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TOPIC: mandatory reconsideration

mandatory reconsideration 1 year 1 month ago #188526

should I get both dr and consultant to answer all pip activities or only the ones I have already scored points for to clarify they agree or only the ones I didn't and should of and they can support with medical evidence (care). Obviously I need them to justify walk no more than 20 metres on the majority of days to justify increasing 10 points to 12.(mobility) and properly explain my rare illness. Otherwise I will have to go to appeal, which from what I see will probable happen. Just to clarify, I am only sending information for m/r from me that I need to prove I should of scored points, but should gp and consultant fill out all the activities to prove they agree and support all points got. Sorry, need to be sure I fully understand who needs to do what!

mandatory reconsideration 1 year 1 month ago #188544


A different Decision Maker will look at your claim from scratch so it is well worth your re-enforcing the reasons that they awarded you points where they did as well as showing that you should score points for those areas that you did not or did not score as highly as you expected.


mandatory reconsideration 1 year 1 month ago #188570

Also meant to ask you about whether consultant should comment on health professionals view that review in 2years and given award for 3yrs. She said that functional restrictions present with long term health conditions, however she is actively receiving specialist input and meds review. Changes in function may therefore be seen in the shorter term. I know this is untrue and I wandered if they would listen to what he thinks and the real situation other than from a paramedic who couldn't understand my rare illness and the fact it hasn't changed in 22 years other than the other conditions I have gone on to develop over time. Should he comment on long term diagnosis and address this issue or not, as this is his specialist field and not hers, she did not ask me, just her thoughts!

mandatory reconsideration 1 year 1 month ago #188582


The assessors recommendation on the length of an award is supposed to be reflective of the likelihood of the claimants conditions changing, this includes worse as well as better, but if your Consultant does not expect your conditions to change then they should definitely comments on this.


mandatory reconsideration 1 year 1 month ago #188588

the reason I have regular blood tests is to check all organs ok and if I need higher steroids if not coping on dose. But my actual illness doesn't. Also diabetic checks have to be done all the time and other scan like dexa scan for osteoporosis etc. If I do get awarded higher rate mobility on m/r then obviously I would prefer longer length of award as this would be the right award for me. But if not, I will go to appeal. So after 22years my symptoms will not get better and my medication has not changed. This is such a stressful situation, I did expect the first award for pip to be for at least 5 years.
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mandatory reconsideration 1 year 1 month ago #188675

dr filled in pip activities and I am picking up tomorrow. Does the consultant need to fill in exactly the same as the dr as I am not due to see him for a few months. I really need him to describe my rare illness, and to help with explaining that I can't walk over 20 metres and to support my claim to go from 10 points up to 12 points and keep my car. As m/r will be using my original questionnaire, do I just concentrate on the couple of questions were no points were awarded and I thought I should have, and on the distance and explanation for mobility, together with a weekly diary of activities carried out. Together with dr forms,my part and consultant letter or pip activities (which ever you advise), this will be my written confirmation for m/r. Telephone conversation said I had till 23rd May to do this, do I tell them that I need to know as 11th July ! would need to give my car back? I know they can take as long as they like, but I would rather know so I can decide whether I need to go to appeal or not. when do I need to tell them I want to appeal? is there a deadline date? Thanks
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