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TOPIC: No news two months after ESA reassessment

No news two months after ESA reassessment 7 months 3 weeks ago #169491

Apologies for new thread, but I twice typed a long 'reply' in my original one and lost it both times (my stupidity, I'm sure). This isn't really related anyway.

Finally had f2f with nurse, having twice been sent home after arriving on time, long wait and appointment re-fixed. That was over two months ago but I still have not heard anything; the assessor said I would get a letter in 2-3 weeks.

Bit paranoid because:
- This last, third, time I turned up, receptionist said I could be seen sooner if I would go upstairs. (Strange, because venue was changed to this one after appointment letter for much nearer centre said to ring if going down steps in emergency might be a problem). I duly waited over two hours again.
- ESA was stopped three weeks ago without warning, and I assumed worst. Plucked up courage to ring and was told automatic renewal hadn't been done. This was sorted. I said I hadn't heard about assessment but was told there was no letter.

I had medicals several years ago, but since then have 'only' had to submit forms every two years. Maybe because old GP and consultant wrote supporting letters. Assessor asked when I was last seen and I said 5 or 6 years, but I think it might actually be longer. (I rang DWP to tell them I had moved so perhaps that triggered review as form/f2f was soon after. I did see someone a couple of years ago for ID check and to confirm date of my first claim for statutory sick pay and IB.)

Is this long wait normal? I don't want to poke a stick in the hornets' nest but I'm constantly on edge waiting for letter so wonder if I should ask for assessment report? (I don't have previous ones, I didn't even know you could ask for them then). If they decide against me , will they stop ESA straight away - so I would know even if I did not receive a letter? I'm paranoid that I would not know in time to appeal.

Thanks for opportunity to vent and for all the help you provide.

No news two months after ESA reassessment 7 months 3 weeks ago #169511


Just to confirm, your ESA is now back in payment?

Two months is long for an ESA Decision to be made, but there is no prescribed time within which one has to be made.

I'm afraid the only way you will find out what is going on is to contact the DWP again.

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No news two months after ESA reassessment 7 months 3 weeks ago #169527

You are not the only one if it is any comfort. I have been waiting almost 2 months after my F2F for ESA, having also been told by the assessor it would only be 2-3 weeks delay :unsure:

I've phoned the DWP several times now only to be told there is no timeframe for an answer. I have to say though the person I spoke to this week did sound surprised that I'd not heard when I said how long ago the F2F was, but then said it was perfectly normal once she'd accessed my file (the decision makers file - which was empty, so it's not even been looked at yet).

She said the decision makers are given a set pile & they must complete them in date order, so the one I've got clearly has a backlog / off with stress / extended holiday :huh:
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No news two months after ESA reassessment 7 months 3 weeks ago #169548

Thanks, Gordon. Yes, ESA was restored.

No news two months after ESA reassessment 7 months 3 weeks ago #169553

Thanks, bobber31, sorry you are having a long wait too. Interesting information about how the decision makers work - perhaps we have the same one! All the systems seem designed to be as difficult as possible. The whole thing, from getting a ridiculously long and complicated form, a stressful assessment (in my case after turning up three times - reliant on friend for over an hour's drive to an industrial estate - and being sent away twice after couple of hours wait) and now no idea of when a decision will be made. Have to wonder if they hope some of us will drop by the wayside for one reason or another.

No news two months after ESA reassessment 6 months 1 week ago #173703

Well, my form was sent off in February, I had a f2f assessment late July and it's only today that I have found out (by phoning the DWP for the third time) that a decision has just been made. I've been put back into the support group, to be reviewed in 24 months. I'm very relieved, obviously, though wondering why I've had such a long anxious wait. Thank you to everyone here for such comprehensive advice on the whole gruelling process.
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