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TOPIC: Loss of Mobility

Loss of Mobility 10 months 5 days ago #170735

I came home to find that the DWP has decided I no longer have the mobility problems that I have had for the last ten years.

Apparently I scored 4 on the mobility scale out of 12, so I lose all my mobility allowance and therefore my car.

Apparently this is because of the following:

I have chronic bilateral lymphoedema and have had it for ten years.

Their report states
"I take painkillers for the pain in my legs.
In my musculoskeletal examination I showed slightly reduced power in both legs but showed adequate fist and pinch grip in both my hands.

I said I had difficulty planning a journey (I have no idea when that was said).

When I go shopping I hold on the shopping trolley to get round the store.

I was observed to walk 15 metres at a slow pace with two crutches. In my examination I showed slightly reduced power in both legs which are bandaged. Therefore the decision maker has decided I can stand and then move 50 metres but not more than 200 metres aided.
[The last time I walked more than 100 metres unaided I fell and ended up with cellulitis that necessitated 2 weeks of daily IV antibiotics].

The decision maker cannot consider any help I need not covered by the activities for daily living and mobility including my ability to work, stairs, use of taxis or public transport or walking on slopes or uneven surfaces.

I cannot get on and off buses with my crutches and have suffered two bad falls on the last two times I have used them.

I now have to wait for a decision maker to ring me tomorrow afternoon to see if there is grounds for him to reconsider.

To say I am upset is slight understatement. I was forced back to work last year when I moved house and feel comfortable with my 20 hours a week doing so- I get help through Access to Work and the company is very supportive. I may well have to think about giving this up as I will struggle to get there using public transport.

The report acknowledges I drive an adapted car (currently through Motability) with hand controls as I can't use my legs to drive but days his means I can plan and follow the route of a journey unaided.

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Loss of Mobility 10 months 5 days ago #170747


Sorry to hear that you have not received the award that you expected.

PIP was designed to be more difficult to receive an award for than DLA, this is particularly the case for Mobility where a current DLA HRM award would potentially translate into a Standard award for PIP.

There are some obvious issues from your post.

PIP separates the causes for the two Mobility questions; so the Going Out activity only deals with cognitive, mental health or sensory conditions and the Moving Around activity concentrates on physical conditions, so as an example I would not have expected you to have scored for problems using Public Transport due to you using crutches.

If your problems are only physical then you will need to show that you cannot reliably, on the majority of days walk more than 20m to retain your current Mobility award, can you show this?

It's not clear whether you used the PIP Claim, but some of these issues are discussed in the sections dealing with Mobility.

When you have spoken to the Decision Maker please post again or if you have questions on the above, by replying to this post.


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