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TOPIC: Legal Action against the DWP IS POSSIBLE

Legal Action against the DWP IS POSSIBLE 11 months 5 days ago #170910


I read both posts and was nice that this community has brought together other people trying to make sense and survive the new system and your words were comforting.

The decision I was Discussing was a REVIEW of a MANDATORY REVIEW, which is very mud unheard of, so clearly that gave me a lot of hope that the problem would be resolved, especially getting a direct phone number to a person and endless apologies. However when the decision maker rang me he said he was sticking to I COULD WALK 50-200 Metres based on the evidence of the Capita assessor who saw me walking 3 metres to the toilet without difficulty. When i queried this, he said am sticking to it and you can appeal if you want. Well he clearly cannot defend it on the phone its just ridiculous.
I am meeting a Solicitor on Thursday to discuss my options, i feel as though i have taken it as far as i can and its now making me very ill. The only thing left now is an appeal which is likely to take a year so need some legal advice based on my own car before i can decide what to do next.

MP : I would have liked to have contacted my MP but she has voted for every single CUT to disability and welfare, tax credits that there has been a vote on. Though i may write to the commons select committee as i think its good to help others avoiding same thing.

Thankyou for support advice

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Legal Action against the DWP IS POSSIBLE 11 months 10 hours ago #171446

When I first Titled this post, I was clearly naive. Having been in business for many years before becoming ill, disputes usually go to court and are held accountable. Now I realise that taking the DWP to court is a waste of time as they are not answerable only to the Tribunal. Maybe I had looked at it blindly entering into a phase of manic behaviour triggered by the anger I felt when realising Assessor had lied on the form to deny me benefits. This has now had a terrible effect on my mental health and today realised I am loosing the premium to my ESA which is £3300 a year, my DLA now lost was £4000 a year, am now £7300 a year down through no fault of my own, other than been Mentally and Physically ill and these conditions are been pushed further down the line and these events are triggering a deteriation in my health.

Not sure how I am going to manage financially and will now get the appeal lodged, someone is helping me with this.

The decision letter from the MR was very rude and spoke down to me just like he did over the phone.

The pain we are having to go through is beyond belief and thank goodness for this site and the Forum as I would feel very isolated without the help advice I have received on here.

I just wonder when things are going to improve and we can get back to leading our lives again.

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