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TOPIC: ESA Health Assessment arrived HELP!!

ESA Health Assessment arrived HELP!! 8 months 3 weeks ago #175121

Hi ,
I received a health assessment form other day but thought from other letters from last year after being put straight onto support group no face to face or medicals required as long history of mental health plus heart problems (PTSD 1997-???? comes n goes ,Ischemic heart disease, stroke ,asthma couple other less trivial ailments that added over the years)
Was told my next assessment would be July next year at earliest!
Why now I'm pretty ill but who cares , money the be all & end all seems too be their way & bring me more unneeded stress anxiety worries , fantastic really need this !!

Now that said back to this form
jeeze I'm confused yes I have trouble concentrating but I eventually get there but this forms questions are pretty dam stupid then on front it says put Drs name psychiatrists name & address for their input etc then next line "but we don't always do this" so please send what you already have!?
What, my notes from my psychiatrist with his little charts/graphs on them , useless they wouldn't understand them plus only on bit of non official blank paper for my use only, I could have wrote them!
my Dr doesn't give me a written report when I see him, probably like most patients he sees, so I seen him this morning & was that confused I mentioned he would be possibly getting phone call but I'm not wanting any reports written up & just said to him "tell them whatever you like , don't really care anymore!" & that's if they do even call?

So what do I do?
please tell me how I just get them off my back , fill this stupid form out , even take money off me don't care just leave me alone would suffice
Really would!!
Folk be thinking what disability he's got its only PTSD & couple others ..... come be me for a day you'll find out quickly & I've lived with this nearly 20 years now & no doubts 100% Mental Health is a Disability!!
I'm 52 close to 53 having real problems they know this but need to cut spending so lets have it back please

Money the be all & end all in some folks eyes not mine take it back
How do I fill this form out & get them off my back so I can try fully recover money no money don't care!

thank you very much.

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ESA Health Assessment arrived HELP!! 8 months 3 weeks ago #175149

Hi Incognito and Welcome to the forum, you might want to have a look at the following FAQ which explain where everything is

Welcome to Benefits and Work

I'm sorry that you are so unwell and so distressed :(

The whole thrust of the new benefits is that claimants will be reassessed at pretty frequent intervals. The longest ESA award, under normal circumstances, is 3 years (support group, 2 years WRAG) - although there was a hube backlog a couple of years ago and many claimants had their review date put back by up to 2 years.

Each ESA reassessment should be treated as a new claim. The ESA2 form needs to be completed in detail and supporting evidence included each time.

The assessment provider contacts the claimant's medics in only around 25% of cases, so we suggest that the claimant keeps copies of all medical letters and reports so that they can be submitted at each reassessment.

Many people with long-term conditions have been 'parked' by the NHS so it is not unusual for claimants to have little in the way of recent documentation, you can only send what you have!

Your GP should have copies of all letters sent from your psychiatrist (in future you can ask the psych to send you a copy of all letters, then you will have something next time round), you may be able to get copies of these even if your GP will not do a personal report.

If your GP will do a report, we suggest you give them a copy of the ESA descriptors, with the points score removed, and ask them to comment as they see fit. However unwell you are, you will only be awarded ESA by meeting these descriptors.

Qualifying for the WRAG

Qualifying for the Support Group

I suggest that you have a look at our ESA guide and then come back with any further questions

ESA claims and appeals

May I also suggest that you favourite/bookmark this on your web browser now so that you can find it easily in future? This will allow you to return with further questions or comments about your ESA without having to start anew topic each time. We ask members to keep everything relating to the same claim in one topic as it makes things easier for us - and I hope you will find it useful too :)
The following user(s) said Thank You: incognito

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