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ESA50 HELP!! 10 months 1 week ago #170438

As another Mum who has to fill these forms in for her son, I don't think you are being thick at all! In the decision letter we had last time it was only in about para 8 that they said he was in the work related activity group or WRAG. Almost as if they wanted to be confusing.
You just have to stay calm, keep working steadily through the brilliant guides from this site and put in real examples. My key tip is not to be put off by that silly small form. If you need two pages to describe your sons issues then take two pages. Put name and NI on each sheet and staple or tag the extra pages at the back of the form.
I'm really feeling for you. I've just put our ESA 50 form in the post so I know how tough it is. Keep going!

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