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25 May 2017
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TOPIC: DLA to PIP dates for start of payment

DLA to PIP dates for start of payment 6 months 1 week ago #173982


our son has been on low rate DLA mobility for nearly 9 years, mental health reasons cannot go out without support.

He had a new PIP assessment just over 2 weeks ago and today received his decision letter awarding enhanced care but no mobility. This was not unexpected due to the changes with DLA and he had never had any kind of assessment for the DLA award, well a paper one only.

The question is the letter is dated 11th November with a start of award date of the 7th December, first payment on the 3rd January. This in itself is confusing, why does the award not start from the decision date of 11th November.

The mobility rejection states that he will not be entitled to mobility from 16th August 2016.

Q. Is it now normal for the first month of an award (11th Nov to 7th Dec) to excluded from payment? (Understand in this case 4 weeks in arrears taking it to Jan 3rd)

Q. Why does the mobility date back to 16th Aug as the date he will no longer be entitled? If that date is correct does that mean he will have to pay back the 4 months of mobility award he has already received.

Many thanks in advance.
I know that there has been some posts around dates being odd, to say the least. We will call DWP, but before we do, some wisdom around this would be appreciated.

All the best

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DLA to PIP dates for start of payment 6 months 1 week ago #173990

Hi Elisa,

When claimants are migrating from DLA to PIP, the PIP decision comes into effect 1 month after it was made and DLA continues to be paid until this time.

Did DWP contact your son and 'invite' him to apply for PIP or did you notify them of a change of circumstances? If the latter, they might date the PIP from the date they received your CoC letter.

Either way, I cannot understand why you have one date for the daily living element and another for mobility!
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Nothing on this board constitutes legal advice - always consult a professional about specific problems
Last Edit: by Mrs Hurtyback.

DLA to PIP dates for start of payment 6 months 1 week ago #174002


just finished on the call and yes, you are right :) they will continue DLA regardless of what the odd 16th Aug date says until PIP takes over. They have no idea why the letter says 16th August and are looking into it and sending out correct dates.

Sort of matches the oddness that is the whole thing. We will not be challenging the mobility, however, the assessor commented regarding his problems and need for a car effectively as part of his therapy, then negated any more than 4 points by saying because he can drive and has a car he can undertake a journey for the majority of time without support or any aid. They did a similar thing about communicating even though she accepted he cannot understand info on the phone or call strangers, because he has a mobile phone to call us or his doctor/therapist then he can communicate for the majority of the time and does nor score points.

It's all bonkers. How people with mental health issues cope is beyond me, they must just fall down the big black hole and end up under or in hospital, permanently. I read the stories of peoples lives on here and it breaks my heart that our world is so lacking in compassion and simple kindness.

Our son is agrophobic and cannot attend therapy, but only therapy now available is this daft 12 week maximum at a centre near you, or not. Two strikes and you are out, discharged back to GP. I had to call them to explain he did not make it to hospital were they had changed the meeting. After much ado I asked ' what happens to those either too physically or mentally ill to be able to travel to therapy at a place you stipulate?' Silence, then 'we do very well on stats for those we treat'. I repeated the question, answer 'it's not something we are required to consider'. That says it all.

Thanks again, will let you know on this post if they say why 16th august ;)
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DLA to PIP dates for start of payment 6 months 6 days ago #174286

As this is a topic I started and still waiting to find out what the mysterious date is about, I thought you may find this interesting.

Because of the access to patient records available, as this is our sons main method of ordering scripts and randon drugs on his list, as needed. He had a look at the report his GP sent out following a specific request from Atos.

First the GP would not do anything until they had paid the invoice. Then they got, not his GP, but another GP who he had never met to do the report.

Had this GP read his notes they would have seen that he had already requested a home visit letter. To put it blunt, the report was nothing but a few random jottings in only 2 parts. They put some of his conditions down sort of scraweled, randomly across the first section. They put the wrong dose of meds down, as in 50mg, he is on 200mg and they did not mention the other anxiety and physical illness meds he is on. That too was scrawled in the middle of the box. Exact words 50mg sert.

We then move on to the rest of the form, totally blank until we get to the end bit that askes could this patient attend an assessment, could they attend at a centre?
Both boxes ticked Yes when if they had even got as far as the first page on his notes they would have seen in his docs and therapists opinion he could not.

This now tallies with some comments on the mobility part of the assessment report.

He is too stressed to do anything about this and he can't rock the boat because they have tried to remove him due to 'geographical boundary restructure', but after he begged he can stay but no home visits.

I really want to send a copy to the GMC to get their take on it but first his own GP needs to pointed to look at this because i suspect he will be shocked.

I am currently applying for early retirement on one of my pensions through ill health. This started back in April. Following this I checked with the pension provider to discover they have called, sent letters, paid for a report about me no less than 8 times upto date 4th Nov. I am not holding out much hope given the appalling report writing abilities of what is a very 'selective', large, GP practise.

I know that most of my posts regarding the suggestion that everyone gets themselves logins to their own records have not passed moderation before, not sure why :) Please moderators make sure you let everyone know they can access their records. That said i still have to get mine sorted because everytime I try it kicks me out, Various attempts by the surgery to fix have not worked. New doc soon, we have left the practise. I will be making sure my login works ;)

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DLA to PIP dates for start of payment 6 months 6 days ago #174307

I am not aware that any of your posts have not been allowed. If you click on your username, in blue when you are logged into the site, you will bring up a list of all your previous posts.

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Nothing on this board constitutes legal advice - always consult a professional about specific problems

DLA to PIP dates for start of payment 6 months 6 days ago #174364

Thanks Mrs Hurtyback :)

I have been through the posts several times each time I have posted. Maybe its just a coincidence but I began to think I should not be mentioning everyone's right to have electronic access to their own medical records, perhaps it was only in our area or something :)
The only posts, of mine, that have not appeared, before this one, are ones that are in response to people who are struggling to get their medical records from the GP. Probably only about 3 but each one urges people to get registered at the GP to access their own records. Probably just my access glitching or something ;)
I think it's being essential for any claim you have a full, recent, online or paper history of consultation notes, letters, tests etc. to refer to and include.

This site is such a massive support and help for so many but I know how difficult it can be to get printouts, my access is still not sorted, but everyone else I know has access, most just use it for repeat scripts and appointments others, like our sons recent claim to form his PIP application and support, more recently to find out what went wrong at the GP end.


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