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TOPIC: PIP home visit transfer from DLA

PIP home visit transfer from DLA 1 year 2 months ago #186553


Make a complaint to Capita


and involve your MP

Contacting your MP


PIP home visit transfer from DLA 1 year 1 month ago #188189

Hello Gordon, hope you are keeping well?
Just a quick couple questions if you don't mind.
The first thing I wanted to ask is that I have now had my F2F after three cancellations, at home and it took over One hour 40 minutes. Is this usual? I have thirteen disabilities, each backed up with reports but we had to go through each one in detail.
Secondly, I note that at the end she did not give me any indication of her findings but I note that a lot of people are actually told that they are recommending the next review period?
I was not asked whether I wanted to know anything or offered any information.
Is this normal in your experience?
Thank you Lizzie

PIP home visit transfer from DLA 1 year 1 month ago #188190


Home assessments tend to be a bit longer than those carried out in an assessment centre, the average is about an hour but 100 minutes is not that unusual.

Assessors are told not to provide feedback on the assessment and in particular their recommendation to the DWP.

The assessor should have asked if there were any other matters that you want to raise or ask about, but I wouldn't read anything negative into their failing to do so.

PIP Decisions are currently taking about 2-4 weeks and you can request a copy of the assessment report by contacting the DWP office dealing with your claim.

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PIP home visit transfer from DLA 1 year 1 month ago #189168

Hello Gordon,
My journey through Pip transfer continues. Two points I would like to advise please.
Firstly I complained to Capita regarding the three home visit cancellations and they have now sent letter apology and offered me £50 for the "inconvenience".
However, I contacted the DWP today after I had my F2F nearly three weeks ago to request a copy of my report. However they advised that they hadn't received it yet.?
Are both these things usual as I note that you have advised that you should be able to access your report after one week?

PIP home visit transfer from DLA 1 year 1 month ago #189174


Can't really comment on the compensation, it's unusual but members do regularly report this happening with a complaint.

As to the report, it should be with the DWP the same day or the next day at the latest, unless it has been selected for auditing which can delay the process.

I'm afraid you need to chase Capita for an update, we have seen the report sent but not registering on the DWP systems, a resend usually cures this.


PIP home visit transfer from DLA 1 year 1 month ago #189176

Thank you for your reply, but what would the audit be for?
I rang Capita but they just said that the report would take Two weeks before it reached the DWP. I rang the DWP and they chased Capita and rang me back to advise that they have requested it urgently and would ring me back next week with an update. This is so stressful its unbelievable when I was on high indefinate award previously.
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