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TOPIC: New to Forum, DLA to PIP Help needed..

New to Forum, DLA to PIP Help needed.. 6 months 4 weeks ago #171988

Hi Imalant,

I have just been through the DLA to PIP transition starting with the letter in July, home F2F just under 4 weeks ago and an award letter today.

Here is what I did:
First and foremost I treated the B&W PiP guide as a bible and a study guide.
Prepared my answers to the relevant questions for me in Word with a separate page for each question (my writing is unreadable.).
My regular GP was away on holiday so I asked the practice manager whom best could prepare a factual report for me. I obtained that report with no influence from me on what they should say.
I also used AgeUK for help in concluding the application form. This was convenient as they act as a mail receiving centre in my area for DWP. I made this appointment long before I got the PiP2 form to complete.
DWP also sought a report from my named GP who was the only person I gave them.

Finally, I delayed making the phone call till Monday of the last week before the four weeks, end date as in my case I got the PIP2 after 5 days of the telephone call.
Also if you can start preparing now even before you get the PiP2 form as this will give you time to make the best submission you can.

All the best,


New to Forum, DLA to PIP Help needed.. 6 months 3 weeks ago #172033

One thing I forgot to mention was the 7-day diary. I used the physical template from the guides and kept a record as I completed the other parts. When I had the assessment it was said that the diary was a great help to her in what she was looking for.
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New to Forum, DLA to PIP Help needed.. 5 months 3 weeks ago #175253

Hi all... Firstly, thanks for all the info...

I really don't know whats wrong with me at the moment, I got the time extension which means the claim form has to be in by Saturday but I have found this a really difficult situation, I'm usually a lot better with these types of things but for some reason this form has been really traumatic....

I got my medical records from the doctors and there is nothing more in there about my condition that isn't included in the hospital letter I have received.. I also asked the practice manager if the doctor could do a letter outlining the spine issues I have, they refused and said it was not my place to provide info to the DWP when they can request it from the doctor themselves? I am hitting brick walls everywhere..........

Q: I have numerous herniated discs that cannot be operated on as they are a result of previous surgery, so there are times when, although in constant pain whilst taking pain meds, I can manage to function to a reasonable level, then there are other days when the discs slip and I cannot move a footstep without screaming in agony and being completely unable to look after myself at all relying on my brother to call and do virtually everything for me.... How would I word this so they understand that even though there are times I manage that I never fully do and most of the time can't at all...

I am desperately trying to get this form completed but fear I have got myself so worked up at the prospect of losing my car and becoming housebound that I am in danger of sabotaging this by not completing it correctly..

Thanks for all your help .....

New to Forum, DLA to PIP Help needed.. 5 months 3 weeks ago #175280


You must be able to complete the PIP activities "reliably" and "on the majority of days" not to score points so break you capabilities down into parcels, so as an example;

Two days a week I am so incapacitated by my conditions that I cannot complete activity A, this is because of X,Y and Z, three days a week I can complete the task but it takes me three times as longa s a healthy person would and I am unable to repeat the activity that day due to residual pain from doing it the first time. Two days a week I can complete the task but I am in pain throughout the activity.

So follow the formula in the guide for each activity, just shift the circumstances to fit your different levels of capability.

You can also break the task down into smaller components and explain the difficulties that you have with these, the Preparing a Meal task already does this for you, separating the preparation of the food from the cooking.

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New to Forum, DLA to PIP Help needed.. 5 months 3 weeks ago #175283

Hi Gordon.... Thanks so much for your speedy and helpful reply....

So if I used this time scale, which is more appropriate to me..

For an average of 10 days a month I manage but the rest I am incapacitated?

Is that okay or do I really need to be specific..

Thanks again...

New to Forum, DLA to PIP Help needed.. 5 months 3 weeks ago #175305

That should be fine - although you should also explain what you mean by 'incapacitated' on the other days.
The following user(s) said Thank You: imalant
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