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TOPIC: Assessors not paid to assess but to guess...

Assessors not paid to assess but to guess... 8 months 3 weeks ago #175257

Just an observation: seems to me that the whole idea and concept of a bona fide 'assessment' is simply cover for something else going on. As I'm working my way through the process, from all that I've noted, what I've concluded is that the underlying process is as follows.

As they relate to the DWP and the DWP DM, I've come to believe that as far as the DWP is concerned, the assessor only has one 'real' function for them - and that is for the assessor to put their name to a decision as to whether a claimant has been accurate and/or is telling the truth on their PIP2 form - i.e. the manner in which assessors are being used requires them to sell themselves out by putting their name to something which is by default almost impossible for anyone to put ones name to unless one has spent considerable intimate time with a person so as to really understanding how their life is affected on a day-to-day basis (in respect of the daily living activities). In a legal sense, what the DWP has done here (for reasons of avoiding culpability for deliberately negligent actions and behaviour) is to outsource that decision/guess making.

The reason I'm concluding the above is because I don't see or hear evidence that (a) assessors on a personal/empathic/professional level are generally capable of carrying out a full assessment (obviously in conjunction with all the info on the PIP2 form), and this includes relevant medical knowledge and often reported personal/professional qualities; (b) that within the bounds of reason, it's possible to carry out a quality and accurate assessment in the limited time available (especially after all prelims have been gone through) and (c) actually whether many individuals conditions/symptoms can actually be definitively proven/dis-proven in a limited time F2F interview.

One reason why I believe the situation as I've characterised it is so obvious, is because anyone with any sense of caring and understanding of illness - and who comes into contact with the reality which is taking place with these PIP 'assessments' - knows for sure that something is going on which is very wrong - even unjust. I mean it's so obvious that assessments aren't overall being carried out according to the highfaluting published guidelines (in terms of ALL of them being a reasonable and rational two way discussion between the two parties - with particular focus placed on any areas the assessor feels the claimant might not have reported things accurately on their PIP2 form).

One therefore has to ask, with such an obvious and brazen situation taking place, why the DWP don't seem to care about the deplorable status of the assessment procedure. Of course, they want people to put it down to such factors as typical expected inefficiency, difficulty of recruiting good assessors, their heavy workload, etc - but again imo again that's just all cover. The real reason why the quality and accuracy of assessments doesn't matter to the DWP is because at core, that's not what they're paying the assessors for (except as surface camouflage). Rather, what they are paying the assessors for is to put their name to a decision made on the fly, often seemingly without them having properly read through all the submitted evidence (I mean they might actually need 2 or 3 hours paid time to do that properly), without any proper two-way discussion, etc. Basically a 'guess' on their behalf or some sort of supposed second sense.

This is further confirmed for me by the lack of any reasonable appeals process whereby an individual isn't made insolvent/bankrupted during the time which an appeal is being progressed. I'm sure this was different with the older ESA appeals process, as I definitely received sufficient to live on (including passporting) in the 3 years it took to go to a tribunal. What I mean here, is that it's all being done in a rush - an individual with an indefinite award is suddenly informed that they're going to be reassessed for pip - they then maybe subject to a completely substandard assessment - and whisked off DLA/PIP in a matter of a few weeks. Of course it depends on an individuals situation, but for many, especially if living in more expensive private rented accommodation, such a series of events is likely to leave them insolvent, bankrupt, potentially facing eviction/homelessness and most likely very very seriously ill as a result of such a nightmare.

I know of no reasonable standards of care and responsibilty where this situation could be deemed sane or just. To me it just shows that it's evolved into what is little short of a criminal enterprise - whereby everyone except genuine claimants are gaining at genuine claimants expense.

As a very chronically ill person, who has aimed to make the best of difficult circumstances over the years and who has only been able to maintain my independence due to DLA and the passporting it provides - I have to say that I am profoundly distressed at being caught up in such a unjust, potentially devastating and despicable process. Actually, I'm utterly disgusted at what is taking place in England (of all places) at this time.
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Assessors not paid to assess but to guess... 8 months 3 weeks ago #175281


You need to understand that a site such as B&W only has claimants visiting it who are having problems with their claim or foresee such problems. The reality, I can understand why it does not seem so, is that the majority of claimants receive an assessment from a professional assessor and receive the award that they deserve.

I'm not suggesting that there are not significant problems with the system but they are not as bad as you suggest.


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Nothing on this board constitutes legal advice - always consult a professional about specific problems

Assessors not paid to assess but to guess... 8 months 3 weeks ago #175292

This post has seriously alarmed and frightened me...............I have never been to an assessment, my first time...........this has not helped

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