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ESA 7 months 1 week ago #170737

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@pusscatsmum, do what I did and do what others have mentioned phone the DWP and they will tell you when A reassessment is due, it's only them that can tell you a review date or possibley when it will be.

It won't trigger any other problems.

I'am still awaiting the dreaded PIP from DLA, but I'am leaving well alone.

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ESA 7 months 1 week ago #170762

The letter I received from DWP when I received my SAR, 3 years ago said I was to be assessed in October 2016.
It said to expect the ESA Form from early September 2016, as did the subsequent phone call to DWP then, hence my initial email as I wondered if it had got lost in the post.
So really they had said it was due now, but not as yet in the system to be sent to Maximus, long may it not.!!

Good luck with the dreaded DLA to PIP, mine went well as you can see from the insert above in this post somewhere.

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ESA 6 months 6 days ago #174005


Well I am still waiting for my next ESA form to complete.

Only worried cos it has well gone past the 'prognosis' time span, however in one way tis good I have not heard anything as yet. !!! Probably get it tomorrow tho.

With a bit of luck they may have just decided to keep it as it is and have just failed to inform me!!!

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ESA 1 month 3 weeks ago #185871

ESA re assessment thud on the mat form arrived today and have until the 26th April to complete and return, happy 60th Birthday.
At least in one way I know and tis here, but oh I do so wish I was one of the lucky ones and left alone for a while, never happens to me tho.
No doubt I shall be asking for help as I complete the form, and I do have a copy of my previous one to cut n paste where feasible.
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