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TOPIC: Fraud

Fraud 10 months 1 week ago #195340

Hi, I have never used the forum before although been with B&W many years. I now find myself in a terrible mess and do not know where to turn.In Feb approx. I had to have a interview under caution. I attended the appointment and for almost three hours I was grilled. They had no evidence whatsoever. Same questions over again but I was telling the truth about my friend who is male. Because I suffer from deep depression one of many things my friend used to stay now and again and sleep on the couch. A 'friend decided to get in touch with fraud dept at dwp and told them everything about myself and my family. I had not since lost my dad whom I adored . The depression worsened and I began having suicidal thoughts. I had to give all my meds to my friend who would give them to me as needed, this carried on or over a year. After the interview under caution I telephoned the council to say that my friend was moving in as my carer which was fine. There is too much to explain here but dad had left me his house and a tenant who was in receipt of benefits. The rent from the property went back into the house which is negative equity. My depression worsened again and I could not function, I was sent to see a psychologist who determined that I was badly traumatised and needed help as soon as could be arranged. Two days ago received letter from dwp saying I had an interview and they would like me to accept a Administrative Penalty. In total they have overpaid me 1531 plus 578
total £1735.06. I do not know what this is for because I did not get the first letter they say they sent me to tell me about the overpayment. I am petrified and don't know what to do. Can I ask to see the relevant evidence before I sign this penalty document. Should try to get someone to represent me?? My benefit as far as I am aware is the same. Oh I forgot to mention that I sent a letter to DWP asking them to remove any benefit that would not allow someone to stay with me. So sorry for the waffle my mind is everywhere . Kind Regards, Ruby2009

Fraud 10 months 1 week ago #195383


I've moved your post to it's own topic you have replied to a topic that is nearly three years out of date!

It's very difficult to offer meaningful advice without sight of the papers from the DWP.

You appear be disputing the whether you have been living with a partner, I am assuming that a Decision been made by the DWP about this which found against you, have you challenged this?

At the very least you should ask for details of how the DWP have decided how much is owed, make sure that any correspondence is made in writing so that there is a paper trail.

My best advice is for you to get face to face advice, do an internet search for "welfare advice" with your postcode, town or county.

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