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WORK RELATED FICUSSED INTERVIEW 6 years 8 months ago #69465

I was placed in WRAG,and my gp wrote to DWP for written explanation.No news yet!!
Then I was called for a work related focussed interview,which I managed to put off, after speaking to lady at job centre on phone.Iwas asked to send a copy of my gp's letter which was requesting a written answer for me being placed in WRAG.I dropped the letter off, and jobcentre said they would phone me back on 28th sept, which was when my interview should have taken place. She never phoned. I was thinking of ringing her and asking could I drop in another gp's STATEMENT.Should I phone her, or wait to get my reply to my original request.Or should I just go straight ahead and appeal wiyh a GL24. I'm very confused, and time is running out.
My thoughts were to go to jobcentre with more detailed statement from gp, but phone first, or just appeal. In two minds
about what my situation is.
Any tips would be welcome. JOHNvick

Re: WORK RELATED FICUSSED INTERVIEW 6 years 8 months ago #69467

  • Survivor
If you ask for a written statement, you get an extra two weeks within which to make your appeal, but don't let it get too late and if you think there'll be any dispute over whether the DWP got your request, try to get your appeal in within the usual one month time limit.

You can always withdraw an appeal if you change your mind and putting in an appeal will not stop the DWP looking at the decision again in the meantime.

Re: WORK RELATED FICUSSED INTERVIEW 6 years 8 months ago #69468

They got my letter of a written request, as Ihad to phone glasgow dwp, after being callad for the worf foccussed intrrview.they wanted to read it to me via a phone call, but I said I wanted it in writing, so I would get my 2 weeks grace.
It's also so stressful and confusing. I was trying to buy some time.Maybe if it doesnt arrive by post tomorrow Fri 30th, I will ring glasgow and ask again where my gp's request.
Strangly nough the woman at the job centre seemed understanding,and even gave me her direct line.
I think ill sleep on it, and possibly phone jobcentre tomorrow, as i should not be called for foccused interview, before i get reason for being placed in WRAG.
Thank you for your help.Hope to chat again, and will post any developements on forum. JOHNvick
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