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TOPIC: PIP - excercise to manage health condition

PIP - excercise to manage health condition 5 months 4 weeks ago #175013

I need help please to be sure , it is" managing therapy" for purpose of PIP , when after sessions of physiotherapy to help relief joint pains from osteoartheritis the claimant was discharged to GP care with observations from physiotherapist " patient to continue manage the strength and reach / movement in neck and shoulders by excercises as advised "

Secondly, if GP or Cardiologist thinks it appropriate to only verbally advise ischemic heart disease patient who is BP borderline not yet on BP medicine to try keep control it and help cardiovascular condition by light excercise / walk ; does the claimant need to get a a written advice for light excercise for purpose of PIP,? does the heart disease diagnosis itself not imply a light excercise is regularly needed besides medicines to help manage the cardiovascular system conditions.

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PIP - excercise to manage health condition 5 months 4 weeks ago #175030


You can argue that is recommended or prescribed but the issue is not whether they need to carry out the exercise but whether they need prompting, assistance or supervision when they do it and why.

The light exercise or walk would only be relevant if it was carried out in the home, see my comment above.


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Nothing on this board constitutes legal advice - always consult a professional about specific problems

PIP - excercise to manage health condition 5 months 3 weeks ago #175070

Gordon, thank you so much . There is a prescribed excercise regime for OA in writing. As for need for help/ supervision during excercise /walk , there may be a debate in their mind about symptoms of a left upper chest pain after an exertion/ excercise/ walk , as to whether it is truly anginal or is contributed by artheritis in ribs, when GP letter states , " patient struggles a lot with anxiety and often gets pain in chest and breathlessness which causes them to fear they might be having a heart attack on account of their cardiac history , and their partner has been helping to provide support and alleviate their anxiety and stress which tends to help in their care"
The claimant has diagnosed multiple plaques in arteries but did not go by a subsequent advice for further invasive procedures, straightaway . C is on Optimal Medical Therapy for now after getting further expert opinions. Absence of diabetes and high blood pressure at present may be encouraging in this OMT and need to to keep them under control , preferably with excercise / walk is obvious, it is a very fine balance to be observed , a dilemma.
It is this background that makes a need for prompting / supervision for excercise /walk , very obvious. C is anyway verbally advised due to Heart disease , not to walk / excercise in any cold environment . Thanks .

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