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TOPIC: After 5 Months wait Motability success

After 5 Months wait Motability success 8 months 4 weeks ago #174739

Hi Gordon.
My son has had Brain Damage since he was 18yrs old. Due to cleaning up toxix
spillage, in work. No safety masks ect was provided. He is now 48yr, it took me 6 yrs to
fight for health tests, which i won. To look at him he looks, fine, however the brain damage was to his front lobe. His benifits has never changed, until July just gone. I went with him
to the interview for P.I.P. then we had a letter that he was only allowed the less rate. And not
the full, but on the nurse"s report, she lied through her teeth. I then asked for a Mandoraty
reconsideration. Which again was excactly the same as hers, but also took 2 points off.
Unbelievable, so it is now going to Appeal. I was my sons Appointee for over 20yrs, but
as he got older i thought there was no longer need. Until all this ocurred, in which i know
he could never sort out. We recieved the Appeal papers and i noticed our G.P. done a report
( well not him) the nurse. It was nearly all blank, the only thing was on it was his medication.
Also Parionoid Schzoyphanic. Diabetec and arthritis of the spine. No mention of Brain
Damage at all. Considering we have been with the surgery for 14yrs, and also knowing
he has been admitted with mental breakdown, over the years, and abusive, i could not
believe it. I then went to see our G.P. of course he apologised, and within 24hrs, he made
a truthful report, of what should have been done from the start. I then sent it off to appeal, as that is what it stated, any further evidence. Well Gordon i just rang the P.I.P.
as we also had a home visit for me to be Appointtee again. Only because of this mess.
When i rang i was told that they had not recieved it yet. I then asked have they heard of the new G.P report, in which i was told i had snt it to the wrong place. But i followed what it said on the appeal letter. Gordon what can i do as i am fuming with all the errors caused, and they do not care at all. If you can help i will be grateful. Thanks.

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After 5 Months wait Motability success 8 months 4 weeks ago #174757


We ask members not to post their questions into other members topics as it can lead to confusion and the wrong advice being given or taken.

Just to confirm, you have requested an appeal on behalf of your son in regard his PIP claim?

You have received the DWP submission to the appeal and have so far submitted a revised report from your son's GP to the Tribunal Service?

How long ago did you send the report to the TS? They need to receive it and then copy it back to you and the DWP, this usually take 5-8 working days. If you have not received a copy back yet then it's unlikely that the DWP will have received there's either.

Has your GP directly addressed the PIP activities in their letter? If not then you might want to consider going back through the PIP2, the assessment report and the PIP Claim guide to make sure that you have shown that he meet the criteria to score points.

Be aware some of the Descriptors have multiple elements and you need to meet all of them to score points.

Finally make sure you have made use of "reliably" and "on the majority of days" wherever appropriate.


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