Hospital for a surgical procedure with medication and someone to go with me the dr that did the procedure is writing me a letter clarifying I was anxious and that my partner remained with me at all times and even walked down to theatre until I was asleep and was here when I woke up because of my anxiety and I also received the copy of referral letter to surgeon today from my medical from the surgeon who saw me on the 9th of November and says in the referral all about the collapsed ruptured and herniated discs and it states in that referral that I have no use in my upper right limb and lack of feeling in my hand of 4/5 well that kind of puts paid to the Atos lady scoring me no points on mobility when if I have an mri and a surgeon saying I have no use of upper right limb then how do I wash dress and get myself in and out of bath etc it also states the stenosis of the spine is very debilitating for me as I am unable to walk far because of the immense pain caused due to the collapsed discs etc it also states that I have very limited movement in my neck due to the muscle stiffness caused by the discs pressing onto the thecal sac of my spinal cord so how did I score zero points when there is medical evidence to support what I told her even tho she didn’t write down what I told her and in HER opinion I can do this and that maybe if she had my how my disability affects me questionnaire available to her she would have known all this but she didn’t have it for whatever reason unknown to me as dwp have told me they have got it so they do not know why Atos didn’t have it but it is noted that it wasn’t used but doesn’t say why on there System I also have my psychiatric assessment from 2015 and a letter today showing I have been rerefferred to the mental health crisis team x hoping it will be enough I can’t find the blank diary sheets to print off to fill in by hand saying how I have been on that particular day

Pip refusal 0 points 7 months 1 day ago #201850


Please speak to your support team again, this is a high risk strategy that could easily and quite likely, result in your claim being closed, whilst this would be an appealable Decision it could easily take the best part of a year to get your claim back on track.

At the very least they need to consider the risk to your health if your claim is closed.

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Pip refusal 0 points 7 months 1 day ago #201870

Why would my claim be closed Gordon I am not sure I understand

Pip refusal 0 points 7 months 1 day ago #201871

Sorry when I say I don’t understand I mean that there is clear evidence of my mental health status and my disability and that the lady clearly didn’t listen as her wording says in HER opinion

Pip refusal 0 points 7 months 1 day ago #201880


Failing to attend will result in your file being returned to the DWP, whilst they will contact you for your reasons for not attending, based on what we have seen in the forum, it is unlikely that that they will accept your reasons on the basis that the Assessment Provider considers you capable of attending.


Pip refusal 0 points 7 months 1 day ago #201887

Ok I understand now but I have always had home visits previously so they will take that into consideration and the mental health team are telling me they are concerned about my anxiety levels as I have suicidal tendencies and previous attempts and have even needed to take anti psychotic meds the problem I am having is Atos are saying I am not agoraphobic because I attended Hospital for a surgical procedure the mental health team are saying well of that is the case how come I have always had previous home visits I am already anxious about attending this ESA meeting after the outrageous result of the PIP one and the fact that I can’t sit in a car for 45 mins with my spine and neck issue and that’s without my mental health problem
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