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MY PIP Journey 10 months 2 weeks ago #162742


My assessment was yesterday. Where to start?

First of all we did a dummy run a couple of days before to find it which was a useful exercise because it wasn't immediately clear where the entrance or parking was. As it turned out there was plenty of parking available right outside the centre although no disabled bays. Didn't matter because my friend was able to drop me virtually outside the door before he parked the car.

Reception was immediately inside on the ground floor with a toilet opposite. The assessment room was behind reception so there was very little distance to walk. All good because I cannot walk any distance without severe pain and other difficulties.

The assessor invited me in, checked my id and explained what was about to happen. She then threw me completely by asking if I had brought my medication. I hadn't because I had submitted prescription lists as evidence with my original claim. I said that she would see this on my form and she then threw me for the second time by saying that "we don't see the form". What? Did this mean she hadn't read my claim form? Surely the HPs are supposed to do this? Otherwise how could she conduct the assessment without any knowledge of my conditions?

My friend had to bite his lip as he was tempted to argue this point but decided better of it!

As it happened we had a copy of our submitted form which we showed her, whereby all medication was listed. She then noted that dosages weren't listed. We told her that they were on the prescription lists submitted as evidence. My friend had a list of medication with dosages on his phone which he offered to show her. She declined then consulted some handwritten notes and said "it's ok". But was it?

We continued by her asking me to list my conditions, was I seeing a consultant, when was the last time I saw them, how often, how did the condition affect me?

We then pretty much went through most of the descriptors that affected me. However the questions asked were closed questions requiring a yes or no answer. If I tried to elaborate she cut me short by asking another question. She did this throughout the assessment .

Finally there was an 'examination' whereby I was asked to do some movements with my hands, arms and legs without moving from my chair. Then it was all over. It had lasted 35 minutes. I had a great feeling of disappointment that I hadn't been able to express myself and told her so but she just said I've got everything I need, i'm just confirming a few things, that's it, you can go.

I should add that I had some additional evidence in the form of a letter from my rheumatology nurse to my GP that detailed my condition as it was at the time of my visit which had been after submitting the original form. She seemed very reluctant to take this saying "well, if you want me to". I insisted that she did.

In conclusion I found the whole experience frustrating, humiliating and depressing. I hadn't felt listened to nor I had been made to feel comfortable or relaxed.

I am now worried to death that I have failed and won't get PIP, or if I do not at the level I expected.

I now have to wait several weeks before finding out. I am expecting to have to appeal. I am aware that I can ask for a copy of the assessor's report but am frightened to read it as it will probably depress me even more.
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MY PIP Journey 10 months 2 weeks ago #162744


Thanks for the update.

Sometimes what is perceived as a bad assessment results in the highest of awards, we've seen too many contrary results to pay much attention anymore as to how the assessment went :)


MY PIP Journey 10 months 2 weeks ago #162745

Hi Phil,

Thanks for the update. I'm sorry that the assessment left you feeling so bad :(

We have given up on trying to guess the outcome from the way the assessment was conducted. All you can do now is wait, PIP decisions are taking around 8 weeks after the f2f in many cases.
The following user(s) said Thank You: PhilB

MY PIP Journey 10 months 2 weeks ago #162758

Got a text message this morning from DWP saying they had all the information they needed to make a decision. This frightened the life out of me and does not make me feel any better but at least I know they have the assessor's report.

Thanks for your support.
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MY PIP Journey 10 months 2 weeks ago #162804

I've just had my assessment last week. I felt as you did and donnt hold out much hope for a positive outcome. I was watched before going in and going out. Some of the questions asked seemed strange like what school did I go to how many GCSEs did I get, was I good at English and Maths. My goodness I thought I'd gone into the wrong room at one point when I was asked what I would do if my husband had a heart attack how would I get a drink.?. I was also questioned as to the height of my shower seat. Was in there an hour and a half it seemed like eternity.
Good luck with your outcome

MY PIP Journey 10 months 2 weeks ago #162815

Hi PhilB,

I read about your f2f with interest, as you might recall I also live in the CM area. Your experience reminded me so much of my first PIP interview, not feeling listened to etc. I really do hope you get a positive outcome.

I'm going to update my own frustrating journey in a separate post now!

Kindest regards

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