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TOPIC: Telephone hearing success?

Telephone hearing success? 10 months 1 week ago #173500

Alison, thank you so much for telling me in detail how it went. Congratulations on your award of standard rate. I didn't think they tell you the same day! I am suprised you only got standard rate for mobility if you get that distressed. Beach question was a little odd. You say they might ask same thing differently, can you give me an example? What sorts of things do they ask, is it like your typical day?
Thanks xx

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Telephone hearing success? 10 months 6 days ago #173591

hi ummb
hope your doing ok,. about the question they ask ile give youa example ,, the dr asked me if ime able to go out to a supermarket to do my grocery shopping ,! i de already written in my submission the fact ive been housbound for past 4 yrs ,my parent had also written a detailed letter saying that they do my food shopping and manage my moneyetc ,, i answerd... ime unable to do this as it causes overwhelming distress and panic , then after a few more questions he asked me about going to the beach on a nice day with a friend , well seemed a bit silly as ide alreay explained in detail the actual difficulties i have leaving my front door ,so supermarket or beach would be the same answer ,wether it be quiet or full of people i couldnt manage neither ,, he then asked how i managed to get to the tribunal and my friend then spoke and said its been horrendous ,she has made herself ill for the past coming weeks worrying about having to come , and i then told them i had no choice than to have to try and get here as i needed you to see how i actualy am out of my comfort zone of my home , at the end they ask if there is anything ude like to add so my friend said if i may say ,,,,, if alison was assessed out of her comfort of her home then she wouldnt of had to of gone through a tribunal as the HA would of seen the real difficulties she faces daily ,,i must say i was lucky as the judge and disabiliy woman were very understanding , the disability asked a few question about how i manage bathing ,,cooking ,what aids do i have or use , they seemed to concentrate more on my MH rather than the mobility ,, i have athritus and damaged discs yes ,but apart from xtrays result that were 5 yrs old was about all i had on the moving around to argue my case ,as being agrophobic so many years ive avoided dr and appoint like a plaque so therefore the standard mobility i was expecting as the following journey descriptor only gives u the 10 points, my moving around wasnt severe enough to be awarded the 12 points,. ime just happy it done now was dreading it ,,
warm wishes ,
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Telephone hearing success? 9 months 3 weeks ago #175248

hi Ummb, how did your hearing go? please check my latest forum post as i had mine and went terribly.

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