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TOPIC: F2F assessment- absolutely petrified

F2F assessment- absolutely petrified 8 months 4 weeks ago #174669

Hi everyone. I have had long term mental health conditions since my teens- recurring severe depression, mood swings(most severe in the winter) and an episode of psychosis every few years. I haven't seen a psychiatrist for years nor my GP since the old one retired.

My mental health conditions have not improved and I'm not on any medication as the side effects of antidepressants nullify any benefits, and the psychosis is episodic and fairly unpredictable( I also read a medical review that said long term antipsychotic use increases psychotic episodes in the long run, and that long term use also increases the mortality of patients).

I was put in the support group a couple of years ago and have recently been reassessed and have to go to a F2F interview. I have had a psychotic episode since the last time I went to the doctor(a couple of years ago) but there was no involvement with any doctors.

Would it be a good idea to see my GP? She seems very hard to pin down as she has cancelled appointments and gone on holiday every time I have tried. Would also like some advice about the F2F as well. Last time I went to one was about 10 years ago before ESA was introduced. I am in a lot of debt and would run into financial difficulties if my benefits are changed, and my mental health is sure to suffer as a consequence.

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F2F assessment- absolutely petrified 8 months 4 weeks ago #174701


It certainly can't hurt for you to speak to your GP, at least that way you will have an understanding of the support that they are willing to provide you.

The ESA Claim guides have a section at the back that covers the assessment and the questions you are likely to be asked.

best of luck


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