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TOPIC: Buried Alive - The PIP Sequel!

Buried Alive - The PIP Sequel! 9 months 2 weeks ago #165453


I'm afraid the training of the call centre staff has always been an issue.


Buried Alive - The PIP Sequel! 9 months 2 weeks ago #165634

Well that's the 'how your disability enables us to screw you' pip2 form gone off, bye bye! Not holding my breath. Absolutely done in, ache all over. Gonna try calm down a little now, maybe even eat properly later today, steady on!! Hope to catch up on some sleep over weekend. Then next week start climbing up the walls preparing for ESA assessment! Am having such a lovely time. Isn't life for sick and disabled people on benefits a dream eh??

Buried Alive - The PIP Sequel! 9 months 1 week ago #165701

Still chillin. Andy Murray through to quarter finals. That's made my day, nice to have a day off from the hard slog, feels strange! Back to the grind stone tomorrow!

Buried Alive - The PIP Sequel! 9 months 1 week ago #166020

Hello, I am wanting to post extra info on to pip after sending form off last week. Have read it a million times on forum where to send it but forgot to make note of it. I can see from pip info booklet to send it to address on covering letter, but who do I mark it for attention of, is it case manager, or someone else? Sorry to be a pain askin you to answer same old questions!

Buried Alive - The PIP Sequel! 9 months 1 week ago #166037

Hi Pete,

Send a copy to the assessment provider (ATOS or Capita), I don't think there is anyone in particular to send it to.

If you also want to send a copy to DWP, address it 'FAO Decision Maker'

Don't forget the usual advice to put your name and NINo at the top of every page.

Sending Documents to the DWP or ATOS

Buried Alive - The PIP Sequel! 9 months 1 week ago #166050

Thanks a lot Mrs H. Sorry but not got address for atos as not had anything from them. Only had letters etc from DWP in regard to this pip. Can't understand why dwp would say in pip booklet to post anything extra to them, or is that another way of messing us about?? Getting totally stressed now (as usual, once I start trying to deal with all this crap, god forgive me for taking couple o days off from it all) as needing to deal wi something else regarding ESA at same time!
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