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TOPIC: Transfer from DLA to PIP

Transfer from DLA to PIP 7 months 3 weeks ago #169574

Thank you for your guides which helped me in filling in "How your disability affects you" form. I started in April and finally heard back September. I have been awarded PIP enhanced rate Personal Care and got 4 points for Mobility. The assessor made a mistake in his response about the distance from my home to the DR's Surgery- saying it was 1/2 km away when in fact it is just up the road about 100-120metres. I guess they took the car way round a one way system. Do u think it is worth asking for a mandatory reconsideration. I am so scared they'll take my other award away. Also, do you still have to do this in writing because I am told you can do it on the telephone? by CAB. I know you cannot give legal advice but would really appreciate your comments. Many Thanks.

Transfer from DLA to PIP 7 months 3 weeks ago #169583


Congratulations on the Daily Living award.

It's up to you whether you ask for the Mobility component to be looked at again, there is some risk that they will look at the Daily Living part as well, so you need to consider what the risk is.

I assume you walk to your GP. If you do then you are saying that you walk more than 100m, twice within a reasonable period, the maximum distance for a PIP award is 50m so there is an obvious issue with this. Can you reasonably show that you cannot "reliably" on the "majority of days" walk more than 50m? You will need to explain the GP journey, but if it is the only journey of this length that you make and you only do it once every couple of months, or as a result of doing the walk you are ill or severely restricted for a couple of days after then, then this may allow you to explain how you manage this.

We recommend writing to the DWP because we still regularly see requests made over the phone being lost. There are template letters you can use in the PIP section.

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Transfer from DLA to PIP 7 months 3 weeks ago #169919

I am writing further to my previous enquiry about the decision letter from the DWP. I haven't really been able to look at this as before I even got the decision letter, I had a review form for the ESA to complete. It took me many mnay hours to complete and finally got it off by recorded delivery yesterday. Today is the last day I could do anything about the PIP letter and I looked at the info again and realise that what I am really not happy about is the Planning and Following Journeys which I got 4 points for. Now, in my ESA I went through a lot of explanantions about this to do with related activities. I just am concerned that if I let the PIP go without checking it out, it'll raise considerations in their mind anyway. So I decided this afternoon to ring DWP enquiry line to see if I could talk to them about their decision and to point out their error with the calculoation on distance to dr. Before I knew it, the woman had lodged me as a mandatory reconsideration with a phone call to come from a decision maker in five working days? I said actually I'd prefer to lodge this in writing as I am not comfortable with talking on the phone. I was told that the request had been made and there was nothing she could do. i said I'd be writing in anyway and she said that was ok but to be sure to tell the decision maker when he rang that I was about to or had done this? Then I checked with her about the deadline and was this really lodged as a mandatory request or was this just an explanatory phone call? Then she said I was days over the limit and then came back & said I was alright? Some confusion aboutfour weeks or a calendar mnth? CAB told me it was today. I was so disorientated by this I forgot to ask about the copy of my medical assessment report by Capita which was one of the reasons I rang them. I asked for this 6 Sept? I rang back againand spoke to another enquiry person. She confirmed that a mandatory request telephone request was showing on the records and then told me that a cop of medical report had been sent 2 weeks ago? She has now to ask the decision makers to send another copy? I wonder if I will ever get hold of this report. The woman who came to my house for the assessment came 50 mins early and bamboozled her way in before my CPN got here. I know I have taken a risk querying this Mobility Decision when Imaybe I needed to just sit there until the next review but I feel the grounds are pretty strong on the Daily Care. I did say I wasn't querying these, just the award of 4 when I thought 10 was the right amount. I am not sure I want to take a phone call from a Decision Maker, maybe just send the letter? Your comments welcomed. Thank You.

Transfer from DLA to PIP 7 months 3 weeks ago #169931

Hi Melan,

It is not common for the decision maker to phone the claimant about an MR (it used to be routine practice but we have not heard of it for some time) so I certainly don't think you should depend on it.

You will only get the award you hope for by showing how you score points against the descriptors. So I suggest you get your thoughts together and put your reasons down on paper. Send in the letter but keep a copy by you in case the DM does phone.

I'm afraid I find it very difficult to process a wall of solid text, so please forgive me if I have missed any queries in your post!
The following user(s) said Thank You: Melan

Transfer from DLA to PIP 7 months 2 weeks ago #170028

Thank you for your help. I have now compiled a letter setting out all my reasons. Sorry about the long garbled message - Just get so anxious about all these forms. It is only today that I saw on the back of the last page of PIP decision letter 'what you can do if you disagree' ?

I did get two telephone calls today from the PIP enquiry phone. I always leave my phone on answer phone but they did not leave a message. I am letting my advisor from CAB have a look at the letter before I send it. From looking around the Forum, I see DWP do leave messages so maybe when they next ring, they will?

I was told yesterday by the DWP enquiry line that you have 28 days from the date of the MR on telephone to submit a letter with further evidence. I haven't been able to find anything about this on your site or have I missed it? Just want to be sure about this?
Thank You.

Transfer from DLA to PIP 7 months 2 weeks ago #170050


If you are gong to request a Mandatory Reconsideration then you need to do so within one month of the Decision date.

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